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FL: Get the Facts: Did a Florida Senate 9 candidate defend a sex offender?

[ – 8/7/20 – Smear alert]

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. —One of the Democratic contenders in the State Senate District 9 race covering Seminole and part of Volusia counties is the target of a negative mailer that claims she defended a sex offender.

“I do not believe any of this nonsense. It’s just trash,” Patricia Sigman said.

Democratic candidate Patricia Sigman is furious about the new attack mailer. It blasts the attorney for “defending a sexual predator” calling it “indefensible.”

The flyer, however, is misleading.

Former Osceola County deputy Chad Lakey was convicted of child sex crimes in 2011, and is in prison and like her own mailers point out, she’s a lawyer.

But the mailer infers that she defended Lakey in his criminal case, which is false.

“They’re taking just completely unrelated things that have absolutely nothing to do with each other, that are many years apart, and pretending that they are somehow related and they are not. It’s just completely fake,” Sigman said.

When Lakey was fired in 2002 for allegedly lying to a superior officer, court records indicate Sigman, a labor lawyer, represented him when he fought to get his job back.

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A reason some attorneys are not willing to represent sex offenses is shown in this article. If they ever get into politics, the hysteria around sex offenses can be used by their opponent as mud to sling against them.

Particularly in Florida.

So if defense attorneys – whose sole job it is to represent criminals defendants of all kinds – are not willing represent those ACCUSED of sex offenses for fear of future reprisals, just imagine the desire of legislators to support in any way those CONVICTED of sex offenses.

An elected official’s priorities are, in this order:

1. get re-elected
2. improve their current position
3. move to a better position
4. get support for their projects / collect favors for the future
5. a whole bunch of things I cannot think of at the moment
23. do the right thing and protect the rights of all constituents.

This is why it is pointless to go the legislator route for change. Sure, a few moles were whacked by showing up in substantial numbers, traveling hours and days for 2.5 seconds at the microphone, and that is great. However, there is no doubt in my mind that not in a single case those who cared enough to show up really made the difference. It is all done in backroom deals and I’ll scratch your back and you’ll scratch mine.

What has come out of the legislature? For example, the requirement of those who used the internet to commit their crime to report their internet identifiers (I forget the Bill #). At least for many. As long as not everyone (only those using the internet after 2015?) was affected that has completely fallen off the radar. Is that acceptable? It seems that way. Oh yeah, and the Tiered Registry. Which is completely non-sensical and will leave a ton of people stranded and much worse off than before. Great!

There is absolutely no incentive for a legislator to rock the boat as long as this is a) what the people want – and omg do they want it, because nothing distracts from your miserable life than sh!tting on someone else and b) it is constitutional. Seriously – why would they? It is against human nature.

I have been around this site a long time. Nothing is ever going to change while Smith v. Doe stands. The only way is via the courts. My opinion.

Joe, decade-upon-decade of police procedurals (cop shows) on t.v. systematically programmed the public to believe that: 1. Cops are smarter and better humans than most people and 2.) that defense attorneys are slimeballs, have led to this moment in which the necessarily adversarial role of the defense is seen as a symptom of a corrupt legal justice system in which defendants go unpunished and society is left desperately vulnerable to their depravities. As we former defendants well know, this is what we are up against.

So much for Hollywood being “liberal.” They have helped in every way imaginable to craft this authoritarian police state.

At first you sounded okay until you got stupid. I dont know what the article has to do with hollywood liberals given the incident took place in south Floriduh

Oh my, if this doesn’t sound familiar:

“They’re taking just completely unrelated things that have absolutely nothing to do with each other, that are many years apart, and pretending that they are somehow related and they are not. It’s just completely fake,” Sigman said.”

Sounds like Grade A politics and also recent conspiracy BS theories all over social media.

Maybe just maybe the fear mongering wouldn’t be issue if politicians haven’t used it to gun up hate since the 1970’s. How many daycares have been accused of child sex abuse During the Satanic sex panic of the 1980’s and early 90’s? Then the murder of Meagan And Jessica came along to seek their revenge of society that had nothing to do with her murder. How can you claim Adam Walsh was sexually assaulted by the remains of his head? Just maybe if one of those parents engaged in restorative justice society would be a lot more safe and true healing would of been accomplished. Give useless politicians an inch they take 20 miles with more useless restrictions placed on a similar segment of society all because they spew their fear to fill their wallets.

Brandon, Adam Walsh was murdered by Otis Toole, a psychotic serial killer. Despite the fact that all of his other known victims were adults, John Walsh managed to convince the media and the public that he was a “pedophile,” despite no evidence for that assertion, whatsoever.

Similarly, the murderer of six-year-old Etan Patz, in New York City, turned out to be a floridly psychotic bodega clerk who lured him to the store basement and killed him because he thought he was a demon. He was not “a pedophile,” as the government and the media long insisted he must be.

This is how systematic degradation and dehumanization works: distortion and lies.

Cool, maybe defend an axe murderer next time instead.

The science here is simple: one RSO is equivalent to 10 Mansons. That’s the system they built to show the public to win votes and at the same time it’s the system they want nothing to do with and no one to question. The world behind the pr facade.

Wait till Florida elects Lauren Book as Governor or another powerful position. Floridans are dumb enough to vote for her because she’s entitled. Entitled to lifetime victimhood that rots her soul from the failure of her father when was a kid.

Ok guys who’s in a bitch’n mood. Yes believe it or not we can all get into a bitch’n mood. Women or men, makes no difference. Now I have been to Florida and I dont’ even like its Disney World of slack and yes their politics are about what Joel discribed. Its almost of a Bill Gannon “Just the facts” ma’am. So were does truth come into play on many of these registry ordeals. Its a he said she said, or I don’t remember or I have to many cases loads and don’t remember what I said but still they have to redeem themselves to save face.

What a bunch of bull shit. I guess soul finger had to many hands in smoking yellow jackets for breakfest or Cheech and chong got the gong. Are we all idiots on here or just like to hear others bitch when authorities want to cut someone down, even in business that happens and its no difference in government. Its time to step up this game of offender hide and peek internet ordeal.

I am an offender but doesn’t have to have someone to offend or tresspass against or who stole a pig fron the Hattfields and the McCoys? Sure many are sick of all this registry matters and the money’s lost for fines, group treatment, monitoring, etc. One wonders who’s words cut like a knife. I believe its the word of truth. That two edged sword that some take for grant.
So tell me what are we Jew’s or Gentles, black or white, Indian or other decent or do we all have the answers to this offender ordeal. Even a president takes a slap in the face once in a while. Here’s some wisdom that all should listen to. I still think Clyde should be President.

Oh wait! It was a labor case I defended him on. What he did after that is his business! Dont blame me! I would never take a sex case!

The guy that kidnapped and murdered Adam Walsh differently was a pedophile and a serial killer there’s no doubt in my mind about that but the thing that bothers me the most about all this BS is why do everyone have to suffer for some sick and demented pedophile serial killers actions.
I find it hard to believe the US government thinks the sexofender registry will keep women and children safe from sick people like this they know its impossible to know when and where someone is going to snap.
It’s so obvious that the only reason for a sexofender registry is to apply life time punishment on people force to register.

Good luck

AERO you hit on a good point… Forced to register for the rest of their life…..One would tend to think this whole registry is some mind bender trip or attact of the brain eaters by some authority of justice dishing out his or her authority.

There is only one supreme authority. Its all in the bible. We are all under grace thats why I tend to have my view’s about this whole registry as do others. Yes all authority was given to Jesus. One can call much of this registry a disgrace of justice for those that are forced into this registry or deceived into this registry by some rookie cop that wants to make something of him or herself. I actually don’t know if women cops play this teenage pretend game to instill on others but for what its worth its a disgrace for any government to abuse in this way their fellow man. Where is honesty today. Sure not in government in many ways and means.

The bible well thats long gone in government it seems. And one wonders how you can make America Great Again. A suggestion… clean up government first, prison reduction and get back to basics. If it wasn’t for these computers and some slick under handing manipulation, none of us would be in this ordeal in many ways.

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