NJ: Dem Congressman Once Lobbied Against Child Sex Offender Registry Bill

[dailycaller.com – 8/6/20]

A Democratic congressman once fought against legislation that strengthened and improved the national child sex offender registry before taking office.

Tom Malinowski, before becoming a Democratic congressman from New Jersey, lobbied against a 2006 bill that imposed tougher penalties on sex offenders, a review of congressional records and lobbying disclosures by The Washington Free Beacon found. He said that expanding sex offender registry requirements would put sex offenders “at risk of retaliation and discrimination.”

Malinowski was a top lobbyist for Human Rights Watch in 2006 and joined in sending a letter to Congress arguing that there was “no legitimate community safety justification” for strengthening the registry, the Beacon reported.

Human Rights Watch is an organization focused on investigating and reporting abuses “happening in all corners of the world,” according to its website.

“Registration requirements put these individuals at risk of retaliation and discrimination and make it extremely difficult for these individuals to find employment, housing, and to rebuild their lives,” the letter said.

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Still wondering why politicians are afraid to stand up against the unconstitutionality and unjust registry?

Malinowski did, and look at the knee-jerk mud slinging and slander by sites like this right-wing one.

That’s why we ALL need to let the politicians hear from us when ACSOL sends out Action Alerts. It helps give politicians a backbone.

Take a guess as to how many people clicked on the link in the last Action Alert email for saving the lives of prisoners with sex offenses? How many fellow registrants were willing to take a few minutes to call and write letters?

90%? No.

50? No.

20%? I wish.

Just 11% were willing to even click on the link to see how to call and write to save lives. Do you think all of them wrote?

United we stand. You can figure out the opposite.

Thanks to those who were willing to be inconvenienced a little to try to save the lives of future registrants sealed up in a killing factory.

To those who are saying “I’m too busy”, ask yourself why you expect others to call and write on issues that affect you.

People are squeamish when they hear of sexual offenses involving children, which is why they are living in a culture of vengeance.

I am Trying to find a way to Get Over It But I am afraid that I will be retaliated against if I start making these calls. Maybe not in any conventional ways, but my local government is vindictive. Before my crime, I was involved so they unequivocally know who I am. I know their corrupt vindictive power. I am a homeowner. They will make sure I am not for much longer. They have driven people they don’t like to the brink Trust me. I am a parent as well. I am scared.

@Rob and @anonymous, I am a registrant. In fact, I am a level 3 registrant. I’m not an armchair non-registrant as you might assume. I’m not taking part in this for the intellectual sport of it.

@Rob and @anonymous, ACSOL is not asking you to preach alone on a street corner. ACSOL is asking you to simply call and write along with the rest of us. The only ones who take your calls and letters are the staff in a legislator’s office, and all they do is tally each one into a pro/con table of current issues. They DON’T have the time or interest in writing down your information and them putting out a hit on you. That does NOT happen. Paranoia can make us believe untrue things.

@anonymous, you imply “Why not just hide at home and keep a low profile? You could all face a lifetime of retaliation!”

Let me answer with an analogy: We are in a canoe on a fast-moving river, trying to go upstream to justice. If we sit complacently in the canoe and do not keep rowing upstream, we will be pushed backwards into increasing persecution!


Another analogy: If we hide in our rabbit holes and hope the hunter (politicians) will ignore us, we will be very shocked to find that he reaches into our dark, safe hole and grabs us by the ears (using new laws and restrictions) and takes us to political slaughter (to get votes by stoking fearmongering hysteria against us).

@anonymous, I have never heard of someone who called and wrote to state politicians being persecuted by them or by local politicians. IF WE ALL WERE FROZEN INTO INACTION because of that improbable fear, NO ONE WOULD TAKE ANY ACTIONS AND THINGS WOULD KEEP GETTING WORSE.

Healthy fear is fine. It is the fear of things that are highly probable to happen. For example, being afraid of driving 50 miles over the speed limit because I would likely lose my license or crash the car is a healthy fear. Announcing my status as a registrant to everyone in the world is a healthy fear.

BUT being filled with IMPROBABLE FEAR is paranoia. Just because something could happen should not freeze us into inaction. Yes, it is possible that I could die in a car accident today, but it is highly improbable because I don’t drive drunk and I follow driving rules.

DON’T ASSUME THAT OTHER PEOPLE ARE DOING YOUR JOB OF WRITING. 89% of those who received our emails did not bother to click on the link to see how to call and write. Most probably thought “This doesn’t affect me”. Then WHY SHOULD YOU EXPECT THOSE OF US WHO DO WRITE AND CALL SHOULD HELP YOU WITH YOUR SPECIFIC ISSUE? Why do you expect us 11% to do all the work for you?

When ACSOL goes to Sacramento to fight bad bills, we have had typically less than 20 people OUT OF 108,000 REGISTRANTS. Why won’t you stand up for yourselves?

FOR YEARS WE REGISTRANTS WERE SILENT, AND LOOK AT THE HORRIBLE LAWS THAT WERE PASSED WHEN WE WERE SILENT! It wasn’t until about a decade ago that ACSOL, NARSOL, FAC, and many other organizations who fight for registrants started to come into existence.

AND WE WON ON MANY THINGS! In California, residency restrictions for non-parolees were eliminated. Presence restrictions for non-parolees were eliminated. We helped kill many bad bills over the years, and now lawmakers introduce far fewer anti-registrant bills and very few are passed. We fought for a sane tiered registry so everyone would not be on the registry for life (the final version was butchered behind closed doors, and we will continue fighting to put it back the way it originally was, which allowed everyone to eventually get off of it and put most CP offenses back into tier 1) .

PLEASE DON’T TAKE THE WINS WE HAVE MADE FOR GRANTED. If everyone wanted to hide in a hole, NONE OF THESE WINS would have happened.

Question for ALL us registrants: DO YOU WANT US TO RETURN TO THOSE DAYS OF UNCHALLENGED PERSECUTION? If you answer no, then SHOW UP, STAND UP, and SPEAK UP with the rest of us.


P.S. In case you are thinking “Roger, why are you bothering to take such an active part in ACSOL if a level 3 like you doesn’t have high expectations of getting off the registry in the foreseeable future?”

Simply this: I want to help all registrants. I also hope that when tens of thousands of level 1 and level 2 registrants have been released and the politicians see that there is no spike in sex crimes, they will be open to an offramp for level 3s.


On the other hand, this guy will probably gain a pretty good following from the friends and family members of registrants who CAN vote, though probably not enough to win this time around. At some point, the number of non-registrants adversely affected by the registry will increase to the point that beating down a registrant’s family and associates will not be as politically convenient as it is now.

The Daily Caller is a right-wing news and opinion website based in Washington, D.C. It was founded by now Fox News host Tucker Carlson and political pundit Neil Patel in 2010. Launched as a “conservative answer to The Huffington Post”, The Daily Caller quadrupled its audience and became profitable by 2012, surpassing several rival websites by 2013. The Daily Caller is a member of the White House press pool.[2]


108.000 sexofender in California and only 20 showed up in Sacramento to support ACSOL in the fight for there human rights..
Truth is people are scared and very depressed alot of people are afraid to even walk down the street in there own neighborhoods.
The government designed it to be this way how do you think 1slave owner was able to control 200 slaves I tell you how thrue fear and intimidation and you wanna know why it went on for so long because people were to scared to speak up and fight back if your killed in the process then so be it
Its wasn’t until slaves started running away committing suicide and petitioning the courts for there freedom that they started getting a very small taste of equality.