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CO: The Onerous Burdens of Sex Offender Registration Are Not Punishment, the 10th Circuit Rules. They Just Feel That Way.

Online sex offender registries, which all 50 states maintain as a condition of federal funding, stigmatize the people listed in them long after they have completed their sentences, creating obstacles to housing and employment while exposing registrants to public humiliation, ostracism, threats, and violence. Three years ago, a federal judge ruled that such consequences amounted to cruel and unusual punishment of three men who challenged their treatment under Colorado’s Sex Offender Registration Act. Last week a federal appeals court overturned that decision, saying the burdens imposed by registration do not even qualify as punishment, making the Eighth Amendment irrelevant. Full Article

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Leave it to Reason to be the voice of reason.

Does this really surprise anyone?
It doesn’t surprise me at all. I spent 6 years in prison, 10 years on probation and never got one infraction during either of those and have been of probation for 8 years but according to the authorities I’m a danger to society… I’m stuck being forced to work sub standard job and live in less than desirable apartments, and even after all these years I still worry that at any time someone will find out about my past causing me to loose my job or housing. The chances of getting a better job is nearly impossible… But it’s not punishment, it only feels that way… You’re not being burnt by that fire on your arm, it only feels that way…
Sucks going through life knowing this is as good as it will ever get.

“Sucks going through life knowing this is as good as it will ever get.”

Once on the registry, your best days are definitely behind you.

Here’s another sad reality – Even IF the registry somehow magically went away tomorrow, there would be over-zealous “concerned moms” and rogue factions out there posting our info they scrounged from the old registry and posting it on NextDoor, FB, etc..

There is no escape.

If the Registry Hit Lists were destroyed, vigilante “true crime” or whatever websites would likely still continue on. Gossiping, nosy non-neighbors would likely still gossip on Facecrook and Nextdoor. But does any worthwhile person pay attention to any of that? Personally, I find the “people” who do that to be the absolute dregs of society. Trash. Really, most people who think Registries are acceptable are also trash. I’m living a great life and I’m very successful. I’ve benefited hundreds of people directly. I exclude the dregs and I’m happy when those “people” expose themselves for what they are.

So I don’t care about the dregs. Getting rid of the Hit Lists would be extremely beneficial though. I’ve mitigated most of the actual real harm the Hit Lists cause my family. For example, it has affected our income little, law enforcement doesn’t bother us, and we pay $0 for it (except my taxes for out-of-control big government, of course!). The direct impact of the Hit Lists is not huge. But, what is huge is the on-going retaliation that I must do because of the Hit Lists. That takes effort. I rarely let more than a couple of days go by without extra retaliation (beyond the automatic retaliation that occurs every day). So that takes work that I would not miss.

Additionally, I am at risk of really having to do more serious retaliation. I try to follow the Hit List “laws” but I do feel like I’m often on the edge of being arrested. If a criminal regime arrests me, my fault or not, then I’ll have to deliver serious consequences. That is a danger and a burden that needs to be eliminated.

I have been on the registry for many years myself and I have to say I have an awesome life. If someone wants a better life then make a better life for yourself. Everyone on the registry has different circumstances, I realize that, but I am so tired of hiring people on the registry complain. Stop complaining and do something about your situation. If you are not happy with it, do something to change it. All people have laws they have to live with. People on the registry committed a crime and these just so happen to be the laws they live under. I agree that the registry is additional punishment after someone has done their time but crying about something you can not control is just a pitty party. Show these law makers that just because you are on a registry you can still have a good life.

@ T: But why should all these things – public registry, compliance checks, lifelong registration, International Megan’s Law, 21 day advanced travel notice, specially marked passports, driver’s licenses that in bold red letters say “SEX OFFENDERS” on them – why should all of these things apply only to those who have been convicted of a sex offense regardless of what sex offense it is? Even if it’s looking at illegal images, Romeo & Juliet relationships, public
exposure while urinating….. Government Corrections and Justice Department data clearly indicate that sex offenders have an extremely low recidivism rate. Why don’t lawmakers apply these same punishments to those convicted of domestic abuse, aggravated assault, DUI driving – all of whom: (1) have much higher rates of recidivism and (2) the potential for causing very serious harm, even death, if they do reoffend? Shouldn’t DUI drivers have specially marked drivers licenses with “D.U.I” emblazoned on them and specially marked license plates so other drivers could be forewarned and avoid them? Why not??
Your “I did the crime, I’ll do the time…and keep doing it…and keep doing it…. and keep doing” attitude needs rethinking. I’m glad that you have found success and happiness, but those following after us – 10 of thousands of them – are suffering severely from public shaming, unemployment and underemployment, homelessness, the inability to reintegrate into society because they cannot attend churches or develop supportive relationships.
Jeez, pull your head out of your gold-plated cloud and start thinking about others!! 😠

@David, Minnesota has a marked Drivers License for DUI sort of but it’s not after a single offense. It’s called a B card. You get it if you want a driver’s license and have either three DUI convictions in a 10 year period or four in a lifetime. The license then has printed on the back “RESTRICTIONS – Any use of alcohol or drugs invalidates license”. This is placed on the license for the remainder of that person’s lifetime though they can petition the court to have it removed if they can prove at least 10 years of complete sobriety. If this is on the license bars are not supposed to serve you and any alcohol or drug consumption at all whether or not you are driving if caught immediately revokes your driving privileges for 1, 3 or 6 years depending on if it’s your 1st, 2nd, 3rd or subsequent revocation.

@David,. I think I also already talked about that MN has special license plates for people convicted of a DUI before. Google “MN whiskey plates” if you want to learn more about that one.

Laws intended vs reality of them in society are two different things and need to be looked at as such, not in a vacuum as the Tenth did. Good article.

This one paragraph opens the 10th circuit up to having contrarians views:

*** excerpt ***
Does registration “promote the traditional aims of punishment”? Matsch noted that Colorado’s registration requirements are based purely on the statutory classification of the offender’s crime, rather than an individualized assessment of the danger he poses, which to his mind suggested retribution was one aim of the law. The 10th Circuit rejected that inference. Matsch also noted testimony in which the director of the state agency that maintains the sex offender database cited deterrence as one goal of registration. “Deterrent purpose alone is not enough to render a regulatory scheme criminal in nature,” the 10th Circuit said.

*** excerpt ***

The blanket implementation instead of individualized assessment is retribution to a set of people.

Having the director of the state agency maintains the registry is on record that deterrence is one of the goals of the registry. That is evidence the intent is also deterrence.

It’s sad that a state can compel an individual to do something despite no longer being under custody. Last I checked, involuntary servitude is prohibited unless to punish a crime. The state and SCOTUS want it both ways.

The Attorney General made some comments concerning civil liberties that appeared on national news this morning, so I sent this message to the Justice Department in response:


I wanted to respond to a statement made by A.G. William Barr that was aired today on national television. In his statement, he expressed concern over the national lockdown as one of the greatest intrusions of civil liberties in US history.

We’ve seen how in the very short time since then, our public policies to limit the spread of the coronavirus were hampered by the inability of citizens to do their part – wear a mask in public, socially distance, etc. Hundreds of thousands have died in this country as a result, including hundreds of children regrettably, which highlights how much the burden is perceived by individuals when any restriction on their liberties are enacted, no matter how minuscule in comparison to the public benefit.

I am grateful for his concern over civil liberties, as there has been an ongoing intrusion of civil liberties against a class of citizens that currently numbers nearly a million individuals. The burdens of state and federal sex offender registries are enormous, and the fact that the public has asked registrants to carry those burdens for a lifetime without relief should shock the conscience of any freedom loving person. If a registrant fails in any way to keep the myriad of potential changes in their file current as directed, they are faced with the certainty of jail or prison time, along with fines and the real potential to lose everything in the process.

The burdens carried by former offenders would be understandable if there were a significant tangible public benefit, but after decades of implementation, no study or body of evidence exists which shows that registries provide any significant public safety benefit. We’ve even implemented policies such as marking passports and pressuring countries to refuse travel access without cause (no requirement of prior sex tourism conviction). Can you comprehend in whose footsteps we are traveling by marking citizens’ passports?

Please turn an ear to the voices of your fellow citizens.


I ran up against the 2000 character limit of the form, which ended my response rather abruptly, however I hope it was enough to give them pause for reflection. Perhaps someone in the Justice Dept. has a conscience?

Perhaps you should post something like this on the public comments for the proposed SORNA changes.

On top of that one too, I already posted a response on their comments. Let’s continue to bring truth to bear where we can friends!

Nicely put, I saw the same thing this morning and your words were so much better than mine, thank you.

Found this interesting article that discusses the ineffectiveness of the registry:

I find it odd that it was one of their articles which served as the genesis for the monster we know as the registry. At least this one has more factual information consistent with what we have been saying all along.

Will Allen you big dummy. Where is Red Fox when you need him. Its facesnook not crook. Well I guess it could be crook. Some people use facebook for business but I was never interested in it. I myself cannot use facebook because this ordeal doesn’t allow it to many in this registry ordeal. Yes I have to agree with this facebook gossip issue that in many ways. Myself I dont’ want to talk about kickbacks but one never knows what’s going on in America. If authorities can decive one never knows whats going on in government. Look at this BLM ordeal today was that use or abuse?

Many on here complain about much of this stream of abuse on facebook or within this internet ordeal. One should just be glad to have computer *rights* in much of this ordeal. My sister would never touch a computer but she has a cell phone. Isn’t that a type of computer device. Course driving while on a cell phone can get one a fine today and into a bit of trouble if one doesn’t watch what they are doing.

So one has advantages of a computer but its interesting how authorities use the computer in unscruplous ways. This internet ordeal is a good example of authorities using it in an uncallous way or who is just as much guilty. Something isn’t biblically sound or who is on the right tract in this type of issue. Even this teir list level thing out in CA is like a Dante’s inferno tear level. Theirs your history list or Hit list in many respects.

One even wonders why they even put sex and porn on the internet or does it challenge the mind of others in this curiousity. The American public should be aware of all this. Correction is good if it is put in its proper prospective even Janice know’s that. While many have gotten caught up by this devilish issue by these unethical means the constution seems a bit drab in many ordeals.

Schools today are bad enough or why did Billy Joel say keep the faith kid. So one can go with the movie the Wind and the Lion or go in another direction but understand all this .. is this America’s Most hit list or confusion – one needs discernment in this understanding or who attacks first in much of this ordeal or should we all go back to the untouchables.

I believe I saw Will Allen in one of those episodes. Maybe the gambling racketeering one…. One wonder if government has got a screw loose today or off in their snare trap ordeal. Have they bitten off more than they can chew in this internet by deception ordeal.

Ha! That’s funny. Redd Foxx was a darn funny guy. I miss him. If you get a minute and haven’t before, listen to the song “U.R.A.Q.T” by artist M.I.A. The main part of the song is a sample of the “Sanford and Son” theme song (from Quincy Jones, no less). And it has Redd Foxx sampled many times throughout it, saying “You big dummy”. I think that works great!

Have to say though, I can’t understand what you are saying much of the time. Very sorry. It seems entertaining and you seem like a good person. I try to get what I can out of many of your writings. But I don’t think I’m understanding most of it, sorry.

Tell me though, you talk about TP a lot, what’s the meaning?!

If we can round up cattle and track them for big agriculture, surely we can round up and track humans for big government criminal justice system. See it really is true punishment when money is involved.

Tp is toilet paper or is it now totally pathetic. Either way it’s garbage

Only Idiots and Liers believe the REGISTRY IS NOT PUNISHMENT !!!
Adverse Negative Effects are Not caused by Just and Righteous Laws !!! Otherwise every person would be Encumbered with endless Non sense and madness in all areas of life !
If the Media, and others controll the Propaganda …THERE IS ONLY ONE RESOLUTION LEFT…

Omg.. your worse than my sister at times Will Allen. I know Will that many people are upset about this whole ordeal in many ways. I remember in Jr. high I had a tough assignment in Civics class. What the Constutution means to you. I believe I was in the 8th grade. I myself didn’t know much about the constitutition and this was back in the 60’s. So I had to get help somewhere for this due date assignment.

So I got assistance from my Dad. Yes my dad graduated back in 1919 and had it pretty rough. Parents died of a Smallpox spread in Ohio. Him being raised by his sister. They had big families back than. Yes Dad was fortunate enough to graduate even having an opportunity to work at a bank, from there he become a bookkeeper for a small utility company. Yes he helped me with this assignment I had to do.

I got an A on it. See back than kids really learned things. Today you have TV and everything else to upset one attention span. Even this internet ordeal that many are going thru one way or another is upsetting. I myself have learned a lot of things from you all on here also
TP can signify Temporal Peace. See Jesus came, not for peace but with a sword of justice. The peace is within each of us if you only let it be.. see John Lennon had it right in many area’s when he talked about peace. This sex offender issue is something one never estimated. See God said try the spirits and we all have a spirit. As far as the TP or temporal peace. the peace is within us all. We all just have to be constructive in a positive way and a bit of bible study doesn’t hurt anyone. TP is also good for runny noses and boy I do have a runny nose at times with much of this virus ordeal going on. Its also good to carry some tissue in the car also.

So yes this offender stuff, in many ways, is not to good for one’s true liberty. See most of this ordeal is about true understanding and that can only be found in the bible.

The registry laws are basically “conditions of release”. In many cases the conditions were imposed post de facto. Violation of the conditions of release will result in fines, jail time, or both. Not hard for someone to understand that. Yet, politics blinds the judges and lawmakers to true justice. Justice is getting what you deserve. Mercy is not getting what you deserve. Grace is getting what you don’t deserve.

You see Will I live in the Blue Ridge today. Blue Ridge Parkway is about 12 miles from me. Grew up in WVA. See Dad had to go to court many times to represent the Gas Company and small utilities Sure Rockerfeller was Governor and its interesting about Rockerfeller also.

Sure I had my little beef’s of trouble growing up. Course knew the Mayor and dad did also. I went to school with mayor’s daugher but all in all it was an experience in correction. Even the school system didn’t put up with some of the things going on with truents or things of thaqt nature.

Much of this registry is wrong holding people in check for life. Reasoning things out is good on much of this registry topic. Alcohol and other things or domestic abuse in a family whether its arguing with wife spouse spanking one’s kids… oh you can’t spank anymore but the law can today.

Huntington, WV were my grandmother lived and Marshall University was a different story. College life wasn’t always easy back in those days One can just image how it was in California or even the northern states on the east coast.

But today the constitution seems to be getting a bit more out of hand with this sex registry issue and I’m sure Janice has noticed this trend. This internet well theirs good and bad in everything. See its how you use and not abuse.

Sure I took penology courses and criminal justice classes. Yes it seems government was getting out of hand. Look at it now. Sure we are always going to have a prison population but its the human element and the abuse. Now we have a President that well to put it mildly people have mixed review’s about. Prison over crowding isn’t to good in a lot of respects.

Its as if we have a scrabble board of justice today or who’s playing dungon and dragons in American Justice.

To an certain extent I support and understand the reasoning behind placing certain types of sexofender on the registry. Obviously as a father/mother or guardian i would like to know if a SVP or habitual sexofender or pedophile moved in next door.
I believe people with these type of cases should be subjected to some form of lifetime punishment for their crimes

Good luck

No, I disagree.

You serve your time and you’re done. You earned your right to be a free person again. You screw up, then you’re under custody again.

It’s really that simple.

It is that simple and that works just fine.

Since I’m a responsible parent, I have no need for the Hit Lists. If I have a new neighbor who is not listed, I still assume the person is very dangerous. Because obviously, you never actually really know. Even if you’ve known a person for decades, you don’t actually know. How much more proof do we need? There’s been plenty.

So no, I have no need for the big government Hit Lists. I’ll go ahead and protect my family myself. I certainly am not going to trust big government to tell me who is bad/dangerous and who isn’t. As if they have a clue.

And of course, if Sex Offense Registries are acceptable, then we’ve got to have 100+ more Registries. All significant crimes have to be Registered then. Otherwise, the Hit Lists are just for harassment.

The most dangerous people in America are the people who think there should be Registries. Those are the people who cannot mind their own business or leave other families alone. I don’t only want those people listed on a Registry, I want them out of my country.

@ AERO1: Even those you mention are problematic. Consider these situations:
🔹My offense involved a relationship with a consenting (but 1 year too young) teenager. In the State where I was convicted, ANY illegal physical contact is categorized as assault and, thus, violent. There was certainly violence EVER involved in the relationship. But another State might read that charge and consider me an “SVP”.
🔹As for a clinically-DSM-diagnosed pedophile, if he had received awareness & behavior modifying psychotherapy, he may pose very little to no risk to your child.
🔹 And what about any neighbor who may have committed any sort of horrible, scary, violent offense(s), but has never been identified or caught. So there you are fulfilling your role as a conscientious parent, noting everyone listed on the Megan’s List website, but there’s this guy out there in your neighborhood who’s perfectly normal, perfectly pleasant…. and a perfect psychosexual serial killer who has never been identified or caught. So while you’re watching supposed known dangers, there is this very real individual in your neighborhood presenting the greatest danger of all.

Clarification: There was certainly NO violence EVER involved in the relationship.

Proving that, just because someone is on the registry, doesn’t mean that they are not subject to the same rampant ignorance and hysteria that plagues society.

Has anyone read that case where a PA Federal court declared those lockdowns, and mask mandates are not constitutional?

“A federal judge on Monday has ruled that lockdown restrictions imposed by Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf (D), including a ban on large gatherings and the closure of “non-life sustaining businesses,” are unconstitutional.

While those restrictions were “well-intentioned,” wrote U.S. District Judge William Stickman IV, “good intentions toward a laudable end are not alone enough to uphold governmental action against a constitutional challenge. Indeed, the greatest threats to our system of constitutional liberties may arise when the ends are laudable and the intent is good—especially in time of emergency.”

How is this any different that requiring people to do something such as register?
Of course, personally, I think registration falls into the the 13th Amendment, “… involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, “

That’s a really good find! I wonder if this decision could be used in a case against the registry? Surely a worldwide pandemic that’s resulting in direct death of hundreds of thousands has much greater validity in curbing rights than the registry.

This case may have far bigger implications as it addresses liberties. This aligns with the registry. All the new laws due to the virus were made due to “public safety” and skirted around several issues.

Remember, the SCOTUS, 10th circuit, and other venues point to “a non-punitive intent”, but the results are punitive. Judge Matsch has on record the director (or assistant director) of the Colorado registry admit the registry is also used for deterrence.

Deterrence is a form of punishment.

“Public Safety” 🤔 Wouldn’t it be a real kick if COVID-19 v. “personal liberty” cases led to the end of Sex Offense Registries and all the shizz that goes with them! 😁👏🥳

Was reading more of this article and the comments. Yes even Timmmy’s was good and a lot more. This oneness burden. Yes we all have burdens’ in life. Some can make their own burden and some can make this burden for another.

Now I’m sure some people don’t take courses for nothing as they may be helpful in life. I know men that have taken home eck in high school. Course that wasn’t for me in high school but I was more interested in government law. And yes we all need that right now and yes an education today is a good, moral and sound way to go before we go out into the real world.
And yes a bit of biblical knowledge with wisdom and understanding is good also. One never knows’ when that will come in handy along in one’s life.

Much of this registry is the blind leading the blind if you really look at it in prospective or is it a gov3ernmental hunt as some use to say on here several years or on other sites. Who entices another?

Guys and gals we all need justice that is what true American values are all about. Much of this registry issue is like a carnival of errors in many ways. We have all heard of leading the wittness. Well who is my wittness? God is my witness.

See many times one thinks of the worst case senerio but listening is very important in much of this registry ordeal we go thru or have gone thru. Sure itsd a form of Justice but its not Christian justice or why do you think Paul was ordained by Jesus Christ to talk to the many churches. Wasn’t Paul a chief sinner? Any Christian that misleads another isn’t a Christian in many ways.

Much of this registry is pulling the wool over others and yes I’m inspired by Janices and many others striving to help others as that is what Christianity is about in Certain ways. Yes one can get tangled up in all things in life but there’s always a silver lining to every dark cloud.

Now David their are diifferent behaviors in social behavior when learing crime and punishment plus criminal law. one has to also have a certain amount of time in psycology or a human behavior field and their are many diffent area’s of success in one’s vocation or professional life.
David its not about pariality but basically its about man wanting to hook up with women for sexual types of endeavors. If you were listening. You thought you were going to hook up with a teenager. Well who know’s another persons thoughts. It even says that in the bible. As far as my magic I use to do, I enjoyed entertaining kids as well as adults. Nothing big time just a small scale type of hobby. Right now sell promotional advertisising when I can and strive.

This ordeal we all are going thru this sex offender I do the best to block it out and keep it separate from my regular life but many have it worse and as you say some don’t try to get over the hump.

Isn’t that what we are all doing trying to reason all this out with Janice as she holds a bit of weight in civil government and constitutional values. So when one looks at it that way it lessons the burden on some as their is hope with ASCOL, WAR, NARSOL, and the other groups that have cropped up but really the way govornment goes about much of this computer ordeal that is a bit dramic to say the least.

Sure we can all go with oneness burdens of issues. Just think if you were married and how your wife would look at this sex offender issue. Some are considerste and some aren’t. The kids in a family life, the bullying, and other trama’s well thats thing’s each one has to face an many lives of people that get snared in all this drama.

Police on the other hand look at it as I am only doing what the laaw or government tells me to keep down the internet community endeavor. You can talk about the charge of the light barade or the WAR of this sex registry. Well there’s a lot of women believe it or not that may want to spank their men fokes for getting involved in all this.

This registry is a human behavior endeavor opportunity to ride this type of unethicial sex registry ordeal. As in many cases it doesn’t actually accomplish much in many area’s. Its really repulsive when a man or woman can’t see their kids, tuck them in bed, things of that nature or help them with their studies.

Sure we could talk about growing pains but where does the pain come in when someone is inducing another as the way this registry. Is constructed via this internet encounter. So yes a bit of Christianity or ethics has much to do with justice values. If many of you on here would probably want to say. I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.

Myself I have two more years on the registry as per what my P.O. has told me but it could change just like many of you all talk about on here. Sure nothing wrong with a bit of getting up in arms about this registry as its effecting all in all walks amd balances of life in many ways. I’m sure Janice is aware of that also. So one has to at times think of others. And yes human value is not to be taken lightly as in many of these uncanny sex romps on this internet issue to lay on another person.

@Saddles: Keep believing and within two years you get screwed over, then what? You said “Myself I have two more years on the registry as per what my P.O. has told me…” You should know the law, not believe what a P.O. says.

@LPH. Than what? Good question. And yes we all should understand that also. Now I have to go to court next month to try to resolved this ticket. Even things have croped up on that one. Yes the ticket is about $175.00 for and yes the police were right beside me on a narrow street in this little town wondering what I was going to do. Sort of boxing me in.after the street light turned red. Got a bit confused on a no turn on red signage.

My sister bought me a set of tires a few weeks ago and said now she want me to promise her that I will pay this ticket instead of going to court over this. LPH we all press on in this registry effort and one shouldn’t look for the future of what could come but if it comes down to that than government is usurping that position.

Why do many or some not understand many and much of this burden of Government? I know government’s a bit out of touch or should we all look for a new leader although leaders can over ride their position as one person said .. It takes two to tango. Much of this registry is totally out of line or does one go witch hunting to even kill or over throw another.

LPH. See this registry has a bit of over throw in its deceptive way or is it USDA inspect?.As far as what I would do, I would stand up this time around. A gal that named Saddles when I met her out in yellowstone in the eighties always told me if you get back thrown your horse get back and saddle up again. Many times positive results get positive actions and yes their are good actions and their are bad and much of this registry is cumbersome and ineffective in a lot of ways.

In reality much of this registry is like a do or undo burden of this element of govenmental process. Now Im starting to text like I’m back in high school. But all together this registry has many areas that government seems to overlook in an unorthodox view or who is blind sighting who in much of this divided and conquor. Where has christian principals gone one could see that back in the 60’s era.

Penology is a study of human behavior and its also about reform. Why do you think many were up in arms about Vietnam and other things that were a bit over stressed in many ways but when someone is drafted and yes we can all go with the word. “conscientious Objector”
I hope that word term is still used today as their are many objections to this registry.

Yes ACSOL is on the right path to help rid much of this registry for all in the USA as it is a oneness burden for many in many ways.

Phrenology is the detailed study of the shape and size of the cranium as a supposed indication of character and mental abilities. Just sayin’. 😏 “The bumps on your skull tell me things you really don’t want to know!” 😂

Don’t know about that David. But you just solved the whole issue. Now I’m gonna let you figure the rest of it out. I have to admit this computer knowledge goes a long ways today for many in America today. Pretty soon we won’t be having classrooms in school settings. It will all be in computer format.

I don’t know if myself or many could get into Rosie the robot. Just think of it, marriages by computer, and law and order by computer. Would save a lot of money and time just going to the courthouse, and defending one or prosecuting them some person saying get him out of here with their viewpoint.

Many times I couldn’t even get into Burns’ and Allen or Grocho Marxx or the ricky nelson show or even soap opra’s and I sure don’t like cigars. Ok so I have a tequila once in a while or a pieta coloda. And yes the gal out in Yellowstone did name me Saddles because I get back on my horse. That would be a oneness burden.

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