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Seems to me if I can remember their was a public service announce that said: IF one was caught on the internet talking to a teenage person that their would be a penalty, fine, jail time or other but I’m not quite sure of that announcment. But warnings have to come out and if that is right than many of these ordeals should be contested or faith in government could be entirely wrong and this whole court ordeal of this registry is one big mess. I hope someone knows about as my memory is shot at times. See we all… Read more »

why is everyone not on the live stream in Denver ?

I am guessing there has been an exploration into this already, and I am not a legal scholar as much as I used to be, but has there ever been an equal protection claim for those of us who are unable to achieve a 1203.4? At the most basic level the individuals who fall into the exceptions in 1203.4 (basically 288s and some others) are being deprived of the same rights as those who are able to have a 1203.4.

I don’t know if there’s been any legal movement on this. I’m guessing not so much as a larger equal protections issues in this regard is the fact that 1203.4 doesn’t end your registration. They made a specific amendment to exclude 290’s from getting “released from all penalties and disabilities resulting from the offense of which he or she has been convicted”. I think there’s more of an issue with the latter as that blanket excludes every registrant from the obtained benefit. The former seems a bit less so because it’s not just some 290’s that can’t get 1203.4, but… Read more »

Actually myself, I never got into California Law or laws or would anyone think Will Allen had a “Still” in his back yard. See California Law is interesting if one Looks at it. W,VA was a coal mining state and yes from History books Gold was found in California. Course they had to have Stills or moonshine back than to satisfy the miners and that opened up a bit of a law Circus out their. Look at the Circus today out in those states and area’s today with this Internet romp or does a “still” have to be in compliance… Read more »

New appointment process at San Joaquin Country Sheriff, puts Registrants at risk, or at least it seems so. I called today to find out if the Registration process has changed. I was informed that it is done now by appointment only. The soonest for me is Oct 15th. That puts me in non-compliance, since it is out side of the 5 day window of before and after my birth date. I was told not to be concerned because they take that into consideration. However, they will not send me any documentation or even an email to confirm my appointment. I… Read more »

@Steve G: Your Sheriffs office process is irrelevant to the law. Go to the Sheriffs office and knock on the door or visit however you can if the door is locked AND VIDEO IT with you in view. Do whatever you can to cover your ass. Some time ago, the regular registration officer at my Sheriffs office got sick. Apparently she was the only one “trained” to do registrations. At the time we didn’t need appointments and had a 3 day window to register. I went and attempted to register during those 3 days and was told to come back… Read more »


Thanks for that advice. I did go there on my birthday and they confirmed my appointment, and gave me documentation that I can use to prove I presented myself for registration. I feel much better about this situation after going there and getting the documentation with a control number.

Thank you!

Actually Janice & Chance and all, this whole offender issue is getting more like a juvinle deterrent of the law Green Acre Style. Now one has to use their better judgement, but who is just as more of the agressor or the agresie in many of these ordeals. The computer is just an insturment. Who’s talking about facebook – when the little person doesn’t know whats going on in this badgering of the mind play. So are all these sex issues about these administerative crimes or as some can call it steple chaselaw of disgrace for both parties involved in… Read more »

@ Saddle-sores: ??? 🙄 Okay, I’ll play along: I misplaced an English t-shirt in a disgraced coal mine field of honor, no explosives, but an incendiary comment. And if a rattlesnake saw it, he’d know the difference.
Yay, I win!! 🤗🥳 My nonsense is better than your nonsense!
(Though I still don’t have the slightest idea what – if anything! – you are trying to say!! 😱)

I understand that a realtor legally has to disclose to a buyer if a Registrant lives next door or in neighborhood, but what if the same house is for lease. Does the same thing apply? My neighbor is moving, but has a realtor that is handling the management of their home. They are not aware of my situation. Would like to keep it that way. I was fortunate to have moved in and due to Covid, was told to wait for my annual before registering my new address, which took 4 months, so even if they were nosey, no one… Read more »

When I bought my house, I was only advised to review the Megan’s Law website for any RCs living in my neighborhood. The irony.

Both houses on each side of me sold in the past year, and so far, the neighbors have been friendly. In fact, all of my neighbors in close proximity to my house are quite friendly.

The realtors wouldn’t know that I’m an RC, though, since I’m not publicly listed.

@NPS, what exactly would be useful in reviewing the registry for people who live near a home you are purchasing as part of your purchase decision in the first place unless there is some sort of ban on registrants to live there. You could find no registrants there today and then the neighbor could sell their home to a registrant the day after you move in and unless you re-check the registry you wouldn’t even know. Even if you did know, you already bought the house so what does using it in the purchase decision actually accomplish?

Considering that they advised as I was signing the documents, that would mean researching the registry and making that decision during escrow. If a person really is that paranoid living next to an RC, they could back out. Another issue is property value. Supposedly an RC in the neighborhood brings down the value. Hence all the nosey busy bodies harassing a registrant to leave the area. So during escrow, if you knew there was a registrant next door, it might make it harder to re-sell. It’s all economics (because who actually believes it’s about safety?). However, considering I’m not publicly… Read more »

You are right that it isn’t very useful just for knowledge.

But people do use that information all the time to negotiate price. I’ve personally seen it a lot. I’ve even considered using my own status to make some extra % on deals here and there. I know some people that didn’t care at all that a PFR was living next door but they still used it to knock the price down more.

It’s time for these type of laws to be thrown out. What happens in the bedroom is none of anyone’s business.

OMG, Idaho, what century do you live in?? 🙄
🛑 Hold on!! 🛑 On second thought, I do absolutely100% fully support this proposed awesome new law!! Hopefully, it will quickly spread nationwide!!! And, in no time at all, there will be millions upon millions of newly registered sex offenders throughout the United States!! TENS of MILLIONS!!!! 🤣🤣🤣
Then “What’cha gonna do, DOJ??!! 🎶 What’cha gonna do when it’s all of you??”🎶 😂

Since registration is not punitive I don’t see why sexually deviant acts (some consider these acts deviant) between consenting adults can’t be made an event which triggers registration even in the absence of a criminal law having been broken or even if a law is deemed unconstitutional. Some people actually do believe that what most of us consider relatively minor deviant acts will lead to more serious acts which might be illegal so it does stand to reason that almost everyone should be registered who has done anything different from missionary with a lawful spouse. (I’m being sarcastic of course)

Actually David many on here have some good idea’s as well as everyone or do we all seldom listen to our conscious. We are all looking for relief. Whats the difference of putting a sex offender releif package together as their are many relief packages today. Would that balance justice or compound it more. I’m sure the main goal is to eliminate many and much of the sex registry. See we can all use ideaology in this offender issue. One could talk about the great Compromise of the Louisana purchase or even in my area of the Civil War era… Read more »

Amy Coney Barrett will sit on the court. So the guessing games begin anew. I did like this dissent she wrote, though it implicated a distinct constitutional right (unlike ours, which would need to overturn precedence). “ History is consistent with common sense: it demonstrates that legislatures have the power to prohibit dangerous people from possessing guns,” she wrote in Kanter v. Barr, applying an originalist approach that looked to the 18th-century intentions. “But that power extends only to people who are dangerous. Founding legislatures did not strip felons of the right to bear arms simply because of their status… Read more »

To all involved… Will Allan said there is not enough strong people for this “Hit list”. John Doe Utah says in so many ways this registry proposal is like a tier one or this rating is a can of tuna fish with worms. David and some others say they don’t need to know who’s slepping with who behind closed doors. Sure I could hit on the topic of gay rights moral judgement or this protection of lttle girls but it all comes down to morals and understanding or isn’t someone reading their bible in this two way street ordeal that… Read more »

Could someone please wake me up when there is some POSITIVE news regarding the registry? 5 1/2 yrs ago I was being told be so many, “ the pendulum is swinging back “ . This from RSOs, psychologists, law enforcement. Excuse me, but haven’t seen it yet. Maybe I missed it while I was telling the local police what I drove, where I worked, where I lived. Or maybe it was while I was being rejected from countries due to Angel Watch. No wait, it was when I was trying to explain to someone why my passport has a page… Read more »

ACSOL is growing with many academics now networking with one another. It may not be as fast as you want change to occur, but it’s occurring. We’ve had two ACSOL donation matches and both were met in quick time. Things are being chipped away. In CA, Gov Newsom signed into law recently that made equal homosexual relations equal to heterosexual relations with a 10-year window discretion with respect to the registry. If that happened, then eventually the courts will have to look at applying the registry equally to all convict classes or don’t apply them at all because the recidivism… Read more »

You know from listenig to you allgetting all these good views and comments weather good or bad, even sometimes trying to understand me at times with my errors in some of these text comments most all these offender ordeals is a government getting over on the little person. Sure I took an interest in governent but I would of never thought I would get in this situation whether its good or bad. Many times one has to have faith but things can at times get out of hand. Sure I’m sure we all feel for those one’s locked up in… Read more »

Ice Man one, registry zero 0. If a man thinkest? Talk about dirty dancing with a computer and emotional buttons??? Talk about reach out into the darkness eggman…. thumbs up!!

…and spotteth twice they the camels before the third hour. There’s a penny in the pocket, but the shoes have holes. The worm only eats the fallen apple. Dust settles after the storm, not before it.
Once again, eggman Saddles, leaves me wondering what the Hell he’s talking about. 😒

I hope everybody got to see the movie. Do we ever give a thought of our dreams or in many ways we walk in life jaberwalking with the answers to everything to boost our ego or why did rome fall or why did ones’ english teacher say their are five parts to a sentence. The who, what, when were, and why. or do we always watch what we say and do. David I have to dismiss your babblings as you disiss mine but their are many on this forum that have came up with good concret view’s and you have… Read more »

🐻 Winnie the Pooh likes 🐝 honery majoy🍯!
(I like to put it on warm biscuits!) ☺️

Guys I don’t have all the answers. David when I said you win , I win, or who. Wins what or what did one win. Are we all looking for some Harvest or the answer to the great white hope, the keys to the kingdom or the emancipation proclumation or your justice of shake, rattle, and roll. Sure we talk about democracy, their were several types in the bible. the book of Daniel has a type of government and also a wicked ruler or is this registry some seven year itch to get rid of fleas, mice, or rodants. David… Read more »

Saddles, if I may please suggest: 1. Use your cell phone’s microphone feature. 2. Speak into the microphone whatever it is you want to say. 2. Use the auto correction spell-check feature to make sure the words are spelled correctly. 3. Proof read it for spelling, grammar, or other errors and to see if what you wrote makes sense and ask yourself: 🔹Is my comment clear and concise? 🔹Is my message focused? 🔹Do I avoid using references and incorporating tangents that might confuse my reader? 4. Then proof read it a second time – just for good measure – before… Read more »

And we are the ones on their public Hit List?? 😠
What happened to “if it saves one child”?? 😠

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