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Seems to me if I can remember their was a public service announce that said: IF one was caught on the internet talking to a teenage person that their would be a penalty, fine, jail time or other but I’m not quite sure of that announcment. But warnings have to come out and if that is right than many of these ordeals should be contested or faith in government could be entirely wrong and this whole court ordeal of this registry is one big mess. I hope someone knows about as my memory is shot at times.

See we all have basic instincts and also about justice in a lot of this AC/DC issue or has government gotten overrated according to biblical standards. What am I talking about they don’t even use the commandments today or who is taking up the slack in all this charge of the light barigade and that was even a failed action. That just may be the action some should take to resolve much of this registry as everyone has said how unconstitutional it is.

why is everyone not on the live stream in Denver ?

I am guessing there has been an exploration into this already, and I am not a legal scholar as much as I used to be, but has there ever been an equal protection claim for those of us who are unable to achieve a 1203.4? At the most basic level the individuals who fall into the exceptions in 1203.4 (basically 288s and some others) are being deprived of the same rights as those who are able to have a 1203.4.

Actually myself, I never got into California Law or laws or would anyone think Will Allen had a “Still” in his back yard. See California Law is interesting if one Looks at it. W,VA was a coal mining state and yes from History books Gold was found in California. Course they had to have Stills or moonshine back than to satisfy the miners and that opened up a bit of a law Circus out their.

Look at the Circus today out in those states and area’s today with this Internet romp or does a “still” have to be in compliance with its grade of wiskey to those miners. Was Paul always in compliance with his Stonings, blasphemes, etc. Are we today always in Complaince with keeping up with the Jones, or who is doing a quallity control check in many of these vain encounters.

Who really does their research well or their spell checking well or who takes their appitute test for college entrance. My sister was in the band and yes the school was Honored or privledged to go to Macy’s Thanksgiving day Parade. Can anyone say their is not going to be a parade of that today or how many people have cussed out their boss or had bad dealings with another person. So i this registry fued I have told my sister in many ways Let God fight your battles, and she didn’t even know where I was coming from.

This whole registry in many ways is way out in left field, or did Lot go to the left?

New appointment process at San Joaquin Country Sheriff, puts Registrants at risk, or at least it seems so. I called today to find out if the Registration process has changed. I was informed that it is done now by appointment only. The soonest for me is Oct 15th. That puts me in non-compliance, since it is out side of the 5 day window of before and after my birth date. I was told not to be concerned because they take that into consideration. However, they will not send me any documentation or even an email to confirm my appointment. I really don’t like this type of situation, where you really don’t have a way to cover yourself, except to say well that is what they told me on the phone.

Actually Janice & Chance and all, this whole offender issue is getting more like a juvinle deterrent of the law Green Acre Style. Now one has to use their better judgement, but who is just as more of the agressor or the agresie in many of these ordeals. The computer is just an insturment. Who’s talking about facebook – when the little person doesn’t know whats going on in this badgering of the mind play. So are all these sex issues about these administerative crimes or as some can call it steple chaselaw of disgrace for both parties involved in much of this registry ordeal.

One person on here said, and I’ve said that myself many years ago, that his P.O said back in the old testament you should of been stoned. Well if that theory today is good than who’s throwing the rocks to the innocent. Government says its not punishment or is it a deterant to crime. Is the crime a bad mouth issue or a CP issue via this computer that people love as this Ego trip farce situation, or a govermnetal stepple chace in this evil well doings. So has government sold themselves to do wickedness? Seens many of these officers, detectives, or whoever that traps, cajole’s in this game is more in danger of all his unholy workings on those that they seem to clip in all this steeplechase game of computer robbery of conscious.

I can remember that english techer of mind giving us this word cajole in school.

I understand that a realtor legally has to disclose to a buyer if a Registrant lives next door or in neighborhood, but what if the same house is for lease. Does the same thing apply? My neighbor is moving, but has a realtor that is handling the management of their home. They are not aware of my situation. Would like to keep it that way.
I was fortunate to have moved in and due to Covid, was told to wait for my annual before registering my new address, which took 4 months, so even if they were nosey, no one would have seen my new location.
Now Everyone knows me and seems to like me ( I put a lot of time into cleaning up the home I moved into ) ,so wouldn’t like it if things changed.

It’s time for these type of laws to be thrown out. What happens in the bedroom is none of anyone’s business.

Actually David many on here have some good idea’s as well as everyone or do we all seldom listen to our conscious. We are all looking for relief. Whats the difference of putting a sex offender releif package together as their are many relief packages today. Would that balance justice or compound it more. I’m sure the main goal is to eliminate many and much of the sex registry.

See we can all use ideaology in this offender issue. One could talk about the great Compromise of the Louisana purchase or even in my area of the Civil War era even a humpidy Dumpity theory of how teir’s work or go back to Dante’s Infirno work or a when in Rome.
Sure this is America land of the free. So were does the element of touch not, taste not handle come into play or what was Paul trying to tell the people in colossians in a justifyable way this uncallous Justice registry for many.

So are the ordinances blotted out or do many linger with this sex registry blunder issue in certain ways that has came upon many in the last 20 years. So do we get into worldly philosophy or wordly philosophy. This proposal to much of this registry is like a loose cannon challenge in the California even if one can make any sense out of it.

Course I’m not going to ring Will Allen’s door bell with a squirt gun in my hand. So many of these Advocate teams are on the ball and so are you all also. Who wants to see anyone in prison unnecessarly.

Amy Coney Barrett will sit on the court. So the guessing games begin anew. I did like this dissent she wrote, though it implicated a distinct constitutional right (unlike ours, which would need to overturn precedence).

“ History is consistent with common sense: it demonstrates that legislatures have the power to prohibit dangerous people from possessing guns,” she wrote in Kanter v. Barr, applying an originalist approach that looked to the 18th-century intentions. “But that power extends only to people who are dangerous. Founding legislatures did not strip felons of the right to bear arms simply because of their status as felons.”

To all involved… Will Allan said there is not enough strong people for this “Hit list”. John Doe Utah says in so many ways this registry proposal is like a tier one or this rating is a can of tuna fish with worms. David and some others say they don’t need to know who’s slepping with who behind closed doors. Sure I could hit on the topic of gay rights moral judgement or this protection of lttle girls but it all comes down to morals and understanding or isn’t someone reading their bible in this two way street ordeal that many of us have lived under for years. I even sat thru the movie of the crucible again last night and I’m wondering if law enforcements are dancing with the devil or who’s still has their true facalties today in this judgement call.

And yes I do respect the many view’s on here even some that are of a neanderthal such as my buddy Will Allen’s and many on here as well.

Sure we all can talk about this sex offender ordeal till we are all blue in the face but who does this actually protect. Whether you all believe in God or not thats up to each individual that posts on here but its more than believing its also having faith and understanding that others are their to help and yes pray is the key, Isn’t it having faith to have your wife stand my you or someone like Janice and her team also?

Sure you all can jump on me and my little slap on the wrist if you would like to call it but we all have a conscious. Yes we can all talk about the bible, someone’s view’s on sexual bedroom romps that are right or wrong, but nobody ever intended to I’m sure entice little girls as is assumed in a lot of these ordeals.

A lot of this registry is an experiment gone haywire to protect some ficticous person. Janice Know’s that, Chance, Ms. Capenter and a whole lot more. Protecting and serving undering caustic situations via this internet interestment is way out of line for any government and yes when (and I’m praying ) Biden gets in office that much of this will chance as this registry and this prison issues are a bit dobious in many of these uncanny ordeals. Sure many can lay on the side lines.

Sure its at times about writeing even those letters to your Commonwealth or Dept of Justice, And yes standing up to the plate is very honorable for true justice and not just for yourself for all involved in all this. Thats what a team is all about or should we all go back and learn what grace is all about as some have already said on here. And as one person said on here God is no respector of person, I hate to say that but people can do what they like but government is out of line on this registry in many respects

Could someone please wake me up when there is some POSITIVE news regarding the registry? 5 1/2 yrs ago I was being told be so many, “ the pendulum is swinging back “ . This from RSOs, psychologists, law enforcement. Excuse me, but haven’t seen it yet. Maybe I missed it while I was telling the local police what I drove, where I worked, where I lived. Or maybe it was while I was being rejected from countries due to Angel Watch. No wait, it was when I was trying to explain to someone why my passport has a page telling everyone I am dangerous and don’t come near me.

You know from listenig to you allgetting all these good views and comments weather good or bad, even sometimes trying to understand me at times with my errors in some of these text comments most all these offender ordeals is a government getting over on the little person.

Sure I took an interest in governent but I would of never thought I would get in this situation whether its good or bad. Many times one has to have faith but things can at times get out of hand. Sure I’m sure we all feel for those one’s locked up in prison unjustly and even the dreams that some have. These ladies weaping over their men, sons, etc and yes we have to at times put our best foot forward. Many of you all still worry about this. But at times we all need a break and step back a step or two and say it could of been worse.

With Janices and Chances permission if it is granted, I would like you to enjoy this and maybe you can find one’s character in much of this. Yes saving one from this registry is good and admirable but at times government goes to far in many ways. And always remember keep up the good fight in this sex offender ordeal. I hope this link brings back some justice for all. I myself can see many of us in this and the views of what many see in this underhanded sex registry, as we all share about this registry ordeal or do we all get hit in the head at times.

I hope everybody got to see the movie. Do we ever give a thought of our dreams or in many ways we walk in life jaberwalking with the answers to everything to boost our ego or why did rome fall or why did ones’ english teacher say their are five parts to a sentence. The who, what, when were, and why. or do we always watch what we say and do.

David I have to dismiss your babblings as you disiss mine but their are many on this forum that have came up with good concret view’s and you have had good views to. I’m just glad that Janice and Chance gave me premission for you to review this movie, the many that watched it.

Yes dad talked many times about Will Rogers when I was growing up and even some of the quotes. At times we all pay seldom attention to issues but Will Rogers is an interesting person. In fact he was honery majoy (oops mayor) in california, Nominated to run for Governor in Oklohoma back in the day. Even gave congress and legislation a bit of advice.
Yes the depression years were hard and its not like this push button digital world today. Sure they still had crime but they also had character and women didn’t flaunt themselves like today in illmoral ways and even TV was whholesome. Yes they knew how to train up a child in many ways.

Thsi registry is it preventive, punishment, or down right pilfering of the mind in this conscious way or attitude adjustment? Who is actually the blind leading the blind or falling into a ditch themselves via a lot of this encounter. I guess my ramblings have said enough or who is actually wearing the mask in this registry issue in many of its issues.

🐻 Winnie the Pooh likes 🐝 honery majoy🍯!
(I like to put it on warm biscuits!) ☺️

Guys I don’t have all the answers. David when I said you win , I win, or who. Wins what or what did one win. Are we all looking for some Harvest or the answer to the great white hope, the keys to the kingdom or the emancipation proclumation or your justice of shake, rattle, and roll. Sure we talk about democracy, their were several types in the bible. the book of Daniel has a type of government and also a wicked ruler or is this registry some seven year itch to get rid of fleas, mice, or rodants. David and many more on here this sex registy has been a topic is controvercy since the day it was born. Now Janice and Chance know what is going on and are their for the American Citizen and to help in Constitutional ways in much of this.

Government has the right to do anything as long it is its in accordance to the commandments of God. So who said anything about the gay or the blacks, the hispanic, or even this wall between mexico. Some want to go into indepth things. Even the bible understandings or were is the pharse keep it simple stupid come from or the K.I.S.S phrase.

Jesus came for justice once and for all. We are all under grace even the good, bad, and the ugly of this human race. This data base theory is like saying the world is flat in many ways. I don’t know if this Will Rogers thing made any sense to anyone but he said his peace and was a friend to the little person on issues about big government and yes he was well liked and respected. Sure we could talk about his bedroom life or would that be an open and shut case or even Solomon’s.

Are their flaws in much of this registry by these servants of God or who today is a free agent in this moral issue. I didn’t much like some of the stunts Ali bragged about or even Castro in the Kennedy Era. All that might of been seen from another data in time. Are we all here to help ride this wave out or rid much of this sex registry transparancy or much of these dirty lies to trap most all of us in? Sure the main goal of ACSOL and other advocate groups is to eliminate much of this and yes view’s and comments are welcome, and yes some may like to vent at times. Yes we all have views but I don’t have all the answers as some would say.

Whats wrong with saying guilty with an explainationor not guilty with an explination?. Two sides’ to every coin or are true principals dead and the registry people jump off a cliff or give it up to easy? Should we go back to the Ice Man in only the Strong Survive Jerry Butlers hit for both Blacks and Whites or another one Who”ll stop the rain. So is there going to be a whole lot of troble in your life or do we all feel like a clown. Are we troopers or trampers as best we can be.

And we are the ones on their public Hit List?? 😠
What happened to “if it saves one child”?? 😠