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Los Angeles County Agrees to Allow Registrants to Serve as Poll Workers

The Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters has formally agreed to allow registrants to serve as poll workers. As a result of this agreement, the county has removed language from the website of the Registrar of Voters as well as the poll workers application that previously stated registrants were prohibited from serving as poll workers.

“This is a significant victory for registrants in Los Angeles County,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci. “Any registrant who is otherwise eligible may now serve as a poll worker in that county during this year’s election and all future elections.”

ACSOL challenged the Los Angeles County Registrar of Voter’s prohibition on behalf of two registrants in a lawsuit filed on May 7, 2018, in Los Angeles Superior Court. Both parties filed Motions for Summary Judgment in the case, which could have ended the case, however, both motions were denied and a trial was expected to be held later this calendar year.

At the time this lawsuit was filed, 56 of 58 counties in California allowed registrants to serve as poll workers. The only two counties that prohibited registrants to serve as poll workers were Los Angeles and Orange. During the Los Angeles County lawsuit, the Orange County Registrar of Voters reversed its policy and now allows registrants to serve as poll workers.

The agreement between Los Angeles County and ACSOL was reached in August 2020 and includes payment by the County of legal fees and related costs.


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Great news! Thank you, Janice and team!

That’s awesome news! Thank you Janice!

I signed up to be a poll worker in LA County.
I received a phone call about a week ago asking me if I was still interested, how long I wanted to serve, they told me how many hours a day I had to be at the polling center, mandatory 8 hours of classroom training and the pay per day.
They said they would review my application and email me further instructions.

Congrats, MLinLA! Poll worker extraordinaire! 👍

It doesn’t matter who votes. What matters is who counts them. Let’s hope the republican ballots get thrown in the trash.

Are you so afraid Trump will win legitimately you want/need someone to cheat to make it him lose?
It’s so funny to see the 2016 videos of HRC talking about the “terrifying” notion of Trump not accepting a loss, and now in 2020 telling Biden not to concede under any circumstances. My God, what a joke.

I don’t know who will win, but another victory by Trump and the ensuing exploding heads on the left will have me dancing with delight.

Trump has done more for prisoners and ex-cons than any POTUS I know of, yet the Dems keep minorities convinced Republicans are racist. Wake the F up.

@C – As a long time conservative republican I wont turn this into a political forum and point out many of the massive issues and failures that Trump has had as a president, as well as discuss how far in over his head he is.

But Trump is the one who named William Barr as Attorney General. And Barr is the idiot who’s trying to enhance and strengthen SORNA. So all registrants can thank Trump for any enhanced pain and suffering they may feel in the future through this action.

I don’t care how the liar loses, only that he does. Frankly, I’m shocked that he has any chance at all. Says piles about America. The only way he has a chance anyway is because of the electoral college. After this election, we need to dump that.

Nah, I’d say Trump is a better deal than a prosecutor-in-chief Harris. Which is what’s going to happen if Biden completes his mission of the BLM cover-up of this election.

Plus what on EARTH would Biden actually DO??? I mean REALLY guys, what’s he bringing to the table? And to be honest the same could be said for ALL OF THEM. At least Trump (as an outsider) isn’t trying to set himself up like these career politicians. Biden already had his fill of the system so once he’s in he’ll check out soon enough and POOF goes the Kamalama dingdong. She’s the next easy rider, looking to score some easy rso “daily double” points.

@W and Others – Because ACSOL is a non-profit organization, it can not and does not support or oppose any candidate running for any office. It is my personal opinion that we cannot count on any elected official, Republican or Democrat, to consistently support our cause.

Pretend J. Biden wasn’t head cheerleader behind the OMNIBUS94 & Wetterling Act, Megan’s Law, AWA, & IML. Sure dude vote, for more of the same!

@Tim in Wisco……AMEN!!!!

@Tim in WI

There is and will not be any ideal politician from either party that will be perfect to fight for our cause. In fact Trump was the one who appointed Bill Barr as Attorney General that has imposed SORNA regulations to Registrants regardless of state requirements, which will be a statistical nightmare to implement because there is no infrastructure in place to make this work and make Registrants’ lives way more difficult.

Regardless who becomes President – that is who and what we have to work with for the next 4 years. Let’s make it work.


It’s time to identify our enemy(s) and expose them to society (tax payers) by all (non violent) means possible. It’s not AG Barr, Trump, Obama etc. creating these SO laws. All the bullshit is scripted way before it is presented to legislation and ultimately signed into law by the powers to be.

Follow the money. Take a look at the proposed Prop 20!!! in Californian, Meagan’s Law, International Megan’s Law etc. We all know these Props and current laws are a waste of tax payers money but how did these laws fruitate ?

Who dreamt them up? Who contacted Adam Walsh with a plan? That fucker didn’t dream this shit up. But I[m sure he got paid!!! So sick. but what a story it would be to get leaked out.

Law enforcement unions, federal employ unions and their highly paid attorney’s and lobbyist. No shit! It’s now scripted and off to the politicians they got voted in. Who’s going to benefit from them? The unionized brotherhood. And by the way they’re worldwide. (PS i believe the legislator currently behind prop 20 was once the president of the prison guard union)

I feel it would be very beneficial for everyone on this site to concur on who’s behind all the BS (from conception) and how most all the new SO laws are started. Once this happens it’s my opinion we will start moving in the right direction. Currently we are just pissing in the wind; playing wack a mole. Meaning we are chasing fires instead of stopping them before they are started.

By no means am i putting down what this site, its board members, and the people on this site have accomplish to date. It’s just that in my opinion, we need to also identify and expose our enemy(s).

Society will listen if somehow we can exploit the greedy scumbags that have been lying to them and ripping them off.

Come to think of it, when you look at all the evidence SORNA is really a house cards – built on lies targeting on people’s worst fears, pushed by police and politicians for political gain and money. A powerful revealing video with facts pointing to all this maybe the starting point to bringing it down.

This is Great news as we already are so alienated from society. I for one will be helping when the time comes.
Janice Rocks!!!!!

🌟 Great news, Janice!! 🌟 And many thanks for all your hard work on our behalves!! 🤗😁👍

Just throwing this out there… if you’re selected to work at the polls, don’t fuck it up. Thanks in advance.

Good advice DFIU!
I’m uncertain, but perhaps dressing appropriately may help. Just please do not wear a T-shirt with the words “registered person at work” on it. That will just confuse voters.

💲💲 L.A. County will be paying poll workers up to $240.💲💲

Exactly. Don’t let your life bleed through society’s fabric. Just do your job and move on.

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