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Janice, here’s another possible approach to fighting IML.

Appellate Court finds registration violates right to reputation under Pennsylvania Constitution in as applied case. The court found held that as applied to Appellant, SORNA’s provision that sexual offenders pose a high risk of recidivating is an irrebuttable presumption that clearly, palpably, and plainly violates Appellant’s constitutional right to reputation.

Check out the story in the Florida Action Committee report:
Good comments following the story.

And in the original opinion: – 104584404117816213.pdf?cb=1

I wonder how many states have “reputation” clauses. Some legal eagle could do the research.

I recently cited this case in my registry “fee” challenge winding its way through State Court. This hinges on the legislative statements contained in the “Act.” Take for instance, Utah, its registry law does NOT contain the obligatory language like many states, including the AWA, that sexual offenders are dangerous and this and that kid need to be remembered. Utah has argued in several cases that its registry is basically to disseminate information, not to state the current dangerousness of offenders. Utah lost such a case in 2008 because the used to list the “Primary” and “Secondary” victims on an… Read more »

How would everyone on the internet liked to be screwed? Interesting question isn’t it. Well you have those dating services where you don’t actually know who your talking to, you also have those dirty internet scams or some teen or whoever wanting to set someone up to come down and meet by offering a instant fix up or what? Seems we all are going in circles and have been for years trying to think or over think when simple understanding is the best method. Sure I am upset about all this. AERO even came up with some Beretta “Don’t do… Read more »

I’ve heard from an article source that a former Mexican delegate saying that the guardian angel and Mexico has violated their own Mexican Constitution with the denial of entry of traveling registrants.

Oh look! Another fake “rescued the children” operation! 😒

USA TODAY: ‘Rescued from this evil’: 179 arrested, 45 missing children recovered in Ohio’s ‘Operation Autumn Hope’.

Okay, so maybe the children weren’t actually “rescued”….rather, their “cases were cleared” (whatever “cleared” means):
“More than 70 missing and exploited children cases were cleared, according to the attorney general’s office.”

Hooray, LE to the rescue. (Sarcasm intended!)🙄

The timing of these “rescues” is indeed suspect. Again, I firmly believe it’s a premeditated, feel-good campaign to combat calls for “defund the police” and to prop up Trump’s “law & order” rhetoric.

Sad how everything in America has devolved into a political fear and hate-based “us v them” war. These so-called “operations” are trotted out knowing they will be unassailable and effective in regards to painting a rosy picture of safety and security.

It’s all fake optimism and hope geared towards the family unit for votes.

“Cases cleared” means the paperwork was closed. In most cases involving juveniles, it typically means the kid was a runaway and either came home or was found and returned home. It’s by far the greater event than abduction. But that doesn’t make for a good lead, does it?

My apologies if this is old news (07/24/2020):

As Second Circuit Affirms Conviction for Failure to Register as a Sex Offender, Judge Calabresi Questions “Non-Punitive” Nature of Registration Statutes

@David with fleur de lis I don’t recall this case being presented here in this forum, but that does not mean it was not. However, it is a great read and concludes with this point from the Judge who disagrees with the premise of non-punishment given in the case findings: “Interestingly, Judge Calabresi also emphasized that any law that has the same “severe” effect as criminal law, despite being civil or nonpenal in name – such as deportation and habeas – should be considered punitive for constitutional purposes. The Supreme Court appears to show greater openness to treating extracompensatory damages… Read more »


Section 230 of the Comm Decency Act (1996) is a hot topic today in the media and on the hill. Changes being sought. What changes should be implemented to help the person forced to register?

This is of course older, but I saw someone posted it recently. Made me cringe quite a bit with the quotes…

Maybe this bill can be used on Hunter should things get more serious with the laptop…things could come home to roost, as we’ve all discussed, with someone on the creation side of the bill. Btw, it was WA state who had the first SO list specifically aimed at people convicted of sex crimes after Wesley Allan Dodd was convicted.

Does one know how far authorities go today? It seems some authorities need rabid shots’. Even this election is a bit of an underdog or over-dog. I’m sure that with that in American Government no wonder the scales of Justice are unbalanced and have been for hundreds of years. Guys on here talk about witch hunts. A lot of others come on here with a brainy-act type of mentality so whats wrong with the status quo today…. To many words in the game. I have my faults also. One guy as I was going to the post office said that… Read more »

Here’s what is interesting to me and I’m not sure why this isn’t in the Summary Judgment decision. Georgia state law Georgia Annotated 32-6-51 says that no one can place signs in a right of way. There appears to be an exception for government if there is an ordinance directing for or allowing specific sign placement but that isn’t mentioned as being the case here. Even the Sheriff is aware of this More curious, if this is the case, why is the Judge saying a competing sign can be placed? Looks like bad legal research by the Judge to… Read more »

I think you (or I) are misinterpreting the statute title: “Title 32 – Highways, Bridges, and Ferries”

On this Halloween, I am drawn to the stupidity of what lengths some areas will go to to humiliate and ostracize their citizens. Signage in front lawns? Really? What is next, making Registrants put bumper stickers on their cars saying, “ I am a Sex Offender “ .
Are they worried that some people won’t jump on the M.L. Site and take matters on themselves? That they need the help of our public servants to make them hate their neighbors?

@ A.D.A.T. You know, thats a good point. One I never really thought about. But ya, its really like they are insulting the every day citizen, in that they wouldn’t have brains enough to just go on the ML website all by themselves, if they are SO concerned. And ya, also sad that they want to pit neighbor against neighbor.

A.D.A.T. and many of you all on here.. While some celebrate Halloween and some do not are we all grasping at straws. Now A.D.A.T. you had ask me once on here to never talk to you, or text you,”Why? Now I’m sure we all know why we are all here. Correct. Sure we can all make good points or is it free will. One either makes a decision or choice or do we do as one pleases? Should we all wake up in the morning and say who’s bearing the sword in vain with this evil tactic, who’s manulipating, who… Read more »

My house got egged last night. Twice. Two attacks about two hours apart wasting about 1 dozen eggs. I sat in my truck from 11:30 until 2 AM waiting for them in case they decided on launching a 3rd salvo. While most of my time was spent figuring out how to keep the dome light from turning on and giving away my position when I stepped out to pee in the bushes, I wondered what I’d do if they came back? Confront and give them a “”good talking to” and demand to know where they live so I can have… Read more »

You have to let it go, man. Could it be that it was targeted, or might escalate, is only speculation? Don’t let being forced to register consume your thoughts. It’s not healthy. Anything else would just be you giving in to their terrorism! That’s not to say there isn’t sympathy for your trauma. I imagine everyone here understands, and knows the fear you’re living with. To protect yourself and your family, and for peace of mind, perhaps it might be worthwhile to look into installing a security camera system? BTW, you’re in the right place. You can also check out… Read more »

If I remember correctly, you have a ring camera? Perhaps there are reports from other homes in your area being egged? Perhaps one of your children were targeted instead of you or one of many other scenarios besides your listing on the registry. Too many possibilities and unknowns to draw conclusions just yet.
From what I know of you anyone would welcome you and your family as a neighbor. Hang tough and good luck.

I woke up this morning and couldn’t wait to find out how many thousands of children had been attacked, molested, or kidnapped by the horrible sex monsters. Image my disappointment when I couldn’t find ANY reports of missing or hurt children. Oh well, L.E.O.s, better luck next year. Guess you’re going to have to be content with doing your job of protecting the people you serve from the Real threats instead of the ones created by politicians.

Don’t you know because of all the LEOs great work in monitoring and controlling us is the reason there were no attacks in children?

Could someone please explain to me WTF is going on?? Are there like 300,000,000 children “missing” in the U.S.??

Soon they’ll start searching for children who aren’t missing…. just to keep themselves busy! 🙄

“QAnon Is Supposed to Be All About Protecting Kids. Its Primary Enabler Appears to Have Hosted Child Porn Domains.”

Who’d a thought? Well, many of us in the registration reform movement, for one. Now enter Anonymous into the fray in what may mark a shift in its own historical/hysterical preoccupation with “pedophiles.”