FAC: Have sex offense laws ‘jumped the shark’?

[floridaactioncommittee.org – 9/30/20]

The phrase “jump the shark”, according to the Urban Dictionary, is the point at which something loses its touch and begins to grasp at straws. It was coined by Jon Hein, who wrote a book citing examples of television shows that reached a peak and then began to go downhill. It refers to an episode of “Happy Days” in which Fonzie jumped a shark on water skiis. From that point on, the show ran out of story lines and came up with ridiculousness to keep it on the air.

Last week, when I read some news stories about a group of Jeffrey Epstein victims who are behind a proposed bill to block “childlike sex dolls” I realized that we might have arrived at the point where sex offense laws have jumped the shark.

To preface my thoughts; I greatly empathize with Epstein’s victims. What happened to them is horrible. That’s not the point. I’m also not in favor of “childlike sex dolls”. Until Sen. Lauren Book introduced a bill about them, I didn’t even know they were a “thing”. I’ve been involved in advocacy for more than a decade and have heard the stories of hundreds of registrants. Not one began with “well it all started when I saw this ad for a childlike sex doll…” Again, totally not suggesting that these things should be allowed to exist, but that’s not the point.

The point is; are “childlike sex dolls” really a problem or have lawmakers simply run out of ideas for new laws to capitalize on “sex offender panic” and are so desperate for ideas they are coming up with this doll agenda and then trying to sensationalize it by throwing Jeffrey Epstein’s name into the headlines?

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‘“Childlike sex dolls”. Until Sen. Lauren Book introduced a bill about them,…” I am wondering how she knows about these dolls when the average “sex offender” do not?

@ Quiteman. Wow Janice thanks for putting me in a tough position, weil I put myself in it. Quiteman have you ever heardthe term or word irreconsilable difference. Everything we as the creature do in life is a sin, we are all born with a sin nature. Compounding a sin would be running over another or wanting to kill one’s self, or even getting upset with your sister for no reason at all or crying over a computer stoppage glitch. See quiteman a lot of spitual wisdom goes along with bible study if one gets into it. Even with a grain of mustard seed faith one can move mountains.

More worse is another person taking control of another via this internet or as in the dream that Daniel solved for that wicked king. In other words this sex issue in many ways wings up with a plea deal in many of these cases. So is that true value…. A sin is a sin in any form… Best way I can explain it unless you have dicernment. See God is a protector he is not gonna pull you out of the fire and he can do it because hes’ the creator. Even kings fall and are lifted up. The long story short let God be true but don’t get too deep in many issues and don’t repeat yourself on a rapid basis.

Hope that explains this to many the best I we someone shark bait or are we talking about no wire coat hangers in much of this game. At times one has to go for the goal to seek justice and at times its best to let old embers lye. Still its the situation.

I would say the shark was jumped several years ago.

I personally haven’t herd of anybody getting arrested for owning and selling or manufacturing these type of doll’s not yet anyway but sounds like the state of Florida is on top of it.
Obviously anybody who owns sick disgusting shiit like that has got some serious problems and more likely a threat to society if they don’t get the proper treatment

Good luck

No, Sanddles, let us disagree here…”Everything we as the creature do in life is a sin, we are all born with a sin nature.”

No, I do not agree that I was born into sin and that inevitably I will commit sin…I have committed sin, but it is certainly not part of my, (or anybody’s) nature…let me give you some relevant examples:

1. I have killed people in war….and every year people honor me for my killing of living human beings. There are parades and parties…and exclamations….we honor you, Sir….

This should not be so, this was a grievous Sin and I will have to answer to God directly for this…and I tremble.

This is Sin. The very first Commandment broken!

2. I have made love to an under aged female, maybe we were in love, maybe we weren’t, but it was lovely and a gift from God.

This was no sin.

David sending Uriah the Hittite, Husband to Bathsheba, home to cover his possible impregnation of Bathsheba…this was Sin, further, David purposefully sending Uriah later into battle to die so that he ultimately could marry Bathsheba…this was ultimate sin compounded.

Me, I committed no sin.

Now what I did was unlawful…and my society can punish me for my love…and passion, I suppose.

But I will be clean before God on this regardless of what my society does to me.

Best Wishes, James I

I think it is funny how desperate the criminal politicians are. Look at them pathetically grasping for anything that they can brag and lie about!

And is there anything that so well demonstrates how the criminal politicians and criminal big government are just completely out of control? We need to neutralize and marginalize all people who think big government is okay. All people who think big government should be in our homes, controlling our thoughts, controlling actions which harm no one, controlling what we can put into our own bodies, or in this case, our own bodies into. It’s all just a bunch of nonsense that does nothing useful. We need to vote these big government people out at every chance.

Personally, I think the real reason these scumbags want “laws” such as this is to make themselves feel a little better. As always, they are criminally insane control freaks who can never get enough of trying to force other people to live as they want.

This is why it is important to defund big government at every level, at every chance. We must work to keep resources away from them all the time. I will never help any big government office to be less dysfunctional. They want war so I intend to keep giving it to them.

Legislators aren’t supposed to pass laws just to act like they are needed. Their job is supposed to protect our Constitution and society from tyranny. Government doesn’t know best, they don’t even know what the other hand is doing. All they care about is money, power and re-election. We don’t need a bigger boat, we need Jaws to become exist due to the water being unsafe. Where’s Chief Brody?

Your right David. Was just reading my last comment on here about “spit.. ual wisdom” so who’s spitting on who today in much of this registry? I really don’t think the Pope would spit on anyone or many of the churches today. One wonders if its Government or Disney today or lack of someone’s knowledge or understanding. So who’s the fall guy.

If your going to get wisdom.. get some understanding also. Much of this understanding today isn’t even understanding. Isn’t that why we all debate this thing or should we all learn from the grown men in an election for cheif. Maybe Maxxwell Smart can tell us a few things about 99 or about each one’s view’s about this registry. The methods, the purpose, the long term punishments, or should we all go back to ” for whom the bell tolls” and learn from that meaning.

My buddy Will talks about a hit list. Some of you talk about this registry as a can of raid but who is spewing out this to another wether via the internet or in a physical measure. So were do biblical measure’s come in or who is using discretion and understanding? Sure some can decern one thing from another or as used in this Jumping over a tank of sharks.

David would you jump over a tank of Sharks, how about you Will or many on here. So David are you hot or cold to jump over a tank of sharks? Would a lot of folks rationalize it out first. Train for the accomplishment, or just say lets go skinny dipping with the sharks they won’t bite we can just dope them up and they will go around in circles.David a bit of understanding with wisdom go a long way or does government play tricks to many today.

Even James said I went to war and even killed for my country. My uncle was let out of prison to fight a war also so does government take that in consideration or is killing a man different than killing a soul in ones mockingbird lane heist. Wonder if Government live in mockingbird heights today. Who knows maybe the Musters lived there.

I would rather:

People be able to fulfill their non consensual, uncommon, or violent desires in virtual, augmented, and digital spaces where no harm can be done.

Read stories, look at drawings, cartoons, animation or other mediums where no actual harm occurs.

If anyone wants physical interaction in a controversial way that can’t be accomplished through role/age play with other consenting participants they do so with a doll or dolls.

Let people watch pornography than do anything destructive for real.*

*I am not going to advocate for or against legalizing any type of currently illegal pornography right now. For those able look up studies that have been done on the impact of the availability of pornography in other countries. There might be some surprising findings.

I see no problem whatsoever with these types of dolls. People attracted exclusively to minors have no legal outlet for their fantasies. I think these dolls can be a safe and victimless safety valve for those who might otherwise seek other less legal means of gratification. To those who find them abhorrent (an argument can certainly be made there, of course), wouldn’t a harmless doll in the privacy of one’s own home be preferable to offending against a real person? No victim, no crime, right?

After hosting the Shiitake Awards for 12 years now, I can guarantee you every single time we think no one can top the level of stupidity set by someone featured on the awards, we find someone worse.

Here are some of the craziest things I’ve seen in the past 12 years:

Tarrant Co TX Judge George Gallagher used a shock collar on an accused sex crime suspect multiple times in court for not answering questions to his liking.

Kenton Co KY Assistant DA Kyle Burns found out his new neighbor in Ft Mitchell is a registered person, then filed to open a pocket park in the city to force the registrant to move out.

Alabama Sep. Steve Hurst spent over a decade pushing for a mandatory surgical castration law before getting a chemical castration law passed. That’s even longer than Chris Smith pushing Int’l Megan’s Law for 8 years before it passed.

Media in Kansas City attack a registrant for making an art sculpture made out of bicycles, claiming it will attract children.

Eric Zahnd, Platte Co MO Prosecutor threatened and intimidated people who wrote letters of support to a man on trial for a sex crime.

Austin Strickland of Mulberry, FL attacked a man who found his lost daughter, assuming the man must be a registered person for helping his kid.

Inmates at Walton prison in the UK fear they could be sleeping under blankets made by SOs. The prisoner describes himself as “horrified” to learn a “sex offender’s hands have been all over my blanket” and questions why they are distributed throughout the prison system.

The infamous Polk Co FL sheriff Grady Judd refused to let registered persons shelter anywhere but jail during hurricane Irma.

Virginia SB 666 (2016) banned registered citizens from buying those obnoxious “specialty license
plates” that benefit children’s programs. This bill affected a whopping 13 license plates in the entire state.

The FBI was reported in 2016 to be the largest distributor of child porn in America.

Russell Speigel of Cottage Grove, WI tried burning down a registrant’s house and lit himself on fire instead.

NY Dream Foundation reviokes dream vacation for dying vet after discovering his registration status.

Graham Co. NC Sheriff Danny Milsaps sent letters to all registrants in his county that said if they want to attend church, they can do so at his jail.

Chad Hightower, a now-former Wise County Texas Sheriff’s Deputy, was arrested for forcing Registered Citizens to pose for embarrassing nude photos while claiming it was part of the registration process.

Manassas City (VA) cops proposed making a 17 year old take a pic of his own penis as evidence to prosecute the teen for child pornography.

Bruce M. Ferg, US Attorney (AZ) said of prosecuting a 10 year old kid as a sex offender: “My opinion is this is the best thing that could’ve happened to the kid…”It is not vague to say, ‘If you do this kind of activity, we don’t care what age you are, you are liable for prosecution.'”

Lisa Riniker, Grant Co. WI DA was sued over prosecuting a six year old boy for sexual assault after he was caught playing doctor; she obtained a gag order to prevent the parents from speaking publicly about the case. She bypassed the parents and sent a court summons directly to the kid (threatening to lock him up if he doesn’t show up), and is even demanding the kid sign an admission of guilt.

Florida vigilante Barbara Farris made headlines after she was arrested for menacing; she had previously attempted to open a registrant concentration camp complete with color-coded armbands to signify the type of offender.

Son of famous child victim advocate Mark Lunsford was arrested for child molestation; Lunsford used his celebrity and even threated the prosecutor tto have the charges against his kid dropped.

Washingron state tried passing a bill in 2009 that would have forced all Registered Persons to have a microchip implanted inside them.

Speaking of microchips, how can we forget John Walsh stating we should have exploding microchips implanted into our rectums?

These are just a handful of the winners.

Sadly, there has not been a shortage of stupid sex offense law stories to fill my blog.

Derek,don’t forget that hack job from I believe Kansas,that wanted to comb the birth records an ensnare any person that fathered a child with a mother under 18 an put them on the hit list no matter how long ago it happened! Being married at 14 or 15 was very common an having se* was to in the early 1900’s! wish we could dig Strom Thurman up an ask him how it happened he impregnated a 15 yr old house keeper an stayed out of jail?? We already know the anwser to that…

Minors under 18 in Kansas can marry with their parent’s consent with no minimum age. They can marry with their parents consent; yet the state can overrule the parents if minors become parents. What’s next government will become the parents of all children in this country? Government knows best right because they’ve made parents more fearful of their natural instincts!!!

Have sex offender laws jumped the shark? Sounds like a strange article to me but it has meaning. From reading it appears thatl laws are overstated a bit or are we all suppose to beware of the scribes and Pharises or Who sets up this ordeal to jump over a shark… Authorities do. Who pretends in this game of kibbles and bits.. authorities do… who is condemming who in all this exchange… authorities do, but who suffers if they don’t make it over the tank… the over acheiver or the under achiver. Who is really wanting to achieve in the wrong way in this folly.

Yes everyone has views on speaking out and speaking out is good. One person wrote me several years ago and said let the advocates work on it, and Janice and many more are striving to do a good job. Actually we all have an advocate and that is Jesus Christ. Sure Janice and others are helping in many ways and are support to that are striving for true justice with many of these encounters.

Sure we all have intelligent resources that we don’t even know or onderstand to help us but we are all in this together in one form or another. Some may be charged with receipt of child pom. traveling, talking to some pretend teenager but when a shark bits it is very painful.

So are we all suppose to stress out if we don’t make the jump successfully or does one sink or swim and stand up to government in much of this mess. Should we all forgiive tresspasses or put up a sign to thru out the lifeline when sharks attack.

I wonder if Florida banned Childlike dolls because Senator Book wanted to be the only doll in Florida. I had no idea that plastic dolls had feelings, so might as well ban Barbie, Ken and all the others. After all if saves one doll from abuse, it’s worth being a law. Soon it’ll be save the children, women, and dolls.

Not endorsing the banning of dolls or anything for that matter. Sarcasm is how I keep sane when I hear these insane bills and laws.