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Given the recent news about Disney’s layoffs and general problems with their parks’ profitability, I decided this was a good time to remind them of policies aimed at keeping people away, so I sent this to their online message form the other day:


The pandemic has given everyone time for reflection and has demanded unprecedented changes in our lifestyles for the common good over the past six months. While these changes have been difficult, we deal with it because we know it’s a temporary adjustment that helps save lives.

The changes that have been thrust upon us can help us understand how others may feel when we place restrictions on them. To this point, I just want to comment on an unwritten policy by Disney to deny access to certain individuals based on a past criminal conviction of a sexual nature. This policy, while created with good intentions, is based on faulty assumptions about people with these convictions. Much research has shown that being on the registry has little bearing on one’s future risk of criminal behavior. I can cite specific data if Disney is truly open to understanding the issue properly.

It is these kind of blanket restrictions that make it impossible for families like ours to ever visit your parks. My wife has been heartbroken about the restrictions because she has always wanted to go to Disney, but can’t because of our situation. Though our family has long since moved on in the nearly 15 years since my offense, Disney’s policies show that they do not care about personal growth or the possibility of restoration. Rather than asking people to make a temporary adjustment for a period of time, Disney enforces a lifetime ban. In no aspect of our own lives would we tolerate such policies, but we are happy to place these kinds of restrictions on others.

Thank you for listening to my comments. I represent a million or more households who face these same lifetime restrictions. That’s a lot of lost revenue for Disney, and as for me, I’m content to spend my recreational dollars elsewhere at resorts that don’t perpetuate this kind of discrimination.

You said, “while created with good intentions”. I certainly do not believe that. I do not believe either that the Hit Lists were created for good intentions.

Disney is trying to ban People Forced to Register (PFR) for PR and $$$$$. That is their intentions. If they actually cared about public safety as they lie, they’d ban all people with any significant criminal conviction. Yet, nope, they even love people who have gone into schools and shot children with guns. Their PFR ban is not for good intentions and we need to stop giving anyone any benefit of doubt.

These bans are outrageous nonsense too. Even if I knew with 100% certainty that Disney was able to keep every single PFR out of their parks, I wouldn’t change in any way how I would protect my children and grandchildren there. Not in any way. Because I’m not stupid like Registry Supporters/Terrorists are. I don’t rely on big government to “protect” me.

I went on vacation this past February and took 3 of my children and their families. I spent thousands of dollars. They spent more. Surely over $10k altogether. I’m more than happy to not give Disney and other companies/organizations/people like them a single dollar. Not this year, not ever. Even if they rescinded their bans, they have an enemy for life. If I do anything relative to them, it will be to harm them.

True, if you banned Disney for life, you would be perfectly justified. That might make an even better comment for them to read!

I have a young daughter & we live in So. Cal, so skipping Disneyland is no option. Have your wife pay for everything in her name and be a silent partner. We’ve stayed in hotels close to the park & entered the park without issue; never even been stopped or questioned! Go have fun with your family & don’t give it much thought. Never, ever had a problem doing it this way. Don’t let ANY company’s policy keep you from enjoying your life!!!!

We’ve done the same thing, though we stayed at a VRBO since that all worked out to be cheaper than staying on the property and we get military rates on base for daily park tickets. Everything is in her name. Hell I let her drive too, you never know with all those crazy drivers!

I’m looking for answers and hopefully someone can help me.

My time as a RSO is almost done. If I get a passport after my registration expires will I still receive the label on my passport? Will the fact that I’m no longer a RSO make it easier to travel internationalLy? What happens when I travel state to state? My understanding is that I will still be required to register even though I no longer need to register in my home state.
One last question, if I decide to move to another state after my registration ends, will I be forced to register in the new state? Mainly I’d like to move to Colorado, Alaska, or Montana. Is there any state that would not make me register after my registration requirements end in my home state?

@Almost done, since these laws are seemingly in a constant state of flux, answering your questions such that you get any sort of meaningful answer isn’t really possible. One thing is clear If you are required to register ANYWHERE and your offense is against a minor you are subject to the passport stamp. When it comes to other states all are different. You need to understand the law for the state of you will be living (or even visiting) there. And if you move, there is no guarantee their law doesn’t change in the future and when something isn’t punitive you can’t do much about it.

I am so confused now!

I live in Penn and I am Pre-Sorna (conviction Dec 2006).

I have been reading some things that are now troubling me about the Feds and SORNA. Here for example:
I thought the Penn Supreme Court several years ago deemed SORNA unconstitutional both on the state and fed levels.

I am due to come off my 10 year reg requirements in Oct of this year (2020). Am I now interpretting this crap to mean that I may end up back on the registry again even after I come off it in Oct of this year?

My neighbors suck because they know about my background. I was planning on selling my house early next year so I can move to another neighborhood to start over again with new neighbors since I won’t be on the “hit list” anymore.

I am not spending a crazy amount of money to sell my house that is paid in full to move to another house and have a mortgage just to find out soon after I move into my new house I will be right back on the hit list again.

These laws are so dammmm complicated to understand and keep up with. I am terrified to even travel outside of Penn in fear of being arrested. I am 64 yo and medically phsically disabled. I don’t have much money but want to move out of my neighborhood but not going to spend all that money to do so just to end up back in the “same boat” again.

I just don’t know what to do!!

The first paragraph of your link kinda answers your question. States that are not currently SORNA compliant won’t be affected by this unless they decide to do so. In states like Penn where it’s been ruled on the constitutional bases against SORNA are not very likely to comply. Outside of it being a potential state constitutional issue, there’s a cost issue. Most states don’t want the added cost that would come with implementing these guidelines. Needing to register people more often as well as gathering additional information like your internet identifiers, all requires more labor. Is it 100% guaranteed that you won’t be affected in the future? No. But it’s unlikely.

But a potentially more significant issue is you leaving your state. You could be a “free” person where you live, but as soon as you cross a state line, suddenly you fall under federal jurisdiction and might be subject to SORNA, such as needing to register within 3 days of entering the new state. In effect, you’re kinda under house arrest to remain in your home state because of that.

@SR – I have no plans on moving to another state. As far as traveling to another state for vacation I have read conflicting things on this. Even after I am off the Penn registry I will still need to register in other states as I visit them if that is what their law requires. the other side of it is where I am confused. A state’s law may read “if you are required to register in another state” or it may read “if you were convicted of”. So if I am not required to register in Penn anymore then I can visit the state that says “if you are required to register in another state” as I am no longer required to register in Penn then I can visit that state but for a state that reads “if you were convicted of” then I would have to register in that state regardless if I have to register in Penn anymore.

So I have read and have been told on another forum that once I am off the Penn registry I am free to travel to any state and not have to register (not talking about moving to another state) regardless of how the state’s laws are worded.

From the “For What It’s Worth” file, unless there is a dire reason to move to another State, it is best to remain in the environment in which you have “mastered.” In August of 2019 I moved to California from Connecticut; there were a number of reasons that went into this decision, not the least of which was that my wife found a great job and we thought it was a great opportunity to start life anew after my incarceration ended and I had progressed to probation in Connecticut. A very troubling matter was attaining consistent information regarding what I could expect once I moved here. In Connecticut, which has a 10-year, 20-year, lifetime tiered registry, I received a 10-year registry sentence and am slated to come off in 2027 in Connecticut. And, our thought was that the upcoming tiered registry in California would provide a reasonable time-frame. And, I was routinely told that my case would be analyzed individually upon my move to California and that whatever stipulations applied to my conditions would be in direct connection with my actual crime. So, it was rather alarming AFTER I arrived that I was told that wearing a GPS monitor would last for the duration of my probationary period in Connecticut: 2033. Mind you, I was not required to wear a GPS monitor in Connecticut. There are a number of other conditions that were affixed to my existence that have made my (our) life in California rather onerous. And whenever, I question anything, I am met with, “Well you can always return to Connecticut.” And, while technically , that is true, it would require my wife to leave her current job, return to Connecticut and establish employment and a residence while I remained in California. It would be a major hassle. The most glaring issue is the inability to gather concrete information. My probation officer in Connecticut claimed to know nothing of what I could expect in California, and a good number of calls to California prior to arriving provided this response, “Ask your probation officer; he should know the details.” So, my wife and I made a decision to make the move and wrestle with the conditions. The pretzel-logic has been mind-numbing. We are committed to fighting all of this BS. But, it would have been unyieldingly beneficial to have straight-up information from the onset. So, if moving out of your current State is not utterly essential, remain where you are. As the saying goes, “the Devil you know is better than the Devil you don’t know.” Never give up fighting!!

I am also in PA. If you were convicted in 2006 pre SORNA why are you still on the registry? Shouldn’t you have come off last year based on the Munez decision. I have one more year to now thanks to that decision? I am also wondering how they will try to screw me based on these new guidelines from the AG and I hope to hell because the PA Supreme Court found the retroactive application of SORNA unconstitutional I will be done next year!

@Carl – My registration start date was not until Oct 2010 just before I was released from prison. I had spent almost 4 years in prison and then 3 years on parole. So I come of the state reg in Oct of this year.

As far as Munez – during that lapse time many attorneys called me. It would have cost me thousands of dollars to be removed so I felt it was best to just wait it out until Oct 2020. I was 15 Tier 1 prior to Munez and now no tier and 10 year.

I don’t plan on moving out of this state – staying put.

DO you happen to know the rules if your registered in another state but decide to.move to PA?? Do you have to follow the rules of previous state? Were in NV and want out

@Feeling Sad

Sorry, I don’t know what the laws are in Penn if you are moving from NV to Penn for registration. I believe though you would have to follow the registration laws of Penn and not NV if you move to Penn.

I would not even know where to look for the laws for registering in Penn on the Internet. I have found them in the past but never know if they are the most recent. I do not know how to determine that.

Maybe someone can share a link to the registration laws of Penn and explain how we can tell that they are the most recent ones. That would be very helpful. Thank you.

Here is a link:

10/15 years for tier1 sexoffenders 20/25 years for tier2 and life for tier3
i hate to admit it but that’s actually kinda fare giveun the fact that before theses levels California sexofender registration was for life there was no hope there was no light at the end of tunnel at least now people kinda have a little hope of one day being free and able to live or die in peace.
I hope sexofenders living in California haven’t forgotten about the sexofender wich hunt that went down in 2008 and lasted till 2016/2017 every LE organization swept through there local jurisdictions arresting sexofenders for laterally nothing they knew 5 out of 10 sexofenders had no where they could permanently stay especially affter Jessicas Law registry restrictions were placed on almost every city in California it was a eazy hunt and every sexofender LE cought the media was right there wateing to publicly string them up .
Now days in 2020 /2021 iv notice lately that if your no longer on probation or parole and your charge is more then 5 years old most cops could careless most of them treat you like a humanbein who made a mistake in his/her pass and not like a monster I guess harassing sexofenders is getting old and boring.
I bet back in the day cops were happy to be on the sexofender taskforce now days I bet it’s the lamest and boringest taskforce in the whole police department.
So if SORNA wants to come up with there own sexofender tier laws who cares they cant hold us all forever the fact that there even offering a tier law off ramp affter swearing sexofender registration was for life in the name of public Safety shows the government is afraid 3 words

Good luck

The problem is that this SORNA is not a replacement, but an addition. Let’s CA decides to also follow SORNA but not replace the current tiered registry since they’re under no obligation to do so. If you have CP images conviction you’re off SORNA after 10 years. But under CA’s system, you’re still on there for life. Or, you have a 288a. Under CA you’re off after 20 years, but under SORNA you’re still on for life. Pretty much anywhere you’d move you’d be under this dual tier system, since even some states that are straight SORNA will sill tier you on the state side based on your conviction states guidelines.

That’s exactly what these people don’t understand or purposefully don’t see since it wouldn’t apply to them. Is a tier I or II “not as dangerous” as a tier III? Realistically, going by the laws themselves, no. One should be proven to be dangerous to be forced into tier III, not a single conviction alone. Its the same with the useless SVP label.

The label alone sounds like said individual was kidnapping and hiding in bushes attacking multiple victims when said label is usually based on age of victim. Under 13, then you’re a svp but rape a woman or teen and in many places you’re not which makes zero sense. Even of there’s to be a tier III, said people should come off after a certain amount of time or be lowered after 5 or 10 years of crime free conduct.

After all, its asinine to have a guy as a tier III and svp when his crime possibly happened decades ago and he’s been crime free possibly decades he’s been out. The fact you have some peoole in here who agree with such nonsense means they actually believe the registry is effective in some way which we know is false.

California did have one designation if you were on the registry, a lifetime term.

Except, a small group of registrants were able to attempt to get off the registry at the 10-year mark via the Certificate of Rehabilitation, CoR, after like 2003 or something like that.

Before the updated law with PC 290.5, at the beginning of the 2000s, that small group of people were automatically off the registry after they successfully completed probation. Some probation lengths are 3 years and some 5 years, but with the possibility to terminate it early.

With this new tiering, it’s potentially allowed more registrants to get off with the tier 2 and some may qualify for tier 1. Yet those who already had the potentiality to be off the registry via CoR, it doesn’t change.

As for the treatment of registrants, it hasn’t changed. California’s governor passed executive order to do things remotely, but we are still required to go register in-person in some counties.

There was a time that if you were on misdemeanor registry in cali it was only for 5 years but they changed that at the end of the 90’s

Fair? How? It still has people on the registry for life when you conviction possibly happened decades ago with no other infractions since. Theres nothing “fair” about that. One problem with fighting the registry is too many people are only concerned with their plight and not the situation collectively. Don’t forget people get tier III based on age of victim alone, NOT because there were multiple victims. Just because someone is listed as a tier I or II doesn’t mean they’re somehow safer than one under tier III… .

Aftter your 10 year mark is up and they dont take you off the sexofender hit list Sale your house move to Oregon and and live out the rest of ur life in peace your 64 dont waste any more years of you life on the registry

Solo! why is that? Is everyone off the registry in Oregon after 10 years? That sure falls short of SORNA.


No but Oregon only list level 3 SVP’s on there public website even tho Oregon follows SORNA and u still have to register for life your not publicly listed for all your neighbors to see only LE has access to that information

Solo, ok, I didn’t know that, that makes better sense. I could live with that, well, not for life, that of course is insane. i’ll watch how California develops for a while. Newsome seems to be flip-flopping and pandering that who knows what he will do in the long run.

@solo1 – I have no intentions of moving out of Penn at this time even after I am off the Penn Registry. Quite honestly I am scared to move to another state. Too much to find out about possible registration (if needed) and also possible residency restrictions. Reading up on a state’s law to determine if I would have to register is not something I want to get involved in now and not paying a lawyer to do it either. I am content in this state as far as my life goes for now.

Even after I am off the Penn registry I am concerned that even just traveling to another state for a vacation is a problem or could be legally as would i have to register in that state that I travel to or even travel through to get to where I am going. I had thought about selling my house and buying an RV and traveling the country. That’s out also now.

Three cheer’s for Janice and many in all this rumble of the plight of the sex offender, Yes it is time to say in many ways “Let my people go” in this offender plight by these devious servants that strive to prevent in devious ways with this scheme by this internet.

Seems everyone on here has a theory but where is logic or who put a candle under a bed. So what is prevention in this assult of the conscious by this registry scheme. Does one always use hindsight or foresight? or should we say who is getting over in this registry ordeal on another.

The many views on here are great. From many of the women to some of the men on here but I believe Janice has the right view on all this and yet we all need a little help. Should we all say in the old saying… if its not broken don’t fix it or an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure or is the construction of much of this registry all wrong.

Yes Janice’s Journal article of “Let my people go” rings volume in this registry scheme ordeal in many ways or who is to blind to see. Who could of prevented this virus that has came upon many. Who is saying we need a mask to prevent. Who blacks out the sun and causes it to rain or who prevents forest fires.

So is government trying one’s spirit today with each of these offender ordeals in this type of prevention of man over beast or creature in this culture club and I wasn’t a fan of this karma chameleon or is where is the rainman today. Knowledge is the key in this mental appitude test of this registry that is effecting all. As many of you all have said on here does it prevent anything? Does it stress many out today, imprison one and upset the balance of nature or did government predict this contrid-19 or who is putting things in perspective today?

People are being placed in tier3 and labeled a SVP just because of the victims age.
Ok what ages are we referring to here
hope were not taking about victims under 12 years of age because we all know there’s nothing sane about people who commit these type of crimes in fact there insane and can’t control themselves there driven by there sick fantasies and desires and have no regard for human life they lack empathy for others there pure evil in my opinion .
Now when it comes down to this sexofender registration and looking at the bigger picture the only bigger picture I see is geting off the IML by any means necessary so if tier1 and tier2 offenders can go fee in 10-20 years that sounds fair to me I’ll take it.
Just because serten people have done things in there pass and have recieved life time punishment by the state of California don’t give them the right to hate on people for worrying about themselves and what’s gonna happen to them while still living in this situation obviously we’re all in this together we’re just being placed in different categories by the government not because we don’t support each outher the laws are changing every day and people are just more concerned with categories there gonna place in and how it will affect them personally.

Good luck

I think you’re missing the point. Most Americans believe you should be on for life if you looked at any pictures, let alone an actual in person victim. The fact murderers aren’t treated this way in most states should have everyone questioning the registry itself. I’m on the registry, yet I’m married and have children who live with me I raise, and have raised fir the past 12 years (to include stepchildren) yet I’m somehow dangerous!? The only thing the registry has done is cause financial issues at times (being let go from employment a few times once people saw i was on the registry) and not being able to participate in my kids school activities (son plays football but I can’t really give full support since I can’t go to a game). The registry is probably only useful for the first few years out of confinement regardless the crime. After that its nothing more than vindictive punishment.

Registries are never useful. It doesn’t help me at all to know that one neighbor has supposedly committed a sex crime in the past and another neighbor has supposedly not. That does not help in any way. But because a lot of dumb people think it matters, it does hurt those dumb people (e.g. they are distracted from actually protecting themselves). The Registries also destroy empathy and compassion and make a lot of listed people really want to hurt others.

We know the Hit Lists are not really for public safety, protecting children, or the rest of their lies.

“we all know there’s nothing sane about people who commit these type of crimes in fact there insane and can’t control themselves there driven by there sick fantasies and desires and have no regard for human life they lack empathy for others there pure evil in my opinion” Of course you are wholly entitled to your opinion. The opinion of most of the USA probably agrees with you.
The reality is you nor anyone else knows that someone with any particular charge is “driven by sick fantasies, pure evil,” etc. All of our registration laws are based on knee jerk reactions such as you demonstrated above. The reality is that anyone on the registry is perceived as “insane and can’t control themselves there driven by there sick fantasies and desires and have no regard for human life they lack empathy for others there pure evil” by a great % of the USA —- that’s my opinion.
Of the registrants I know that have contact charges/crimes against children <12years old, not all of them fit into your stereotype. There are a lot of registrants who have made mistakes. A lot of them have empathy for their actions. A lot of them are really good and moral people. That is probably a contributing factor in our low recidivism rates.

Janice, can you give your recommendations on how to vote on CA Proposition 25. It sounds pretty confusing! Thank you so much

@North Eastern Penn. I’m right with you on confusion and all this view of this registry in its dispicible way in this pretend type situation or taking pokes or prods of this registry ordeal in this one size fits all. This article I pulled up with should give everyone some guidelines of whats going on today. Yes this article are speaches of three Predients and Trump is one of them.

Yes morals are good and so is understanding. God is not the author of confusion or do people shoot first and ask questions later? I’m sure the younger people on here will enjoy this as much as those that are over 50 today and I’m also sure it has a lot of meaning to Government today. So if one wants to take some time to hear these Presidents than that would be to your advantage on this ordeal we all face today.

@AERO1,. I disagree with your assertion about under 12 for a couple reasons. 1. I think everyone has the potential to be successfully treated to never offend again so while I think what they did is absolutely awful, such a blanket statement is also wrong. I’m not saying that everyone can be treated successfully but many can. 2. If the offender is also a juvenile just a few years older do you still stand by your statement? 3. It’s not under 12 but under 13 for tier 3. 4. The SMART guidelines for SORNA attempt to make offenses against people under 16 a tier 3 offense despite what the us code actually says.

Last night I was talking to a former coworker and she told me about her granddaughter being asked, if you are a Republican I don’t want anything to do with you. I’m not surprised but 11 year olds shouldn’t be political and adults shouldn’t discuss adult issues with them. I swear some kids are more mature than adults. Society full of hate, fueled by hate and continue to hate!! Where’s the registry for hate? Now those stats would be frightening and high.

I’m sure many on here listened to Reagan during his pray breakfeast speech and yes Reagan made more sense out of this logic of religion and morals in this whole ordeal of morals and government understanding. The understanding of this registry is a bit of a computer type loser to all. One doesn’t even have a right to vote today that is under the registry.

While I never signed up to vote there are many on here that are more into government voting and policy’s and trying to even understand this whole registry that shouldn’t even have developed in this internet way of man getting over on another person. Sure their is enought troubles in the real world. Even politics is a dirty game of who wants to be pontous in being fair or who is whitewashing who in this type of protection. One can understand this pandemic somewhat more and believe me the pandemic holds no bias. The creator know’s more than the creature and this virus ordeal is telling America if America will only listens.

Sure one can over think all this registry, the punishments, prison, these leg montorings, probation and parole types of ordeals but its like someone trying to imprison one all in this justice ordeal. And to beat it all we all should become as a little child or should all adults say its all about who wants to be the best in this color of red white and blue justice that has taken a 180 degree turn to overshadow in this type of defenseless underhanded game of cat and mouse in this offender trap by computers today.

Best if luck to you! I to was looking to move out of PA when I am done next year. In researching, I found most states will require me to register there for LIFE even though I would be of the PA registry. Guess I’ll stay put as well. Fortunately, I have not been bothered in the area I live. So again, best of luck to you!

@Carl – Thanks, and best of luck to you also. Yes, if no one is bothering you where you live now I would stay put also. I am only considering moving about 15 miles from here so my new neighbors learn to get to know me as a “person” and not as a “monster”. I don’t want to move too far away as I have a great part time office job. Boss and his wife know all about me and don’t give a crap. They are very fine people!!

I want to find a place further out in the “sticks”. Want to be able to sit out in my backyard and not have my neighbors staring at me every time I step foot out my back/front door. I only have one good neighbor. He just bought the house across the street from me. He’s 25 yo. He told me the neighbors already started on him about me and he told them to piss off. He told me he judges people by who they are not what the neighbors say.

I had some guy shovel my driveway two years ago. One neighbor called the cops on me because of this. Three cop cars came up the road to my house. I had just dropped this guy (he looks young from a distance) off at home a few minutes prior (he lived 6 blocks away). One cop told me I would be arrested because I am not allowed around minors (that’s what the neighbor said when he called the cops). I told the cop – no such law or court order. Long story short the guy was interviewed by another cop while these cops stood with me. He verified he was 21 yo with ID. These cops were embarrassed to say the least but more so the one seasoned cop who told me right out “I don’t even know what the laws are with SOs being around minors”. I told him politely to research it so he does not embarrass himself again. He agreed. All four cops apologized to me and left with their heads down. I never did find out which neighbor called but I have a good idea who it was.

Damn, people are dumb. If I had “neighbors” like that I wouldn’t bother myself with any concern about them. I was going to say that I’d treat them like the wild animals that roam around my home every day, but no, I wouldn’t treat them that well. The animals are beautiful and welcome. So I’d treat those “neighbors” a lot worse than that. Mostly just like they didn’t exist. If their home ever caught on fire, I wouldn’t lift a finger. Well, I guess if I needed to, I’d get my hose out to water down my grass and trees to ensure that their problem didn’t impact me.

Everyone has their own path to take, but you did a lot more than I would have. I would have politely told law enforcement to get off of my property and get lost. That would’ve been it. I’m not going to play their Hit List games or placate anyone.

And what’s with this “21 yo” stuff anyway? I wouldn’t care. I have children at my home all the time. Mostly because I live a normal life. But if I didn’t just normally have children around, I’d have to find some to invite over. The Hit Lists deserve at least that. Personally, I think nearly all People Forced to Register have a moral obligation to be around children, known and otherwise.

None of us should feed or nurture the Hit List stupidity.

From computer thinking To Dr.Goldfoot and the love bomb dolls to David’s rants of all his qurk’s and witch hunts which many have said or the answers or to ones babblings is better than another , or maybe to Will Alans take on a stand your ground position, so who crys’ rape by a computer. Haven’t many been raped in so many ways via this computer inducement with its intent or you thought you were coming down here to meet up with a teenage girl. Even a grown women can yell rape and guess who they will believe first. In a way who’s protecting who or preventing who in this assuming aspect that they won’t catch this virus. Also remember it came from a bat as one person assumed about this virus or is this registry some venus fly trap to prevent.

Actually you all figured it all out or someone figured it out in this thought control or this intent type chat monologue but who had the graven images on their computer that were sexual in nature or who’s playimg with love bombs or child dolls in this type of unjust registry. Now who’s branded with this plague. One can understand a force of nature better than this computer jazz.

Should one blame it on oneself, government pinching a persons hormones a bit too much or inducing the attraction of some picture of a random teenager. Remember government is still pretending in this authority inducement to the receiver in this childs play by this computer, or is it ones ego to overcome another with a chuckie doll.

Isn’t this virus telling someone something today? How about this presidency campaign. All one has to do is open their eyes and take a stand. Is much of this sex registry still a mystery of inducements or would one actually put a teenage girl in danger. I’m sure perry mason could solve this puzzle big time and yes this would make a good Alfred Hichcock suspense thriller or a who done it.

Finally got my passport revocation letter today. I have a few questions for those who have been through this.

I have an appointment at the local post office to submit an application for my new passport.

1) On the form for the new passport they ask about the status of my previous passport. No check box for the actual situation. What did you do with this? Check lost? Fill in something else?

2) Did you send your revoked passport back to them according to the letter? Did you submit it with your application?

3) Did you include a copy of the revocation letter with your application?

4) Anything else I need to know to make this work so I can get a new passport?

Thanks for your help. Not asking for opinions on what happened, just how to move forward and get a new passport as soon as possible. I already have a work visa overseas and they know about my history. Not worried about the marking in the new passport, just in actually getting it.

Wow. How and where did you get a work visa??!! Can you share? Being in WI, won’t WI keep forcing you to register there no matter where you move? That’s one of the extra special parts of Wisconsin, right??

Where the visa is from and the process itself would be a whole other thread. Just know that with certain conditions (and a good attorney in the other country) it is possible.

Yes, Wisconsin will want me to continue registering. And I will, but it’s pretty easy to work with them once you build a working relationship with your registry specialist. Then it stops being a confrontational thing and becomes more of a working together to tick off the boxes thing. Once I earn a permanent status elsewhere, I will no longer be under Wisconsin jurisdiction, but that’s many years off.

@ worried in Wi.
You have to appear in person.
I believe you need form DS 11
You have to explain when you’re there that it is revoked.
I don’t remember how they had me fill in the status line. You can fill it in there.
Bring 2 forms of ID (SS card/Drivers license)
They will send back the revoked passport. (since it is revoked it cannot be used as an alternate ID)
Don’t forget your current pic.
I brought my revocation letter along – don’t remember if they even read it.
When I went in 2 and 1/2 years ago. The post office guy had never heard of IML
It was a learning experience for him too.

@Worried in Wisconsin

When I received my letter, I sent back my passport and my passport card as the letter instructed. When I applied for my new passport, I wrote in a checkbox on my form, labeled it “Revoked”, and checked it. The clerk looked at it and said “What happened to your previous passport?” and I said “It was revoked.” She looked a bit surprised and said “So, are you allowed to have one now?” and I said “Yes.” I don’t know what she ended up entering on her computer.

I paid for expediting, and had my new “specially marked” passport in less than a week.

They never sent my old passport back. It had several VISAs in it, but fortunately I didn’t have a need to go to any of those countries again right away.

Yeah, they never returned my revoked passport to me either.

@Worried in Wisconsin
When I had to surrender my recently issued passport without the identifier and apply for one, I called the number that was on the letter from the State Department as I wanted some clarification like the questions you are asking. The woman I talked to couldn’t answer them so she took my contact information and said someone from the facility that processed and printed my revoked passport would contact me.

A gentleman from the facility called me and I asked him my questions.
1) I asked him which form to use, he stated use Form DS-11
2) Yes I sent back my revoked passport. They returned it to me with 2 holes punched through the cover and first page. No I didn’t submit it with my new application, I sent it separately to the State Department.
3) I sent a letter with my application stating that I was required by law to have the identifier on my passport. I asked if I could put it in an envelope for privacy reasons and he said yes. I sealed the envelope and wrote “For State Department Only” on it. The postal worker took it and didn’t look inside….at least while I was there.

I received my new passport with the endorsement on page 51 (large book).

On a side note, I applied and was approved for TSA Pre screen…..I don’t like standing in long lines and I actually just wanted to see if I could get it.

Helpful answers – thanks.

How long till the revoked one is returned?

Getting it back will be helpful, as it means I’ll still have the physical visa and entry permit. It would be really hard getting past immigration on the other side without them.

Did it take longer than normal to receive the new passport?

When I talked to the processing facility, the guy said that they were in the slow part of the year so it was processed a little quicker than usual. It was between 4-6 weeks.

I submitted my application on 2 February 2020 and the return post mark on the old one is 20 March 2020.

I have a question about your visa and work permit. Do they both have your passport number on them?
My revoked passport and the one with the endorsement have different passport numbers. It’s altogether a different passport, not the old one with the same number and the endorsement added.
That’s how it was for me, maybe someone else can tell how it was for them.

My visa and entry permit are actually full-page stickers in my passport, and they cannot be removed. Having the old/canceled passport with me, along with my new passport, as I get processed on the other end will make things much easier. With the old passport in hand, even though it has a different number on it, will make it possible for them to look up my file in their system and process things. People get new passports all the time, and in most countries they are used to having people bring old passports which contain their permits & visas.

@Facts should matter I liked that view course I wasn’t much interested in political views in or the show Queen for a day.high school or college was a bit much but I did take an interest in spanish and the conquests of the spanish and yes in many ways this registry is a quest or who is it safeguarding in many ways. So you have sex, politics, and religion all wrapped up into one with this registry drudgery plodding of another in this suffering type of ordeal.

When governments ask one to do something that is in direct disobediece to Gods word, we are to disobey the government in faithful confidence. One wonders who is killing or assinating who in this sort of Huey Long short story in many ways. of this competency test via this computer type derangement control. American people should stand and outlaw much of this type of registry ordeal. A simple fine would make more aware of their behavior than imprisonment, fingerprinting and classes, monitors and other devious methods.

Is mankind getting out of hand or who is protecting who in this mask type ordeal. Its funny to see many American’s wearing a mask when thats an option for each individual to decide or chose. Guess using one’s understanding comes in handy at times. Yes from all the comments on here much of this computer ordeal needs to go as its not biblical and only promotes hardships and sufferings in the long run. The bible gives people so many chances to straighten up but this registry is like a den of vipers invading one’s mind in this unethical and unparallel way.

I asked the detective before I went to court if he was Christian and he said yes so here are six bad habits Christians should drop or break…. Being Judgemental, Predicting the Future, Over complicating the love of Jesus, Posting garbage on Social Media, being Hypocritical, being closed-minded.

Its as if authorities don’t have the wisdom to understand their own behavior in this emotional and irrational type of encounter that seduces another in various ways. One may even say is this registry a political agenda in this worst degree type of format. All of this internet inducement is a coy by authorities and protects no one and prevents nothing. Are authorities going against the grain?

I just check for my Poll location for the up coming election and I see it has been moved to a school. Can anyone advise how I should handle this? Do I need to contact the school principle? And before anyone says I could always vote by mail, I do not trust the mail process established for the mail in votes.

Depends on your state – some have exceptions for polling places and some don’t. You should be able to look up the statute online.

I don’t trust the mail in process either.
As far as going on school property to vote, I would contact your law enforcement registration agency and see what they say.

Your right to vote, if your state allows you to vote, exceeds their ability to ban you from a school campus to vote. If needed, get a lawyer pro bono and seek an injunction to allow you to vote in person. Force the issue for consideration. Many people wore the uniform so you can vote. I know this.

If your in California you can take the mail in ballot and deliver it to another poll place in your county or you can take it to the office of your county elections official.

In Los Angeles, you confined official voter Ballot Drop Boxes using this link:

I have frequently had to contact school principals in order to get authorization to attend official community meetings. I usually do so via email. Send your request as early as possible because you will probably need to follow up a couple times just to get a response. Also, if you have any concerns, I recommend you print out the email conversation so if anybody asks you about it, you can show them that you have received written permission from the school principal to be on the property in order to vote.
Most public schools and a list of their administrative staff can be found easily on the internet. That staff list will typically also provide you with contact information (such as an email address) for the school principal.
Start early! Good luck.

A potential nugget from CCAP for the removal hearing if the DA challenges. True, this is punishment and sentencing but it has a history and could be a framework.

Case Name: People v. Crockett , District: 3 DCA , Case #: C074342
Opinion Date: 2/19/2015 , DAR #: 1944
Case Holding:
In deciding Three Strikes Reform Act (Prop. 36) resentencing petition, defendant’s history of recidivism is an insufficient basis to deny relief unless defendant’s priors give rise to a valid concern about public safety that is presently relevant to support a finding of unreasonable risk of danger. In 2009 Crockett was sentenced to a life three strikes term after suffering convictions for corporal injury to a spouse, false imprisonment, and assault by means of force likely to inflict great bodily injury. After Proposition 36 passed in 2012, he filed a petition seeking to reduce his sentence. The trial court found Crockett’s release posed an unreasonable risk of danger to public safety. Crockett appealed. Held: Affirmed. In a Proposition 36 resentencing hearing, the prosecution bears the burden of proving that a defendant eligible for resentencing presents an unreasonable risk of danger to public safety. A trial court’s ruling is reviewed for abuse of discretion. A history of prior convictions and violations of itself is insufficient to support a court’s unreasonable risk of danger finding, because the voters created a procedure whereby a defendant may seek mitigation of his punishment notwithstanding his criminal history. A defendant’s priors “that give rise to a valid concern about a danger to public safety,” combined “with evidence that this concern is presently relevant” provide a proper basis for the trial court to deny relief. There was no abuse of discretion here.

I am relaying an experience from another registrant. We speak often enough to feel comfortable with sharing. I asked him if I could in fact share his recent experience and he said ‘yes’, so here it goes.

The man was referred to a reduction lawyer by his therapist and was told that this Attorney is great at getting reductions and has only had 1 client that he couldn’t get a reduction for out of the hundreds he has represented.
So my friend calls him , gives the obligatory deposit, along with his Rap sheet, and waits.
He gets an email with the Attorney’s case assessment and fees. At this point everything goes into the crapper.
The email consisted of basically a form letter with my friend’s name injected into “ your name here” spots.
The attorney stated how hard it would be to get a reduction when a judge has adjudicated the offense as a felony. Excuse me, but isn’t that what we are here for? BTW, his case is defined as a wobbler, so there’s that as well.
Then he says it makes it harder when my friend has had a probation violation. WAIT A F***ing MINUTE! He had a 3 yr probation period and not one missed Probation appointment ( I accompanied him to 3 of them) , not one missed registration appointment, and not even one minor infraction. It would have shown up on the RAP sheet. What the hell is this guy talking about.
On top of that , the lawyer is charging him literally double for a reduction over what his advertised fee is for a reduction AND expungement. ( my friend is not eligible for an expungement).
I told him to drop this guy as fast as he could and research another attorney. Meanwhile his therapist is angry because ,” she referred him and it makes her look bad”. Well 🖕🏽You lady! Sounds to me like a complete scam. Wouldn’t be surprised if she was getting a “referral gift” for sending clients his way.
He has since contacted his original representation and they have agreed to charge him much less ( even cheaper than the other’s advertised fee) as a returning client. He said that they agreed that something wasn’t right, but wouldn’t go so far as to say what.
Anyway, that is the latest horror story involving our respected law profession. I am reminded of the joke,” What do you call 500 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean……..A GOOD START!”


We spoke this morning over a 6ft coffee. The Attorney sent an email saying,” Sorry, confused your case with another”. What a putz!
Then I guess he tried to justify the additional fee he was quoting by saying,” It’s a sex offense” . So what! So he can gouge another $2000 on top of advertised fee because of that? It seems we are just people to be taken advantage of once we are in this pit. If you want out of the pit, then you better shell out the bucks!
Anyway, my friend told him thx, but he would be retaining another firm. This guy is so nice. Even with all of this he maintains composure. I would have told him to 🖕🏽.

The Hit Lists make a lot of people more dangerous with every passing second of every day. That is the trade-off so some people can lie that children are being protected and they can get paid. They are immoral.

Registered today….Sherrif said no one in the department has been trained to deal with the Tiered System and Covid will most likely keep us from getting into court for the foreseeable future.

Operation Boo! now thats a night the lights went out in Georgia sterotype comparison. So what do many people do on Halloween. I even sent some pictures to Janice a week or so ago of me doing a D.A.R.E. program to kids about staying off of drugs. Seems much of this sex registry issue is one big blob of Boo in many ways.

Today I had to call (monthly check in) to be in conpliance. Actually it wasn’t my day to call in as I got a bit confused from last month when I didn’t know if the officer said the 6th or the 9th. Left a message he calls back and says its the 13th. Confusing, well this whole registry is confusing and I will agree with everyone on here that its time to nip a lot of this registry in the back as it is a vain type of justice of leading the wittness when they (law enforcement) are doing this con game and they are using their sword unjustly. Using the coy of if it protects one child. So what is this pandermic doing. That should be a tell all in much of this.

We all can go with preaching about the wrongs of the registry or the rights of the registry but its the principal and the justice that is behind this demise of man in this type of callous under minded protection/prevention scavenger hunt.

@Worried in Wisconsin
Thanks for the information. I didn’t know how they worked.

If this article does prove politicians use the registry to punish those they don’t like

What is this Boo type registry? I used a word on here of free agent. Sure we all are a free agent’s or do we all think alike. Should we just let science figure out the big bang theory or some thorn in the flesh or do computers control others via digital machine mechanic’s. What is faith than? When a man comes home from work that his wife will have dinner on the table or that she gets the kids to bed on time or who is watching Phil Donahoe reruns today.

This whole registry is like a bad moon rising of the mind to take over another person’s free agent will. Sure nothing wrong with prevention if done in the right manner. Even granny Clampet was against city slicker bankers. Sure everyone on this registry should be upset in many ways. Its time to contest much of all of this registry law.

Fighting for Justice is the most important thing anyone can do for their fellow man. Is this all a kingfish Ano’s and Andy get rich quick scheme or does it actually prevent. One wonders if government are on a 24 hour darvon pill and on the take in everything to protect their good name. And yes the bible does says all lie.

Why do people that have to be FTR,not off them selves.evenmore? Fleetwood Mac would be my 1st band I loved,I’m 51.I also loved Likin Park,Sound Garden,an Anthony Bourdain! They have the coin an everything we need to fix our mess, but they took the selfish easy way out! I’m not going out that way! I’m Irish an will fight, scrape,pull hair! An bite!Just so our plight is won! Don’t do it! Think of our kids I have 3 an pay child support on 1 still, plus have 2 grand kids..yeah I’m human!! I guess I like the hard life!!

I did some more investigating on the passport front today…

First, there is now a note on the passport web site saying that people requiring the ‘unique identifier’ on their passports can send in their valid passports, along with a letter stating that they fall under IML, and get a new passport that way. Seems like they are saying to renew early and get the proper marking.

That option was not posted when I renewed my passport early two years ago hoping to get a compliant passport and be done with this, as they just sent me another unmarked one. Seems like it’s a valid option up until your passport is revoked and made non-valid.

Today I spoke with a number of people about this at the passport office. Finally got to someone high enough to know what’s going on. He had me read him some coded numbers on my current passport to find out which specific office issued it without the marking, and then said that someone from that office would call me to provide further instructions. Sounded like there might be options other than the ones in the letter, and possibly I can just renew the current one without having to do this all over from scratch. Might save me a buck or two.

So, when I get the final answer from them I’ll post back. In the meanwhile, anyone wanting to take care of this now who has a valid passport can look up on the FAQs by searching for “sex offender”.

@Worried in Wisconsin

Wow, that is the first positive thing I have seen in this whole fiasco! Would certainly save a lot of hassle if they would just handle it by mail.

What would make even more sense is if they would just stamp your current passport and send it back to you. That way you wouldn’t lose all your visas and other stamps.

I suppose you would still have to include the fee for a new passport even in this possibly improved scenario.

@David. How would one judge conduct or behavior/ or should we also judge anothers conduct. How would you judge a persons conduct since you are on the registry. Which is more valid. We can all talk about this registry as being a bit unjust but what is just. Should we all go back to Job and see who allowed Satan to do these things to poor old job or are authorities just as guilty in many of these encounters

Now Janice is presenting a forum for us to rationalize or to make common sense out of much of this registry. Should we all call a witch doctor as David said to the alvin and the chipmunks or where is reasoning today in true justice in a court of law. Sure we welcome all views isn’t that what reasoning is all about.

Yeah, they never returned my revoked passport to me either. (I have to say, this shiz gets really annoying, endless jumping-through-hops …… endlessly trying to understand all the f”ed up rules and regulations that even the LEOs and government bureaucrats themselves don’t know or understand. These jack-hole politicians just keep making more and more restrictions, each year, whether their new rules make any sense or not. It’s tiring and disheartening. Seriously, when does this shiz end?? Just trying to o keep up with all this shiz IS PUNISHMENT!! 😒)

You are certainly right about that!✔

Wow our country has gone off the rails. Where was the outrage of young girls dressing up for beauty pageants in the 1990’s? What about TLC’s show I Am Jazz and the journey of being a transgender teen? What about the young models in your Sunday paper? What about the tv shows that are sexual in nature?

This is how law enforcement thinks of us even after 34 years:
Watch the video please.

How cheap is cheap or who’s king? while we all make mistakes, is it kind of living or king of living one’s lifestyle. Sure Brandon’s got a point with this sex thing as any newspaper reporters would tell you “sex sells”. When I first got involved in all this I knew a little something about Janices group and what her and chance and her little team at the time were striving to accomplish, I even read some of the many comments and viewpoints from Janices’ area from you all.

Sure we can talk about women blunders, men blunders, government blunders, but who is blundering with truth or true understanding or the wisdom or lack of wisdom. Are 80% of these registry ordeals vain compensation for government to hold one in this nightmarish type of enslavement?

Is that child damage to your health that was enticing one via a computer when you didn’t even know if it was a real time situation or a close encounter. Were you the pawn or bounty for the bounty hunter during these ordeals that are so vain that one would have to understand the law of physic’s backwards or does one just jump to Revelations and skip the parts of In the beginning.

Is Divine providence some lost in space odyssey or doctrines and principal usage. Is the harlot in many of these ordeals the helper or the jezzabelle queen to ensnare like Deliaha did to Sampson. If forgiveness is not bless than what is? I am sure Janice know’s government needs correcting in many ways with this sex ordeal that is enslaving many.

Kind of surprised that I can’t find anything about the just ended ACSOL Conference here on the website. Didn’t anyone else watch it?

I thought most of the sessions and speakers were very good, but it just can’t compare with the in-person conference and that great Chinese dinner!

I hope the next one is in-person, with maybe added on Zoom screens and cameras for those unable to travel to LA.

@Mike G
I REALLY missed the in person conference format as well. Yes and also that wonderful Chinese dinner. I too hope that by this time next year, we will all be able to be in the same room together again! I’m sure that within the next few days, there will be posts/comments from some folks (maybe even Janice) on how the whole thing went.

Did ASCOL file a comment on the Proposed DOJ rule?

Yes , Utah, ACSOL did. This article was posted to the website on Oct. 13, 2020:

@ David…Thank you, David, for the link to the ACSOL comments of SORNA proposed changes. I have downloaded the PDF, and what I have read so far, what ACSOL has done for us (TFR) is great. It reads like a legal brief submitted in a court case. 🙂 I pray that the submitted document, along with all the comments, will induce the DOJ to rethink and change the wording of their proposed changes. I like it…”no compelling federal interest in State law enforcement issues.” (Forgive my paraphrasing.) Peace be with you all.

General question to the legal savvy posters here:
I committed a “violation of special conditions” back in 2008. The condition had nothing to do with my initial sex crime. Can/should I fight it?

There are a handful of federal and state supreme court cases out there that hold that blanket parole/probation conditions are unconstitutional and an abuse of judicial discretion. Ditto for those made up by probation officers, in that the court may not delegate its authority to impose conditions. Don’t think the last part applies to parole, in that being on parole is under DOC supervision.

I personally would fight it, but anticipate losing locally. Given the above, you may have a pretty good chance of prevailing on appeal, but that’s not very comforting if you end up being revoked or sent to a PDC for a while. While I might be willing to fall on that sword if need be, I can’t blame those that aren’t. Good luck.

Thank you Dustin. I am looking into court cases now.

@ Janice

I just received a scheduled polygraph for this November. I’m currently on supervised release. Do conducting polys during this Pandemic violate anything in Los Angeles, CA?

They can order them and you have to do them in this pandemic. San Diego probation hasn’t stopped them in this time.

I live in L.A. and am on the Registry. My polygraph exam this past July occurred right on schedule. SO classes have been operating remotely since March, but polygraph exams kicked back into gear in July.

LAPD doing “compliance checks” now.

Think people will continue to help them and play the game? Continue to help make the Hit Lists look legitimate?

Way back well over a decade ago when the law enforcement criminals (LECs) were just starting to get high off the power from the Hit Lists, when the criminal legislators really were starting to expand the harassment and attacks (e.g. trying to force people out of homes that they own), the LECs would come around my home whenever they felt like it. Often they would drive into my driveway as if they were welcome!

Back then, I wanted them to come around a lot and never see me. I wanted them to waste resources and be frustrated. So I’d let them come around 10 times and never see me. They would call on the phone and cry about it. “Do you actually live there? Why are you never there?” All I could say is, “Oh well.”

But, it was annoying still. And I got tired of ignoring their calls and listening to voice mails. Further, their visits and “work” were even more annoying because they are wasting resources. It is not just the limited resources that could be used for something actually useful (e.g. preventing crime). But it is wasteful against the environment. It is the same thing as taking plastic boxes and throwing them in the ocean. It is also wasteful against our country. It is useless “work” while our competitors are doing useful, high value, society-improving work. We do things like this while other countries educate themselves and kick our asses.

Also, all the numerous trips and extra “work” help them “justify” their overtime pay. It is truly something that these LECs can’t run their agencies without using overtime pay all the time. Could they be any worse at planning? It is intentional, of course. Some are worse than others. BTW, “overtime pay” is a great way to attack these agencies while working to de-fund them. They are always wasteful.

Today, my local LECs know they need to call me if they want to swing by my property to see me. Otherwise, they just never see me. So they will call and I’ll meet them at the road at a certain time. But I don’t talk to them other than just saying hello and asking them how they are. And I certainly don’t sign extra paperwork. Should I be doing that even?

People need to see that the people who are listed on the Hit Lists do not accept them as legitimate or legal. People need to understand that the Hit Lists are useless but have bad consequences for society.

Compliance check as in bang on your door, scare the crap out of your family, detain you in the cold morning? Hoping it wouldn’t happen this year.

Today, October 16, 2020, I had to appear in court for my certificate of rehabilitation hearing. The judge granted it. I am finally relieved of my duty to register. My nightmare is finally over. Thank you Chance, for your hard work, support and guidance through this process.

I’ve read some comments over the years about what would happen once someone is off the registry. Would they just move on and forget about everyone else? I’m here to say, no. Not for me. I will continue to read what ACSOL posts. I will continue to respond to calls to action such as calling/writing to Sacramento. I will also be making donations.

God bless you Janice and Chance and thank you for everything you do for our community.

Congrats!!!!!!! How long were you on the registry?

Thank you! I was on the (non-public) registry for 10 years. I know I had it easier than most RCs in that I don’t appear on the public list, but nonetheless, I still had to register every year, sometimes more if I moved. It affected me mentally/emotionally.

Congratulations, NPS! I’m happy for you. Live your life to the fullest.


I agree. When I came off the registry, it was surreal. I tried to step away, but kept coming back. I also felt rather paranoid. I still check the registry to this day to see if I am listed, or listed as non-compliant.

I had a feeling it was just a matter of time until the boot was back on my neck. 4 years later I am starting down the barrel of the new SORNA Rule (military) which could place me back on until 2031 at the least.

Regardless, I’ve still been around even though it messes with my mental health to just not walk away. 4 more years till my kids graduate, and hopefully ill be off to Europe.

Congrats NPS and look fwd to your continued input here in the forum.

Congrats, NPS!

I’m happy for you!

Also, I admire you. I missed the cutoff for the CoR by days due to the new law starting in Jan 2021. Yet, I’m finding it more difficult to get up in mornings or find myself just crying. I hate it. I’m just in a funk, I suppose. I just keep telling myself to stop focusing on the morrow because today is already difficult enough. Although I’ve conditioned myself to look on ACSOL website, I dunno if I would return often. I don’t think I’d be strong enough. That’s why I admire you. Life hasn’t stopped you despite the registry.

Again, congrats! And I’m so very happy for you and your continuance to support ACSOL. I know you’ve got a or are getting a degree in law. You might be part of ACSOL in the future to right the wrongs of this government implementation of involuntary servitude disguised as a statutory scheme for public safety, especially since it could also violate the right to privacy under California Constitution.

New Person,

Correct me if I’m wrong, but you do have a 17b and 1203.4, don’t you? Even if the CoR is not going to remove you from the registry in 2021, I still think it’s worthwhile to pursue it so that you could be eligible for state licensing. It could also be used as additional evidence when petitioning to get off the registry, or perhaps, petition off the registry first and use it to get the CoR (seems like a chicken/egg process).

This is just my experience with the CoR hearing, and definitely not indicative of what to expect. I was stunned that there wasn’t much of a fight from the D.A. or judge. The whole process took less than 5 minutes. The D.A. stated that although I had met all the requirements for a CoR, he didn’t find me “suitable” due to my 290 status. That’s when Chance went through each item of the exhibits to state my case. The judge then asked the D.A. if he acknowledged that I qualify but just not suitable. D.A. confirmed. Then the judge stated he found me suitable and granted the CoR. At that moment, I looked up and thought, “that’s it?”

NPS, what did you have to do to prep for you COR? Was it just filling out the forms and showing up, or did you have to jump through hoops with tests and such?


Thank you for the words of encouragement and for sharing your experience on the CoR process. The CoR process eerily reminded me of how I earned my 17B, which occurred several years after I earned the 1203.4 because probation cited they needed more time to evaluate me before granting the 17B.

The process was kinda similar to yours, but with far more fight from both the DA and judge with the whole “not suitable” due to 290. Yet, the judge relented because of two items: 1) Probation recommended I receive 17B and 2) earning the 17B doesn’t relieve me of 290. I was granted 17B because I qualified for it, but I didn’t feel like I won because the judge and DA hammered me hard on 290. We shared the same lawyer too. Thank goodness too! Without his quick thinking and cordial demeanor, my case wouldn’t have proceeded.

Like I said previously, I’m just in a funk and lost motivation. If the minimum threshold is qualifying for the CoR, then that’s good because at least there is a chance. Of course, each case is different, but at least the threshold does have a significant bite for consideration. Besides state licensing, what other benefits are there on earning the CoR? A specific benefit I’m inquiring about is does it improve security clearances? I’m learning a lot about computer stuff and most computer jobs around me work with the military. (Just curious about that because I’m wondering what other benefits does the CoR have.) That’s part of the reason why I’m in a funk is the occupational rejections stemming from 290. I had a checkpoint shutdown for half an hour and it was obvious I was the reason why the checkpoint after half an hour… so embarrassing.

I think it’s dependent on your specific case and the material you already have. I did not have to do any tests. I provided the following: Court orders granting early termination of probation, 17b and 1203.4 expungement; letter from probation supporting the 17b and 1203.4 (they wrote that I had less than 1% chance of reoffense); letter from the original therapist at Sharper Future; character reference letters.

I did show up to the court hearing, but Chance did all the speaking. I only said four words, “Thank you, Your Honor.”

Congratulations, NPS!

Even though you are off the registry your mind will never be free. I have been off the registry in New York since 2016 and it still haunts me. I dont have friends for fear they will find out. I dont have a lady for afraid she will find out or if she has kids I dont need threats if she is pissed at me. I avoid all places with kids for fear someone might accuse me of something. All it takes is one accusation. I’m a loner and will die alone. You will find this out for yourself. I haven’t seen or talked to my wife or children in 6 years. I dont even know where they are. Somewhere in the Philippines or Asia. All the registry did was inject extreme hate into me as I dont laugh or smile anymore And now these new SORNA rules worry me to where I keep thinking will be back on the registry . I wish you luck my friend

@Robert, you’re just projecting. My life is not yours. I guarantee our experiences are not the same and approach to the future is completely different. All of my family and friends (both old and new) know about my past. I have a strong support network and without them, I may not have lived these last 10 years as a registrant with the strength and hope I have today. In these 10 years on the registry, I earned my MA degree, I bought a house, I have gainful employment. I am also very much involved in several social circles. I refuse to live my life with anger in my heart. Rather, I would help others who are going through or have gone through what I went through.

I know my situation is more the exception than the rule. I was never publicly listed. I’d never been harassed by law enforcement, I never had a home visit (not even while I was on probation) or a “compliance check”. I count my blessings for that. I’m also a woman, and our lives on the registry come with a different set of issues.

I feel my purpose at this point is to provide encouragement and a semblance of hope especially for other women who are on the registry.

@ NPS: WOW!!! Congratulations on your restored freedom, NPS!! That’s truly awesome! Please fully enjoy every minute of it!! 👍😁👏🤗🥳

When will the new federal guidelines go into effect, and are we to be notified?

@ Dram: There’s no answer on that yet. The deadline for public comments on USDOJ’s proposed new SORNA rules was Oct. 13th. Now we wait for their review and response to those public comments. DOJ could review then publish revised proposed SORNA rules, again seeking more public comment. Or DOJ could simply choose to disregard the public comments and publish their proposed rules as “final”. For now, we just have to wait and see how the USDOJ decides to proceed.

Thanks David, can almost imagine they would enact it and then start rounding people up who hadn’t complied and sit them in jail til the courts got around to determine whether you had any affirmative defense.

This is interesting “The Right to Reputation” looking forward to how that plays out. It brought up the question of, if a state has ruled something is against their constitution and the federal guidelines are contrary to that how does that effect registration requirements?

@dram, I’m not sure we even know. If PA is still willing to register people who would not have to register under sate law because of this ruling it may be that the ruling has little effect assuming the new fed guidelines take effect as written. One would hope the State would refuse to register people who would no longer require registration but the state but might by the Feds. This also would likely result in a lawsuit challenging the fed rules. We’ll have to see where the new rules actually end up.

Big time 1 amendment violation (H . Res . 1154 ) just in case this may have slipped by some .

Not sure how you figure it’s a violation of anything….

First, it’s a resolution and not a new law. Just an official way of the House stating something for the record.

Second, the group the resolution is speaking against in pretty far out there, thinking there is some secret group of people out there involved in a cannibalistic pedophile ring. Seems like falsely accusing people of being in a cannibalistic pedophile ring is something not to be encouraged.

Third, it doesn’t stop anyone from saying anything or expressing any opinion.

Lastly, the 1st amendment’s protections are not absolute and don’t protect all speech. For example, slander is not protected and nor is falsely claiming people are involved in things like a pedophile ring.

well it said nothing about any of the things your talking about , lol dang , but it is talking about the mind set of some gov’t folks , just something i ran across with a lot of 1st amendment violations for those able to think outside the poplar think tank , you know the ones , sorry to bother you

Passport saga update…

After two weeks, I finally got the return phone call from the passport center. I was told that I could turn in my passport by returning it with my new application. This way I could just check the box stating such on the application. The passport center will then take care of returning the passport to the proper agency when they get it.

About returning my passport to me…

The general rule is that revoked passports are not returned. But, if there are ‘live’ visa or other documents in the passport (like my work visa and entry permit) they are permitted to send notice to the revoking agency and then to punch holes and return the revoked passport. My visa and entry permit have about 5 weeks remaining on them, so hopefully they’ll still be ‘live’ when my new passport is processed and I get them back.

Why did I get a regular passport when I renewed, trying to get a marked one? Apparently the passport center does not know that a person is required to have the marking until a current passport is revoked OR until the Angel Watch office notifies them. Looks like they’re still working on getting all the names in the system.

It is possible to send you passport in early for renewal to get a marked passport, but you have to include a letter requesting it, making it clear that you need an IML compliant passport.

Why am I paying again?

No choice – since my case had not yet been processed they sent me a regular one. Now I get to pay again and there doesn’t appear to be anything to do about it on their side. Perhaps going to court, but it’s not really worth it for $110.

That’s it for now. I’ll report back again when I either get my new, marked, passport or hear from them with problems. Hope this helps someone else.

Again, I must ask of you downtroddern travelers, what do you actually get out of it? How do you set aside the mental torment so you can even enjoy yourself? What is the point of creating memories from visiting scenicl vistas and beautiful locales when they’re ultimately going to be tainted from lack of peace of mind? Hmm.. okay, lets say by chance that you do have a limited good time while on “vacay,” but all of it would be ruined and molested upon entry back into the States from TSA making a spectacle out of you.

Traveling with a sEx oFfEnDer” marking is like seeking out a relationship and/or marrying someone just because you don’t want to feel lonely.

@ Facts Should Matter: Completely the opposite! For me, travel is an opportunity to live a truly free and full life! I visit Europe every year (save COVID 2020) and it has become a beloved second home for me. When I’m there, I can go where I wish, no sense of restriction or fear of potential arrest for visiting a public park, beach, etc.
Furthermore, my interactions with European police have not been unpleasant. The European police I have encountered have been respectful and exhibited a neutral, nonplussed attitude – not the hostile, disdainful attitude one often encounters with American law enforcement (and no asinine “good cop, bad cop” games.) The knowledge that Europe has a much lower incarceration rate is also pleasantly comforting.
Similarly, in my experience, Europeans do not exhibit the frightening hypervigilance of our society that has been so stoked by incessant media reports about sex offenders, SVPs, child rapists, etc. Europe, in general, has a much more mature sense of human sexuality (sex as normal and natural vs. America’s puerile sex-obsessed/sex-hysteric/sex-phobic mindset.) Youth in Europe are generally given more freedom with less of the excessive, overprotective watchfulness that exists in America (and this aware-but-not-hysterical attitude extends to such things as sexuality, alcohol and drugs).
If I were a parent, I would much rather raise children in Europe than in the US – for their own healthy social development and emotional well-being!
Perhaps most of all, being in Europe gives me a much appreciated, perfect feeling of anonymity. (Unlike here, where sometimes I have the slightly paranoid worry that I am on every cop’s radar and that I’m just a Google click away from neighbors, friends or coworkers knowing my entire past.)
And, perhaps an equally large part of that feeling of freedom is being free of my own self-labeling as “convicted sex offender”. Here, in America, that label seems ever-present, casting a vague shadow over most of my thoughts and my existence. There, it vanished completely. And I am able to fully be myself – whole, human and alive.

P.S.: My US passport has IML’s “unique identifier.” I have yet to encounter anyone in Europe – including police and custom officers – who take any notice of it whatsoever.

@ Facts Should Matter: One further point for a traveler’s consideration: France is the home of the ‘Right to be Forgotten” law through which a French citizen can demand that negative information about oneself be completely removed from the internet and from internet search results. And although the law does not apply to visitors to France, the law can be seen as an example of France’s attitude toward privacy and individual freedom rights.
FMI, Google “Right to be Forgotten”. It has been French law since 2010. 👏👍😁🤗🥳
(Good God! Just imagine if the US had such a law!!)

@David, if we have such a law here anyone convicted of a sex offense no matter how old would probably be exempted.

That said, these laws are based on the premise that this should be a basic human right but then you must balance the freedom of speech with this right somehow because you would effectively be eroding the right to free speech by having such a law. At the very least I think there should be a right to be forgotten at least when it comes to government speech though.

David ~ Very well said and summarized. Being from Europe, I have long noticed the huge differences when it comes to sex and alcohol/ drugs. In Europe, I can sit in a park with a picnic and wine, and that is totally acceptable. In Europe, I grew up watching commercials on TV for showergel, and the person was naked. No offenses taken there, and it did not scar me as a child seeing nudity. Parks and beaches were visited by nude sunbathers, again nobody felt threatened or offended. We just look at nudity differently. Yet, the Americans pride themselves on sex and nudity in movies, yet at the same time they frown upon it. How is that even possible.? If everybody grew up seeing nudity as normal and part of human nature, I don’t think we would have these types of problems. Same with drinking in public. Here it is criminalized, in Europe is part of the culture. And, Europe has a lot less incarcerated people. Police is approachable, fair, and for the public interest. They believe rehabilitation makes much more sense than incarceration. Things that make you go HHhmmmmm?


Our laws are set up to remove people from the economy and protect the interests of the top tier.

“Welcome, my son…Welcome to the machine…” ~David Gilmore, Pink Floyd

Why are you pushing the issue? It doesn’t help anyone. I find it odd that you would want one that is marked. Nobody wants that! Just relax and stop being worried. If the day comes where you get the revocation notice, deal with it then. Until that happens, be happy that you can travel without the mark!

The Annual “Patch” Halloween Ritual:

This year, San Francisco has been added to those “Patch” communities who have allied themselves with the spooky ignoramuses of unreason and cruelty that are visited upon us each Halloween.

My response to them:

“This re-publishing of the LOATHESOME “sex offender registry” is deeply irresponsible, paranoid, ignorant and corrosive of society. The Registry has been shown by those with real expertise to play no role in preventing sex offenses. The people on it have had their lives hopelessly blighted by this cynical end-run around constitutional prohibitions on ex-post facto punishment, nor has the Registry played any useful role in preventing such abuses during Halloween if, for no other reason, than there simply is no such abuse centered around, or facilitated by, Halloween.

Patch, and its contributors, are going to look back on the role they played in fomenting this hysteria with deserved, and deep, shame.”

Please add your voices by going to

Wait. So a non-state entity is broadcasting the registry by sharing the link to the registry?

Could this not be used as evidence that the registry is being used as a town square where anyone can share the registry to the world any time they want to do it.

This is now beyond what the original registry used to be were only certain people could access the information by going to the local PD.

Doesn’t really matter. Once big government put their Hit Lists online, anyone worldwide can access them. No one cares.

Even if you live in a town with 100 people, some wackjob living in Equatorial Guinea can have your home address and come murder your family. That’s for public safety.

Below is the link to an article that a member of “The Patch” printed in 2017; and has been recently updated. The point of the article is to explain why posting the name of Registrants is so crucial to the protection of children, especially on Halloween. It uses the heinous crime committed by Gerald Turner against nine-year old Lisa French in 1973. There is no doubt that Turner’s actions were vile, sick, and depraved. However, the article is soaked with emotional rhetoric that is designed to frighten the bejesus out of every waking soul, especially on Halloween. The most crucial aspect, as it pertains to the hypocrisy of Halloween Registrant Posting, is that Lisa French knew Gerald Turner when she knocked on his door in 1973. Turner was described as a “friend of the family” in subsequent articles after Turner was arrested. Again, what happened to Lisa French is deplorable and inhumane. But posting the names of Registrants does nothing for protecting those that one may already know. We all know what those “postings” actually do; they make life insufferable for those that are posted.

The “Patch” has also spread its propaganda in Fairfield, CT. The article’s “strength” is the wild hypocrisy that it propels into society. According to the article, “Fall is a good time to take an inventory of who is living in your neighborhood.” And it’s evidently important to know the specific eight Registrants that live in Fairfield. Yet, the article clearly points out that, “Registries play a limited role in preventing child sexual abuse and stress that most perpetrators are known to the child.” In fact, the article is 203 words in length, yet it spends 112 words (55%) demonstrating the severe limitations of the registry. Darn good thing those eight Registrants were put on full blast. What a joke.

# underdog: What? Not Fairfield, CT! 🙁
Fairfield U. is my beloved alma mater. 😟
Stupid ‘Patch” garbage propaganda!! 😡

😡 [a bitter laugh] 🤣
I just heard someone in an NPR episode ask the following: “When someone lies one time, do we call that person a liar …. or do they have to lie multiple times?”
Ask anyone ever convicted of a sexual offense, even several decades ago, and we can answer that question! 😡 [Hint: That person is a liar everyday, all the time, and that is the first thing everyone should know about them for the rest of their life!]
Seriously, can’t we just start defining everyone by the worst thing they ever did in their entire life? And can’t it just be tattooed on their forehead? So we can see right up front: Liar, Embezzler, Animal Abuser, DUI Driver, etc??
It would just make life so much more interesting if you saw right up front everyone’s status!

I thought it was only Florida that had an eternal registry, and then I saw this article about a priest who died several years ago but was just added to their local diocesan list (and without any opportunity to defend himself.)

Seriously, I don’t understand the point of adding his name to this list. (Is it so other potential victims can come forward and seek compensation?)

So this is for mere PR?

I guess the Diocese likes to have a complete record of their own so they can say, “Forgive, but never forget.” Also, it might mean something to the religion such as identifying a sin that negates the priest from entering a sacred place.

If a person has read the vineyard parable, then it doesn’t matter when you started or how much work you put in. Once you’re in, then you’re in.

Also, with the new Testament, forgiveness was the theme.
“Then came Peter to him, and said, Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? till seven times? Jesus saith unto him, I say not unto thee, Until seven times: but, Until seventy times seven.” – Matthew 18:21-22 KJV

Great info on the California propositions who’s supporting, who’s against.

Thanks, Steve! Much appreciate that link for Propositions info!! 👍

David we can’t even see in front of your status and whats with the purple cornstalk. Is that something of the boyscout cornstalk council or did you get a new merit badge for halloween. We all try to make since out of this and your playing fairy god mother or the grench that stole Halloweeen. …and put on a better habit. I’m sure we could all use a face lift.

IBM withdrawals from the facial recognition market: The American computer giant declares itself opposed “to the use of any technology for purposes of mass surveillance, racial profiling, violations of human rights and freedoms”.

@Janice Bellucci Hello, Everyone its been awhile since I posted although I visit daily to read the news and comments.. I was thinking this morning and decided to email Kamala Harris figured it couldn’t hurt to try I copy and pasted the email I sent and Janice I pray that you hear from her office about this, If everyone of us was to email Our law makers everyday could you imagine the reactions if Kamala’s office received thousands of emails asking for help on this as well as other lawmakers receiving the same thousands we should organize and have a Email party and ask all groups that are fighting to restore the rights we are entitled to we can recruit those who want to join and when we have enough send them daily until we hear back.. this can create alot of talk’…. here is the email that I sent thanks everyone lets keep fighting”’

My name is Richard and I am writing you today to reach out and help over 800,000 people who have been placed on the Sex offender registry for various crimes of sexual nature most of these crime’s are prosecuted by a state court and the courts sentence the offender’s The United States Constitution protects the people from unjust laws Mrs Harris I ask that you and your administration Take a look into Sorna and the restrictions it places on Registrants and Family members I often visit the web site of a great news source that was created by Janice Bellucci, to help people like myself Registrants to stay up to date on new laws around the country (because they change state to state for us) and being ignorant to the laws is no excuse.. (most lawyers would have this problem) the URL link is and Janice or staff would be glad to talk with you and share thoughts and they are always up to date on court decisions as well as new filings please feel free to Contact them, Thank you, for giving me the time of reading this. I pray that your office will investigate this unjust law. Sincerely Richard Fasching

Great Idea Richard Fasching:

Your suggestion should be attached to the top of page (masthead) here!

Personally, I have been hiding out a bit, (for good reasons, to me at least), though I do put my name on really important things before Sacramento, letterhead, etc

But I should be much more forceful in these regards…if I felt that 800,000 people were writing or sending emails as opposed to 18, or even 80 persons, I’d be much more comfortable in these regards.

I hope the courts help us, but there is far from a guaranteed outcome with the courts…to the contrary, to both influence the courts and politicians, if we could speak even with slightly divided voices, 800,000 strong, we would see actual change.


Best Wishes, James I

I recently had my annual in Lake County CA. I must say they had it very well set up to protect everyone from the virus. I had the choice to stay outside at a table or go into an empty room to fill out my forms. Masks were mandatory. They didn’t ask for any ID or any other documents from me so they couldn’t contaminate my documents. They gave me my own new black ink finger pad to put my thumb print on my signed documents and then let me keep the ink pad. They give everyone an appointment (as always), so I never do see any other registrant during my appointment. The whole process took about 25 minutes this time. I have to give Lake County Sheriffs an A on protecting the registrants from the virus.

Just making a comment regarding the recent virtual Conference event. I missed some of the time- slot events. I asked and was advised the recording links would be emailed sometime that week. That was last week….. and its now the end of another week.
Hoping for the information soon; …. anxious to see the other Speakers, etc. Thanks

I’m eagerly awaiting this too, but know the ACSOL team is hard at work on this and more, so I’m patient because I know it will eventually come to fruition….much like the complete dismantling of the registry in the first place.