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Janice's Journal

Janice’s Journal: We Are at the Brink

The Cambridge English dictionary defines the word “brink” as the point where a new or different situation is about to begin. The word “brink” therefore accurately describes the current situation facing almost 1 million people in the United States who are required to register as sex offenders. There are three reasons this is true.

First, the United States is about to either re-elect the same President or elect a new President as well as countless other politicians on the city, county, state and federal levels. The results of those elections may or may not be known on Election Day, but they will eventually be known and when they are known there is sure to be a shift to either the right or the left. The question is how that shift will affect registrants and their loved ones. Will the newly elected officials see the mistakes made by their predecessors and stop punishing those who have already paid their debt to society? Or will they refuse to see that harm and continue to punish an increasing number of Americans?

Second, the proposed SORNA regulations are looming on the horizon. Will the current administration address the 618 comments they received? And if so, will that administration revise the proposed regulations based on those comments? Or will that administration issue final regulations without consideration of important issues such as whether the federal government may lawfully require an individual to comply with federal regulations that a state refuses to enforce? And what will happen if there is a new administration? Will that administration stop the proposed SORNA regulations using the Congressional Review Act or another law that allows a new administration to scrutinize and even halt regulations proposed during the final days of the past administration?

Third, will the COVID-19 virus continue to spread throughout the nation resulting in a growing number of deaths and greater harm to the nation’s economy? Although there are no known statistics on this topic, it is logical to believe that registrants and their families have suffered and will continue to suffer greatly both physically and economically from the harm caused by the COVID-19 virus. After all, it is difficult for a registrant to find a job in a robust economy. When the economy in less than robust, that important task is even more difficult, if not impossible.

While there is great uncertainty at this time for registrants and their loved ones, it is also a time for hope. We have learned a lot during the past decade as we challenged Halloween signs, employment restrictions, presence restrictions, and even residency restrictions. We have found our voice and in speaking Truth, we have made a difference in state capitols as well as state and federal courts.

There is no guarantee that next week’s election will solve all of the nation’s problems, including the problems faced by registrants and their loved ones. Given what we have learned and practiced, however, we know that we have begun to collect the resources necessary to reach the Tipping Point at which society will wake up, face the harsh reality of the harm that has been caused by the registry, and end the registry for all. Until we reach that Tipping Point, we must continue to increase our resources and our efforts. We must continue to Show Up – Stand Up – Speak Up.

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Regarding the SORNA changes: when I sent my letter and attached references I read through well over 100 of the submissions. I didn’t see any which were written by anyone in favor of the registry. A lot of the submissions wavered off the specific SORNA changes topic to include complaints about IML etc. But, certainly none were in favor of it. It does seem that some positive changes are taking place as we go through time. However some of the changes are simply the effects of the ludicrous laws which were passed which do not and cannot work. I think… Read more »

Did any states submit comments?


Oregon did as seen here on this website. I did see IL had at the comment website. Similar stat discussion etc.

Well, no, that was Oregon Voices, a non-profit. I’m asking if a State, any state government, made any public comment?

Ok @JDUtah, my misunderstanding

It’ll probably take a registrants child to be killed by a vigilante. Even then, I can totally see some arguing for new laws that would force the registrant to live by themselves forever to minimize such “collateral damage”.

Thanks Janice another great article from you! Appreciated…and The Truth, The Way and The Light

Wisconsin law requires a felony charge for intentionally not. That provides opportunity in itself. I chose FTR everyday of the week. My circumstances are unique but I win far more often than not. We’re all sinners ….remember that. The founders knew it too! Take a good look at you DOC-20 states explicitly & note the date on the Clerk of Court’s stamp. This is factually required for DOC commitment to be ” lawful. ” Per Sec Trials & Sec 301 DOC.

The first paragragh is something me and my wife think about day in and day out as election day nears. If you were to search SO laws, you will find article after articles of agencies glorifying themselves on arresting and giving some poor RC 10 years because they failed to register, or articles on how to keep your child safe from SO’s this halloween. Mixed in the search inquiry are policitical articles on how one candiate bashes the other for not being tougher on RC’s, or if they’re elected what they will do to make life harder for us. It… Read more »

All I can say is buckle up and get ready SORNA and The DOJ are coming for every sex offender in America I feel sorry for anybody labeled a level 3 sex offender their #1 on the feds hit list. Level 2 sex offenders ain’t safe either if anything their in an even worst position because the outcome of their fate is so vague you never know what could happen after you completed your 10/ 20 years minimum mandatory time. Can you imagine the Superior court in your jurisdiction relieves you of ur duty to register and here comes the… Read more »

@This election,
Is no law but that which already exists. Therefore outcome of new or old is irrelevant to the current established law. President merely enact law. They do not write it. Sexuality will always be exploited by who eve for what ever. That is basic human nature. We see it everywhere. The people have already chose to use indentured servitude to database machine. The people have already chosen and there is no going back. Resistance is futile… you must comply.

We are certainly on the brink of something. I found this article on NPR. I’m not sure if it’s making a case that the registries are useless, or making the case that they need to be strengthened to the point where there is no turning back. I think that in all reality, we are on the brink of the latter.

It’s making the case that registries don’t work and lamenting it. The fact is that there is no way to make it “work” because most registrants don’t commit other crimes after prison, less registry offenses (and even those are the result of conflicting/impossible requirements or extremely liberal interpretations by LE, more often than not). So the author found a couple of exceptions to the rule. But I don’t see how the ones mentioned would have been stopped if they were registry-compliant. They got life sentences for their later offenses, and rightfully so assuming they actually committed those crimes.* Regarding the… Read more »

The most striking phrase “short of implanting chips.”\
The database machine.\
There is reliance and there is Over reliance.\
Machine need greater than human need.\

New Jersey did a 20-year study on the registry. A 10-year study before the implementation of the registry and a 10-year study after the implementation of the registry. IIRC, the study found no significant difference between the two 10-year studies, thus calling it a waste of resources.

Link to NJ 20-year study article:

I don’t know why that isn’t being bandied about.

It’s hard to gauge which politicians will be better for registrants. My knee jerk reaction is to vote Democrat, but we must remember it was Obama who signed the IML into law. Republicans are the tough-on-crime party, but they also support (or used to support) small government and individual liberties. Unfortunately the registry makes for strange bed fellows, even in this polarized political climate. Most of the time I just hope for neutrality, or people who won’t try to make it worse. Unfortunately public opinion still promotes the false narratives about registrants and so when the rare politician does take… Read more »

Sex offenders and their families are to afraid to stand up and fight

Sex offenders are in jail. There isn’t much room to fight there. And what would they be fighting for? I guess for the future.

We all should be more concerned about the people who are listed on the idiotic Sex Offense Registries. Those people, their families and friends, good Americans, and all moral people are the ones who need to fight.

Registries aren’t acceptable. Ensure they are as worthless and cost as much as possible. I’m taking actions right now, today, for that.

To the average ley person the US Constitution do not support the “registry”, period.

While I agree that the registry and associated regulations are way out of control. They serve no useful purpose and only make things more difficult for those who are working to build a healthy life. But, I’d suggest that people be very careful when drawing comparisons to other movements or struggles for justice. We may see the similarities, but to many on the ‘outside’ of the registry situation things are not at all similar. There are of course exceptions, but nearly everyone on the registry did something which landed them on the registry. That ‘something’ likely left others hurt and… Read more »

The problem with that argument is that the registry isn’t about the past, because we all have paid the debt as defined by the laws for our actions in the past. The registry is the thought police anticipating a crime in the future. They are restricting and oppressing individuals for what they “think” you might do. Now, the ludicrousness of that is seen in my case. I had a CP charge. Never had contact with another person, no interaction with others, only looking at illicit images. But now I AM allowed to have unlimited internet access without monitoring, yet I… Read more »

You are correct – the registry is all about what happened in the past. There is absolutely no effort made to determine if anyone is a threat today. But, that wasn’t my point. My point was more about how much different we on the registry are from people who suffer discrimination because of their color, their origin, their religion, etc. They will get (hopefully) sympathy from others as they make their arguments against their oppression. We will not. People have trouble seeing past what happened in the past, especially for things which were sexual in nature. My point was that… Read more »

Respectfully disagree. It’s all discrimination, and discriminatory laws and rules don’t become non-discriminatory by changing their targets any more than a bullet is less deadly fired at 50-year-old than a teenager. Whether or not a person made a choice to commit register-able crimes (and in many cases they’re not – particularly CP and those annoying ICAC/wannabe-TCAP stings) is irrelevant. No other class of ex-criminal is subjected to labyrinthian restrictions and obligations criminalizing virtually all aspects of a normal, law-abiding life and specifically enacted to ensure failure. Many states have even enacted laws to prevent such discrimination despite the demonstrably increased… Read more »

I’ve been on the registry for 3 1/2 years. My time on it began ticking in Connecticut, but I now live in California. My crime occurred in CT and I was given ten years on the registry and fifteen years on probation. I was incarcerated for twenty-one months. I’m currently battling the duration of probation in CT and beginning to legally combat my conditions in California. Here’s what I have discovered: Outside of immediate family, friends and ACSOL, there is no general grass roots movement or sympathy for Registrants. Prior to my incarceration, I spoke to a therapist who was… Read more »

Great story, yep you have to stick with it. But the sad thing is you’re fighting a very clever system that was bought by a very dumb public. And both sides are part of the problem, the creators of the system for how they got away with it and the people for not caring to see past the deception. Everybody’s too busy with their own lives to keep up with researching legislation. And while everyone wasn’t looking these crooked politicians figured out how to manipulate democracy. So these “bastards” sure are good chess players…they know the RSO game is one… Read more »

Underdog, great share. Thank you.

Government have fooled the public with their lies turned fear on registrants; but they haven’t fooled me or the other anti-registry supporters. A system designed to keep people down based on lies and fear, is a system of big government and victim rights agencies. Time for a brick to break the damn showing the public the truth about the registry. They might not want registrants by them; yet I bet they know some that haven’t been caught yet all around them. “ Americans you can’t kill the boogeyman!!”

Janice, I absolutely agree we must continue to Show Up – Stand Up – Speak Up.

Every people group throughout history has needed to do this SACRIFICIALLY to gain civil rights and justice.

Oh shoot I’m watching Halloween does that mean I’m at a high risk to stalk people tomorrow.

I’m sure many are at the brink and yes seems people will run over anyone if they get an edge, is that what grace and truth is all about? What about a person’s liberty when one sow’s to reap evil. We could all look at this election of who’s mocking who. Is that how a leader of our county is or could we even say judges are a bit flaky in their ego of this injustice. Maybe we are all wrong in this situation and they (authorities) have a right to play the prostitute via this internet or this call… Read more »

So: SORNA’s international travel notice provisions apply only to states as a condition for states to be SORNA compliant. The international travel notice requirement is not actually a direct requirement on individuals as the California form says, if there’s no STATE law requiring registrants to provide notice of intended international travel. But I’m confused: I thought that the IML, which applies if you’re are presently required to register under federal SORNA, imposed this Notice requirement directly on registrants, with serious penalties for failure to comply. So does this mean that the IML itself doesn’t apply unless your state also requires… Read more »

IML requires notice prior to travel. However, the mechanism for notification is the states. The feds don’t have a mechanism to receive notices. Their new rule attempts to force this onto the non-AWA states as an unfunded mandate.

Also, IML requires “time and manner” requirements for this notification, but no “time and manner” requirements have been officially published by the USAG.

This put prosecutions under 18 USC 2250 in limbo because its hard to convince a judge a sex offender is guilty if you didn’t provide notice and a “time and manner” for them to report the travel.

Very helpful, thanks.

@Finally Retired, under the still current federal rules – not the new proposed ones – the way I understand it is once the state no longer requires to register the Feds can no longer require you to register in that state and you need not give notice of travel for IML. If you move states however you may still have a requirement to register in the new state subject to that states rules and if you do so you will need to report travel under IML if your state takes notices of advance travel.

@ M C – It seems plain to me that even if the proposed DOJ regs create a legal duty for registrants to attempt to provide this travel notice even where no such state-level requirement exists (in the registrants’ state of residence), once an offender’s federal registration period has lapsed then this federal “duty” to attempt to inform of international travel plans wouldn’t apply. IOW, after an individual has satisfied his/her tier’s registration time period the individual wouldn’t be “subject to SORNA.” I’m referring in particular to federal tiers I and II of course. Regulations can’t change the written law… Read more »

@Finally Retired, yes pretty much but do be aware that some states have a notice of travel requirement that may exist if you are in their registry even if you wouldn’t be subject to federal SORNA due to the term of registration being completed. For states that so this they are likely still giving that travel info to the feds.

Hello, I have read a good portion of the comments on here. First off, I am tier 3, but being a dumbass about law I was charged and convicted. I would first like to say that where I am from the MSP has been extremely professional and have even said what B.S. this was. Now remember, around 97% of all new sex crimes are committed by family, friends or someone close. Recidivism for convicted offenders is under 3% after 5 years. Now let’s talk SORNA. This is not a legal law or a religious law, it is solely based on… Read more »

Janice, let me add one more word to this “brink” type episode. We are all more than conquerors. After reading this underdog’s bit of story plus his ordeal in prison it seems a bit uncanny for registry and probation be overshadowed to this injustice. Course I don’t even know his offense but saying that it seems that authorities are wanting the victory or does the victory go to the victor or spoil? While we all should rise above our circumstances change will come if you only look for the good in this bad situation. What more can I say. Its… Read more »

We generally stay away from getting to political on these forums, with good reason. But since we have sort of in fair minded way noted what the two parties have done I would like to point out there is really only one current political party that recognizes the registry is wrong. And the only party that would actually do something about it, I believe, if given the chance, is the Libertarian party. In the mean time we keep doing what we do, support wonderful people like this organization and keep sharing our stories and advocating as best we can.

Since we certainly are on the “brink” of a variety of things, I offer up this light-hearted poem as a form of levity while we continue our campaign against injustice: Oh Halloween! Oh Halloween! On this day I’m never seen. Parole dictates I stay inside; No lights, no candy to provide. I’ll re-offend is what “they” claim; But that’s not true; it’s all to shame. No stats exist to back their charge; But facts are null and lies rule large. The ones who stoke the flames of fear, Will one day fall from their tall “tier.” So hide today is… Read more »

I like that poem underdog. Wery well written!!!

I have learned one thing for sure from this whole ordeal that I fell into, and that is to be pessimistic. I always hope for the best, but as much I expect the worst. The laws have been like the tide. It might draw some laws and ordinances out to sea, but it always brings new ones in with it on the next surge. And like the tide, the laws slowly erode the foundation we are standing on until it crumbles beneath our feet and we fall into the dark waters below us and eventually drown in them.

No brink, no tipping point, because the supporters are in their own world and they are allowed to run the system…you are talking outside their range and location, sort of speaking ! Example, Laws are meaningless unless they are enforced, same with ideas or viewpoints or facts….once a spoiled child “The Law” has been allowed such mistreating behavior the harder it is to correct ! We must return to how an excessive amount of plea deals and punishment that did not fit the crimes were allowed to run rampant and keep forcing those in power to see this was, is… Read more »

Hello, I just wanted to comment and say that registrants are facing the same issues as others with discrimination in the criminal justice system as a whole. Before I was ever involved myself I assumed motive and intent were important and the laws were written with thought and consideration with little way to abuse the system. From my experience I realize that prosecutors have to much ability to navigate the laws as they are and through plea deals rendered any defense useless. Justice in my case was only to punish with no regard for facts. It was based on what… Read more »

Doesn’t matter who’s elected, we’ll all still be slaves to public opinion.

Just expect things to get dumber and more brazen.

Really YOU are just getting the left right paradime??? HAHAHAHhahah what a joke!
just askin’ times up! CONSTITUTION IS THE RULE ..all else is a MOB!

Voting? Left Right Para-dime… If Anyone thinks That left or right matters,,,, They are delusional.. There is Citizens the CONSTITUTION UNDILUTED and a Government is so saturated with CORRUPTION… The separation is the Division created BY THE Government! Tell me that over the last 40 -50 Years Things have gotten better? Especially for Us ? I Think Not.,, If I didn’t know better these laws were designed to cause everyone to look over there at THEM/ US.. while THEY/ GOV. do as bad if not much worse crimes. Crimes and Still causing division destroying the family unit if not under… Read more »

Voting? Left Right Para-dime… If Anyone thinks That left or right matters,,,, They are delusional.. There is Citizens the CONSTITUTION UNDILUTED and a Government is so saturated with CORRUPTION… The separation is the Division created BY THE Government! Tell me that over the last 40 -50 Years Things have gotten better? Especially for Us ? I Think Not.,, If I didn’t know better these laws were designed to cause everyone to look over there at THEM/ US.. while THEY/ GOV. do as bad if not much worse crimes. Crimes and Still causing division destroying the family unit if not under… Read more »

You would think with all of the talk of defunding police they would look at programs they could stop to save money.. How much does the entire state registration cost ? Perhaps we could tell them how much money they could save by being more civilized .

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