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California Approves Parolee Voting, Rejects Additional Violent Felonies (Prop 17 & 20)

Voters in the state of California approved voting by parolees and rejected a proposed significant increase in the number of violent felonies in yesterday’s election. That is, voters approved Proposition 17, by a margin of 59 percent to 41 percent, that will allow individuals on parole to vote in future elections. And voters rejected Proposition 20, by a margin of 62 percent to 38 percent, that would have increased the number of violent felonies from 27 to 51.

“ACSOL thanks everyone who followed its recommendations by voting in favor of parolee voting and in opposition to increasing the number of violent felonies,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci. “The voting results on these two ballot propositions is proof that our voices have been heard, that we can make a difference.”

In addition to ACSOL, support for Proposition 17 included the League of Women Voters, ACLU and Californians for Safety and Justice. The primary supporters for Proposition 20 included several law enforcement organizations such as the California Police Chiefs Association, Crime Victims United and the Contra Costa County District Attorney.

“Although the supporters of Proposition 20 spent considerably more money trying to pass that ballot initiative, justice ultimately prevailed in its defeat,” stated Bellucci. “If Proposition 20 had passed, more people, including registrants, would be sent to prison for longer periods of time.”

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I’m glad this worked out. Though I have to say I’m not sure where Prop 20 put its money? I dont think I’ve seen a single ad or anything on it. Were it not for this forum, I don’t think I wouldve known about it outside of the ballot form.

This is wonderful news, and proof that when we work together to fight for issues, we CAN make a big impact! Thanks to all of you who took action on these propositions. We can savor these victories and remember them as we fight in future issues.

And had prop 20 passed it would’ve made possession of child abuse imagery a violent felony meaning anybody convicted of that would’ve had to serve 85% of their sentence before getting out. This brought to you by the California GOP everyone. Those people are absolutely out of their minds.

Congratulations California on your vote is n Proposition 17,20.
Sounds like ACSOL approves of the outcome.

On the other hand, in terms of your state’s 50 presidential delegates, the most by far of the states, has opted for the head cheerleader for: Whetterling Act, OMNIBUS94, Megans laws, the Sandusky rules, IML, Sec 230, Three strikes, and unfettered emigration. Good luck with respect to that. I’ve no doubt the Don’s taking on of China & big tech in Silicon City paved the way for his loss as each are major underlying California industries & jobs on the unionized ports and docks. His stance on the Southern border must have rubbed too many Californians wrong, and impacted Californian families in ways not experienced here in the Northern Mid West. I blame the Don’s own tactless big mouth. He was his own undoing on that score. I felt every bit as astonished when Jimmy Carter was rejected for his second term. Carter spent most of the rest of his days building habitat for humanity. I’ll surmise the Don wont be doing that or anything near as noble. Having said all that California has in my estimation almost singlehandedly put a senile 70 something other into the presidency. Naturally the deepstate and their big tech surveillance saints will capitalize on Joe bidens mental slippage similar to Ron Regan’s second term. Naturally too all the FISA abuse by gmen like Comey, Clapper and Brennan will get swept away like it never happened.

Due to IRS rules, ACSOL cannot and does not support any person running for office. ACSOL can and does support or oppose ballot propositions that could directly affect registrants and their loved ones.

Thanks Janice. These propositions would have added to the increasing injustices against parolees and registrants. Also, the mindset of “everyone, but registrants…” is cruel, unfair, and unjust.

I consider ACSOL’s position as a 501c 3 when posting. The regulations are specifically intended to keep light on political speech. Sex offenders are as citizens a toxic waste to politicians in both nearly equally split major parties. I’m thinking a poll of all US registered persons would result a similar split- more or less right down the middle. And in my estimation a split with almost EERIE computer like precision. Divided We Are. It is as if it is manipulated to be that way. Which way to steer the ship? So far IMO we all are headed for a destination of more debt.

501c 3 or not, every human that plops out of a womb on American turf does so holding the bag for 87k in debt ( And that number approximately triples upon becoming an official “tax payer.” Best not make felons from those not! No rancher advertises the worst in his herd.

Yep, Joe got one over the blind fools once more. You can thank black (democrat) lives matters for that. That was the only way to keep burying the sex offender agenda, play the race card to misdirect and mystify the mindless masses.

Oh and let’s see what prosecutor in chief Harris will do for sex offenders and “child molestors”.

Well said. We will see about Ms. Harris. I totally agree about the people’s tendency to elect former prosecutors. Old King George certainly understood their value. Modern politics is cut throat and corrosive to community unity. The people will follow the example set by our leadership even as alternating leadership becomes increasingly bi-polar.
The true test for the Don will be what he does now! I’ve posted many times about how the databases’ social impact, like Guttenberg’s block press, called for a reset. The Don could indeed pull off a John Adams. If you think the Don was “transparent” with his opinion – read about John Adams.

@ W Apparently Biden said the 1994 crime bill was a mistake.


Mistake, wow. A mistake is a bit less intentional. Like salt instead of sugar.

It’s almost too easy for Biden to come out of the comfortable life he lived that was bought and paid for with the misery of those who suffered under “tough on crime”.

It’s almost too easy that he can ride-in to save us all from “the orange bad man” of the liberal media’s ire.

It’s almost too easy that with 40+years of nothing to show for his career that he can still get people’s votes .


When “the people” made “mistakes” the system rewarded them with “corrections”. Just imagine how fat you’d grow knowing that you could be like these politicians and get PAID for your mistakes.

California the gold rush state or the white wash state. Must be a lot of folks on the registry out their. Sure voting rights are good if their is someone worthy to vote for or something worthy to vote for. Now I don’t vote and I’m sure their are many in America that don’t and I’m sure we all have differences of opinion.

Well this whole sex registry seems to be the topping on the cake or who assumes their role in this tug of war effort or who’s playing who in this type of debauchery in this cheap way in many of these ordeals. One wonder who’s bearing false wittness.

Censorship, just like Google, and all bathed in claims in self defense.

Thank you to everyone who voted and got out the vote! Senator Wiener, sponsor of SB-145, was also re-elected, another victory for registrants and LGBT Californians.

Thx Sunny for posting this great news, he has fought SO Much for us ‘Family Mrmbers’ and alot for members here, Castro, Cali And the Bay Area wouldn’t be the same! Just look at his site for all the bills his office has worked on.
He loves his LGBTQIA community, and he treats people with respect. Even though his orig TReg had chgf by the time ut passed. He had good intentions. ACSOL will work on the tiers I ncluding chg for CP and maybe add a 4th and poss 5th tier (5) so others may live without a Lifetime.

This is clear evidence that the public has figured it out. We are tired of being silenced, intimidated and controlled. There are so many families that include someone that has been caught up in the the meat grinder called the criminal justice system.

I hope you are right, but I fear the main reason for NO votes was the estimated cost of implementing the proposition rather than any concerns about felons and sentences.

If cost was the major factor influencing the decision process I like that, too, as people realize the money is better spent elsewhere. I’d like to think the “if it saves just one” mentality toward laws that don’t really save anyone, but waste tax dollars on a massive scale, is being replaced with social/fiscal responsibility and common sense. Sadly, that will only last until the next high profile incident and, never to let a crisis go to water. a politician takes advantage of it for his or her own personal gain.


One man’s waste of tax dollars is another man’s paycheck to spend on the economy and thus, the cycle rolls on and on…sadly

Coming from High Desert and CSUSBerdoo. I agree Berlin.
Thanks must change in the current system broken.

Keeping people incarcerated may not touch people’s emotions; yet it reaches far into their pockets and the overall economy. If the government and law enforcement want people to be moral they should practice what they preach. Americans need to hold government accountable election year or not.

@ Brandon and many on here. So tell us what is practice what you preach. Seems to me everyone is practicing what they preached on here or would we be involved in any of this registry scheme. I was intune that the registry was to prevent something from occuring or is it a prelude of whats next. i.e psychoanaylis and mind bending therspy and other effects in this human ordeal.

Prevent what or practice what? Prevent a man or woman from being a child molester or to go on some webpage and take random pock shots to anyone that would fall under the wheel. when they (law enforcement) are the main ones inducing and laying this burden upon another for their somewhat gainful pride and joy in much of this game of chance, or are they really protecting someone or really preventing or who assumes the worse case scenario in these ordeals. Even incarcaration in much of this registry, is it protecting or preventing in much of this form of punishment. Talk about a shake down of the human mind.

Haven’t many of us on here been jaded or dupes by this government type of practice of what you preach or who got the best out of many in these worse case scenario’s. Now theirs your double standard if you want to call something black and white. At times we all should say that but who looks the other way. Should we all say government is just as guilty in much of factors in many of these vain encounters by these measures of inducement. I would really like to hear some good comments on this from man and females. Are many in authority playing some snake in the grass game or should one call it a mousetrap or how to entrap by sexual means with a callous prevention program.

To the politicians and LEOs that want to turn California into a penal colony, the voter have spoken loud and clear, and their response is………..🖕🏽!

It’s the New York Post. Enough said.

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