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FAC: Dr. Phil to feature Police ICAC proactive stings

[ – 11/30/20]

The Dr. Phil Show airing on CBS will air an episode featuring Sex Stings next Monday, December 7, 2020.

The show will feature an FAC member whose son was targeted in one of these stings who has been fighting to expose them since. Also featured is Florida attorney Peter Aiken of Aiken, O’Halloran and Associates, who defends people caught up in these stings.

Read the full article and a link to the schedule


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Dr. Phil, (who’s not really a doctor) is sensationalist trash. The show should be cancelled.

God is THAT ever the truth!

@ Jack

He is actually a Doctor. He has his Ph.d in Philosophy. I know, but still, let’s try and state facts here. We get accused of terrible things and called things we are not. Let’s try not to do the same.

If he doesn’t have a degree in psychology, he should NOT be giving people psychological counseling.

I am sure that the producers know they aren’t crossing any line between general discussion and therapeutic counseling. Any one is allowed to give advise. You see it here every day. The guests sign a disclosure saying that they understand that his comments are not to be taken as advise from a licensed phycologist. My aunt went on a local talk show yrs ago and had to sign a waiver. Just don’t watch. Problem solved.

And Peter Aiken is a corrupt attorney. Check out US v Acceturro. US v Samuels. JP Morgan v Aiken, Aiken v Luciano. Cases where Aiken was deemed ‘no doubt unethical’. He’s a terrible lawyer. All marketing, no law.

Myself as I’m sure many others are glad that this issue is coming to light via much of this TV talk program. While some are for Dr. Phil and some may not be and yes its is opinioned based in a lot of ways but its the truth of the issue that counts and truth comes from the heart.

They say one can’t or shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Well take the instance of Paul in the bible. Nothing wrong with corrective measures if they are done in the proper way. This internet issue and how one is suaded in this ordeal by this officer playing the role as teenanger even on an adult site is not the way. Its like a mouse trap when the bait is a hook up of a suppose sex encounter things can get sticky and so what does that say about moral or immoral ethics.

Suspicious encounters of this are more of a human disgrace of morals by authorities that want to serve their own master…themself… Remember no one can serve two masters either one falls or both fall. Theirs equal rights in many and much. Its like black people going to a white church if you want to use that example. Well take a look at this President issue and who wants to demonstrate their domain. Dominate if you would like to say.

This Cursive behavior and passing judgement. Seems like everybody has judgemental problems so where does one go from their. Especially when one is caught up in this type of ordeal or induced. Even James gave some good advice.

Yes in my ordeal they wanted me to meet at the house. That was a clue right their and yes I picked that up quick. Told the person they shouldn’t be on this sex site as it was for adults but they pressed on with all this deceit, fraud of whatever to get one to send pictures. In the end of this two day ordeal of my encounter I found out “Why” they wanted me to come down just to talk dirty to them. Thats a bit much for anyone. After talking a bit naughty to them I just left the site adult site that first night.

I even had a feeling the next night they would be at me again and sure enough they dupped on me this time again and thats when I made my decision and even asked to back out as I was driving half way down to see what this was all about but was re-pursuaded again by their phone call in what was taking me so long to get down to the park area.

Here’s a url that explain’s a bit about passing judgement and I think Janice and many of you all will get some understanding about this cursive behavior means.

Mainstream manifesting? Now that’s a wild one. They say there is no good way to lie. Sometimes one wonders why these authorities do these immoral ordeals via this computer Sure what goes on or is typed on a computer stays there somewhere but who is looking the other way but who is mind- feasting. Talk about if looks could kill. Words can kill just as well if not constructed right so a lot of this is new wave debauchery in the governments view one might say.

So authorities manifest this system that is like two saints trying to kill each other or one may say, To kill a mocking bird but who is stripping a blind man? Authorities seem to see this one sided triangle in lite of this and yes many have said its all about money but in the long run society justice and social justice are so different or is not true justice equality? Should we all go back to the days of Bonnie and Clyde. The computer wasn’t meant for things of this type of cops and robbers type injustice.

It gets very sensitive in nature when each state is making a game out of much of this registry by computer persuasion/mind alteration. So one can either prevent or pervert justice and yes much of this registry ordeal is government usurp. Its Inflicting punishment if the crime meets the punishment is one thing but who expels who without due process or should we all go back to England as America is getting very shady in this government law.

Life is tough but with this type of ordeal its a bit fraudulent. Seems like we’ve all heard the word fraud in the past month and one wonders where. I’m just glad that this site is here for those to help give some closure to this embarrassing ordeal by this authority persuasion.

ICAC uses “anonymous” tips from “ESPs” which are usually some ice cream truck driving bozos contacted through Facebook or Nextdoor running up and down your street with WiFi and cellular scanners trying to get tracking data on your network and/or home devices.

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