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GA: Removing the Scarlet Letter

[ – 12/15/20]

Decades ago, our state established the Georgia Sex Offender Registry (SOR).  The purpose of SOR is to protect our citizens from sexually dangerous predators by identifying offenders that present the greatest risk of sexually re-offending.

However, many people who are registered with SOR should not be because they pose no danger to society.

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Attention! Stranger danger. Is this an opinion or an option or who makes the decision. Anything or anyone can be dangerous in this phycologlcally issue. Is it like running one’s mouth just to be heard or to speak when spoken to. The coy to give the option of having a leason with a teenage girl for the purpose of Sex as the common deminator. Has government been getting a bit ( to use an experson) foot loose
type of trickery. Sounds like these Law enforcement agents are playing their own devious game.

Yes parents train their daughters from childhood about teenage boys and this flirting syndrome weather its via school, this internet, or other social media type functions. This internet ordeal is a type of media of an anything goes situation. Even the president can say anything or text out anything on a computer. So what is this dream have a leason with a teenage girl in this truely devilish ordeal. Is it to see who takes the bait when thrown out by law enforcement via this computer. Yes authorities will get their just deserts whether in this world with this conspiracy type issue or when they pass over.

Who is boxing who in with this type ruse. Yes many have fallen into this deep trench that is instigated by those that suppose to protect and serve. So is protecting by inducing one into this masquarde situation via this internet the main ploy to acheve this government “turkey contest” of ring around the rosie or do many fall pray to this. This registry has got to go by the wayside as this is not a part of real true American Justice. Does or should government have this type of demonic hold on another with this registry debaucle.
Yes removing something so dangerous as this registry is a plus and one should warn first in this type of hardship of this sex registry ordeal as it is suffering at best induced by those in authority.

I am sure from the many comments on here that many involved in this registry want to look for brighter things. Some may look at this whole ordeal as a “Cool Hand Luke” type of ordeal or are authorities inducing this type of “Cool hand luke” to one in this sex registry/ Scarlet ordeal with this gambler type of game or who is inheiiting the wind in all this monkey business.

It would seem that in many or much of these ordeals via this internet that someone is playing a sudo type or real life “touch” football game in all this Scarlet letter drama. Yes many can give advice whether good or bad and some can bring others down with this offense. Nobody is Perfect or is this sex registry like some hidden Scopes Monkey Trail to induce this “Scarlet letter on another?

Yes we all make our own destiny in life but who labels one with some teir type ordeal in this registry or who is the worst of the worst in this human behavior ordeal. Sure this Scarlet Letter as many say is can be hard to handle, or is Janice and the team trying to relate this to Harthorne’s book or some 21st Century ordeal that is forced upon another via this registry ordeal.

So in reality is their a biblical or scripture application of this scarlet letter or a man made application today in this habiual allurement? Is this scarlet letter a type of discrimination or a warning to others with this disgrace forced upon another or is it a safety warning or precausion to others or is this scarlet letter like some thorn in the flesh or a type of allusion.

So is much of this registry is full of holes and it is penalizing others by these unorthodox means as we strive to get rid of and remove this type of stigma. Its as if one is challenging others with this type of sexual enticement. And remember its for “Public safety” they say. So were is wisdom and understanding in America today and yes removal of this scarlet letter type of issue is someone’s measure of discriminating another with much of this registry ruse.

Georgia is more “Progressive,” (and humane), than Liberal California?

I cannot cut and paste from the article, but it seems that if one is past 10 years, OR, is a Level 1 offender, they can apply to a Superior Court Judge to be removed from Registering entirely on a current danger standard!

To my mind this is really fabulous if true, (as I read it).

Good for Georgia, bad for CA for just still playing around, likewise our brothers/sisters in Michigan.

Best Wishes, (stay safe and stay Healthy), James I

Don’t be too quick with the praise for Georgia. Despite having a statutory procedure in place to petition for registry removal in a very small number of cases, no judge in Georgia will grant such a petition, regardless of circumstance.

Interesting that they list 6 conditions required to meet to be removed from the registry, and even though the majority of CP offenses meet all the conditions it is still considered a violent offense and not eligible for consideration. I notice Facebook, Youtube, and twitter have no problem screening and banning political views they find objectionable, but the federal government just can’t seen to develop the technology to block the thousands of CP sites. I read one article that said since the year I was incarcerated, and the judge was “determined to make an example of me to send a strong message,” the number of CP sites have increased ten fold.

…and the judge or someone he knows is probably utilizing one or more of those sites!

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