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MI: Whitmer signs bill with long-awaited changes to sex offender law

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Tuesday signed a bill that would eliminate school safety zones and certain appearance requirements in Michigan’s Sex Offender Registration Act. Full ArticleFull Article

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Mi so corrupt they grab anything to make it stick they should pay us for being on this registry for all the bs they pull i am tired of these lieing politicians they should be held accountable for the illegal things they do they break the law they get immunity I break the law and its punishment I come to except that we will never be equal except garbage in there eyes and if thats the case I would rather be deported then a citizen of this country we are slaves to a government that hates us and thinks we… Read more »

Michigan push people with plea deals to get them to take a guilty plea.. when in fact it’s making them lye in court under oath..,. In this particular Situation, plea to a 4th or get a habitual marijuana charge and face 10-15… I’m so sorry the system is so corrupted, I’m ashamed of the state I live in.

Wondering if anyone may know what this may mean ? I was looking over at the court pacer and i seen they posted this wondering if this may mean that does #1 doe #2 doe #3 doe #4 doe #5 and doe #6 are the plaintiff who received relief from does #1 ruling? summiting too this court ? This is what is posted over there. On the Cleland case . Mar 8, 2021 TEXT-ONLY ORDER GRANTING 111 MOTION for Extension of Time to File Response/Reply as to 110 Response to Motion and Motion for Excess Pages filed by John Doe… Read more »

Wondering if anyone may know what this may mean ? I was looking over at the court pacer and i seen they posted this wondering if this may mean that does #1 doe #2 doe #3 doe #4 doe #5 and doe #6 are the plaintiff who received relief from does #1 ruling? summiting too this court ? This is what is posted over there. On the Cleland case . Mar 8, 2021 TEXT-ONLY ORDER GRANTING 111 MOTION for Extension of Time to File Response/Reply as to 110 Response to Motion and Motion for Excess Pages filed by John Doe… Read more »

Anybody know what’s going on in mi:
I know we should be happy
We should feel free up here right now
But it’s a dead space neither here
Nor there

I’m a if I’m going to stay a captive I’d like to know the bars are in place so I know I’m a looked after captive lmao this limbo registry is for the ______ birds 🦅

Has anyone checked the registry? I ran my name and it comes back 0 offenders found, also quite a few of the tiers have been removed. I also ran just my address and came back with nothing

@Fedup in BC, I just checked mine at 11:30pm, and my name and my tier both show up still.

@Bobby & @Fed Up….
I just checked my page as well and my tier designation isn’t there anymore but I’m still there and listed for life….

@Fed Up….I’ve had that happen before too. I’ve checked my page and nothing comes up. You re-enter the search query and you’ll eventually pop up. Unless you’re a tier 1 or 2 and you’ve served your time then maybe you got removed? It looks like they might be being proactive ahead of the 5679 law going into effect on Wednesday….like I said my tier is NOT present on my home page or on the details page. Makes you wonder what it all means?

@Josh: so it doesn’t list your tier, but it lists your removal date? That’s basically tier, isn’t it? Using the old system, only tier 2 and 3 were listed publically AFAIK, and if it lists a removal date, that means you’re Tier 2, and if it doesn’t, that means Tier 3, is that right? Maybe I’m jumping the gun, but if this is how they’re
doing it they might be in violation of the court order.

My name still don’t pop up anymore when I search for name or addy. Been this way for several months. I’m tier 3. I am pre 2011, I was charged in 1994, and I was 14 at the time. Rly hoping I’m done with this shit.

I was a tier 2 with a set aside

@Literally…..Yes, technically the ONLY benefit I will receive from this new law is that I don’t have a Tier 3 by my name and I can attend my kids events now without fear. My expiration date for registration is still listed as LIFETIME. I checked several other pages of people I know on the registry and their tiers were gone too but still showing a duration of life….

@hopeful sounds like it’s the HYTA removal that this law promised? @disgusted it sounds like it’s the expungement removal this law promised? If so, congrats to both of you! @disgusted how did you manage to get a set aside? Nearly all the registerable offenses in MI are not eligible to be set aside. I’m Tier 2 too and I would have been eligible for set aside 10 years ago but they changed the law.

03-21-21.. How can the registration start date, start before the registration was started!!!!!!! How can a 30 day sentence turn into a lifetime sentence!!!!!!!! How can the 1993 conviction be used as the registration start date!!!!!!! Active Last Verification Date: 12/06/2019 Registration Start Date: 05/10/1993 Registration End Date: Lifetime Registration: Yes Physical Description • Age: 65 (DOB: 03/17/1956) • Height: 5’10” • Sex: M • Weight: 180lbs • Race: White • Eyes: Blue • Hair: Gray • Scars/Tattoos: Address Cxxxxxx Xxxxxxc View Map Other Known Addresses Offenses • Description: 750.520E1A – CRIMINAL SEXUAL CONDUCT – FOURTH DEGREE (Force or Coercion)… Read more »

@Fed Up….you might be off. You might have completed your time or you were removed because of your set aside. Supposedly HYTA recipients and set asides are eligible. I hope that’s the case and if so, with all sincerity, congratulations!!!!


From what I heard, the MSP will NOT remove HYTA, as they are reading the bill incorrectly. They are leaving it up to the Atoorney General to interpret. What a crock of SHIT!

@Dr: So even though your tier isn’t listed, I can tell you were a Tier 3 just from the Lifetime Registration field. I’m sure any casual visitor to the registry would also quickly differentiate between “lifetime” and otherwise. The Cleland ruling specifically called out tier level as ex post facto violation. This is just tier level by another name!

I was set to come off the list in 2026 but was able to get the set aside back in 2012, back then you only had to wait 5 yrs to be eligible for it. The judge noted that I had waited double the length of time. Hopefully everyone else that is on the list that shouldn’t be will come off sooner rather than later.

@Josh, I would like to get your thoughts on the last email Tim from the ACLU put out, it sounds like he doesn’t even know what is happening or what will happen even with us pre- 95 people. Yes 5679 supposedly goes in to effect on the 24th, but yet he says that the judge has not made a final decision yet when it comes to us pre- 2006 and 2011 people from what I get from the email, I could be wrong or misunderstood it. The Judge nor the ACLU can actually let this stand exspecially when 5679 doesn’t… Read more »

Be 0BBY. S… I don’t mean to step on JOSH‘ S toes but I thought I’d throw in my two cents. I also received the letter from Tim from ACLU and in my opinion it was next to nothing. I think the point of the whole thing was that they wanted to emphasize that we should keep the letter from MSP on hand in case something goes sour down the road and we can present it in our defense. I wrote back to Tim asking about The ex post facto issue on pre-2011‘s pre-2006s and pre-1995s. I got no response.… Read more »

@16 Block… No worries about my toes brother…I’m not too proud. I’m nobody special nor do I have any information that nobody else has. I pretty much agreed with your entire post. Until the ACLU shows me a tangible result where a real number of Tier III registrants are freed and not just a “paper” victory, I’m going to remain extremely skeptical. The state owes over a million dollars in court costs to the ACLU. That’s why I think more litigation and class actions are inevitable. The state can tie this up in court with our tax money. The judge… Read more »

@Bobby… 1. Tim is a intern in Miriam Aukerman’s office. He only provides us with the info that she allows him to disseminate. If Miriam wanted us to know what they were really up to then she’d have Tim tell us. Not smart to reveal the legal strategy to a bunch of peons to post on a blog such as this. 2. I agree that even the ACLU doesn’t seem know what will happen…apparently there has been a flurry of filings in Does II & Betts. Requests for delays, briefs, final judgement etc. 3. You mentioned that you can’t believe… Read more »

I talked to Oliver law group today they are saying we should know what 2 do in two weeks they said the letters are being delivered to 44000 people so it will take some time also one of 2 things will happen either your letter says your done have a good life or her are your requirements they feel like the judge will end up saying that this does not comply and end with another lawsuit for those with expunged records hopefully this takes you off the registry but it sounds to me like the Covid fucked up alote but… Read more »

@Barberjoe: Thanks for the update, I’ll keep an eye out for mail from the state. I personally haven’t heard anything at all, and just checked the registry and saw that most of the people listed still have a tier designation (at least on the list page, maybe not once you click and bring someone’s individual profile up). To me it doesn’t look like anything’s changed yet (except the registry works even worse than I remember it, with broken images, broken links).

@BarbaraJoe and Literally Nobody, Thank you Barbrajoe for the update, though I don’t think it will effect tier 3’s much, and Literally Nobody, I just checked my status, the thier 3 is gone from the main page when I put my zip code in, but when I check my profile it says for life YES. So I guess we will have to wait and see how this effects tier 3’s if at all.

So I called MSP today to ask about me not showing up on the registry and to quote the lady I spoke with I don’t exist in the law enforcement database anymore as of 3/19/2021.


@Fed Up….Congrats!!!!! That’s gotta be a incredible feeling. I talked to somebody in the know today and the probable outcome is more then likely another class action for the rest of us. The reason is that Cleland will be issuing a final judgement at some point on the old law and we have a new law to deal with now. Pretty unfortunate really but not unexpected.

@Fed up in BC, Congratulations, but what Tier are or were you?, If you don’t mind me asking.

@Bobby S. I was a tier 2 with a set aside, and still had 5 yrs to go. It is a great feeling that hasn’t fully registered yet. But hearing it from MSP that I no longer exist in the law enforcement database is huge. Keep faith that the right things are done.

Some interesting things going on the sora website. Yesterday I looked myself up and saw the tier 3 designation was removed and it only said lifetime registration: yes. I looked just now and that is gone too. It only states “active” and notes my last verification date. I have also noticed the registration end dates for a couple people I know have also veen removed. Everything I see just says “active” along with the last verification date. I don’t know if this means anyrhing, but I’ll be keeping a close eye on it as I wait for the letter from… Read more »

Hey Disgusted in Michigan my tier is gone and it doesn’t say life what dose that mean dose anyone know

@ disgusted in Michigan, I checked it my self today and your correct, mine also has the tier 3 leave gone, and it no longer says LIFE- YES it also just says active. My conviction was 6-19-1992. My 25 years has also been up for some time now, have I not gotten the unconstitutional life sentence in the mail.

@Bobby, @Disgusted, @R32
I just checked my page as well and it’s still there but my tier is gone and my lifetime listing is also gone. I could be mistaken but I think my email addresses are gone too…I’ll talk to my attorney tomorrow and see what I can find out. I was charged in 93 and convicted in 94 before law was even passed.

I also checked my junk folder on my email and found Tim the intern’s email. I guess we’ll see what might happen soon. As soon as I’m able, I’m going to sue the shit out the state if this doesn’t go well. Quick question, does anybody know or remember if removing the lifetime designation off our pages was part of 5679 or was it just the tier designation?

@Disgusted. Actually your gonna see a lot of changes. I’m sure people have a better understanding as much of this registry is not working. Lets just suppose one had two options of gun control or sex registration. The obvious would be get rid of the registration as guns can kill or which is a more ethical thing to do. Much of these laws are taking advantsage of each one of us that could have productive jobs. I even hate living off my sister at times. Even ethical law merits good understanding & conduct in a court of law. These laws… Read more »

Oh your mail man gave you a retroactive life sentence as well ??? Crazy how America has changed . Now the courts are scared to up hold the constitution and mail men retroactive deliver citizens life sentences , too citizens who in most cases have served their sentences years n years ago. This country is Sick ! You see it getting worst and worst everyday and they ask why ???? Stupid question isnt it. Look what they are doing to us. Destroying their own people. SCREW YOU MICHIGAN !

One more thing I forgot to mention which is very important today. My dad many years ago use to be a coin collector had some beautiful pieces in his collection. And yes they wanted to take In God we trust off the dollar bill. It might suprise that all authority was given to his Son.

So can anyone imagine a dollar bill without those words today plus you do have a good constutional lawyer Janice and Chance that presses on.

I got so many questions right now as I wait for this letter to come in the mail. I am a teir 2 with 1 count and pre 2006. I looking at the sora website and the date i was suppose to get off is gone and my teir is gone. Does that mean I’m on there for life now?

@Gst2….you were never a lifer and I doubt you are now either

@GST2: If they posted the registration end date, the public would be able to deduce our tier level, which was found unconstitutional. I’m in the exact same boat as you, and I assume that my registration period ends in 8 years, just as it always has. What I don’t know is how often I need to do address verification—used to be twice a year, but I’m afraid it’s now quarterly. No big deal in the grand scheme of things, but still frustrating that 17 years of perfect compliance is rewarded with more stringent reporting requirements. This is the opposite of… Read more »

The letter they’re sending out is on the MISORA website. I don’t think they’re sending anything different out for pre-2011/2006 registrants (non set asides); unless a final judgment in DOES II dictates any specific change. The tier system is in still in place but not made public. Your registration end date is likely the same as it was before the change in the website publishing. I’m not sure how one would verify this; perhaps, the next time you register…?

Vote independent for governor. The governor and the republicans both screwed us over!!!!

Your verification times/months hasn’t changed, I.e. if you were supposed to verify as a tier 2 March and September you still verify the same

@Michigan Tier 3’s We LOST plain & simple! The aclu LOST! They know they LOST. Many of us probably LOST because we couldn’t file on our own behalf when we had rulings and precedence in our favor. I don’t want to hear about gratitude to the aclu anymore. They’ve accomplished virtually NOTHING of consequence. The only winners are tier 1 & tier 2 and recipients of the HYTA who are only getting what they signed up for in the first place. Unless we get a miracle next week or whenever the final judgement comes out we all need to accept… Read more »

Josh, Someone did fight in court. He got the sixth circuit involved. See U.S vs Whilman decided Oct 2020. Because he was removed from SORA as a result of Does 1, he attempted to release his federal sorna obligation, since that was based off his Michigan conviction. Because of his stupidity, all michigan Registrants are subject to Federal Sorna, even when Michigan no longer registers you or relieves you. That was the decision of the court. The ACLU pleaded with his lawyers to drop the case. What he did made it 100 TIMES worse for registrants. Even if u were… Read more »

@Dennis…I was aware of that case and it was the epitome of stupid. However, you can carve out a nice life for yourself IN Michigan and travel to other states carefully…not to mention the dignity of not having your name & picture splashed for every hyper sensitive soccer mom to use to humiliate & ostracize you. Or for your kids to have to explain why their dad is on “that” website…..I know I’m preaching to the choir but this newest development is going to be nearly impossible to overcome. I’m praying for that miracle in the next week or so… Read more »

@Josh…I’m not happy either, but to bash the ACLU like that is uncalled for. They didn’t have to litigate this for us and most of us probably don’t have the means or the money to litigate it for ourselves.
I for one am grateful to them, but I’m not going to accept defeat because its not over yet. I’ll wait for Judge Cleland’s final order to come out and go from there.

@BC: Thanks, that’s what I’d thought based on reading the letter, but it’s not entirely clear. I guess we still wait for the go-ahead from the state due to the ongoing emergency order. I do wonder if they’ll mail us a second letter then. My next registration month is June, and I’m assuming I’ll be back then, but hopefully not paying two years of fees. Did anyone pay their $50 in the last 12 months?

@Disgusted…I think it is over and it is called for. You don’t seem to understand that Judge Cleland is off the hook now. He can dismiss the entire case if he wants. I’ll admit that he’s probably not happy with the state but he gave them SO much time and latitude. Our only hope is that his annoyance translates into a giant middle finger to the state….IF & WHEN I’m proven wrong I will issue a huge unequivocal apology to the ACLU.

Kicking the can down the road for 13 months got us this result.

I’m unclear how this is a win for anybody but the state and for HYTA recipients.

@AnonMI….let me clear it up for you . That’s exactly & only who it’s a victory for. You also have to take into account that this is the very thing that HYTA signed up for when they did their plea agreements. They NEVER should have had to deal with this. Sucks ass for these people who were lucky enough to be offered the golden ticket just for it to mean diddly squat. I was at the age to qualify for one but was never offered that option…congrats in all sincerity to those coming off! God bless and enjoy your life… Read more »

If you have an exspunged record as a juvenile or a set aside as a tier 3 you must send them proof so I’m doing just that you have to call the clerk and have it sent to you then make copies and send one to them and one to local inforcement for your name to be removed or you will remain on it for life I had a lawyer exsplain this to me

Bob, what clerk? You only need to send your expunge/set aside papers to the Michigan state police, and they should remove you. Why would u send to both the clerk and MSP? Are you saying if you dont send it to the clerk as well, that you would be registered for life? Im already off, and I only sent the court papers to MSP. Explain please, regarding this being on for “life” thing. “you must send them proof so I’m doing just that you have to call the clerk and have it sent to you then make copies and send… Read more »

Actually I am glad that MI is seeing the light in much of this vain registry. Sure many face pitfalls and downfalls all the time and yes we have had registries since biblical time. When my PO came to my house in my earlier 10 yr probation. He niticed a lock closet and asked open it. Sure my sister was with myself and the PO and said it was their as my brother when he came up from Florida keep his guns their. Yes my brother in Florida is a gun collector. Even registing guns is a law. We register… Read more »

For those of us who have been on this registry since 95 whos convictions were well before the registry was even thought of deserve OFF no matter how you look at it we have served more time then a judge has ever even gave us, i know myself i have been on this registry for 27 years and was never given a duty by a judge to do so, as many of us deserve the right to stand in front of a judge or jury not just have a mail man deliver a retroactive sentence of life when we had… Read more »

@TNT….I’m a libertarian who leans conservative but I voted for Whitmer & Nessel for the very sole reason that they were both anti-registry. At the very least we have Amicus briefs from Dana Nessel in our favor. But, between her handling of the pandemic and her signing of this bill I’ll never have a kind word or positive outlook on Gretchen Whitmer. I was kinda hoping that she only signed this bill because it would give her political plausible deniability when Judge Cleland struck down the new law which we know now that he probably won’t simply because he doesn’t… Read more »

@TnT. Now I have to agree with your viewpoint as I’m sure many do. Myself I came from WV and yes Logan, County. Their was a guy Dwight Wilimison that was in a one of my sisters classes and yes in my spanish classes. He wrote a book on the Leagion of the Hatfields and McCoys, he was also a writer for the local newspaper. Yes he is a judge of that county today. and yes one of the Hatfields was a Sheriff. In fact we had a Logan County five back than when I was growing up. Sure WV… Read more »

@Josh…. Yeah i thought she would ride with what is right knowing her whole party voted against house bill 5679 yet she threw us all including her party into the fire. Shes a dirty bi%*h. She even made her own Attorney General look like a Jack @zz .

@ tnt. and others. Yes I was in high school at the time the article of the Logan County Five came out. Dad’s office was right next door to Even Earl Ray Tomblin place when I use to go play pinball machines after school. Yes even the coach of the basketball teem of our high school and a few others all had their hands into unbecoming things to put it mildly. Wasn’t a pretty picture if you ask me or anybody that wants to reform government policy and true understanding today. Course its all history now. I’m sure it still… Read more »

@ Saddles….. Yes its nice too see them play Marco Polo with the Aclu & Judge , It seems as if the State is running the court room not the Judge .

so does the ,aclu plan on taken this back to court? I can’t see it being constitutional I feel the pain here the comments I know that are law system is un just I can scream wine cry about this but no point I became cold and hartless to are justice system I give them no respect because they don’t up hold the constitution or investigate crimes this system is broken and people allow them to do what they want we are slaves to a registry outkast to a society that think where less then human I give thanks for… Read more »

Letter came today. History repeats itself. As one of my heroes said; LET MY PEOPLE GO!

@Dr., I got mine today as well, no big changes for us tier 3’s really, just very little changes The main one we are still waiting for is to be removed from the registry entirely. Tim from the ACLU says they are working on it, but don’t want to divulge anything and give the state an upper hand or a chance to counteract.

Got my letter also today . Just confused on weather they are back to enforcing. I havent registered or updates since late 2019 . I have a form they sent with mail in updates . Do we need to update in the next 3 business days?

My letter came today too. Like JoJo, I haven’t done verification since late 2019, but the letter seems to indicate that I will just plan to at my next reporting month IF the state of emergency due to the pandemic is lifted by Whitmer. The good news, I guess, is that regular verification requirements are still the same. I didn’t see anything on my letter indicating what tier I am, but I assume my tier hasn’t changed. I have to say while nothing in this new law actually changes anything for me, I am grateful that, should I ever have… Read more »

Bobby… I received the form from MSP today in the mail also and just a little bit ago I received another email from Tim. I guess this form that they sent is to be used if there are any changes to your registration, i.e. address changer things like that. I also noticed that the return address on the other Welp didn’t contain the sex offender registry label like the previous ones did.

Thanks Bobby,
That sounds like the correct path to me,
The legislature showed how they interpreted the judge’s decision,To the uproar of many, even after the Aclu showed overwhelming evidence of the lies from the Karen’s of the legislature and research from their own reports….
I think the judge will have a look at everything, and see what we have been saying is true,,,,,,,

You are the eternal optimist my man. I’m telling you right now that you’re not going to get what you or all of us in the tier 3 designation want or deserve. I didn’t get my letter today but I’m expecting it tomorrow. Since I already know what it’s going to say it’s not really the kick in the junk that it would be normally. Just more salt in the wound

After a few shots i feel a slight bit better, I hope this judge swings on them, This is so unjust . They have done nothing too address the fact that peoples sentences are still “LIFE” retroactively applied to thousands of us, years after a conviction, They still are plastering everyone’s pictures all over the internet, That wasnt addressed in the new law , Reporting every 3 months was ruled unconstitutional to apply retroactively , Do not see that changed in the new law. I know when i was sentenced and retroactively applied to the registry it was under the… Read more »

I’m tier II, completed hyta, had record “expunged” many years ago… and I’m still on this stupid list. Any idea what I’m supposed to do?

I got the letter too, and I knew it would be BS so I didn’t even open it. Threw it right in the trash. No registry existed when I was sentenced and I was placed on it anyway. Then I got the life sentence letter in the mail years later. Judge Cleland ruled so many things about sora are unconstitutional, yet the only change made was I don’t have to provide internet IDs or emails? I had stuff like that before and never reported any so how does that make things better for me? The only change I want is… Read more »

@ Disgusted. I was with my old PO for eight years and we built up a pretty good relationship. On one of his visits to me at the house. I mentioned about he should of chosen his vocation well. Says that in the bible. Yes when he retired or transfered or whatever he mentioned that to me. One wonders do we all choice or vocation unwisely. Sure my PO had to visit me but he also had a lot of others he had to visit and yes we all have different views. I even mentioned if we are ever in… Read more »

I like many here haven’t updated since covid happened. Now that we have the new letter do we go back to registering on our month? Mine is april. And if things changed between covid and now like a new phone number or a job I can’t get in trouble for that since it wasn’t being enforced right? And since there are changes do I need to tell them asap? Sorry bit lost here

Im so lost here on what is up and I dont trust the police to know for the last time I went in they had no clue they had to stop enforcement of it till the end of the covid stuff they told me we dont care and have not been informed by the state police ( mind you is like 500ft from there front door) and im a tier 1 i have 2 fail to have a home ie I was homeless and would eat shower and shave ones a week at my parents place. But still homeless charges.… Read more »

I have read a majority of the comments here. I was convicted in 1989, for a crime committed in 1987. I was placed on the registry because I was incarcerated in 1995. Ex-Post Facto my behind. I am re sentenced for this crime so many times now. Shake my head. Not many cases are older than mine on the registry. I am a very successful Business Owner, raised my kid, raised my Fiances kids. I guess I can attend my grandkids school events now… Someone, please refer me to an attorney that truly knows what they are doing to get… Read more »

@1987, Read! Reread barber joe, matter of fact everybody reread Barber joe post! Start at the 🔝 and scroll down!!!!! I am not a lawyer! I actually think that lawyers are better at this than I am, and the army of lawyers, interns, law students and connections the Aclu, (university of Michigan) law center?, and Oliver law group have, are way more experienced than ANY single lawyer . Or single firm for that matter!!! I called Jeffery cause he wouldn’t back down. Soon as I said sora, he said I couldn’t afford it! And goodbye… I don’t know what that… Read more »

We were told we did not have to report because of the pandemic. How come we have to report now when the pandemic is still going? Whatever happened to the class action lawsuit that was filed and what happened with the ruling that you can not be charged retroactively which I still am. Does anybody know a good lawyer that could get me off that list? Thanks.

Just called the police headquarters you do not have to register until judge makes his judgement they will be sending another letter when that happens informing us to register at this time if you are pre 2011 you are still not required to register and you will not get into trouble if you have changed jobs got a new car or have changed your residence because it is still not inforceable

Exactly what I have said many times. No verification until the Judge issues his final order or until there is no longer an emergency order from the governor in place.

To piggy back something @BarberJoe mentioned…the state filed a motion on March 24 to clarify or release all of us from the emergency covid injunction on the grounds that the injunction was only affecting the old SORA statute and not the new law. It seems a little strange that there has been no response from the aclu or the judge as of yet. I’m getting anxious because this was supposed to be a verification month and there’s only 2 days left. Kinda conflicted to go or not….

@Michigan…the time has finally arrived the state of Michigan has to respond today with a maximum five page brief in response to the ACLU’s brief last Monday. Anytime after today is when the judge will make a ruling/final judgement in Does 2. I wanted to write this to caution everybody not to get their hopes up as the odds are very low that we’re(pre 06 & 11) are going to be removed from the registry by Judge Cleland. It not’s impossible but very unlikely. I would also advise for anybody who has the means to file suit on their own… Read more »

Oliver law group is a 5000.00 dollar retainer to get people off of the registries they have never turned me down and have actually offered me advice without paying a dime they really do care but slamming the state is gonna cost us all a fortune in court costs like they told me they are not going to take it easy on us but rember guys the attorneys don’t get payed for a class action unless they win and Oliver law group has been fighting right along side of the ACLU so I’d go with these guys they know the… Read more »

Ty, Barberjoe & Josh for keeping us informed with all the important info. I was just as confused as most here, over do we start again or not ? Was the judgment finalized or not ? You brought clarity , where even calling the local Precinct did not clear it up . Ty again for the updates .

I feel bad for all the pre 2006 and 2011 registrants, I really do. I was lucky enough to be removed when the new law took effect. I won’t go over the punishment aspect of the registry, it’s been covered to death. What’s the point of having something removed or expunged from your record just for you imagine and info to be blasted to the public? It was a mess. My thoughts are this, for those of you still calling Judge Cleland’s court, I’d stop and I’d stop really quickly. You’re pissing off the only person that has judged in… Read more »

Couldn’t have presented that argument any better myself. That’s exactly what’s going to happen. You’re also right about thinking people care about us. They don’t! We’re not a good cause and next to nobody feels sorry for us…I’ve come to accept that very painful realization.

I came to the conclusion state gonna rail road you anyway it can specially what I went threw over 22 years ago of being falsely accused of a bs crime i never would even think about committing this corrupt justice system is f### politicians can kiss my a@@ and MSP can go to Hell can’t wait till the day they get judge or find out I was a innocent man God will have his day. ill never get a apology from them they don’t do there jobs all they care about is making sure you are demonized and also how… Read more »

@hyta they just automatically released you from the site? Just wondering because I also should be off from hyta but they want me to jump through hoops and get a copy of my discharge. Even though the records division is closed for COVID.

Yes they did. I don’t know how it works, but I checked the day of the law taking effect and I was removed. Not sure why some were and some weren’t. Could be the County you’re in and if it was filed accurately. All I know is I wasn’t expecting anything, we all know how the state works obviously, but I was removed. I called my local department which is actually pretty cool. The person I’ve been registering to the past 17 years or so answered and I just said hey I’ve been removed from the registry. (As I crossed… Read more »

Good post HYTA. I too have a HYTA. While it’s nice to be off Michigan’s registry, we still have to follow Federal Sorna when you travel to another state or internationally. They can and have prosecuted people for failing to register. HYTA and all other forms of deferred judgments is still a conviction for Federal Sorna purposes. Please be careful if you travel outside the State or international. International I think requires 21 day notice

See U.S. vs Bridges

@Matt: To whom do you give your 21 day notice to? How would the Feds know, given there is no Federal registry that is independent of individual state registries? I’m not arguing with your legal take, which I believe is correct, but I simply don’t see how it has a functioning mechanism for alerting or enforcement. As far as the MSP are concerned, you are not in their database—what are they forwarding to the Feds? Your name? What else do you legally have to provide?

I agree with you…the only caveat would be that you could be prosecuted if caught up in a situation ie. Car crash, speeding ticket, commission of a crime or what have you….I get IML but interstate travel has always had me confused. You have no need/obligation to report to Michigan if you’re not in the LE database anymore…I would pay attention to the 3 day states like Florida and stay away from those.


I would think when you get back from your international trip, that customs would know since they scan your passport. The information may be removed from Michigan, but I would think its still in the FBI private database, at least that you were a past registrant. I wish I knew the exact answer.

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I read that link, that’s a very fine line. The reason I say that is while he plead nolo contendere in Florida, Florida still made him register under their laws much like HYTA here. However, he was never removed from the registry. If you read that he moved while still registered to Virginia. He was supposed to register there pursuant to him still being a registered offender in Florida. Then he moved to Michigan where again he was supposed to register under the law. However, we’ve been removed from the registry. Skimming that, again I skimmed it, the argument is… Read more »

HYTA, I agree. Did you read the case Willman v. United States Attorney General (6th Cir. 2020)Where the guy was removed from Michigan’s registry, but was told that Federal Sorna makes you register regardless of state law. Odd case. I know many federal courts have considered a plea as a conviction. Also, the smart office guidelines regarding federal sorna said the sealing of a record is still a conviction for Sorna purpose. I was thinking of writing the US Attorney General, as he is in charge of those Sorna Guides. They need to remove that as it makes NO sense.… Read more »

My Anxiety Sucks ! These Highs and Lows throughout this whole thing have been very hard to even live.

44,000 + on the Michigan sora,
I just counted 30 +/- commenters on this posting,and some of them are out of state…
When I see that ratio, it is depressing, then I realized in fact it showed me 44k+ Probably do not have access to the site !

@Dr: I’ve been on the Michigan registry since 2004, but I only found this site about 18 months ago, when I was interested in how Michigan would respond to the Cleland ruling. I’d simply given up hope in getting off the registry before my 25 years were up, and honestly I probably should have kept my head in the sand. I’d also been very careful about the “internet identifier” rule and really tried to avoid using the internet in any social capacity. Now that we have no obligation to report internet identifiers, I’m more willing to post, but overall it’s… Read more »

Literally nobody I hear ya. And thanks for your reply to my question. This is crazy I have been living just like I was never on the list the year and my kids wife and me have felt better. I got more opportunities. It is nice while it lasted but I ain’t giving up. I’ve been on here since I was in my late teens I never got hyta or anything like that. But s#+t happens. Thanks to everyone for helping each other.

I too have been on this registry since it began…my nightmare started at 15 years old in 1990….long story short…at first i was given time served in jail, five years probation and had to complete a one year program called teen challenge…i was violated once for leaving the program but given a second chance to go back after my court appointed attorney bought me $200 worth of cloths…after 404 days in jail i had nothing…they took me from jail and dropped me off at this program in the cloths i had on when they arrested me a year earlier…the judge… Read more »

@Michigan, So does anyone know if there has been any word from Judge Cleland yet concerning Does ll, not that I am holding my breathe on good news on our behalf. Though Judge Cleland knows ethically morally and constitutionally what the right thing to do is but the question is will he do the right thing. Fingers crossed he does or did, but don’t count on it.

No news about a final judgment.

I check Court Listener a few times a day. Beyond the replies going back and forth, there’s nothing really new there.

I know for a fact that the state did respond with their brief. Now we’re waiting on the judge. Now, for the speculation part of my post. I suspect that the judge will put out his opinion/judgement on Friday. It’s a trick used to minimize news coverage. Although, it’ll get covered either way. That’s just my opinion. I’ve been advised by my attorney to verify tomorrow as a precautionary measure…..

I went to do verification today on the advice of my lawyer. It was a total shit show. They couldn’t figure out why I hadn’t registered in 9 months and didn’t know what to do. I called MSP and the answer I got from the trooper was yes there is NO enforcement as of yet. He did however warn that the various local police departments and sheriff’s departments having been acting on their own volition. The guy actually sounded annoyed because all these LE agencies are causing them a bunch of extra work. Nice guy…very informative. Long and short…I should… Read more »

I’m curious what County or City this was.

Josh, I’m still having a hard time getting a handle on this thing. I assumed that we didn’t have to register because of the judges order because of the Covid. Obviously that’s not the case because post 2011 our seas still have to register. I called my local MSP post and they said it’s because of the pending lawsuit is why the pre-2011 our seas don’t have to register right now. So then we are notified that we will get a letter in the mail from MSP saying what we should do after the new Soora took affect on March… Read more »

@Nick….from my experience today I learned that we are not required to register until the judge lifts the covid emergency injunction. I suspect that the judge will lift the injunction about the same time he gives his final order in Does 2. I verified today for brownie points. Whatever happens will happen probably this week or by the end of next week at the latest.

add Josh, why doesn’t the emergency covert injunction apply to both pre-2011 a post 2011 individuals? Again, when I spoke to the officer at the state police post he told me that pre-2011 registrants didn’t have to register or do they address verification because of the pending ACLU lawsuit.SpongeBob SpongeBob

So we don’t have to start registering yet right thank you if anyone can answer

@R32: My understanding is we do not have to register until we are explicitly told the emergency order is over.

At Josh, why doesn’t the emergency covet judgment apply to both pre-and post 2011 our seas? Again, what I spoke to the officer at the state police post he told me that pre-2011 RC‘s didn’t have to do the address verification because of the pending ACLU lawsuit. To me that spells one thing… Ex post FACTO.

@Nick…read the interim & injunctive order again. It’s still posted on the main page of the SOR. Idk why they are saying that to people who are post 2011. I could be reading it wrong but there is no enforcement against ANYBODY until that order is lifted or the state of emergency is declared over

Now Scooter, Josh and many more. Look we can all be lead away. Even women can try to get over on another person. And actually it doesn’t have to even involve sex. Sure my sister don’t always agree but we all try. Now when one can’t trustr government who ya gonna trust or why do you think myself even brought up the Hatfirld and McCoy feud or the Logan County Five. Government can be a bit nasty in many ways and cover up a lot of things. Sure the old saying one can say what goes around comes around but… Read more »

@HYTA Guy: Great summary. I completely agree. It doesn’t make any sense to have me listed on the Hit Lists and not millions of others (e.g. people who have shot people with a gun). I have been listed for over 2 decades for a crime where I was offered a plea bargain with no jail time at all. It’s insane. Listing me has absolutely protected no one. But it has made me really not care about other people and want to hurt them. The Hit Lists have made me dangerous. The Hit Lists have given me carte blanche to be… Read more »

So today is this last day I can register this mouth. So do I go in or not

I would go in one less reason for them to catch you up

If your month to register was March and you feel inclined to do so, then go verify. You do not have to or at least you can’t be prosecuted until the judge lifts the emergency injunction. That came straight from the mouth of the MSP trooper who answered the phone for me this morning when I called the MISOR division this morning

My county you don’t register they issue warrants and arrest you they don’t care what the judge says

I have done this numerous times where I live and it works well – contact them and their attorneys in writing and tell them what you think the situation is. Ask them what they think it is. If they have any sense at all, they won’t act like the criminals they are. If you don’t like their response, hire an attorney to either get it clarified or sue them. There is rarely any reason to allow these criminal regimes to operate outside the law. Every regime that I have seen tries to do it, so they must be forced to… Read more »

Judge Cleland’s order declaring SORA unenforceable during covid is still in effect. No one has to verify until he says so or until the governor lifts the emergency orders.

Disgusted in Michigan… From what I understand, and I’m having a hard time understanding it, post 2011 RC‘s still have to register but pre-2011 RC’s don’t. I called my local MSP post and the officer answering the phone said, again, if you’re pre-2011 you don’t have to register right now and he said that it had nothing to do with a covered but that it was because of the pending lawsuit from the ACLU.

I understand that but the county i live in doesn’t care they are still forcing you to register i argued and showed them proof and they told me don’t register we pick you up they can care less what judge cleland says they are a corrupt county

just called the flint post and they said pre 2011 people have to register

This is the last Paragraph in the Opinion Of Does One Ended With ……….. We conclude that Michigan’s SORA imposes punishment. And while many (certainly not all) sex offenses involve abominable, almost unspeakable, conduct that deserves severe legal penalties, punishment may never be retroactively imposed or increased. Indeed, the fact that sex offenders are so widely feared and disdained by the general public implicates the core countermajoritarian principle embodied in the Ex Post Facto clause. As the founders rightly perceived, as dangerous as it may be not to punish someone, it is far more dangerous to permit the government under… Read more »

@TNT…..That post is the reason you should now be able to sue successfully on your own behalf when we get screwed again. Remember when @Detroit was spouting off about the rulings that were won by the aclu? Those rulings are set in stone and it sucks ass that the state didn’t comply. But,if we’re not given what we should rightfully get from this ruling and the judge then I hope the state is swamped by individual lawsuits up to their eyeballs. I know I sure as shit plan to sue…

@Josh ….. Yes i myself do plan too hire counsel, If the state gets away with pulling a fast one over on the courts . Everyone should sell or save everything they have too do the same . One it will be worth the fight, two it will clutter the system for them not doing their job in the first place. A lot of us like myself & my family & many others have gone threw so much unjust pain and suffering because of this . I will sue for the pain and unjust and will prove it was NOT… Read more »

@Josh – Don’t you think this statement by the 6th as TNT pointed out is the hangup? “The retroactive application of SORA’s 2006 and 2011 amendments to Plaintiffs is unconstitutional, and it must therefore cease.” We no longer have those amendments… UNLESS this statement following can be pointed out: “These questions, however, will have to wait for another day because none of the contested provisions may now be applied to the plaintiffs in this lawsuit”. Part of those provisions was extending the requirement from 25 years to life, without determining risk. I don’t believe we got everything the 6th stated… Read more »

@BM…Are you still on the registry after 25 years because you happened to be on probation when the registry went live? I am. Have you lost the right to have your record expunged or set aside? I have. Have you had your registry status for the eyes of LE only changed and made public for the whole world to see? I have. Have you had your 25 years extended to life and then been made pay $50 a year for the indignity of it? I have. It still rises to the level of punishment because none of the items listed… Read more »

@BM…sorry if that came out snarky towards you. Not my intention at all. This is all so common sense to me and should be cut & dry. Of course I meant that is how society sees us when I mentioned being lower then dog shit…..just a horrible thing to get your hopes up time after time just to have them dashed

I believe there will be 44,000 law suits filed, times each violation of the constitution, unless,,,,

Not all 44000 registrants watch news or involved with aclu some one needs to address this information to RSO there should of been 44000 letters sent to these people about the law suit and there wasn’t I didn’t know till I seen it on MI News website then accidently stumbled on this blog I would of thought something like this should of been important enough for the RSO to know might of been a different out come just saying they should of been more organized and had more support on this bs law so my next thought does aclu plan… Read more »

@Scooter…I’m absolutely sure that the ACLU will file another lawsuit of the class action variety. You can rely on them and be stuck in their lawsuit as many of us were in Does II. I attempted a lawsuit only to be told that if you are part of a class action then you can’t file on your own behalf. With the court rulings being what they were, I was looking at a very great chance of being successfully removed. I was fortunate to be able to drop my lawsuit without prejudice so I get another shot. The whole time the… Read more »

@Dr……. Yes i myself will retain counsel, As well as my wife and my daughter, Who have suffered dearly because they have retroactively applied these punitive amendments too them as well these amendments are punitive too them as well and we all know this, that the effects it has not just on registrant’s but our families that suffer “Everyday” because of the retro activeness of the amendments. That maybe just what we need our families too sue them as well for damages . Because i know damn well my family has suffered enough because of them .

@TnT, at last. I have argued for years that the families should sue. Other families would likely want to join and share the expense and I would donate what I can. The harms would need to be documented with clear evidence, but in a class action there should be thousands of incidents.

This could be a civil suit against the civil regulations.

For sure Ditto, i think every family that has been effected with all these retroactive punitive rules applied retroactively for years not just on us but our families have suffered. Its very painful on them . I do plan on filing many law suites in the near future .

I also was told to wait on sueing the state of michigan. Attorney said wait for aclu to see what happens.

Thank you all….! If this feasible, Might I suggest looking yourself up, ,then setting the search on the 5 mile radius , that will show you the people in your Area that might be interested in this case, at least let them know that this website exists. I have shared this site with some and I found that most don’t want to talk,,,, but all took the website I wrote down on a piece of paper, Half had no phone/ internet, and did not want anything to do with the internet,,,, trying to explain to someone that you can look… Read more »

@Michigan, So just curious does anyone think Cleland will make his final ruling today. My take on it is he will continue to wait on his ruling. My question is even if he ruled in our favor as far as ,pre- 2006 and 2011 go, would Michigan have to revise the registry again even with this so called new law which is obviously still unconstitutional. If it is in our favor ( wishful thinking) then all pre 2006 and 2011 should be removed ASAP, just like HYTA people were removed. Wishful thinking of course. I just hope Cleland does the… Read more »

@BobbyS….To answer your question. Yes, I believe he will make his ruling today. It is what he has done…ruling on the Friday of the same week the last several times after requesting final briefs from both sides. Hypothetically, I think the answer to your 2nd question would be yes. If he came out and ruled in our favor then we would be removed from the registry in short order. However, none of us including the aclu(by the tone of their emails) have any confidence in that outcome. I plan to sue so I would prefer the judge get it over… Read more »

@Josh, thanks for your input I also appreciate it. I’m hoping it’s in our favor, but not holding my breathe. Unfortunately with me on disability, and back on February 5th having stage 3 colon cancer surgery, and currently taking mold chemo infusions every month, I couldn’t afford a lawyer if I wanted to pursue it on my own. I know from alot of the comments that is what alot people have planned, if it’s not in our favor. Again I always appreciate your input to my comments and questions.

Bobby, prayers and positive thoughts to you. Be strong. I am also on disability, I’m blind there is no way I could afford to pay an attorney. I guess we have no choice than to hope for the best with the ACLU.

Thank you, Nick, I also am blind but only in my left eye, I just hope judge Cleland makes his decision soon, and is in our favor. I’m also wondering what this confrence meeting is all about on the 8th, unless it’s more of the same crap the state request more time the ACLU request more time. It needs to end and pre- 2006 and 2011 people need to be removed from the registry ASAP.

@BobbyS…..Very sorry to hear about your health issues brother! The stressful toll this takes on us doesn’t help the cause much either I imagine….I don’t know what to make of this delay/status conference either quite frankly. Maybe it’s not all as cut & dry as we thought but who the hell knows? I was perfectly prepared to get my own lawsuit going when the ruling came down and still am. I don’t know if something is coming down the pipe with the Betts case but I really wish they’d get their stuff together and stop leaving us hanging….

At Bobby and Josh. Got another email yesterday from Tim at ACLU asking for people who have been on the registry since it went public. I’ve been on since release at 95 to present and they said that they were sorry but that is not what their legal team is looking for. 26 years isn’t enough? I’ve got no idea why they want this information and what their plans are.

So was a ruling made today?

could anyone post Tim’s @ ACLU email so that its possible to get on his email posting list
Thank You

Did you try the email alert just below this comment section?


Have you had a chance to read this?
SADO MichiganState Appellate Defender Officeand Criminal Defense Resource Center

@Dr… what?

I thought it was a good read, But I haven’t found a date on it. SADO MichiganState Appellate Defender Officeand Criminal Defense Resource Center LoginJoin CDRC Failure to Advise of SORA Registration Requirement Third Circuit – Wayne County Third Judicial (Wayne County) Circuit Court Judge Linda V. Parker recently held that a defendant received ineffective assistance of counsel during plea negotiations, due to counsel’s failure to advise of the requirement that the defendant register as a sex offender. The defendant pleaded nolo contendere to counts of assault with intent to commit sexual penetration and felonious assault. Prior to sentencing, and… Read more »

Sorry, you have to type sora in the search box, my bad .

There’s a status conference for Does 2 on the morning of the 8th.

I just read the summary, that sounded like a plea deal to me,

@Michigan…..muddier water indeed. The simple fact that there is a ongoing discussion is plain & simple a positive thing. I still reasonably expect that the end result will go against us as it ALWAYS does….however, the judge has a right to be angry & butt hurt because the state did not comply fully or completely. Our last & best hope is for judge Cleland to stick it to the state when he does not have too and has a plausible legal excuse to take the easy way out. The other fact that exists is that the state is counting on… Read more »

I couldn’t agree with you more. A federal Judge ruled the ex post facto application to be unconstitutional, yet the State Legislature ignores everything and rewrites the law that does absolutely nothing for us. There was no registry when I was convicted, yet I was forced onto it anyway and then years later received a life sentence in the mail. Applying new laws to old convictions violates the Constitution. It would be no different than the Legislature writing a new law saying all traffic violations now have a mandatory 3 day jail sentence, then arresting EVERYONE who has ever had… Read more »

I would encourage you to snap right now, but only in legal ways. Every day the Hit Lists exist, punishment is deserved. It is actually pretty easy to deliver a lot of it. America gives nearly everyone the opportunity to cause others problems. So I would encourage you to snap today and cause them as much trouble as you possibly can. Frankly, most of the trouble that I cause is good for society overall. Because the criminal regimes and their law enforcement criminals are criminals, they need constant oversight and correction. And the more resources we keep out of their… Read more »

Got any suggestions? Only thing I’ve been doing is 1st Amendment audits and doing what I can to piss off cops who want to be a-holes to me about it.

Well, I won’t get into a lot specifics because I use this name for anonymity and probably have way too much. However, I think the best way to do it is to join in on the government fleecing. There is so much money floating around within government, and the legal/enforcement/prison business part of it, that is just being taken by literally millions of people. You can be one of them. You can own companies that fleece government (i.e. taxpayer) money. Better for you, rather than anyone else, to cost them as much as possible and take as much as you… Read more »

QAnon is claiming liberals and Hollywood support a satanic cabal of child rapists and cannibals causing a child trafficking panic. I prefer to snap a little differently when arguing the facts and try to keep a tone that might convince a judge or a voter. A lot of laws are built on false foundations, not just registry laws, and there is no point in arguing with the choir, but bystanders can be shown the fallacies if argued factually. Just sayin’.

QAnon?! Whoa. Not sure what you are saying with this. I wasn’t suggesting that anyone lose their minds. However, I will say that I think the past couple of years of just absolute hate, divisiveness, chaos, and stupidity here in America has been pretty much just what I suspected was always here and what I want. America looks like what it is – a failed country full of terrible, self-entitled, self-righteous, immoral aholes. And true dumbf*cks as well. QAnon fits right into the chaos and dysfunction. The best thing for America would be a giant meteor. Also, I wasn’t talking… Read more »

I’m not talking about actions you can take. Laws got worse and worse because there wasn’t anyone to put checks and balances on moral panics. That is because moral panics, like Qanon, greatly exaggerate the danger and that in turn leads to bad laws founded on false premises. Put another way, there was no debate against the panic and it went unchecked (frightening and high) until a few years ago. Now, at least there are two sides to the story, mostly because of emerging statistics and studies that revealed the panic as a panic based on false premises. The more… Read more »

Amen … kinda like Frankenstein … they better be careful on what they create, i myself am a product of their madness and i too feel most days the same way as you . They not be sorry now but one day they will they keep holding people down from being equal or normal.

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