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It will be of little avail to the people, that the laws are made by men of their own choice, if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood;

Alexander Hamilton, The Federalist Papers



For the California folks surprised that crimes involving older teens are tiered higher than other crimes, I think it’s important to consider that the registry has less to do with the threat we pose than it does stopping sex between adults and teens by any means necessary. I see a lot of parallels between the registry and the Bloody Code of England in the 18th century, a penal code that prescribed hanging for nearly every criminal infraction, with no judicial discretion. As one contemporary put it, one hangs horse thieves not because one cares about a man who steals a horse, but so that horses are not stolen. Our trials and tribulations merely show the registry is working as intended—to scare men from having sex with teenage girls lest they end up like our miserable lot. Why? Long-standing concerns over teen pregnancy, I’d wager. Such concerns are irrelevant in modern times in communities where the registry matters—suburban teen pregnancy rates are about as low as they can be. Only urban communities have high teen pregnancy rates, but I see no evidence urbanites really care about the registry. It’s a failed tactic of intimidation.

Here is the better quote which is relevant on this forum:

“The internal effects of a mutable policy are still more calamitous. It poisons the blessing of liberty itself. It will be of little avail to the people, that the laws are made by men of their own choice, if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood; if they be repealed or revised before they are promulgated, or undergo such incessant changes that no man, who knows what the law is to-day, can guess what it will be to-morrow. Law is defined to be a rule of action; but how can that be a rule, which is little known, and less fixed?”

James Madison, The Federalist Papers

Was the conference videos from last year ever been uploaded or have I been asleep?

Dear Society,
I am a man who has served my community for many many years. I have saved lives, delivered babies, saved property and overall made the world a better place for many people. I give charitably, I care for my fellow man and love my family. Almost 10 years ago, I was caught with 6 deleted photos of possibly 16 or 17 year old girls found forensically on my computer. I was prosecuted, fined and given probation. I am a good man with a good heart. I made a mistake all those years ago. Our current system wants to remember me as a sex offender. I want to know how I can regain the trust and faith I once had from a society that has thrown me away?


That’s the $64k question, my friend, and hopefully, you’ll be get some eventual relief by avoiding the public registry.
In ‘94 I paroled and until the public website came to exist in 2004, annual registration was a relatively minor inconvenience. If you can get to that point, you’ll be closer to your old self.
Best of luck to you.

IDK Outcast but being past in EMS and losing your career for visually online viewing older teen illegal content and no physical decades ago seems more than being on a state Registry as a RC for life being normal and co Tindall punishment. Good Question Outcast. Maybe the group Outkast has some insight to whom we may not know neither or ignorance of life changing mistakes with rehabikafjon with no change in outcome post prob/parole. No exit. No acceptance reentry back into society with forgiveness.

I was watching the NBC affiliate the other night, and they ran a story about the LAUSD setting up vacination centers at school campuses. Sooooo… the question is — What about us???

Just sit tight. Schools won’t be the only vax sites. They’re just a good option because they happen to be closed and are configured for processing people (i.e. indoctrination/inoculation).
At some point, if Gov. Gruesome ever gets his S together, you’ll get it at your doctor or local CVS, like the flu shot, so be patient. No need to risk setting foot on a school campus.

@ XAV T., you are SO Right some here are above 75 & 65 with med complications and their certainly won’t be a Principals approval when its closed due to C-19! Hi Rog

See one thing myself and I’m sure many don’t like about these Sex Registry ordeals is the laws change all the time. I had finished my Sex Registry Classes or whatever one wants to call them and about a week or more later they wanted me to take the how many week courses again.

Was talking to one of the guys in their after class and the instructor heard it and I had mentioned a bit about reliegon understanding and well she didn’t like it and next thing I knew I was called into the Probation Office, course I took two wittness with me also and they wanted me out of the class because I was talking bible stuff and truth.

The PO told me that it was agreed by the DA, the instructor and by Him that because of your religion background that they didn’t want me in the class. Course paying on a weekly basis doesen’t sit very well with many going to these classes but its the “principal” of all these ordeals and it comes down to lack of respect for the people involved. Even at my orginial hearing they just wanted me to say guilty and no more. Didn’t even myself liberty to speak up at my own trail. So if thats a court system than many are getting hung out to dry so to speak.

Here’s a couple of news posts I ran across with some copied quotes from the articles:

From and

“Online child sex abuse spiked by 31% in 2020, with at least 13 million disturbing images on Facebook and Instagram.”

“In 2019, Facebook recorded more child sexual abuse material than any other tech company, and was responsible for around 99% of all reports to the NCMEC.”

“Souras, the NCMEC lead counsel, said that coronavirus lockdowns and an increase in livestreamed abuse were behind the surge. The pandemic “created real increases in the victimization of children online and their vulnerability, because they are online a lot more, often unattended, often at a much earlier age than their parents anticipated, putting them online for hours a day,” she said.”

“Souras said that children are often abused by someone close to them, and the lockdown rules introduced to slow the spread of the coronavirus had restricted the ability of some children to get help.”

“We know from looking at some of the analysis behind the reports we receive that [victims] often have a familial or close adult relationship with their abuser. Most content is created by the caretakers of children.”

“So it might be a family member in the house or it might be a spouse or partner, or a roommate, a coach, a babysitter,” said Souras. “That is the vast majority of creation of content. It is someone in the most trusting relationship a child can have: a caretaker that is also an abuser.”
From and

“This Is Why You Should Think Twice Before Posting Photos of Your Kids Online”

“It’s important to remember that abductions are very rare. About 300 occur in America per year and abductions by strangers account for about 0.1 percent of them (most missing kids are runaways).”

“The anti-sexual violence organization RAINN reports that 93 percent of juvenile victims of sexual abuse are abused by someone they know.”

Wait…someone close to the child is the perp, as noted above. That fits the data pattern for those who are labeled offenders in data sets who are not on a registry for those related crimes…hmmmmm. Will someone make the correlation in a position to use it for a greater good of getting rid of a registry? One can hope.

Oh the irony….. They are objecting because of privacy issues? I thought the interest of public safety interest was what mattered? These idiots argue both sides of the fence

Public safety is one thing, but outright intrusion is another. Any disclosing of this should be up to the individual or their guardian when needed, e.g. shot records for schools, and not the gov’t because that would be a HIPAA violation since this is a medical matter and treated as such with medical professionals, IMHO.

I just read a New York Times article about Leon Black, the head of the very successful Apollo private equity firm being forced to step down as CEO because an investigation found that he had paid Jeffrey Epstein $138 million dollars for tax advice….. Tax advice that apparently saved Mr. Black approximately $2 Billion. The investigation also showed there was no connection at all to Mr. Epstein’s illegal activities.
$138 million dollars for advice that provided $2 Billion in savings – that’s an excellent return-on-investment (ROI). And we’re talking about Finance here – a field in which ROI is everything.
It just seems strange to me that despite the report indicating no connection to Epstein’s illegal activities, Black is nonetheless being forced to step down.
So what are the parameters of “moral outrage”? How far does it extend? How far should it extend? What are the limits or boundaries? Or are all distinctions irrelevant? 🤔

I had sort of a rude awaking today when my new probation officer knocked on the door this morning and although I had called for monthly check ins it seemed he had brought a lady with him. It was a random check I suppose and he did not enter house but I did inform that I did not like probing questions although he did say everything was fine and I suppose he wanted to introduce me to this female PO officer. Seems even those at the PO level can stop by anytime unannounced.
I am sure its a bit bleak out in the area’s of California during this mask period. Now who likes being probed but still we should comply as best we can. Any thoughts.

You are on Probation. Of course they have the authority ( I did not use the word right ) to check in on you when ever they feel the need. They can have you checked daily if they feel it would be required. This should have been explained to you. You have paperwork telling you this. You obviously are on formal probation. Deal with it.

Like Way to long said, they can do whatever they want. You’re on paper. They can show up at 2am if they wanted. They never will tell you they are coming, even in COVID Era. There is nothing to discuss about them visiting you.

I have been living this for almost 19 years now Saddles. I have an idea… ask your God for assistance.

This was posted over the weekend in newspapers online: 33 minors between 13-17 were saved in a FBI sweep of SoCal for trafficking. Some of the rescued were arrested themselves for alleged crimes. (Does being rescued and then arrested a double bonus for LE?) All 71 suspects are male, between 20-62, and included people in positions of trust along with two people forced to register on a sex offender registry (2 out of 71 is 0.0282%). Can the registry go away now given more people who are not on it are suspects here instead of those with prior convictions who have to register because of them?

(BTW, these two last suspects are two that give others a bad name but may also have issues which need to be seriously addressed above and beyond what the others forced to register have in life.)

I think if you are arrested for suspected trafficking of a person , minor or not, it is pretty obvious you have “issues”.

That would be 2.82%. That follows the known recidivism rate…..just saying


A registry is then ok with you even if the arrest data is on par with the second lowest recidivism rate? That is what appears to be your point, which is the same tact a politician would take by the way. My point is recidivism rate or not, more folks where were not on it, 69 exactly, who were arrested from a cross-section of life that is ignored when it comes to keeping the registry argument than it is showing the ineffectiveness of it. Additionally, what are the reasons for the two registrants to register, e.g. repeat offense here, maybe public urination behind a dumpster, or perhaps something else? (Even a misplaced decimal to percent conversion does not justify a registry)

And to the commenter who spoke to the “issues”, thanks for the in-depth reply. Yes, it is true those who traffic others have issues; however, these two being caught with the moniker they have really should be pulled aside for assessing because they are hurting the gander of those forced to register who want to be free of it with their good lives lead.

Warpath was only correcting your obvious math error. No reason to be defensive or read any more into his comment. Since we live in a world of misinformation, providing correct information should always be welcomed.

Fair enough.

So it all over the internet. Kellyanne Conway accused of posting topless photo of her 16yr old daughter. So does that mean charges for child porn on internet along with other lengthy charges us common people are charged with . Or will it be swept under the rug like all the other untouchable officials, if people ii power were treated like us common people. There would be registry because they would have it abolished

I would hope we need to first, have proof, second, have a charge, and third, have a conviction BEFORE we offer opinions.

LPH. Thank You for your comment towards mine. After reading many of your UN PROVEN . Maybe you should take your own advise before calling someone else out. Just a suggestion

1. A topless minor is not always considered child porn. Go to any naturalist or nudist site for proof.
2. You believe everything you read and hear on internet? We are all over the internet, but do you believe all of that?
3. Repeating these stories, wether proven or gossip, is irresponsible and should be not be posted here.

Topless photos of a minor are not automatically considered porn. There are countless books and magazines available with nude or topless minors that were printed in the U.S. Blind Faith from 1969 has an album cover with a young girl topless and is easily available and is still being printed and sold on CD’s. Although now days, most publishers will avoid the controversy of a topless nude minor.

I have been looking at different states and their laws. I find it interesting that while every state has a sex offender registry, not every state lists all the offenses that qualify. For instance, if you go to Hawaii’s listing of offenses, they list only 5 as sex offenses. rape ( obviously ) , degrees of sexual assault, and sodomy. No lower level offenses are listed. The same is true for other states I looked up.
My point is that this is one of the reasons lower level offenders are looked on by the public as monsters. They have been told that a sex offense is only these horrible crimes. So if you are on registry, by uninformed deduction, you must be a high level offender.
Secondly , I notice that most law offices and legal sites repeat one thought, “ Being on the registry can have a horrible outcome on the rest of your life.” If it is so obvious to all involved how bad the registry affects those put on it, why do those that have authority keep pushing it. Are they Sadists that just like to see others in pain?

This is directed more towards ACSOL,

Is there currently any actions in the pipeline to address the passport marking, IML notices, or travelling abroad in general.

@Way too Long

I know you directed your comment to ACSOL, but I wanted to repeat something I’ve posted a few times. In the two years before the pandemic shut everything down, my wife and I traveled to 31 countries with my marked passport, and giving my 21 day notice for each trip.

Never once did anyone look at the marking in my passport. I had no issues getting into or out of any country, except of course, the hassle coming back into the United States.

My only fear is that the State Department, realizing how ineffective the marking is, will start offering rewards to border officials in other countries if they start looking for the marking and maybe deny entry. The State Department gave great rewards to the Philippines for being the best in the world at barring entry of US registrants into their country.

People say a house divided will not stand, so what about Justice in many of these registry ordeals. Do not the people involved in these ordeals get a second chance or a regress of grivance or as Janice has said demolish the sex registry, after she is a constutional lawyer, or what is the degree of all this. As one should say Justice delayed is justice denied. While we are all sex offenders even Trump should stand trial.

Should Patrick Henry say have said: I have one life to give to my country or give me liberty or give me death. Yes their are many deaths or who is inducing the physical pain in this seductive manner or should we all start a Vietman War with this registry as I’m sure many are conscience objectors to much of this free wheeling deal of destruction. Who has true wisdom today in much of this game of government inducement or who is overriding another in this apostasy of Justice. So is government the truth in all this true American Justice?

It’s not illegal to post topless photos of 16 year-olds. I have not seen the photo that appeared on Kellyanne Conway’s twitter page. What makes it illegal is that it is described as a bathroom photo taken and posted without the 16 year-old’s knowledge or consent. It is illegal to even take a seminude adult’s photo in a bathroom without their knowledge or consent let alone a minor’s. And then posting it on the internet without their permission adds another layer to the illegality of the conduct which makes it a federal crime regardless of what the state law says.

I find it amusing, if not hypocritical, that there are people here posting comments about how registrants are judged, accused, harassed and abused by the public, and then go on and do the very thing they bitch about. I was convicted of something stupid, but that doesn’t mean I want every person that does the same thing convicted. I want myself to be the last one ever convicted. We should not wish our situation on anybody else, no matter how much of a douche bag they are.

Interesting. Personally, I feel as if being listed on the Hit Lists has given me carte blanche to judge anyone as harshly as I like. I don’t have to be a good citizen either. Honestly, I really do believe that the Hit Lists have freed me from many, many worries. It added some minor worries, but it freed me from some major ones.

People are going to judge me. I honestly don’t care at all. Most people who judge idiotically aren’t worth a puddle of urine. I truly have little or no concern for them or their lives. I care more about animals, for real. The only thing that I need them to do is to mind their own business and not harass my family. They can gossip all they like, but just stay away from us and stop trying to affect our lives. Or there must be war and I don’t care what happens to them at all.

Long story short, I’ll judge all the time. I’ll also decide on consequences with no concern for their opinions about it. That sucks, but that’s America, land of the hateful and not free.

I’ve read a lot of your posts and they seem very thoughtful and likely accurate. Not sure about this one however. Are you saying a bathroom is a special place? Seems wrong. There are laws that specifically state “bathroom”? I would expect the same rules/laws apply to kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, etc.

If I take a picture of my wife in the kitchen and put it on the internet (without asking permission), I assume that is not illegal. But if it is topless, then it is? That would not be defined as an obscene picture, so what would the standard be? Anything undesired? Bad hair day?

What if the pictures are in a bathroom? I have some bathrooms that you could not distinguish from a kitchen.

These are not important questions to me so feel free to not worry about addressing them unless you are just really into it. I was just musing about the “bathroom” part, lol.

I think the bathroom scenario is a line not to cross due to the perception that this is a room that represents a certain privacy and intimacy that other rooms do not. Even a public one is considered off limits for this from a decency standpoint. Also, the idea of permission seems to be at issue for so many of these pictures. How many people have been prosecuted because the ‘victim’ hanged their minds after the picture was shot, or due to their age was deemed “ not responsible for their actions”.

I don’t think I want to eat at your house! 😎

SB 1244 that would eliminate civil commitment in Virginia was “passed by Indefinitely with letter” by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Senator Joe Morrissey’s office confirmed today that the committee’s letter will request that the Virginia State Crime Commission study the effects of abolishing civil commitment in Virginia.

The letter will be prepared shortly after the conclusion of session, written by the Clerk of the Senate and posted to the bill history on the LIS website. While Janice may not more I think this is a good move for all.

Does everyone on here understand much of this sex registry or this free and speedy trial ordeal many have to face? How about this election or this impeachment if it comes to that. Sure impeachment is on the mind of many of the voters. Even this insurrection was a bit out of character in this type of irreconciliable difference.

While using the power of the sword should not be used for capital gain do we all seem to look the other way. Even in many of these registry ordeals many don’t make any balance of adjustment or does one deserve one’s measure of fate in much of this unbalance of Justice.

Getting down to brass tactic’s isn’t going to war without a charge is it? So what is justifible today an insurrection or calling one out by a protest of unbalanced measure and I’m sure many hate violence in many respects even in Justice matters of vain and blind justice.

POTUS wants science and evidence central to his policies in all agencies, so give him and his staff/agencies/departments the social science and evidence using his own words in efforts to stop expansions of SORNA and registry actions and maybe even start drawbacks of them with outright riddance of it altogether.

New Biden executive order makes science, evidence central to policy

Read the entire article first…

I encourage registrants to check out “just facts not fear “ website. A registrant site run by registrants. No negative articles. Only encouragement and support. My old roommate directed me to it before he moved overseas. He works with them now.

Some Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Fact check
How did West Virginia inject 108.1% of its vaccine doses?
Joe Biden Did Not Sign Blank Executive Orders On His First Day
No, Joe Biden Did Not Lower the Age of Consent to 8
The US Senate Has Not Claimed That Barack Obama Funded Al-Qaeda
Did ‘Yardi Gras’ Replace Mardi Gras Parades in New Orleans?

WHAT? Next you will be telling me that the Easter Bunny is fake. These have to be truthful, because they are on the internet……………

I’m planning to make a trip to LV soon and am looking for some help regarding the RC laws there. I get the 48-hour rule for registration (or getting out of state). I may be there longer than that, so my big question is, does NV keep you on the registry forever or does it de-register someone who leaves? I will probably cut my time short if it’s a forever thing.

Thanks in advance.

For you and everyone else, lists state by state the requirements and for offenses as well as length of ‘indentured servitude’ .

Just completed my annual with LAPD. At least, I think I did. I called to schedule it and after giving my name and DOB she said since they’re closed to the public we’d be doing it over the phone. She then asked for the address where I’m living, if I’m still working, if I still have the same vehicles, and my cell phone number. I asked if I’d get something in the mail and she said no. That was it.
Does this align with the experience of others who have registered with Van Nuys LAPD during the pandemic?

@ C , sounds more like calling a PO , exact line of question , crazy this is punishment no matter how they cut it , glad it went ok for you

C ~ I don’t know about LA, but other counties will give you the paperwork either by e-mail or in the mail. I personally would not be satisfied not getting a confirmation of some sort just to be on the safe side.