FL: Florida amendment would halt min. wage increase for ex-felons

[wfla.com – 1/31/21]

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — Florida State Senator Jeff Brandes introduced an amendment this past week that would reduce the eventual $15 minimum wage rate for ex-felons and workers under 21.

Floridians voted back in November to gradually increase in the state’s minimum wage from $8.56 an hour to $15 an hour by 2026. Supporters of the amendment had said it is impossible to live on the current minimum wage given the state’s cost of living.

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The world is full of evil hateful people.

Can we just cut Florida out of the United States? What a hateful backward judgmental state!! Welcome to Florida the Stuck on Stupid State

Well, I see discrimination is still alive and well. It is narrow minded idiots like Jeff Brandes that caused the republican party to lose the the House, the Senate, and the Presidency. If the republicans are trying to figure out what went wrong they can just look at these kinds of stereotyping, prejudiced, and and counter productive legislation that state senator Brandes tries to pass off. At least the Book family is rooting for him, I’m sure.

I hope this never passes. What a vile and disgustingly spiteful measure to put upon a group of people that needs the most support in order to successfully transition back into society. Jeff Brandes and all those despicable politicians are stepping on the backs of citizens for political gain.

Nearly everytime I read about Florida it’s something bad done to our disenfranchised friends in that state. I personally wish that there will be a special hell waiting for Ron Book and his cronies after all they have done and will do in this life.

Makes sense to me. Any self respecting felon has a plethora of other options available. Thieves work outside the system. They are kind of self-employed. Drug dealers can just up their prices. Car jackers can be a little more picky. Purse snatchers just become armed robbers. (Maybe try a bank). Drunk drivers… look at Ron Book; he has no need of minimum wages anyway. & sex offenders or registered citizens — can’t find a job anyway.

How can this hold up in any court? What possible legal reason would there be to allow someone to make less money specifically because of a past conviction? This would be borderline slavery.

So, I guess what the Senator is saying is that they’ll only respect the wishes of the voters when it’s something they agree with. Otherwise, he’s okay with just flipping the bird to all those that supported raising the minimum wage by cutting out all types of exceptions to it. If the voters decided that $8.56/hr was not a livable wage, then logic holds that it isn’t a livable wage for anyone trying to support themselves and/or a family. This is beyond logic and can only be explained as hatred and pandering to voters who hold the same hatred.

Is this a backhanded way to get these folks to be easier to be hired for work if they’re paid less? I could see that in FLA then the Fed min wage kicks in if passed.

As the chains get tighter in the land of Fantasia. I’ve had it with Florida and it’s frustrating to see this bs continue. Every session Senator Book proposes new bills on sexual violence and registrants making life more unbearable. Enough of the banishment in a state that looks like a D.

There is a big lawyer in Orlando, John Morgan publicly stated that should this become law he will fight it

Lex Luthor had the right idea in the first Superman movie, just the wrong state!

The minimum wage thing is a whole other discussion, but it would only matter in an
area with not enough jobs. Where I live it may be harder for a felon to get hired, but
the pay it pretty decent because there are so many jobs and so few people to fill them.
Supply and demand will help the “hard to hire” folks.

To quote James Coburn in the movie Payback, “Man, that’s just MEAN. That’s MEAN, man.”
That’s all this clown is trying to do. I found that people who behave like this often are
trying to cover up their own inadequacies and crimes! He hates himself and wants to
take it out on everybody else.

Its MINIMUM wage period!!!

As the sex offender community starts to grow so does the fear of us
They fear that sex offenders might start organizing and start an uprising and march to Florida’s State Capitol demanding their civil rights thats literally their biggest fear.
It’s pathetic how low their willing to go to keep control over people forced to register in Florida someone in that state needs to stand up to those politicians it’s 2021 people need to stop being afraid of law enforcement who threatenin to take your freedom by throwing you in prison dont be afraid if your in compliance then Law Enforcement has no power over you
California is lucky they came up with a off ramp for people forced to register because it would be easy for someone to literally take control over IML by personally reaching out and organizing every person on that website and show theses politicians the true power in numbers.

Good luck

What a jackass!! As if previously incarcerated individuals do not aleady have an uphill battle trying to gain employment, this lawmaker wants to FURTHER PUNISH THEM by supressing the wages they would be paid. Yes, this is additional punishment being added on outside of judicial proceedings and after their sentences have been completed!! 😡

Jeezz, talk about Jim Crow still being alive and well in the South!! 😡

While I believe everyone should have work whether they got out of prison, are ex-felons, or a bit on the mental side, and I didn’t say (meddle David) or all should be given the “opportunity” to work at a fair wages and these wage rights. Government wants to bar many and that is really unjust for those that are married or unmarried or do they go on character or even character reference such as I’m a sex offender and my character reference is I didn’t have a victim but I can still cuss like a Sailor in a tittle wave.
Oh Janice btw. did you get those things I sent to you. Hope you enjoy them.

As so many have said so many times here………Florida. Enough said.

Email this guy and tell him what he is proposing is not only wrong, but insanely ridiculous.
Sounds to me like he want to hire felons to do his yard work for cheaper. Cheap bastard!