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IA: Arizona man who threatened Iowa lawmakers sentenced

[ – 2/1/21]

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — An Arizona man who threatened to shoot Iowa lawmakers over his frustration with a failed attempt to change Iowa’s sex offender registry law has been sentenced to five years in prison.

____, also identified as ____ in court records, was sentenced Friday in Des Moines’ federal court, the Des Moines Register reported. ____was arrested in December 2019 and convicted by a jury in September of interstate communication of a threat.

____sent emails to state Sen. Herman Quirmbach saying he was “angry enough to pull a mass shooting down at the State House,” and that the Second Amendment exists “so we can kill politicians” who don’t follow the law, prosecutors said. ____, who was convicted of a felony sex crime in Iowa as a teen, was angry over the failure of a bill that would have allowed him to apply to be removed from the Iowa sex offender registry without moving back to the state.

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It’s only gonna get worse peopIe can’t handle this anymore.
I feel for this guy he’s been on IML all his adult life being harrassed by law enforcement and shut off from Society unable to form relationships with people or get married or find a good job or buy a home that’s just sad.
GOD forbid he has children because the only way to keep them safe from all this madness is to get far away from them as possible before they become teenagers.
Because once everyone in the neighborhood knows your a sex offender this could destroy your children’s Social lives.
So I understand this guys frustration

Good luck

This incident, compounded with that warrant being served in Sunrise, Fla., resulting in the death of 2 FBI agents while serving a warrant, does not bode well for anyone on the list. It’s just gonna paint all sex criminals as being violent, desperate and dangerous. Further bolstering their argument that we have to “keep tabs on these people.”

As usual, they’ll come down on the collective like a ton of bricks for the actions of a few.

You think? But violence is fine. We don’t even care to Register people who shoot their neighbors with guns. Because that is not nearly as dangerous or harmful as people like this guy in Floriduh who was looking at some pictures. If they had convicted him, he surely would have spent YEARS in prison and then his family would’ve been listed on the Hit Lists and harassed for decades. If. But had he only shot one of the neighbors’ children, he would’ve been in good shape. He could’ve lived by all the schools he liked. He could’ve traveled to different states without informing big government!!

There is no national, public, lifetime Gun Offender Registry. So I’m afraid I can’t take very seriously any criminal regime that says it cares about violence. They care about SSSSSSSEEEEEEEXXXXXXX. Maybe they care about violence if SEX was ever involved?

“This is my rifle*.
This is my gun**.
This is for fighting.
This is for fun.”

Military training.
*Hand on rifle.
**Hand on crotch.

I completely agree, Will Allen: There should be a national firearms offences & weapons violence registry (complete with compliance checks, interstate travel restrictions, unique passport notifiers, residency restrictions and mandatory therapy attendance & completions, etc.)
Disclaimer: These views are my own and certainly do not reflect the views or indicate the support of any lawmaker I have ever met in my entire life! Any progress since Sandy Hook? Yeah no, I didn’t think so. 🙄

A possible interesting angle regarding this guy in Floriduh is that IF he knew he was guilty and would be convicted, but yet would be punished actually fairly and proportionately for what he did, perhaps he might’ve even welcomed that? Perhaps he wanted help and might’ve been grateful?

But instead, he surely knew about the Hit Lists. And decided that was not morally correct?

Oh well. Life goes on.

Let’s continue down the path of stupid and hate.

People who get prosecuted for sex offenses when young absolutely should be upset. Yeah obviously there are consequences for breaking the law. Yet even prosecuting most crimes no matter the type doesn’t really do much in the long run to deter others from the same kinds of conduct. The system is in need of serious overhaul.

I’m curious what actually went down in Florida. For someone to put up that much of a fight over suspected CP possession doesn’t make sense. There was something else going on too.

Every time I read an article about bad acting of a sex offender I cringe. Our reputation is already negative.
On the other hand do you think he would have received a five year sentence if he wasn’t an RSO?

These laws are designed for one reason: re-incarceration. They can’t retroactively increase your sentence, but they can put you back in prison for registry violations and other things.

You cringe? I don’t. I’m upset the retaliation is not a lot worse. These criminal regimes are criminals. They deserve nothing but contempt and disrespect. They are nothing but harassing terrorists.

That aside, I’m sure that 5 year sentence will help this person understand that he was wrong and that he deserved to be persecuted. I’m sure it will improve the situation. We don’t have Hit Lists because big government is smart and improves things.

If I was arrested for a sex crime when I was a teen, I’d be pissed off also. Government doesn’t care about the people’s safety. All they care about is dividing people and playing God.

Amazed this don’t happen more , as the gov’t slowly chokes the life out of people for years in the name of “Safety” with little regard for the rights of people that already did time/punishment , and as the years go by they keep tightening the screws with no relief of the constant anxiety , never aloud to leave the passed in the passed , this is on going punishment that should be stopped , But it will not be stopped because its more important to get those votes from the truly dangerous hateful control freaks , big gov’t will never fix big gov’t , they will only divide the people and develop more scams /laws to further imprison and enslave , at some point people start to see past the blinders and they react or they just stop caring and become controlled zombies begging for more blinders ,and more dog and pony shows filled with hopium , never the true relief

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