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CA: Home Breaking News Failure to Register as Sex Offender Lands Man in Prison for Longer than Original Sentence

[ – 3/10/21]

SACRAMENTO, CA  – Local resident Donnell Cox was sentenced Monday to two years in California State Prison here in Sacramento County Superior Court for charges resulting from a crime he was convicted of more than a quarter-century ago.

Cox, 57, failed to sign up for the sex offender registry, a felony in California that carries a sentence ranging from 16 months to three years—interestingly, he will be serving a sentence considerably longer than his original sentence.

About 25 years ago, in 1994, Cox was convicted of sexual assault and battery. His original sentence was 93 days in custody and four years of parole. As a condition of his conviction under California Penal Code section  290.018(a), Cox is required to register as a sex offender every year within five days of his birthday.

Until recently California was one of only four states that required mandatory lifetime registration of all convicted sex offenders. As of January, 1 2021, individuals on the registry are eligible to petition the court for their removal, but it is at the court’s discretion and many less severe infractions remain on the books.

In August of 2020, Cox let his registration lapse which triggered a parole violation.

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WHEW!!! I’m so glad the registry isn’t punishment! [sarcasm]

Wow. Finally a sympathetic headline. Never thought I’d see the day.

Gotta stay on ur toes if ur convicted of a sex crime and commit another crime ur definently going to prison in reality this guy got lucky the DA could of easily pulled pc667 the 3 strike law and gave him 5 years on top of that 2 I bet hes happy he only got 2 years California ain’t playing .

Good luck

So, he was on parole with probably monthly home visits, meaning they knew where he lived at all times. He probably even wore a GPS. How can a lawyer not argue this? Since registration is just administrative, and they knew where he lived, and it may not have been a willful failure to register (unless he absconded), how could this have even been gone as far as sentencing? The case should have been thrown out. What a bunch of BS. Registration is supposed to be ti prove he still lives where he lives, so what better way to prove this than the unannounced parole visits?

It says he was in violation of parole in 2020, but his offense dated back to 1994 with a 4 yr parole. So what ever parole he was on was not related to his sex offense. Yet of all the things they could get him on they chose this because it carries the stiffest penalty. Sure, registry is not punitive my ass!

It doesn’t matter if you like it or not or what do you think of it. If you’re required to register your’re required to register. So do it.

So what does it mean he let his registration lapse? Was he 2 days late and they jumped on that or did he just say “Screw it. I’m not going to register anymore.” or what?

That all is something we don’t know it’s hard to make a decision if the prosecutors were overly tough on that or not without that information.

Yes, “the prosecutors were overly tough”. The Hit Lists are an idiotic, immoral, anti-factual, anti-reality act of war. So no additional war attacks should be based on them and they should pay consequences for it.

Vote out all people who think big government is good.

Actually, reading the article, it states that his registration lapsed in August of 2020.

So that’s a lapse of not a few days or weeks, but seven months.

It goes on that state that his current probation was for a previous offense of not registering.

Yes, these are his only offenses since his conviction in 1994. But it’s a repeated offense.

Bruce, so that makes it even worse in my opinion. If the lapse was seven months, WHERE were the police? All these kids that were in danger for over 7 months while this “monster” was nowhere to be found, AND they did not bother finding him? So, why register at all if one can get away with it for 7 months? What is the purpose?

Right? Big government failed to protect the children. How could they possibly have allowed such danger for so long? Also, it didn’t matter. And f*ck the idiots who think the Hit Lists are acceptable.

Who cares? It is not really an offense. It is not really a crime. The only crime is being committed by the criminal regimes that have Hit Lists. We must make America a decent country for once and end out-of-control big government and their Hit Lists. They are a real danger to morality. End them.

Today, this very day, right now, I’m ensuring the Hit Lists are worse than worthless. If everyone does the same every day, what person with a brain can think they are a good idea?

MichaelRS, it doesn’t matter. The headline is still accurate.

The number of days he lapsed doesn’t matter either. Same violation if 1 day or 7 months.

The prosecutors were overly tough because the registry is a regulation and not a penal code crime. So he got 93 days for the actual Gropeinator crime and 2 years for the violation of a regulation. This simple math is enough information.

Bottomline folks, Register on time! It doesn’t help to have a bunch drug charges either. The courts were fed up with him and now he is in deep doo doo

A favorite ploy is for you to register then someone not registering you correctly.

Miss spelling something or erasing something. It’s very common and the longer ur on the registry the easier it is to end up with mistakes you didn’t do.

Dunno about your experience Davis, but every time I’ve registered for 28 years, I’m handed the form and instructed to verify all of the information that has been entered.
DMV does the exact same thing.

People make mistakes.

They absolutely do that. You also make mistakes and mis something. Example my name is David you say Davis. Then the few days go by to correct the problem so WHAM you just committed FTR.

I’ve been on the registry over 20 years. I have had them miss spell my email twice when entering things. I corrected the problem but let’s say I miss correcting the problem. I’m much older now and it gets easy to miss things.

Also folks doing our registry input stuff sometimes don’t like us. I’m sure some might hate us. So we also have that.

I read a few comments back a gentleman had a cop do a home compliance check and the cop erased stuff. Had that also. My point is it’s very easy to get a real FTR if you realize people make mistakes. Our mistakes might be someone else’s mistakes and we shouldn’t face prison for proof reading.

All you have to do is keep proof that you gave them the correct information. Then who gives a flip if they are too incompetent to enter it correctly? That is a benefit. If it were actually important to public safety they wouldn’t even think about not entering it correctly. Well, they probably would because they are immoral.

If you ever get arrested for information that they screwed up, do not ever let that pass. They need to be sued as often as possible.

My case was in 1998. I lived in East Los Angeles and registered with the local law enforcement agency. I moved in with a friend and within 5 days went to register with the law enforcement agency in my new location. To my surprise, the detective handling my registration stated that I was not in compliance and had not been registered with the last agency. I was immediately shocked and scared. I asked if I can reach into my wallet and pulled out the receipt proving that I had indeed registered. The detective and I concluded that the person handling my registration did not submit the information into the computer system causing me to be considered not compliant. Please, keep your receipts on your person.

As usual, I hope this guy gets out and retaliates as severely as he possibly can. All legally, of course. He needs to cause extreme damage.

Personally, I think all PFRs should be retaliating right now. Millions of people. There is no reason to wait until the criminal regimes escalate their attacks.

The Hit Lists aren’t acceptable and there must be damage.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x