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NE: School placed in “lock out” during sex offender investigation

[ – 3/10/21]

GENOA, Neb. — Twin River Public Schools was briefly placed in “lock out” Tuesday while the Nance County Sheriff’s Office measured the distance between the residence of a recently-registered sex offender and the school.

In a Facebook post, the sheriff’s office said 27-year-old George ____ registered at the Nebraska State Patrol office in Norfolk and listed a Genoa address. NSP explained to ____ that he could not live within 500 feet of a school or childcare facility per Nebraska statute.

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I nominate this for the most absurd Hysteria of the Year award!

@ Roger: I completely agree.
Nonetheless, for safety sake, I think it best that the children remain locked down inside the school building until the registant has completed the move, registered his new address, applied for a new Drivers License, established all utility services, and had a thorough Compliance Check/address verification conducted by police.
Must keep those children safe – even if it requires their own extended detention. 🤣🤣🤣

And I can tell you from experience; the measurement is from one property line to the other. So, if you live in a large housing complex, the measurement starts at the property line… even if you reside at the far end.

Maybe the school was trying to protect the kids.

Court Rules Police Officer Who Shot 10-Year-Old Is Protected by Qualified Immunity

“No reasonable officer would engage in such recklessness,” complains dissenting judge.

It’s like we’re all living in a never ending episode of The Twilight Zone. “Sex Offender” hysteria, courtesy of the fake news media and corrupt politicians

Are you kidding me? This was actually a news article?

And check out the title of the article

— School placed in “lock out” during sex offender investigation —

They make it sound like a crime was committed and was investigating it and lock the school down while they did so. My lord!!

Why the heck would they place the school in lock out? I guess it was a CYA kind of thing. If anyone found out this SO was within the 500 foot radius I am sure there would have been hell to pay that the sheriff’s department allowed him to be there.

I was really hoping there was a comment section at the bottom of that article. Was curious to see what would have been posted.

@ N. E. Penn: And yet, the police DID allow it…. until they realized the problem. Wouldn’t it have been just as easy for the dim bulb who registered him to Google Map his address and say, “Sorry, no.” right then and there? Rather than go through their whole performance art “security episode” which inconvenienced many people rather than just one??

Yes, they could have done that. But that would have been convenient for the registrant. This way they get to make him scramble to find somewhere else to move to in a short time and get the money together to do it. But of course he agreed to move to a different county, which was probably the real point. “Not punitive” indeed…

We are seeing the real corruption in our criminal justice system especially with the sex offence registry which is deeper than the Marianas Trench.

Nebraska where the west begins, Nebraska where you need a friend, Nebraska the Good Life now. I learned that song in elementary school; but this article makes Nebraska the land of the Wild West where registrants are hanged for life. Sex sells for fear mongers out there. Nice job politicians, law enforcement, an American society. United States stuck on ignorance, for the ignorant, by corrupt politicians!!

Because everybody knows that its impossible for someone to snatch up a child if you live outside of the school safety zone, because its much better to walk into a school building full of teachers and students where everyone can see you. Its much more difficult to snatch up a child who is walking alone on a sidewalk. Isn’t this the goal of every RP? To try to live within a school safety zone in order to grab kids from the school? People are stupid.

People are stupid. That is the bottom line. That is why we have residency “restrictions”. That is why the Hit Lists exist.

If I were going to snatch a child, guess where I wouldn’t do it? Anywhere near where I lived. Especially if I told big government where I live and they think I will snatch a child. I would obviously do it somewhere else. It’s beyond stupid really.

Yet the liars who want us to believe that this harassment is for “public safety” have no problem with people who have shot children with guns living right next door to schools. They don’t have any problem with shooters being in schools!! They are liars who just want to harass families.

People are stupid – Amen to that. Now, they are canceling cartoons that have been around for decades for some stupid reason, like a cartoon character wearing a crop top. Why do they stop now? Just cancel every show, cartoon, movie, because I can guarantee you I could find fault with all of them if I looked hard enough. But, I won’t look hard enough because I HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO!!

When the people in the village realized the very bad man was only 250ft away from the school where little children play they called the police to shoo him away Into another county where by A school he still stay

The End

I could have done it on google maps in about 3 minutes, yet thy need to create mass hysteria by breaking out a yard stick and taking 10 hours to do a simple task. Dipshits

There is no statewide residency restriction in the state of Nebraska. Towns/cities can approve such a restriction of up to 500 feet from schools and daycares, but they are not required to and some have not done so. The residency restriction also does not apply to all registrants, just those deemed “sexual predators” an over-inclusive category based not on any actual definition of the term “sexual predator” but based solely on the crime of conviction.

I’m so glad no one over reacted here and all involved displayed the calm cool nerves of Chicken F’n Little.

My God, what a bleeping joke.

Check out these comments on time change and the risks to kids at bus stops.

@ Brandon: Do you realize how many children in Florida suffer from a severe lack of ☀️ sunshine?? Talk about a pandemic!! It’s truly tragic.
So many suffering from rickets and osteomalacia. 😭 And the crazy liberal socialist elites don’t care!
I’m so glad lawmakers like Señor Asshat Rubio are recognizing the urgency of the situation.
(Warning: Extreme sarcasm!)

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