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Patty Wetterling

[ – 3/17/21]

Dear Florida Action Committee Members and Advocates,

So much respect is deserved by Patty Wetterling. In 1989, Patty’s son Jacob was abducted and killed near their home in Minnesota. Three years after Jacob’s abduction, Minnesota enacted a registry in his memory and a couple years after that, the federal government did the same. In fact, the Jacob Wetterling Crimes Against Children and Sexually Violent Offender Registration Act was the federal law that proceeded the Adam Walsh Act and was the original federal law that required states to enact a sex offender registry. At the time, Patty was the driving force behind the push to enact these laws.

Today, Patty is behind another effort – to curb the very laws she encouraged congress to pass decades ago. Over time and with the help of a significant amount of education into the research and results, Patty realized that the registry isn’t working the way she had envisioned. As an article in today’s Minnesota Star Tribune pointed out, “now, Wetterling and others are pushing state lawmakers to take a closer look at the Predatory Offender Registry she helped establish, arguing it was expanded over the years when legislative panic over sexual predators was high but scientific research on reoffending was low. The list has grown and become so punitive that experts argue in some cases it could be counteracting the original goal — to keep children safe.”

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I think this proves just exactly how hard it is to put the genie back in the bottle once loosed… No matter HOW good the intentions are.

I agree. Couldn’t imagine the pain of losing a kid. I wish that she could feel the pain that my kids and family feel as an innocent person on the registry that she helped to create.

I think she does have an indication of the Pandora’s box she opened. The machine has taken it out of her hands yet continues to use her dead son’s name. She thought that the registry would track people like those that killed her son, so I can’t fault her. It is the politicians that took advantage of her loss to score points to their voters that we should focus on.

You give politicians a inch they turn it into a mile gravel road. In time the gravel road becomes an expressway with many on ramps, but no off ramps headed toward insanity at high rates of speed.

“She realized the registry (database) isn’t working the way she envisioned.”

Not all that different from the pilot flying the Boeing 737 Max airliner in a feeble attempt to right the ship. IMO Patty was victimized twice. Once by the kidnapping Creep and second by the deep state Byrne Grant folks. Poignantly, it wasn’t the Creep who desired money.

I wonder about getting Patty W’s testimony in the context of a FTR case? Sounds irrelevant lest it be used to attack DOC or regimes credibility!

Sadly our leadership lead us down the path of public online identity politics and online name calling.

I guess all the registrants and there families can feel better now! well her good intentions now will remind her everyday how registrants and there children are now suffering. Nobody thought this out why would you in this nation………….$$$

Is it possible for you to reach out to Patty and form some kind of Alliance? I know if I helped push a law(s) that destroyed families and ruined people’s lives, I’d want to do everything I can to right the wrong.

I believe I was in my late 30’s when this Wetterling ordeal came out about this, and yes we all can envision and suggest. While she is right much of this registry, it is a bit much. Even this internet is a bit much with all this high tech tracers, monitors, and other restraints to compound others.

Yes most all have obstacles from job security to family life. Even this porn is getting out of control via this internet for many. Well Patty meant well during that time and government is going a bit overboard in many ways. I have to say as sure as many should do and stand up for Patty as we all can be lead astray by manipulation.

My hats off to Patty and yes many authorities are doing just as wrong with much of this enticement that’s basically blind justice at its best in many of these encounters.

Does this mean Patty is willing to assist more with Congress, other SOL org’s, etc to get the right people to see the impact? How about a letter to the Honorable Chief Justice of SCOTUS himself detailing the issues she regrets? US Gov’t does not like to give back ground it has won even when it is wrong. Humility is not in it’s vernacular.

After studying this Patty Wetterling thing and these sex issues from the least to the worst cases much of this registry was not well thought out. Those authorities are burning themselves. Even this recent ordeal in Georgia is a bit much is a nightmare of real life encounter status. Much of this internet needs to go along with the porn if thats the spark that starts it all. When I say the spark the spark was the lie from the start… as in I’m home along or whatever. The I’m 15 or 16 is a coy,and than one finds out it was a police person posing via the internet. Can one see the ethics or the vain blindness of all this.

Sure the abuse and psychologtical damage that some go thru via this internet encounters is a bit much. While one can understand about a kidnapping more in a real situation but this internet ruse by authorities is off balance in many ways. It even goes against the grain of the commandments in many ways.

This is not only hindering adults but its corruption at best and Janice brought a good article that all should take notice of. If that’s the way government and law authorities work this and set one up for the fall with this temptation than government needs to clean up their game in this act as government is just as guilty and I’m sure you all would agree with that.

One wonders who is assuming in a lot of these internet ordeals. Who’s trying who’s spirit or are we all sinners and whats more those in authority are doing more harm than good with lengthly prison sentences, even this punishment is a bit entraping to understand. Yes correction is good if done the right way.
Don’t get me wrong I’m sure we all stayed in detention Jr. High or High school way back then. I dont’ even know if they have detention hall at schools today or do they just kick you out of school or suspend one today.

Sure much of this is a game and protecting and serving is good but seducing to prevent is not. One wonders if government can prevent the sky from falling.
Look at it this way does much of this registry go against biblical or true justice. And yes as many of you all have said their is a lot of money floating thur the halls of injustice.

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