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WI: Wisconsin judge charged with seven child pornography counts

[ – 3/17/21]

MADISON, Wis. — Prosecutors charged a Wisconsin judge with multiple counts of possession of child pornography Wednesday.

State Department of Justice attorneys filed seven felony counts against Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Brett _____. Each count carries a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison.

Brett _____, 38, was scheduled to make his initial court appearance Wednesday in Dane County. His attorney, listed in online court records as Chris Van Wagner, didn’t immediately respond to a message seeking comment.

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I wonder how many people this guy condemned to the eternal hell of the public registry while he himself was spreading CP and promoting the sexualization of kids at public libraries?

25 years for each count for looking at pics that somebody else posted, but democrats are debating whether or not Governor Cuomo should resign from office or not for actual hands on offenses of 8 adult women. This is just total insanity. Nothing is rational, nothing is in perspective.

The bastard thought the only way to get around the law was to become it. SERVES HIM RIGHT.

This dude sent people to prison and placed people on lifetime registration …SMH

good luck

Those who judge will now be judged as a leper in society. I wonder how you’ll like the system now that you are on the other side.

I have to say that I’m amazed by the knee-jerk judgmental hypocrisy I see in some of these responses. These come from some of the same people who whine about their own presence on the registry. Ok, so the guy was a judge. I don’t know anything about his judicial record or whether he was unfair to SOs. But I do know that once he gets cranked through the criminal injustice wringer he will be just another SO on the registry who will suffer for the rest of his life.

So why doesn’t he deserve the same support in this forum than many expect for themselves? Let’s fight the real enemy.


I hope they throw the book at him. Many of these judges and politicians who treat people accused of sex offenses are doing things themselves and are using harsh judgements to cover up their illegal acts.

The P2P networks are the source of most illegal imagery on line. I have heard of or seen beheadings, mutilations, child porn, and adult rapes. People share this stuff like it is a youtube video, with total disregard for the consequences. I saw my images by opening a file and having those pictures combined with innocent photos of sunsets, which was how the file was identified. This ‘Judge’ (?) used P2P network to gather his files. Question is , why can’t they just shut it down if illegal imagery is found. In my opinion , this is as bad as posting instructions on making a bomb or modifying a weapon. Sites are shut down all the time for illegal content. Let the morality police go after the source. Meanwhile, hope this guy is ready for what is coming, because it isn’t going to be pretty. Dressing like a drag queen brings a whole new set of issues in Prison………….

BUT you can bet his attorney will attack the method used to do surveillance upon his IP address. I’ll be withholding my opinions until it heads to trial.

This judge deserves 25 years to life for viewing CP images and the fact that he actually might have convicted and sent people to prison and placed them on lifetime registration for doing the same thing just goes to show how sick and twisted this world really is you can’t trust no one.

Good luck

Guys I hate to say this in this type of “Yellow Brick road affair but who is the Slave today in this Honky Chateau affair. Who is predicting and who is abusing or do we all make mistakes of use and or abuse or not abuse. So were does the second chance come in.

Seems it doesn’t in much of this alarming callous registry ordeal or are we all still carnal by nature both men and women, young and old. Who is still chasing after dirty laundry or were is all the presidents men fighters or lovers of self. Even this past election is telling and a bit overshadowing but God is still their in the good times and the bad.

I have to commend Janice for bringing this article to many peoples attention that are mixed up in much or some of this encounter or do we all have mixed emotions of boys to men or even girls to men and much of this misguided principal of all this registry issue.

Should one band the computer to those that get caught up in this registry in this safeguard or make the retailers and manufactures upsect for sales to a sex offender or is government somehow doing wrong themself? Should one even band camera’s.

Sure we could all go with biblical view’s of the last days. Use some logic and true understanding of a probational method or a sting em up hang em high method for those that face such battles. Good laws are good laws but blue laws are a bit one sided.

Sure I don’t know how it is out in California or other states as I live in Virginia. Yes WV use to be corrupt in many area’s at one time as well as many other states. Are we all getting to that position now or should we just band the porn all together from the computer or should we think about the kids more than the adults? Yes government has its tryings but were is the trusting in God, in the court system today or on the back of a license plate.

I’m sure the women are upset with their men getting mixed up in much of this, not to mention their own children as Women against the Registry has said and yes kids do become adults, go to war, vote, etc. at least one would hope thats their progressive. All I am saying is each one of us can get caught in the cookie jar so to speak, both men and women. To much negative in this world today even with this pandemic going on. Even searching for a Heart of Gold is a bit better in this day and age or why is this pandemic upon us all.

Hypocrisy. But quite frankly, there are a lot of equally corrupt activities, conducted by government officials, in plain sight. For example, take a look at the conflicts of interests in CASOMB and any of the businesses, industries, and actuarial sciences it supports. None of that gets challenged. It happens right in plain sight — and people are afraid to stand up to it.

Anyway, our ‘justice system’ is full of hypocrisy. And the government officials that uphold the justice system are often no better, morally, and perhaps arguably/unarguably worse, than the very people it condemns.

I don’t wish this judge or anyone ill will. Just hope that he realizes the system isn’t what he thought it was from outside the system.

I can’t say I’m surprised of the various segments of society that these CP cases yield. A great deal of these individuals were respected members of their communities occupying prominent positions in education, medicine, religion, business, law enforcement, government, and so on. And even the rest of the CP offenders that don’t occupy high positions are just regular people with jobs, support a family, and pay their taxes.

Aside from the charges most CP offenders are law abiding. And they have an extremely low recidivism rate which is most telling: these are people who have made a poor choice in their life that are correctable and can be rehabilitated back into society.

This judge (although should know better than most not to mess with that stuff) can be helped with some incarceration, support groups, and therapy. And maybe after that he can help all of us in fighting the Registry.

@James. I think we have something. Now the Scripture http I mentioned to Chance and others is from a Pastor I met via the internet about 4 or so years ago. We sort of hit it off good when I told him I use to work out in the Grand Canyon at Yellowstone one summer and stayed in Flagstaff for a while after my agreement for that summer ended. Him and his wife love to go hiking in the canyon. I also mentioned vagueness and I did look that up and it is even a law issue or legal matter that is not touched on can help in this compounding issue.

See even the bible works together in conjunction Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and yes we all can error in many ways but compounding with this sex registry is a bit much and while Jesus was given all authority isn’t bearing false wittness bad enough when government authorities lay down this pretend ordeal game plan. If you guys want to check out this sermon than go for it.

…what if he’s falsely accused?

You can be accused of just about anything really. “Downloading” could’ve actually meant being sent something and then unintentionally opening the message or file or email thinking it was something else. They are getting crafty in their entrapment games and no one – not even a judge – is safe from their crooked tactics.

I’d say give this person their “due process” before jumping to conclusions. Prosecutors going after judges to me seems to be about more than what’s on the “media friendly” surface…these newage prosecutors are big on exploiting “democracy” and “public opinion”.

@spoder – What if you say. Thats not an easy question but actually its easy if one understands. What if gold wasn’t found in California. If you notice in his little sermon talking about the Civil War or even as some call it War between the States, even many would have to agree with that statement. Yes many of us didn’t like this on this end in VA.

I’m sure it was kayos out in California during that day. Rushing into things is not easy and yes the bible does say “all lie”. Believe it or not Janice and many have a tough job with this internet ordeal and these false claims that are placed on others. Spoder they didn’t have internet back than or did they, but they did have thought and who knows a man’s thoughts. Even the bible can tell you that one.

Internet is thought thinking by others that people have never met or by people sending things by some trickery methods in cognito form. One could even go as far as saying ambush one into thinking errors.
You brought up a very good question or viewpoint. Yes my probation officer told me in my earlier stages of this registry that for the next 10 years I was under his command. I looked at him and said Just don’t ask me to bow down to you. I can remember it plain as day.

Downloading is an option even common sense is an option so now we have vain options or moral options isn’t that way it says in the bible let God be true and every man a liar.
The downloading or message sender is just as guilty in this ordeal to usurp a person’s rights in these vain internet ordeals. Much of this internet is as you say entraping or what actually was the Civil war actually about. My great grandfather fought in that war and the pastor makes a good point in his little audio sermon.

Spoder actually you brought up a good point at this time for many in these types of situations. Sure authorities are delegated to protect and servre for the common good and much of this registry is out of character and can be out sourced in many ways.

I have just gotten a letter about three weeks ago from the Commonwealth of Virginia which states: We are writing to let you know your petition for Exective Clemency has been denied. Yes I am getting ready to make a copy and send it to Janice.

So now, are many facing this difference between Clemency and a Pardon. Hey theirs even a difference between making a decision and a choice in much of this registry ruse. I even told the authorities that when I first got involved in all this. Sure we all face many battles both small and great but this registry is effecing millions in this blind type of Justice. Sure one can go with theory understanding, blind understanding, or foresight understanding as it talks about in the bible in the last days. So were is truth and wisdom in all this come into play.

I’m sorry to get on all this biblical stuff but when authorities tend to usurp others that even makes a world of government just as guilty or the word out of truth out of balance today in some area’s. Even the statement in the bible about a house divided makes a lot of sense or are we all still wearing a mask today.

Protection is only good on those they protect or who looks at some pie in the sky justice. Vain senerio’s have blind courses in true justice. Correct me if one is wrong on this Janice or anyone else.

Watch the charges get dropped then reduced for the judge.
If by a MIRACLE he is put on the registry, he will be treated with kid gloves just like all the other infamous sex offenders. Remember Jeffery Epstein had little to no issue traveling… UNLIKE US!!! How do you think Mile Tyson, Anthony Weiner and ‘all the others’ deal with these convoluted sex offender laws and travel? Probably similar to Epstein.

You know I even wonder why they gave me probation after the public attorney backed out. Yes my language wasn’t to becoming. Even the DA had a hard time with that in court. My sister told me it was embarrassing to her course I’m sure she had time to prepare.

So here is an investigator offered me or anybody else some plea deal even before one went or goes to court. Two wrongs don’t make a right it would seem. Were they not just as guilty? Sure I was wanting to go to court but if I was in jail or prison how could I relate all this to you and other advocates.

Sure we can all try to do the right things such as meet a person or friend, try to understand about this registry as many do here, or go along with the program and yes many have been incarcarated deceived in many vain ways and means or does someone keep porno on the internet for some reason.

Is authority broken today in America. This registry is telling to many or does much of this go way beyond much of commandment understanding. In many ways who killed who with this uncanny government relief of true truth and justice.

I have to take my hat off to Janice and her team and its not because the other advocates are not doing their thing as all states have a different culture or views on this subject but we all charge ahead.

Wow Judge not I liked that actually, I commend your for thought on that. I sometimes can’t even live with myself but truth is still truth or are we all a bit bias in a way.

In other words how can one understand the enemy when we at times are our worst enemy. And I’m sure thats a true saying.
Sure much of this registry can be a culture shock for some in these 50 states. Isn’t getting along with others better than protests going on today? I don’t like to see anyone being taken advanaged of and much of this registry is a bit out of balance in its court of law or did law enforcement invent abuse and Hustler magazines or even a porno book.

Truth in judgement goes a long ways and Janice, Chance and team are doing a very good thing for many of us. When in doubt we read the manuel of how to operate it to correct but a watered down court room is a vain Justice and also blind.

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