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American Sex Offender Policy Condemned as Human Rights Violation Before the United Nations

[ – 3/19/21]


Watch the video


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Holy shit. This is huge.

He spoke via zoom to the court. The court didn’t condemn it, he did in his speech. Did you even watch the video before commenting?

This was just 14 minutes of a 95 minute presentation that Just Future Project did at the United Nations Congress on March 10, 2021. What I thought was most interesting was that everyone who joined the presentation, stayed for the entire 95 minute presentation. No one dropped off before the end. And some even stayed in chat after the presentation ended. We had about 10 more minutes of material that had to be cut because everyone took a little bit too long to give their section of the presentation.

I understand that the audience was limited to United Nations officials and presenters. But now all of the recorded presentations are available for everyone on the United Nations website.

This was huge. It informed other countries to the truth of what the US policy is.

The link below, is an official Ny State website, stating that “the registry” has collateral consequences of shaming and violence against those on it. Wow!! Just Wow!!

NY State agrees the registry is bad and won’t do a thing about it anyway but use it further. Typical govt…

Yeah, so how long are the civil rights attorneys going to keep sitting in their hands in the fight? Sure as hell am not going to shame the criminal politicians into compliance with international law.

International law is only good when it works for the USA not against them otherwise it is seen as grandstanding by other countries in the eyes of American politicians.

This is awesome, just remember, This was a presentation condemning the registry by a registrant. Not condemned by the UN. Which still holds significant. For a registrant to actually be able to speak to political leaders is huge. That certainly won’t happen in the US anytime soon. That’s like guarantee death threats, media making sure you are viewed as an evil pedophile hunting children, and probably harassment of your family in the US if one of us did that. Even if the UN did condemn the USA, nothing would come. USA has always been a do as I say, not as I do. I’m not trying to be pessimistic, I’m trying to be real here. This was back in March. I’ve been following this guy. His story is awesome, hilarious, and sad. And I do think he is, and will continue to make a difference over seas in regards to sex offenders. America has the most stubborn leaders in the world. They never admit when they are wrong, and they are the last to change anything even when evidence says otherwise. Until we get some new blood in congress, I think we are looking at a decade or more left of this God Forsaken registry. I hope hope hope I’m wrong. I predict it will be like the drug war on weed.. it takes a long time.. unless.. the supreme court actually listens to a case again condemning the registry as a whole, and they vote in it. To me that’s the best chance we have.. a lot easier to convince a few people who can’t be touched no matter how they rule, than hundreds of politicians who’s livelyhoods depend on voters perception of them.

The public does not need to be convinced that it’s a human right’s violation and an affront to common decency, they already know it is! They predictably just DO NOT care. Especially the ones that want to “tattoo it on their foreheads” Only the lowest form of white trash uses the registry anyway. I’m talking about the ones that never miss an episode of Dr. Phil and want to know everyone’s business, but get offended when others want to know theirs’.

The publicly-accessible registry is an aberration that exposes the dark underbelly of democracy.

United States claims to be the leader of the free world; yet that’s only true when it comes to having the highest incarceration rate. When it comes to freedom, education and healthcare the United States is ranked twenty something. This country from the government on down to the citizens need a good kick in the butt.

The U.S. has long been thought of as a hypocrisy and a fraud in the eyes of most countries. Even the ones that follow the U.S. lead do so for financial and political gain. We basically pay off countries to be our allies.
There is no direction here. No ‘United’. That disappeared after WW2. There is only Greed. Greed for power, wealth and recognition. Those that don’t have these ‘virtues’ are looked on as un American.
Long before my offense, I lost friends because I decided to go a different path. I gave up many material things in order to find happiness. This was not accepted by both friends an family members. Especially in Silicon Valley, where everything is materially based.
In a strange way, my conviction has saved me from a life of unhappiness. Not to say I am ecstatic about my current situation, but it has given me what I feel is a better prospective on what a happy, contented life should be built around.
I never liked the values of the American lifestyle, but tried to conform. Now I can say that I have shed that life and actually couldn’t give a damn if there was a mass shooting here every day. The laws, lifestyles, and complete absence of any values have created the problems , now let the American people reap what they have sowed. I will watch from the cheap seats and cheer.

@…Eric … Couldn’t have said it any better … @men ! 25 years of Suppression ,Seclusion, Cruel & Unjust Barbaric Punishment , Will create a lot of PTSD that will only Effect them All, As we can all see what is going on today in this world will only get worse .

That’s what it takes people. He is absolutely correct. Sex offender registration is plain human indenture to machine database. As Isaac Asimov described it: MV < HV=Null. Therein is a certain relative disposition between man and machine that must be maintained.
Any other disposition, even for some, is death to any republic of free men, women and children.

U.S.A Pure Evil Government ! Depriving its own citizens the constitution too live a free & equal life after a conviction has been served & in most cases they have applied these unjust barbaric disabling punitive punishment retroactively too hundreds of thousands of its own citizens. They need too be held accountable and have to compensate the thousands of citizens they have put in Danger and held down for so many years.

Unfortunately this also isn’t exactly the first time US registration has been addressed by the UN though this may be the most in depth they have gotten regarding it.

Human Rights Watch addressed this in 2007 which mirrors what
the UN meeting was saying. This may have been posted before on here but you can find that here:

The passport law was passed prior to his leaving (2016). It is not the result of his leaving. Misinformation does little to bolster your points.

River did not escape prison via a helicopter, he attempted to escape and got a 10 yr charge for it. ” It was this case and the embarrassment caused to the State of Florida that finally pushed the passport bill through”… I’m not sure that is correct either. “He claims to be living free in Germany”… he IS living in Germany and he IS free from the US tyranny. Get you facts straight rpsabq.

The U.S. won’t acknowledge it’s human rights violation’s until it is no longer the preeminent economic and military power. Let us (as a nationalist I hate to state this) pray our decline happens quickly and soon?

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