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CA: 57 Arrested In San Joaquin County Child Sex Predator Operation

[ – 4/17/21]

SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY (CBS13) – Dozens of people were arrested as part of a child sex predator sting throughout San Joaquin County over the last week.

In total, 57 people were arrested and 37 were cited over a five-day span from April 12-16. The San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office said the operation “targeted out-of-compliance sex offenders and persons on probation or parole for sex crimes, sex traffickers, prostitution, pimping, and pandering.”

Over 100 total officials from all assisting organizations were stationed throughout the county and made contact with would-be predators who thought they were talking with minors, authorities said. Probable cause was established and law enforcement officials then set up meetings with each suspect which resulted in the arrests.

Of those arrested, 23 face child sex predator charges, 2 face human trafficking charges, 4 face pimping/pandering charges, 16 face prostitution charges, 19 were arrested for solicitation, 6 face weapons charges, 18 were out-of-compliance sex offenders and 4 received traffic citations. Some men face multiple charges.

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A wake up call to us registrants that law enforcement is very actively doing these sweeps. We can’t play with fire.

If you are on the registry and respond to a “teen” who wants to hook up, then you are playing fire with fire.

So true. And apparently there are enough registrants who play with fire that it sometimes makes a big news story.

What we do individually affects ALL registrants. Doing the wrong thing gives legislators justification for more restrictions and bad laws.

Roger, we don’t know the details. The article only said that among those arrested were 18 persons who were not compliant with registration. We don’t know whether they had solicited anyone or had committed any sex crime. As many Florida residents can attest, police often pad their “predator” sweeps by picking up non-compliant registrants.

I totally agree that registrants who recommit a sex crime negatively affect all registrants. If they did, shame on them. If they didn’t, shame on the police for that bit of propaganda used to justify their operations, and probably budgets.


I agree that not all the facts were given. One registrant was charged with a traffic ticket. It’s as though the police cannot separate out the ones who need to be charged with the ones that should be charged. “He ain’t done nothing, boss.”
“I don’t care. Find something.”
“To keep us from looking bad, boss?”
“You read my mind.”

But we have a federal government encouraging tens of thousands of children to travel up to the southerner border and enter, no questions asked. Imagine how many disappear and are never heard from again. Today in Texas several hundred girls were abruptly moved from a Texas facility and the facility was shuttered. Why? What suddenly happened that al these young girls needed to be moved out on the weekend? The federal government and all involved with this are complicit in trafficking.

We have 2’ Eric ‘ here. I will start using an initial after my name.

When/ if a registrant would screw up doesn’t mean we all do. How many crimes occurred while operation publicity was going on? Why have these operations when our own justice department says the re-offense rate is low? Oh wait easy promotions and fear sells!!

Unfortunately, Americans can’t trust anything that these law enforcement criminals do. Probably a good 80+% of this was for nonsense. Just harassing PFRs. A huge waste by out-of-control big government.

De-fund, de-fund, de-fund. People in law enforcement are overpaid.

Vote, and do not support any politicians who love big government and think we need more laws and law enforcement.

A loud and clear reminder that law enforcement is our enemy. Imagine the same situation but with drug offenders – former heroin addicts, out of prison, trying to get their life back together, moving out of their old neighborhood, doing what they can to avoid temptation. Instead of helping them overcome their addiction, the government find them, stalk them, then walk by and offer them some smack. The pigs are the predators.

Yes, that would be entrapment, at least in California. See People v. Barraza

The math is weird. This is how it works in San Joaquin County.

“I might have a house if you want to come,” [deputy] Shelvay messaged the man at one point. “My parents just left for the night.”


“The officers text written messages and enticing photos of young-looking adults…”

How can attraction to an enticing adult equal a child predator hunting for young children?

While I agree that dumb asses should cease and desist from stupidity, that doesn’t automatically perfect the government and it looks like entrapment.

Even if we just take these numbers purely as reported, there were 18 RCs arrested out of the 57. That’s 31.6% of the haul. That means two things to me: 1) “frightening and high” is still pure BS; and 2) the Registry doesn’t do squat if 68.4% of people caught are first-time offenders–and that’s with my being generous to LE with the RC arrests being FTRs, and apparently not something more sinister.

As usual, the article is a little vague on who exactly got charged with what. Were those out of compliance people charged with something else, or was it just a residency type check that nabbed them? I see some got parking citations. How is that possible in this type of operation. And 16 were arrested for prostitution (not solicitation). Were the cops pretending to be minors when soliciting them? That makes no sense in a so called child trafficking sting. A similar thing just happened in Florida. They called it a Major sex trafficking bust, but all the arrests were done by a sting with cops pretending to be minors. So how is that trafficking? There were no real victims involved, none!

But I really hope that nobody on the registry is participating in this type of deviant behavior. This does not help our cause. We know the mob is waiting for the slightest slip up to grab the torches and pitchforks and come forus. ACSOL has had so many victories the past couple of years. The stats are on our side. Please don’t anybody be reckless. Times are difficult and there is lots of depression going on, but hang on, it is going to get better.


The charges are written to make the crime sound worse than it was. Like this charge:
“Third Degree Sexual Exploitation of a Minor” To the average person it sounds bad. In reality in means looking at nude pictures of minors whether they were engaged in a sexual act or not in North Carolina. Good luck explaining that to someone who looked you up on the registry.

So a sex trafficking bust sounds much worse than the actual crime they were being set up for.

It’s a reverse grooming. They always talk that hands on offenders “groom” their victims. Here the offenders are being groomed. It’s not as though there’s a single IM and the guy says ok, I’ll meet you at Starbucks. They spend weeks creating personas, making continuous contact, etc. You still shouldn’t think a 13 year old wants to hook up with you, but after several weeks of messages, your guard goes down.

So basically they were doing compliance checks and found a bunch of morons that can’t seem to take a hint from previous convictions that they shouldn’t be doing what they are doing.

We all know it’s a crime to not tell our oppressors every aspect of your life. Why give them opportunities to put a bigger target on us? Keeping getting punishment from other people’s behavior. If I screw up it’s on me, if Joe Blow screws up it’s on him.

It’s the same old story over and over again theses fake az operations are a joke. Iv never understood why all theses different types of law enforcement agencies get together and go after people on probation or parole why don’t they just check the monthly probation report that would save them alot of time and money.
On this operation These guys got so bord and desperate they started writing parking tickets and giving out citation how lame is that.
Now far as people getting busted in those online stings involving a minor its kinda hard to feel sorry for those guys i mean the text messages proving your true intentions after the decoys tell them their under age plus sending nude images of them selves and last but not least the 5 hour drive with a box of condoms and KY jelly in the car.
It’s kinda comical how law enforcement catches these crazy people.

Good luck ✌😬

And when the guy gets cold feet and wonders if it’s a set up, the cop seems disappointed. It’s like an assumption that once the guy showed up at the Starbucks, he was going to go with the girl to her “empty” house. It’s just as likely that once he saw her, he would get cold feet. But there won’t be a 13 year old there.

You have remember, they get funding for these operations. They have to do these to spend the money, otherwise next year no funding. Right or wrong, these will continue. Everyone keep your head on straight and don’t do stupid shit. You will have no problems and these operations will not affect you.

California created the registry so I feel like if there’s any hope of destroying the registry it’s gonna have to start here in California.
At this point the registry is so big it’s useless and unmanageable there’s over 170,000 sex offenders living in California alone can you imagine if all those people got together and organized under the leadership of ACSOL can you imagine how much power ACSOL would have in California politicians would think twice before passing laws that just do nothing but punish and shame people for crimes that happened 20 30 40 years ago.
But People forced to register are afraid to speak up their afraid of what law enforcement might do their afraid of what their neighbors might do but most of all they’re afraid of being publicly shamed and I get it but sitting at home hiding behind your computers ain’t helping nothing.
Also people forced to register need to stop being afraid of law enforcement once you go down to the police station and sign those registry papers you are now in compliance that means you’re an American citizen just like everybody else living in society.

Good luck 😬👌

RSO’s are righteously afraid when they register because law enforcement officers have priors for fabricating and processing crimes they hope exist . For me, I believe law enforcement as a whole are full of shit . They bully and exploit their authority and who better to exploit their corrupt authority on ? A registered sex offender . Why do you think the American majority are anti police? It’s because these people have memories of their love one (s) being falsely accused and arrested by lying law enforcement officers . The past is a bitch and now law enforcement is paying a heavy public relation crises . I believe most RSO’s feel the same way . Good luck

If sex offenders are afraid of law enforcement fabricating FTR changes and planting evidence just buy a lilittle GO PRO and document everything also install CCTV cameras all around your home inside and outside and document everything around you.
Remember people this is Psychological warfare and one of law enforcement’s strongest weapons is intimidation but if you really think about it all they really got is that weak az FTR charge and even that has to be proven in a court of law.
Also The California Public Defenders Office are used to these cases they already know 60% of FTR cases they get are law enforcement agencies just slapping people with FTR charges hopeing out of fear they take a plea deal and get them back on paper.
Like I said before once you’ve gon down to police station and signed those registration papers and walkout that door you are in compliance law enforcement ain’t got shiiit on you.
Trust me if you weren’t in compliance you’d be in handcuffs right now so stop being afraid of law enforcement it’s time for us to start flexing our citizenship our constitutional rights there’s nothing to fear what more can law enforcement do to us that they haven’t already done

Good luck 😬👌

I agree with your point.

If one is compliant, the technology exists to be able to prove you are compliant.

What a shame we have to prove our innocence in the United States, but it is either prove we are innocent or rely on a jury to decide.

I will do the former because the latter is way to risky.


You are right about the power of 170k people.
California may not have created the registry, though. Rudimentary registries existed before Megan’s Law. Florida, for example, had a semi-registry in the 1950s, and we know how that turned out.

Did not CA start their registry in 1949?

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