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CA: Aryan Brotherhood defendant says guards at Sacramento prison conspired to kill inmates

[ – 4/20/21]

Lawyers for an Aryan Brotherhood inmate held at California State Prison, Sacramento, have stepped up their efforts to have their client moved to a new facility, filing new allegations that guards there have been involved in killing inmates and planted evidence against others.

Other evidence shows that officers provided the inmates committing the homicide false information that Aguilar was a child sex offender, knowing that the information would cause him to be targeted for murder. After the killing, officers are believed to have falsely reported that Aguilar’s killing was gang related.”

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Good luck 😬👌

FTR can absolutely be a death sentence and it’s so easy to get. I’ve never had one in two decades but see how easy it could be.

Not only just forgetting to register someone behind the scenes could set you up. People get set up ALL the time so why wouldn’t that hold true about registering?

Mis spell something or omit something then the registrant not noticing in the few days to correct something. For those that say…. O they would never do that! Yeah right and good luck with that type of thinking.

Why do you say that? Guards do use a divide and conquer tactic to keep themselves safer. If inmates attack each other, the guards are much less of a target. Though it would be almost impossible to prove, it is possible that the prison guard union is behind the fight to keep RSOs front and center in prisons, to use them as a scapegoat and a release valve. Thereby making the guards themselves safer. Take for example the Orange County Jail case where a guard instigated a most brutal murder.

Orange County Deputies Fired After Brutal Jail Killing Want More Taxpayer Money

While a group of inmates inside “F Barracks” at Orange County’s Theo Lacy Jail beat, kicked, stomped and sodomized another inmate for as long as 40 minutes on October 5, 2006, Deputy Kevin Taylor, the senior ranking officer with oversight responsibilities for the area, sat on the other side of a large window and later claimed he was too busy to hear the victim screaming for his life or to see any hint of the gruesome killing reminiscent of a hyena attack.

Though prisoners insisted Taylor informed inmate shot-callers that victim John Derek Chamberlain was a child molester (untrue) and gave a green light for the attack, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) deputy claimed ignorance of the event, asserting that he’d spent the time reclining in an easy chair, watching a Cops rerun on television and sending 22 personal text messages to friends.

When prison guards and officials a more criminal than the ones in their “care”, we have problems. This isn’t trickle down economics, it’s trickle down corruption and people need to be held accountable. Lock the guards up for their misconduct!!

Working as a criminal defense investigator for 25 years, I had a case in which the client/defendant was doing life in a California (central valley) state prison for attempted murder, when he strangled his cellmate, a sex offender. The client had been sexually abused during his childhood (by an infamous Boston clergyman) which sadly left him with pronounced emotional and psychological issues. The client was then charged with murder, and we got a plea offer for voluntary manslaughter. The 35 yr. sentence was to run consecutively to the attempted murder. He wisely agreed to accept. Made no difference as he was not going anywhere anyway. So they transferred him to New Folsom Prison. After a short period of time, he received a new cellmate. Three guesses as to the offense for which this new cellmate was doing time. Well, surprise surprise. Guess who was found strangled in his cell a few short days later? As to the wisdom of the prison guards in placing the (now) decedent in with our hero, we are left only to speculate as to their intentionality. This was about ten or maybe fifteen years ago now. Wondering if our hero has been housed with other cellmates to which he has found issues. If I were a betting man, I’d say the odds are pretty good the answer is yes. When consulting with civil attorneys who have sued the CDCR on behalf of the families of those who have been murdered due to their status as sex offenders, the feedback has been (and I’m paraphrasing): “This happens all the time. Nothing new. And the families who file suit generally do not receive much in the way of compensation/awards (punitives) as the juries look at the value of that person’s life so as to determine the loss”. And so it goes.

Horrifying! I don’t miss it a bit. I’m wondering when, or how, prison conditions and corrections officers will be subjected to the level of scrutiny that beat cops are now experiencing. It seems very remote if, for no other reason, than inmates don’t (overwhelmingly) have cameras and any security footage from fixed cameras would have to be saved and discoverable. Perhaps this is becoming the standard, now in which case, I would expect to see more criminal and civil actions to the benefit of prisoners in the coming years.

If treatment of people on the street by cops is bad, treatment of prisoners has to be far, far worse. And of course, it is.

Damn death sentence go to CA prisons now. Fking face death sentence everywhere nwe go. One place we used to be half way safe now we’re front and center for all the lunatics in prisons to torment and kill. Janice please finish the job and make them do individual risk assessments, if you do not know one will. Only way to minimize the casualties that are occurring in this war.

There are HUMAN BEINGS in their fighting for their lives literally as we hear or talk about it. If you are a registrant you better be paying the hell attention to this because your life could depend on it for sure with imminent death. NO ONE is apparently going to help us. All this other crap is pittance compared to our lives.

Man all you registrants better be paying attention to this because your lives could literally be in danger of imminent death. If anything you will be fighting everyday in literal fights just to stay alive if you go back in. Prison is already gladiator school, now they are unleashing the lunatic population that are institutionalized loose on the vulnerable SO population. If you do not know how to fight might be good time to learn because we may all some day, not even at fault, go back over this crap. I do not think any other nation except the most extreme in the world allow the killing and torture of their prisoners. This is insane blatant genocide shit.

you are absolutely right because if for some reason you have to fight (which is 9999.9 you will ) you better not only know how with your fist and legs but also with an object. Your life will depend on it .

Don’t mean to lay this at any bodies feet man, but com on this is WAY to much now. Torture and death in so called America, for minor crimes in many cases.

Prison gangs have iPhones now they can just look anyone up in minutes

Yep, like I stated. You will be literally fighting every day from first day on….Even then you are going to be tormented and tortured and killed eventually by the institutionalized mob mentality. Apparently the guards can set it up and egg it on and sit back and watch. Wonder how many assaults have occurred already we have not heard about.

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