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You know what is really ironic and absolutely insane? So my Ex’s ex-husband rapes my stepdaughter when she was 13 and pleads it down to a 288(a) no prison time and now his ass is getting off the registry while I talked to some girl online and go to meet and leave before the meeting time even occurred and I get 5.4 in the pen and am on the hit list for life because I fought it and because they added the 288.2 because I would not take the deal.
Got to love America about now…

Last edited 1 month ago by mike r

mike r I was caught in a LEO sting and got 22 months back in 2001 with a 664/288(a) and was able in 2019 to get a COR but I have a Tier 2 which means I have to wait until 2023 to try to get off the registry, Not sure what good the COR was … still trying to find out what advantage I have … anyone know

It is good for wiping your ass from what I have seen. You read lawyers trying to make it sound like it is “ better than an expungement” because it “ shows that you have be rehabilitated “. My opinion? It is a way for attorneys to make money filing for you. I don’t need rehabilitation, I need off the list!

Sexual misconduct attacks are a tool used and unequivocally the intent behind the prohibition upon Congressional use of ex post language in law contained on n Art 1 c 9, 10.

Targeted for extortion. Precisely because of his political opponents want to silence him. Gov. Cuomo is also caught up in his own drama as his opponents attack him with the same tool. Where were the complaint(s) just after they had presumably happened or occurred?

Obviously, being timely or fair can no longer be applied to the people’s disposition. The Rehnquist court looked it squarely in the eye and upheld it. Upholding plain vindictiveness via the use of public disgrace provided by law. And so the people follow.

@ Tim in WI: There was no complaint against Congressman Gaetz at the time the alleged offense occurred because all the parties were allegedly willing participants. The offense only came to light when law enforcement began looking into Tax Collector Greenberg for his illegal shenanigans and the potential sex offense came to light and appeared to be linked to Gaetz. It’s inaccurate to suggest that someone waited for an ideal time to spring this on Gaetz, especially since the investigation was started by Trump’s own Bill Barr-lead Justice Department (not by any Democrats).

⭐⭐ Warning! Phone SCAM! ⭐⭐
I just received a phone call from someone claiming to be Sergeant Scott Smith of my local police department and asking if I had received the summons they sent me regarding providing DNA samples. He said this was a step they were taking before my automatic removal from the Registry.
He sounded VERY, VERY convincing!… Until I asked why his phone number did not include the standard city exchange that all my City’s government & police phone lines have. He said he would call me back from the reception desk. He did call – but again, there was an incorrect exchange number. He said he would check with superiors. Then he called back, yet again, this time saying, “Well, I guess you just want to go to jail then, don’t you?”
Now how did we go from me providing DNA to be (supposedly) “automatically removed from the Registry” to going to jail??
Beware these scammers!! I am a fairly intelligent, sharp person, but they are VERY convincing!!

They can be as convincing as they want to be. Most times my cell phone rings if I don’t recognize the # (being in my contacts list) then I don’t care to answer the phone. They want me bad enough they will leave a message. I have had messages left on my voice mail threatening me with some type of legal action – mainly a robo voice leaving the message. Nothing ever comes from it though. I never return the messages/calls at all. I just delete them. I even get text messages from #s I don’t know. All scammers trying one way or the other to get you to call them or text them back. Doesn’t work with me. I had my own business before I retired so my tele# was all over the internet so I get a lot of scammers trying to scam me.

My house mate received a phone call once from a scammer. The woman scammer knew all about his criminal cases (non-sexual) and knew a lot of the details. Threatened arrest if he did not agree to make payment on a warrant issued for his arrest or some crap like that. He told me all about the phone call and he was so upset that this woman knew so much about his cases (details) that it scared him and made him think it was real. I convinced him to forget it and explained to him it had to be a scam. He was cautious to believe me but as the weeks and months went by he received a few more voice messages about it but then they ended and one year later he still has not received on more call about it. He at the time ready to fork over about $1,500.00 to her to make it go away. He is on probation and he was concerned his probation officer would get wind of it so figuring if he paid the money it would not get to his probation officer. But the odd part was that his probation officer knows all about his cases so it would not be any new news to him anyway. I told my house mate that all this information is easily found on the internet and mainly more so the details etc on the dark-web, which of course he has no knowledge of the dark-web.

I always remember one thing. If they want you they will just come and get you. No real law enforcement officer acting in an official capacity will ask for money to make anything go away.

I just got the same call (Saturday 4/3/21 at 4:25pm). Same guy, Sgt Scott Smith. Were in Orange County, CA. First there was a guy named, Sgt. Thompson who the call started with. Then he put me on hold and Sgt. Scott Smith answered. He said he was from the Orange County police department, then he puts me on hold and comes back and says Santa Ana police department (which is the town I lived in two years ago). He was claiming that I should have had a certified letter to do a DNA sample on March 25th. The phone number that came up was (714) 515-5109. It was on the Caller ID and he left a message yesterday saying I needed to call (which I never did).

Thank you for your posting. I immediately remembered your post and asked them to hold on and looked up your post! And, your right…they sound very professional! It is scary how much they sound like they know what they are doing.

This happened to me last month. When it happened before I actually called my P.O. and tied him into the phone call. The P.O. identified himself and asked the caller to identify himself. The caller was so bold. Gave him his name and continued to act like he was a Sgt. My P.O. asked for his email address. The caller basically made up an email that ended with “.com”. That’s how the P.O. knew. He told me later the email should have ended with “.gov”. The P.O. said to the guy, “thanks for wasting our time today”.

Be aware…these guys are bold. Don’t let yourself get fooled.

No official action starts with a phone call. The police NEVER call. They will send a letter. You ask him for his badge, unit, return phone # and say “my attorney will contact you.” You then hang up.

I have been on the reistory , over 35 years. In part i think it has forced me to concentrate on my work . My work has been my way to escape , socitity’s shunning . If people really need you and what you do , they tend to get over what you did. The effect for me has been , I worked hard , built a good business , sold out and retired , with a lot of money , And some how along the way I got a very good wife. ! Togather we have built a nice home.
I wanted to share this . I have had my days , and years of dispair , depression , including suicidal thoughts . As most of us have .
For me ,This , being branded , a _______ Sex offender , dosent have to , be the end . It is a debilitating thing , to be overcome. . just like any disability.
My life is very good now , I have found ways to deal with the trama , the hate , the people who , just want to put you down just for the fun of it, because they can. …. Fuck em’…
And Now , Be cause of Janice and the work she has done , it looks like , I’m going to get off the registory . next year.!

Iv been registering for 21 years now and hopefully next year ill be removed from the registry too its been a long rode.
All the people living in California just register doing time in prison is not an option prison isn’t a safe place especially if your a sex offender and be careful who u date or hangout with because those are the same people who testify against you in court for FTR

Good luck ✌😎

If you report, doesn’t that kinda eliminate the problem?

TLP v Pennsylvania State Police Case No 21-0343 (Pa Commw March 16, 2021)

Petitioner was convicted of indecent assault and corruption of minors in 2000. The SO Law that was in effect at that time required him required him to register with PSP for a period of ten years. SORNA went into effect in 2012 and required an individual like petitioner like petitioner to register for his or her lifetime. Petitioner was arrested for failing to comply with the requirements of SORNA. Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court ruled, in a 13 page opinion, that SORNA could not be applied to petitioner retroactively. Here is a link to the decision from Google Scholar,39

@ Bristol Bob:. Thank you for spotlighting a “win” for one of our fellow (former) Registrants. 👍

I have been living a lawful, very productive life in communities for decades. The criminal regimes haven’t arrested me and haven’t been able to. I don’t think they’ve tried very hard. But they’ve told everyone for decades that I am a monster. Is today the day I make good on that? Tomorrow? Or every day in the future forever?

Fuck every single person who thinks the Hit Lists are acceptable. They deserve consequences.

Janice, we would like the name and contact information for the person you spoke with at the D.O.J. regarding the supposedly eminent SORNA rule changes. I believe you said that this person was an attorney who is heading this rule change up. You said that this person was not a friend and is in fact a stranger to you, so this should not be a problem for you to give us this information.
I also think that you should give us the opportunity to submit legal issues that we believe may be pertinent to the supposedly eminent lawsuit you have planned that may not have been raised in your comments to the D.O.J. and that may not have been thought of to include in the upcoming lawsuit. This will be one of the most important lawsuits regarding the registry that may affect close to a million people, so we would like to be consulted and given the opportunity to contribute to the legal arguments. This forum would be a good place for this as there is nothing to hide at this point regarding the legal issues of the proposed rule changes, and gives people the opportunity to propose and discuss legal issues that may affect them.
Thank you for your cooperation,

Is DOJ required to post a Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) with a public comment period as is every other federal rulemaking agency?


@ Ed C: Yes. The USDOJ already posted the proposed rule changes and the required Public Comment period has already come and gone. That window for public comments ended a couple months ago.

@ S.L.A.: 1. Did you read ACSOL’s 29-pages “Comment” Submission to the DOJ regarding the proposed new SORNA requirements?
2. Did you/your group/your lawyers submit Comments to the proposed new SORNA requirements?

I happen to know that a number of extremely knowledgeable attorneys and legal scholars joined together to produce ACSOL’s comments. (Obviously, any future legal action will depend on what exactly the DOJ ultimately decides to implement.)
– David⚜️

@David I am sorry i wasn’t clearer, “S.L.A”. are my initials, and “we” is registrants as a group. Yes i read ACSOL’s comments, and i didn’t have a problem with them, but did they cover everything, maybe, maybe not. Should we leave it up to them only and be done with it, i don’t think so. How would you feel if there was something novel or important that was not included and there is no way to go back and fix it. Why not open up debate, and dialog just in case someone has a brilliant idea. The DOJ is trying to undo everything and shut down any future hope. I’m not sure that everyone understands whats at stake, and what their trying to do. All this tier talk and hope, and Michigan talk about getting off, and everything else will be worthless if the rules become permanent. Lets make sure we get it right and don’t have any regrets. Does anyone disagree with this?
And why not be given the opportunity to write, or phone this DOJ attorney that she spoke to, the comments certainly didn’t do jack squat did they?

So you’re not the “Symbionese Liberation Army?”

Larry was right, you guys as a group are a bunch of selfish whiners and complainers who want everything done for you but don’t want to do anything yourselves. Every day you come on here and whine and complain and do nothing. You contribute a few dollars here and there and think you’re good, leave it to others who don’t even have to register and have very little skin in the game. You’re really worried about a bogus study from some no name school in the Netherlands. Lmao. Weak!

If you don’t mind me asking, who is “we” and S.L.A.?

Unfounded fears about sex trafficking did not begin with QAnon and go far beyond it.

Scammers are getting brazen because the government allows these criminals to get away with it. Most states’ registries state not to harass anyone on the hit list( something along those lines). Government harasses us every chance they get without a shred of evidence. Heck even immigrants are accused of sex trafficking. Only people I know that are accused of that are Republican Matt Gaetz and Former Seminole County Tax collector. Wonder what Chris Smith thinks or maybe he’s thinking oh crap I’m next to get caught.

Oh look, another ridiculous Amber Alert in which the alleged abducter is the non-custodial parent. Why is this headline news?? And how many of these Amber Alerts actually involve family and members especially non-custodial parents?? Are these Amber Alert truly intended to improve child safety or are they intended to inflame and encourage the public’s false belief in a “stranger danger”??

This reminds me of when they used to put pictures of missing kids on milk cartons. By the time milk companies would get the cartons printed and put in stores, the kids were usually already found and returned to the custodial parent. I think most of us assumed that all these kids on milk cartons were stranger abductions. Of course when a child was recovered, the milk producers would continue to use the cartons of now recovered kids until the supply ran out.

“Personal data of 533 million Facebook users leaks online –
Phone numbers, email addresses, and more are included”

‘Happy NOT to have a FaceBook account! 🙂👍

This is an fyi thing, if everybody already knows this then I apologize, however if not it could be very useful info?
The english dictionary is about 80% words derived from latin so, having said that the word pain comes from the latin word poena which means punishment or penalty! So, if there is even an ounce of pain from the registry, which most everyone would agree there is at least that much pain being on the registry? Then the registry is punishment or a penalty???

I joined facebook to participate in a motorcycle group I ride with. They always post pics and group activities are posted. Rides, track days, BBQs, etc. It’s the only way the secretary informs the members of scheduled gatherings. Well, I went for almost a month before I logged in and was told my account had been suspended.
I was asked why I didn’t show at the last gathering, which I didn’t find out about due to the draconian policies facebook has. I made up some excuse, then told them I would be too busy going forward to participate in the activities. The old “work” and “traveling” excuse.
Social media is the lifeline for most of today’s activities. Yet we are banned from it, and by extension, from society. No wonder I don’t look up when I’m walking my dog, or stay by myself when doing something I enjoy, like surfing or Mtn. Biking. I pretend I am the only person left on Earth when I do stuff now. Just makes it easier to deal with. I am certain that the time will come that I will just leave the water one morning, walk to my stuff, pull my gun out and end it. I carry it just for that reason.

@Eric: lots of people have quit FB since the 2016 election and the Cambridge Analytica “scandal.” No shame in not having an account. It does suck that the motorcycle group you joined seems to exclusively use FB for coordination, but maybe they’d make an exception? Maybe one of the guys could just text you when a ride is gonna happen? There’s plenty of guys out there who have re-thought their commitment to putting their personal data on a giant opaque framework, so you don’t have anything to explain to anyone.

I had an FB account since about 2006 for various reasons and thought I had it locked down pretty tight so that no one outside my circle of friends could post anything unsavory about me. Somehow, last summer, someone posted screen shots of my Megan’s Law website listing to my FB page. I immediately deleted my both my personal and company accounts. A month later I dumped IG, too. F them.
Consider yourself lucky they disabled your account before some POS outed you to your motorcycle buddies.My life hasn’t changed a grunion since dumping and I’ll bet yours won’t either.
Glad you’re still surfing and riding your MTB. One thing about COVID is it’s given me more time to introduce my kids to sailing and MTB riding. Over the summer we even built a sailboat together and on the weekends we’re either on the water or in the hills.
Keep doing what you love, dude.

They made life hell but you can unmake it. Social media and the whole “living on the web” thing is just one more way to keep the batteries of their “machine” juiced and drugged. Like the Matrix. Ask yourself who benefits from all these new tech marvels and government initiatives. So everybody’s got Facebook and an iPhone and they want people to go EV. Well then guess what…now not only are people already tied to the Skynet (cloud) grid but so to will their cars.

And when they need to pull YOUR plug it’s going to hurt. So do it yourself and do it now. Before Kamalifornia comes to your state. ObamaKare is bad enough…

Got a little off track there, did ya now. I live in Alameda County. We happen to appreciate what Ms. Harris has done. As for the “SkyNet” ( terminator reference ) I think I will be long gone before that happens. But appreciate your enthusiasm, misplaced as it might be.

Off topic? How? I’d say he’s dead on and makes great points. What was it you appreciated so much about Harris, her “Top Cop” reputation and thousands of victimless marijuana convictions (despite her admission of blowing dope in college while listening to albums that hadn’t come out yet), her refusal to allow a man proven innocent to be released from prison, her flagrant lies at the Kavanaugh hearings or…what?

BTW – As for the Skynet reference, black boxes have been installed in some cars since the mid-90s and practically every car manufactured since 2013 has one. The data they record (speed, braking, doors opening/closing, location, phone calls, etc.) are used not just to solve accident disputes, but convict or exonerate people of crimes. We also know that modern vehicles can be taken over remotely and stopped or driven into trees. Just ask Andrew Breitbart. So, congrats, you’ve lived long enough to experience Skynet. Now, kneel before President, er, Vice-President Harris and your robot over lords.

RE: Black boxes in cars. The info from this young man’s car’s black box was used against him to prove he had a habit of extreme speeding:

And the same type of data was gleaned in LA County of late from a crashed speeding vehicle with no charges against the driver. So again, judicial and prosecutorial discretion abounds.

I feel you brother iv been dealing with this for over 20 years now i don’t know why but my passion to stay alive and fight through this Hell is dwelling rapidly.
I have a really good job that i fought for in my early 20’s now days i don’t know why i even go to work anymore.
About 3 months ago i Met a really beautiful smart and strong woman when things started getting serous i broke it off before she found out i was on IML im not going through that BS again.
I honestly think if i didn’t have kids i would’ve given up a long time ago. Hopefully next year with the California new tier law i could be removed from IML. Now days my only fear is the police at my door knocking im always ready for them to show up.
On my way home yesterday i saw a homeless encampment on the side of the freeway i thought man im just one step away from just giving up and letting everything go .
If the DOJ would let me leave the country id drive to mexico right now with no hesitation but they won’t let us go were trapped like slave’s in the 1800’s being labeled a sex offender is a death sentence

Good luck 😬✌

My statement about all social media is always, “I prefer to protect what limited privacy exists anymore and prefer not to have my life data-mined.” That usually satisfies whoever I’m talking to–even if it’s due to their thinking I may be a tinfoil-hat dude.


General question about local laws vs. state laws- I live in a city that passed a local law that doesn’t allow ANY persons convicted of a SO into a city run park. But State law only bans folks with a offense involving a person age 13 or under. My happening involved an adult so by state law I can go anywhere. Are they allowed to pass laws more strict than state law? Are they worth challenging? What’s to stop them from banning city run bingo or city run patty cake? Where’s the due process I guess is what I’m saying

What city?

Hammond , Louisiana

Here in California, presence restrictions were challenged in court. It was ruled that local laws are pre-empted by State Law, meaning local laws can not make their own rules if it contradicts State Law. Here, too, registrants were not allowed in parks or at beaches, but that was struck down. Some cities are still trying to enforce their own rules, but those are being challenged in court as well. The same rules should apply in every other State, too, as long as the State does not have these restrictions. But as TS said, someone needs to challenge these ridiculous rules. It is sad that they are still trying to get away with when they clearly know it is unconstitutional.In the meantime, your life is put on hold unfairly.

Funny thing about it, The parish and state parks are 100% better and no restrictions there for tier 1. If it negatively impacted my life I would consider it but my family is to involved and knows to many people to start that controversy. Being in the newspaper once every 5 years is enough. Also the sherif brother is the governor of the state. The powers at play are pretty large and in charge and they do anything to keep it that way for generations

City or parish law cannot be stronger than state law; however, until challenged in court, they get away with it.

So does that mean the ordinance is not enforceable or charges would be dropped if something were to come up? Or LO would be able to enforce it even with the contradiction?

It means they can permanently screw up your life before the courts give them a firm finger wagging. There seems to be very little recourse of local LE doing whatever the hell they want. You getting arrested, losing your job, your home, whatever, isn’t likely to result in your getting a payout because the city used a law that the couldn’t.


Technically, even though your conviction is with an adult and not a minor, and they made a law where everyone is restricted from parks regardless, you could address it several ways:

1) Talk with a civil rights atty in LA about it and see what kind of letter they could put together to them informing them their law is wrong and what potential is had with future litigation, which would put them on notice WRT enforcement.

2) Talk to the LSU law school and get their assistance on the matter where they could take an interest in it to address the matter with the locals.

3) If you were caught and charged, then your defense atty should look at their law and what the real law is for bringing to the judge where the discrepancy is detailed in addition to showing a parish law cannot be stronger than the state’s via established case law.

If addressed properly, then the stronger law would fall and state law would be enforced, but you could expect the state then to pass a law where the entire blanket is then put on the books unless outlawed otherwise.

I am preparing a report on the national sex offender registries for my local lawmaker, and I’m looking for some examples of crazy laws that we could not possibly be aware of in our normal travels that are on the books anywhere in the US, eg, staying at a hotel somewhere could be a felony if it’s within 1,000 feet of a day care center, or having lunch at a McDonalds somewhere is a felony if there is a Playland on site, stuff like that.
Does anyone have any examples like this that I could reference by including a link to the particular statute or ordinance to show that it’s real?
Thank you.

Probably the days you can stay in each state before you have to register. I know there is a list somewhere, but the list could be outdated, and many who are not on this site are probably not even aware of these rules. And, I think, most states probably don’t even know these rules themselves.

I think some States even require you register a vehicle you drive on occasion, even if it is not in your name.

That’s correct. In Louisiana you have to register any vehicle before you drive it. That means when test driving vehicles for purchase you have to send in the registration before you put it in drive. Ridonculous. And they make you do it too.

Another possible confusing law can be when a registered person visits a national park. Tier 1 under sorna do not have park restrictions. In a couple states, the state law and/or city ordinances say ALL person on registry cannot go to parks. So there is overlap and confusion even when I have called every area has different answers.

I don’t think SORNA has any presence restrictions. All such restrictions are state-side. SORNA is just the minimum the feds want to happen. They don’t have issues with states layering more on top.

If you live in the state that has the park restriction I presume you can not legally enter the national park located in that state

If you live in a different state than where the national park is located in the above scenario, I would think you could visit the state and the national parks and leave the state before the time allowed to visit before being required to register.

If not required to register in that state, then the park restriction would not apply.

If the state has the park restriction and has like a one or two day time period before being required to register, you better have a well planned trip.

No city ordinances would apply unless the federal park is located within the city limits.

These are my opinions and I would rely upon the advice of an attorney.

@Phil Cosby:
@SR is correct in saying SORNA has no presence restrictions. The State has no jurisdiction over federal lands*, so any park prohibition is null and void in a National Park. Just be sure it’s that, and not a State Park.

*When I worked at a Federal facility years back, the local LE had to get permission just to come onto the property.

The 48 hour registration in Florida can be confusing as well. If you visit on a Friday evening, then by Sunday evening you would have to register by law. Most registry offices are closed if not all on Sunday. I was told I would have to travel to each jurisdiction until I find a office to register. They just make up stuff on the phone instead of being honest and saying their laws have holes and there is no logical answer.

In Louisiana you cannot give gifts to any minors on any holidays. Even your own kids. Doesn’t matter if your offense involved adult and no minor. Blanket law to take constitutional and religious rights from everyone.

Freakin’ amazing. What’s in the water down there? Unbelievable.

I tell ya, I thinks its the swamp ass. Makes everybody all angry

What’s in the water? Mostly crude oil, which explains a few thinkgs.

Yes. Freeport, Texas, on the coast. City ordinance makes it illegal for hotels, motels, b&B’s, people renting vacation places to stay to rent to registered citizens.

Yes. Galveston, Texas, on the coast. City ordinance prohibits registered citizens from visiting staying in the city more than 4 days a year, if I correctly remember.

Yes. San Antonio, Tx. This is a tourist city with quite a bit of historical places to see, many located in parks. City ordinance prohibits registered citizens from visiting parks located within the city limits. You can petition the police department to visit the park. Need good lead time. And the chief of police has final decision, unless you go to local court and petition the judge to visit historical sites located within the parks. And I have heard comments from Texas Voices that the city council and police are buttheads to registered citizens.

Sure there are many more situations around the country.

Just type in the name of the city and sex offender ordinance.

Alot of sex offenders living in California that aren’t on this site are homeless or in jail and the rest will find their way to this site after years of being harassed by law enforcement.
I wish there was a way to get people involved much sooner maybe here in California the ACSOL should run commercials or pass out flyers to recruit more people into donating money to the cause

Tennessee federal court judge describes sex offender registry as unconstitutional:

This is a good win!

Interesting article about the three people (including the clergy) in the link below it who were caught enjoying each other’s company sexually on the church alter in Covington, LA and charged with the crime of institutional vandalism. Is that a registerable offense in LA?

I’m surprised there haven’t been more postings about this decision. Hopefully this will be another nail in the coffin of the hopefully-to-be-overturned (one day) Smith v. Doe decision. One can only hope…

Just heard from a source that extortionist Chuck Rodrick has been arrested in Phoenix by the FBI as he reentered the country on a flight from Costa Rica. If you are a victim of his criminal activity, contact your attorney.

This is great news. For a little background on this guy and how he victimizes others…

I know we have some boaters among us. Has anyone had issues renting a boat slip? I’m “this close” to making a purchase, but worry about being rejected or being accepted then kicked out later on.

Can a marina legally deny me from renting a slip based on my past in the same way they deny apartment rentals?

Thank you.

I’ve rented a boat slip many times. It’s never an issue. Marina’s don’t care in the slightest as long as they get their monthly payment. If you don’t pay, you might find your boat floating away into the lake or ocean. They don’t usually ask for much information. It’s not like you’re renting an apartment. Now if they find out you’re registered and they want you out, they can’t use the registry as the reason to deny you service, but they sure can find any other reason to deny service.

Thanks for the input. It’s a bit of a Catch-22: marina won’t rent you a slip without approving you AND the boat.
I won’t buy a boat until I know I have a slip for her.

BTW – I’m taking suggestions for names. F PC290 is on the short list? Any other ideas?

Does the marina have a playground, pool, etc. ?
Boat registration will be made public,,,,,,

Good points. No playgrounds, I’m aware of, but plenty of pools and clubhouses that might be good to avoid. Thank you.

Anyone in California registered recently? I will do my annual registration in about a month and am curious to what degree people are being asked to come in versus over the phone like last year in the midst of the pandemic.

It various by district. There’s nothing requiring things to be remote, only encouraged to be so. So some places are still doing it by phone, while others never stopped needing people to come in in person. I have mine coming up in about a few weeks, so I’ll be calling for an appointment tomorrow. Last year it was remotely. Not idea what it’ll be this year.

I registered by phone with LAPD Van Nuys in February. I asked if I’d receive paperwork in the mail, as I heard some had, and she kinda scoffed as she replied “No,” as though printing and mailing docs was beneath them.
Just hope she clicked Save when we wrapped up the 90 second conversation. I got a screen shot of the call log on my phone just in case.
Best of luck!

C ~ You are entitled to paperwork you signed, even it was signed on your behalf.

Just got off the phone to set up an appointment for may annual. Looks like our area is still doing it remotely. I have a phone appointment for next week to do that. The person also said that they’re having the registering officer read off all the usual requirements that we’d initial, so she asked me if they could short cut this by emailing me all the standard paperwork for me to read through instead ahead of the appointment. And unlike C’s experience, the person on the phone told me they’d be mailing me the final post-registration documentation as usual. I didn’t even need to ask for that.

SR ~ What county are you in? I think, that is the way it should be done anyways. E-mail all the questions, and they can call and ask if anything changed. Saves a lot of time for everyone involved.

Sonoma County. But I have no idea if every department is doing this. When I was doing group therapy for 3 years, we had guys from all over the county, and many of us were registering with our local city PD offices. My office has always been prompt and courteous. I have an in-office appointment at 10 am, and in most cases, I’m out the door within 15 min. But some of the other guys had to deal with not getting call backs about appointments. And when they did finally get them, it often took hours to actually complete as they were kept waiting for hours past the scheduled appointment time. So those same departments insisting on doing things in person wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

Husband registered by telephone in Los Angeles County 1 week ago. When he called to make an appt, they said no registering in person. 3 minute phone call where they asked him if any info had changed. Husband asked for a receipt. They said do you want it emailed or sent to house via regular mail.
Husband said house. Has not received any receipt as of today but did capture screenshot of calls made to P.D.
Good idea to ask for the name and badge number of officer who you speak to and/ or “ registers” you.

Hi – Would anyone be able to advise our family on the pros and cons regarding parole and transferring from California to NV? Most of our family is now residing in NV and when our incarcerated family member is paroled his elderly parents would like him to interstate compact to Nevada from California to be their main caregiver. 2 Questions we can not get a straight answer on:
1) Incarcerated family member was told by counselor that while on parole in California there would be no cost. However, if he was to transfer parole to Nevada then parole would have to be paid for by the parolee. Would anyone have knowledge on this?
2) Incarcerated family member was told if he was to be GPS monitored Nevada has been heard to have been monitoring for life all transferring registrants from other states, even for non-violent offenses?

Any advise from anyone is appreciated? Or a recommendation for an SO attorney in Nevada. If you prefer you may email me at
Thank you

Well i hate to be the bearer of bad news but he ain’t leaving California until he’s off parole it’s possible to get a transfer but it’s very rare i knew a guy who got out of prison and his whole family had moved to Texas he had no family or resources out here in California he even had a really good job lind up once he got out there and parole still wouldn’t let him go.
Another thing to worry about is you don’t wanna transfer to another county wearing a GPS tracking device because you never know they might make him wear it for life because he just got out of prison California and Nevada might consider him a high risk .

Good luck 😬✌

Keep in mind, if you transfer you will be subject to ALL conditions PLUS those that the state imposes. Recommend listenting to this podcast to understand what you are up against.

1) The costs associated with parole/probation will be whatever the “receiving State” (in the words of ICOTS) imposes. So it doesn’t matter what CA does or doesn’t charge; you’ll have to pay whatever NV imposes.

2) If you transfer to NV from CA using ICOTS, NV’s corrections system becomes a de facto agency of CA as far as the parolee is concerned. So once completing the terms of parole for CA, NV would have no ability to continue to impose a GPS tracker. As well, if NV is imposing different rules on migrants than on natives, they are violating the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution. I am skeptical NV does such a thing or that, if they do it, it’s gone unchallenged all this time.

It can’t hurt to look into an ICOTS transfer if that’s what’s wanted. Know that for a successful transfer, both States have to agree to the conditions of the parole. So if CA imposes X condition and NV is either unwilling or unable to enforce X, CA can deny the ICOTS move. I do think there would be a better chance of success if it were presented as the elderly parents were the ones providing support for the parolee, not the other way around. (I believe that makes it nearly mandatory that ICOTS happens, though I’m quite rusty on ICOTS so don’t quote me.)

I highly recommend reading the various ICOTS manuals and orders. Visit and read the various items under “Documents->Legal” for a better understanding.

Thank you.

Any tips or experience on how to get in front of this new change to the law? The “SEX OFFENDER”stamp in my state was ruled unconstitutional. Now they are trying to pass this new law that says “classification T1” in highlighter orange color. Wonder if this could also effect the passport marking?

That could be a tricky one to fight due to how coded it is. It’s still compelled speech because it’s still making a statement with which you disagree but I don’t know that a judge would find it overly burdensome. You might be able to sue for it being moved to the back of the ID/DL but that seems hardly a victory.

What’s interesting is that it’s presented as a Restriction. I would love to have the State explain what restriction is being imposed. Normally a restriction is something such as no night driving or must wear corrective lenses. In other words Restrictions are additional criteria imposed upon the citizen in order to be able to drive legally. What Restrictions an ID could ever have is beyond me.

It’s certainly an interesting answer from the legislature for the court ruling. I think it would be prudent for you to read the court ruling with the T1 marker in mind. Ask yourself if the court’s analysis and opinion would still fit with this new marker.

@AJ @Bootstrap

I am going to put this out there for your review and consideration on coded DLs/IDs from, What We Talk About When We Talk About Apple and Compelled Speech (
Don’t think of computer coding specifically but coding in general, e.g. T1 on the back of the DL in highlighter orange. I read it and think of it in the same vein, i.e. something needs to be decoded to understand the meaning of it, even if it is LE only. It may be a reach, but aren’t some cases decided on such a reach?

I searched “coded language as compelled speech” on the big G search engine

I certainly don’t know the legal nuances of this issue but their proposed change strikes me as being just as illegal. Who cares exactly what the “mark of the beast” is? It’s still a mark. “sex offender” is an arbitrary, inaccurate phrase. “Classification T1” is just more of the same. Anyone and everyone who wants to know what that is will know. It’s no different.

I find it more offensive though that the criminals are trying to force people to carry a marked ID at all times. That is unacceptable. America has always been a nasty place but some people are working hard to make it a real third world country. They are trashing my country. I guess I’ll just take what I can from the country and forget about contributing. I’m sure I could find better, more moral countries in which to live, but I like the money here.

To me, these kinds of laws/crimes are calls to action. I’m not going to be one of the tens of millions of people who sit around in America and just let things happen. I’m going to continue to deliver negative consequences. Concrete consequences.

@TS & @Will Allen:
The problem one runs into is not whether or not the speech is compelled; it certainly is. The problem is whether a court finds the compelled speech survives strict scrutiny, i.e. it’s the least restrictive means to achieve a compelling government interest. If it is, then it’s deemed a constitutionally valid burdening of one’s Free Speech rights.

I think it would be a very tough argument to win by saying a coded marker is so burdensome it must be completely removed. However, I do think one could successfully argue that putting the marker on the face of the ID/DL is more burdensome on one’s speech than putting it on the back. Therefore, placing it on the front would not pass strict scrutiny’s “least restrictive” element, meaning it would have to be relegated to the back. (I’m rather sure LEOs are trained to review both the front and back of IDs/DLs when they have them in possession. As such, I don’t see how the State could argue that placement on the back would interfere with a compelling government interest.)

Actually, I believe one could argue that the State already has the least restrictive means to achieve its interest. It’s called the registry. I also balk at any suggestion the State may put forth that having the info on the ID/DL helps with time-critical info for the LEO. That’s hogwash because even in States where one is obligated to provide LE with identifying info (name, address, DOB, etc), one only needs to speak that info to the LEO. There is no requirement to hand over one’s ID/DL (RC cards in AL and the like, excepted) to identify oneself. That means that there really is no situation where one would need to hand an ID card to a LEO and the only time one would need to do so with a DL is when operating a motorized vehicle. This all means that the only time a LEO is aided by the marker on the ID/DL–whether coded or not–is in the brief time between getting it from the vehicle operator and running the person’s info in the computer. So what time-critical event would be happening while the LEO is walking back to his cruiser? I say little or none–especially since the operator is already seized at this point.


Well said, and I agree.

⭐Phone Scam!!⭐ Aransas County, TX:

SUGGESTION: Friends, be prepared for these scumbags’ scam calls! Know, in advance, a few specific details about your local police department/Registry office, so you can ask the caller certain questions, such as: “Last time I was there, they were moving the Registration office to Bond Street. Have they moved the office yet?”, “Is Officer O’Malley still in charge of registration?”, “Did the police department get those new automated license plate readers they wanted?”, “How is the new sheriff working out? Is she better than Sheriff Johnson was?”
Do some research and get some details to ask the caller. Throw them off their game. If the caller gets irritated, tell them there have been a lot of scams going on lately and you just want to make sure everything the caller is legitimate. Good luck! 👍

watch a video where a woman verbal abused store employees, flipped off a person filming the incident, then walked over and coughed in the person’s face. The person she coughed on is going through cancer treatments and has an immune deficiency issue.
the judge gave her 30 days in jail and I think a $500 fine along with 6 months probation.
I actually got no jail time for my misdemeanor, paid $1000 and got 3 yrs probation, of which I was released early after 2 1/2 yrs.
My point being that from a judicial viewpoint, the two offenses are similar in regards to the punishment. Why then do I have to wear my offense for 10 yrs and be banned from going to so many places, possibly for the rest of my life, as well as lose my professional licenses.
This woman purposely and physically put another life in danger. My offense did none of that.
Not ranting. I have accepted my fate. Just pointing out the continued disparity of society’s idea of morality.

The reason is sex.

The person who coughed is an asshole probably every day of her life. Probably puts people in danger all the time. I suspect none of that is true of you.

Because this kind of nonsense happens all the time, big government lost their moral authority to judge long ago. Today, I judge.

Their Hit Lists are unacceptable and “people” who support it will continue to pay consequences. This is war.

Maybe there should be a special registry for dangerous individuals like this:

Oh, did I mention that he is a LEO??
(Maybe there should be another registry for his colleagues who swept it under the rug and hid it away from the public.)

I liken this to telling your neighbor to cut their grass when your yard looks like a forest. Boston PD knew they had a predator working for them, yet allowed him to continue. Who knows how many more will come forward.
Cops are the worst for,
1. Prejudging others
2. Disobeying the very laws they are paid and expected to uphold
3. Covering up for their own when one commits a crime

I’m reminded of the guy who recently posted about CPS trying take his kids. If only they’d instead spent their time taking the kids away from this lunatic as the father had requeated.

Looking for a good therapist in Orange County to help my recently-paroled RC family member reintegrate. He’s feeling helpless, hopeless, and suffering with the punitive effects of the registry. Any recommendations?

Go to the very top of this page and click on Emotional Support Group Meetings, then follow the simple instructions to get a hold of Alex. He will invite your family member to join the group, but I’m sure he can also point you in the right direction for therapy.

Excellent, Mike, thank you very much!

great article about the stigma of being placed on the registry

@ Warpath: Interesting journal article. 👍

Waiting for this article Warpath…THANK YOU FOR POSTING!

I would like to know if the ten year rule to request registry removal begins from the date released from incarceration or conviction ? Perhaps from the date of registration ? Thank you

It depends on how you were sentenced. The general rule is the time starts from your “release from custody”. If you were sentenced to PRISON, that would be from when you were released from the actual prison onto parole. But if you were granted probation, even if your probation sentence included up to a year of jail time in county, it counts from the date of your conviction as you are not “in custody” for this purpose. Not sure what the rational is for this, but that’s how it is.

Prison = the day you step outside of those gates.
Probation = the day of sentencing regardless if you also served time in county.

I have to do my annual from the same residence for the past 18 years and the same PD but this year a new officer has asked me for PROOF of residence. Is this something new in CA? Not a bid deal but if the state or LEO is adding new requirements just want to check

For the last 25 years they have never asked me for anything other than my driver’s license. Maybe something new, or maybe a new officer making sure he covers all his bases.

What did you have to show them?

asking for utility bill but I pay on line so I do not have a paper bill so maybe my property tax bill that shows I live there and pay part of his salary

Thanks. I pay all mine online too, but I’ll print one out and keep it in my pocket just in case. Actually, I have until September…

I’ll let some CA people answer your question. But I’d encourage everyone to read the laws that affect you and know. Read them 20 times if needed. Keep a list. Regarding your new officer, I would ask him/her to show me the exact section of law that states that proof is required and what that proof is.

In the state where I live, nearly all the items are clear. However, a statewide organization created a form that is used throughout many (or all) parts of the state and that form is bullshit. It asks for a large number of things which are very clearly not required by law. You said it’s not a big deal to you, but to me, it is a very big deal. In fact, to me it is a perfect signal of their total incompetence and arrogance. They have no intention of operating within the law. They will try and get away with whatever they can.

I’ve gone around and around with them for like 20 years. I’ve forced them to change it a couple of times. They do for a while and then, since they are criminals at heart, they just change it back. I’ve told them they are criminal morons. They don’t care. I suggested that they create a form that actually follows the law and then if they liked, they could have additional, voluntary forms. If they weren’t such assholes, some people might fill those out. But even that is unacceptable. Because really what it amounts to is that they operate outside of the law and then bully and intimidate people to comply. Most do. I do not. I mark through every item that is not required by law.

But over and over and over again they tell me to give them proof of where I live or work. I never have. They’ll leave it alone for a year and then some new jackass will come along and try to invent their own laws. I tell them that the law simply says that I must tell them where I live and that is it. It doesn’t say anything about proof.

They’ve threatened me more times that I can recall. They always threaten to tell someone that I am listed! As if people don’t already know. They are so GD stupid that I don’t think they realize that is the actual point of the Hit Lists – that people know. I always tell them to please go ahead. I love it when they waste their time. And I seriously don’t give a rat’s ass about anyone’s opinion of me. I stopped caring 2 decades ago.

Anyway, it’s a big deal to me. If they are going to have their illegal “laws” and expect people to exactly follow them, then they damn well better as well. I’ve told them if they want more information they just need to get their criminal legislators to modify their “law” to require it. I actually don’t understand why they don’t.

2 Halloweens ago, a sergeant from the sheriff’s office came by for a compliance check. The first thing he said was telling me to step out onto the porch so we could talk. I grabbed my phone and turned the camera on and told him we could talk just fine like this (me inside the house in the open doorway. He asked for my ID, I asked why. He said to confirm my identity. I replied he had my name, address, and picture in the file in his hand and didn’t need my license. After what I’m sure was intended to be an uncomfortable silence, he tried the tired claim that he needed to come in and see my stuff to confirm I actually lived there. I asked if he had a warrant – he said he could get one. I said “Please do. Warrants are normally to search for evidence of a crime. I’m really curious to see one for evidence of compliance.”

I bet the whole thing would have been VERY different if I hadn’t had my phone out. Funny that it didn’t record anything; I missed the start button or something. Also funny that this idiot didn’t even know I’m still on paper and couldn’t have stopped him from searching the house if he really wanted to.

That “come in and take a look” has always cracked me up. Who the hell would ever allow that?

If a person is not on probation or parole then I think the choice about what to do about LECs visiting your home is easy. Most of it doesn’t actually bother me but I’m not going to allow it simply because I’m not ever going to give any indication that it is acceptable or legitimate. I also want to make all of it as difficult and painful as possible. There is no reason we should help the criminal regimes run a great Registry/harassment system.

But if I were on probation or parole I think I’d get it clarified with my supervising officer exactly what I had to do or not.

If you had him on a recording saying that, you should’ve filed a report. The cop was clearly lying to try and gain access. That’s a no-no. Take every opportunity you can to make LE’s life as uncomfortable as possible though legal avenues. Don’t let them get away with bullying.

Not to be a downer, but while on paper, I think you have to let LE or Probation/ Parole into your home, unannounced and without a warrant. This could have backfired and considered obstruction of law if they realized you were on paper.

Oh absolutely. I assumed Dustin was talking about having experienced that post supervision. If he was still on paper, the cop would’ve just walked in without that banter.

It’s not at all a no-no. It’s slimy as all get out but the TBLs do it all the time. They pull the same tricks with drivers. “Mind if we take a look in your vehicle?” Why ANYone ever allows it, particularly the jugheads who are carrying drugs, has always escaped me.

Can I take a look around and I will get a warrant, seem pretty different. Ones a request and the other is a very false threat. 8ts that part of Dustin’s story that I was focusing on

You should’ve said, “from your own words, it sounds like you have every bit of needed information about me, including a photo match, on your little piece of paper. If you’d like help with any of the big words, let me know.”

I prefer the safest route: don’t answer the door. I never answer the door unless I’m expecting someone. And since I have a default place to leave packages on file with FedEx and UPS, I know if it’s them or someone else.

For many years (in CA) they asked me to bring a utility bill as proof of residency. However my drivers license only lists my PO Box, but my vehicle registration lists my home address. For the last 5 years, they have only asked for my drivers license. I never cared about bringing them a utility bill. – However I could never convince them to pay any of those utility bills for me. Lol

I don’t know about CA laws, but here in Michigan the only thing required is a valid driver license or state ID card. I’ve been told a couple times I need to provide a utility bill to prove residency and I tell them to take a hike because I know what the law does and does not require. I refuse to go above and beyond what is required by law.

I could research this but better to just ask you! Does Michigan’s law list exactly what items of proof are required? If you feel like it, would you mind posting that text of the law?

I’m glad you don’t allow them to operate outside the law. Maybe they would consider following the law if everyone insisted they do.

I’ll look it up for you but I can tell you with absolute 100000000% certainty that Michigan only requires a valid license or State ID card. Give me a bit to find the law….

I am interested in this “proof of residence” issue so I took a quick look. This appears to be Michigan’s law:

I’ll give a disclaimer that I don’t know 100% for sure that is the current law and how Michigan presents their laws and changes. If I was subject to it, I’d figure it out.

Anyway, Michigan appears to require no proof that you are residing where you tell them. They do require a driver’s license (if you have one) but it is not for proof and I’d certainly expect the address could be different than your residence with no issue on Registration. It could still be an issue, but it should be what any other resident would have (e.g. can a resident have an address other than their residence on their license?). UNLESS there is some other part of Michigan law that says that PFRs (specifically) must make their licenses match their residences.

I also noticed that Michigan insists that PFRs tell them if they are going to be away from their homes for more than 7 days. That is 100% unacceptable. There is no “public safety” lie that can uphold that. It is nothing but harassment. It is too close to probation or parole.

These laws are unacceptable. I’m not going to sit around and complain about them. Today, I’m going to deliver negative consequences. The Hit Lists will continue to cause extreme harm.

I think you always have to bring a document that shows your current address. A DL is ok as long as it has your current address, but a lot of them don’t. We always bring an extra document like a utility bill or vehicle registration, just in case. They normally just take the DL, but it has his address. Maybe, soon they will deny you registration if you don’t have your COVID shot…LOL.

Only in recent years have they asked for a utility bill. In 2020 I forgot and the cop waited patiently as I logged into the DWP site from my phone and showed her my account. Other cops have asked me to bring my vehicle registration, so I got in the habit of bringing that in with me, too.
Maybe I’m not required to because the law only requires yada, but, this might sound a bit dramatic, my priority is getting the f out of that den of wolves and not triggering a cop with a wild hair up her butt who yells “Taser! Taser! Taser!” before “accidentally” putting a 9mm round through my heart.

@ Mot: I live in Southern California. A couple years ago, an officer from my local PD contacted me. In lieu of an in-person residence verification, he requested a copy of my utility bill. To save myself the hassle, I provided it. However, in the future, I probably will NOT do so for two simple reasons: first, the compliance check verifying a place of residence is THEIR problem, not mine. Second, it’s a stupid request: just because I pay the electricity bill for a property in no way verifies that I actually reside at that address. (If they wish to save themselves time and effort, they should just pull their own ALPR records for either my address or my license plate. Last time I reviewed those records, it showed my own car located in my own driveway or on the street directly in front of my house more than a dozen times. [In fact, their records did not show my car anywhere else EXCEPT my property!])

The truth is, they’re just trying to make their own jobs easier.
Where I live, they are doing fewer in-person residence verifications. That said, I am certain they are receiving plenty of government funds to do that task in person in the field.

I still get angry when I hear about the compliance checks. They are not mandated by any law, including the 290 laws. For those who say, they can come to your residence just like Girl Scouts or Jehovas witness, I received a hand written letter from Jehovas Witness today, and it says that they stopped the visits to one’s residence and are contacting everyone by mail. So, there. And who has seen a Girl Scout come to their door in recent years? Nobody should have any business knocking on your door in this day and age.

@ Someone who cares: Oh, so now you’re saying that the Registry is a business?? Next you’ll suggest that it is designed to make money for those who operate it!!
(Oh, wait….. You’re right!! 😖😡)
[Sarcasm trigger warning. ⚠️]

I’ve got the Jehovah’s Witnesses letters too. I haven’t seen them walking around my neighborhood in years so maybe the letter writing campaign is working better for them? However sending letters is far more costly for the individual members. I was born a JW and learned it was a dangerous cult. I’m now involved with the ex-JW community to expose this cult for what it is. My family disowned me (as required) after I quit them. No one is sure when, if ever, they will return to their Kingdom Halls or public preaching. The Watchtower corporation has been selling off the members Kingdom Halls around the world (especially in the UK, Canada & USA).

@someone who cares:
Just because this or that person or entity has ceased exercising the “implied consent to approach” that SCOTUS laid out doesn’t mean that consent has ceased.

On a related note, I’ve had some thoughts and done some case-law reading about this idea. I’m hoping to have some time soon to compose my thoughts and post them here. Teaser: LEO’s use of the implied consent when it comes to “compliance checks” is unique and thus perhaps subject to scrutiny.

@David: “In lieu of an in-person residence verification, he requested a copy of my utility bill.” Never been asked for anything in Sacto. County or Butte County..and no compliance checks either…tell em to go pound sand next time they try and mess with you..(or at least ask if you are legally required to provide said document)..

I am in San Diego county and last month when I went in for a change of address at the Sheriff’s office, they did not ask for any documents to prove it was my new address. What they did was give me a “temp” registration card and side the real one will be mailed to me at the new address and then I was to mail the “temp” card back to them and that was it.

I like it. Google does something similar to verify your business listing. They’ll send you a postcard with a verification number for you to enter on their site to complete the listing process. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

I’m not too surprised. I think more and more people are aware the registry is BS and does nothing to curb the abuse or is even an effective tool during investigations. Plus, there’s nothing in the law that requires any such verification. It’s mainly the districts and people who love lording over others, abusing their powers, that have a hardon for all this crap.

I just thought of something. With the pandemic over a year now, there are more and more studies about how damaging the isolation has been for many physiologically. And I’m sure we’ll get plenty more such studies in the near and far future.

I bet we could use these exact studies to help attack the registry on the damage that it’s causing. The isolation many RC have, are, and will be experiencing is literally the same due to lack of companionship with others explicitly due to the registry. But even more so since it’s never ending WITH the stigma and harassment layered on top of it. At some point, there has to be a tipping point than “collateral damage” being acceptable.

I think the assholes who love the Hit Lists and are the only thing keeping them from collapsing, do not care at all what they do to PFRs. I really don’t think they give a damn. They don’t care about the children affected. They don’t care about the families. None of it.

I also think they don’t care at all that the Hit Lists aren’t needed or effective. Or that they make nearly every PFR listed more dangerous than they ever would be. Or that they destroy remorse, empathy, and compassion and breed extreme hate and radicalization.

All they care about is getting themselves off and feeling smug. I really believe all that.

Facts and reality aren’t going to get very far against the Hit Lists.

This pandemic has clearly demonstrated the damaging effects of restricting personal liberties arbitrarily, and neither of the major parties can claim moral high ground within their supporter’s ranks. Liberals seemed to play down the riots which saw community centers annexed, then plundered across the nation in the name of social justice, mostly without accountability. Conservatives used the turmoil of 2020 to whip up their supporters into a frenzy, making it seem like a second revolution was needed to save the country, resulting in a de-facto terror attack on our Congressional public servants and the pillaging of a national treasure. I grieved over both of these, as the loss to our collective social fabric and tarnishing of our storied republic may be irreparable.

Dear Anonymous, if you are suggesting that mandating mask wearing and social distancing are arbitrary restrictions on personal liberties, you are very wrong.
The COVID-19 pandemic has killed more than a half a million Americans of every age, ethnicity, religion and political affiliation.
Unless everyone takes it seriously, it will continue to kill. The COVID-19 virus doesn’t care what political party you support – it Is an equal opportunity killer.

@David being a past medical Instructor, you are SO RIGHT David! does NOT MATTER who you are even Beavers, ferrets and some dogs and cats PEOPLE wake up. How can CDC and WHO fake all these numbers and deaths ? P A N D E M I C is NOT over with nor after Vaxers, STILL wear better facial coverings (NO Holes or rebreathers like painter’s) masks, distance and NO LARGE CROWDS, gathering yet. Get Tested? Once is NOT enough, more Vax to follow and one is NOT ENOUGH, sorry J&J. my crime was almost 40 yrs ago and I’ve been in Med lots longer since Lifeguarding.
ACCOUNTABILITY Anonymous? Those numbers are fortified false, NO. REAL. Even late reports. Ask other countries like a 3rd world AND Italia, France, Japan and of course China. R E A L. Thx David for reminding us all.
Mask Up anytime leaving home/apt.

Thank goodness for our government which protects us from those sicko perverts with the public sex offender registry and residency restrictions. Heaven forbid one of these monsters should even come close to one of our precious children’s schools. It’s so comforting to know that my little Timmy is safe when he steps onto school grounds…or is he? 🧐

New York elementary principal charged with sexually abusing students during school hours

Sadly, the principal is within stats of who the perps really are.

Let’s NOT FORGET the SO Detective (former) who just SHOT in Austin so many including his crime…the one’s passing real (haha) background checks including the evasive divise Lie Detector Test to get on The Dept…NOT ONLY weapons killing, he committed a sexual offense or two (3 )? Fox news will cover that for sure. lol.

🤣🤣 I’m sharing this because it’s so bizarrely confusing!!:

WSET: Man charged with ‘animate object penetration’ by Bedford County deputies.

What exactly is an “animate object”?? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Aren’t objects, by definition, INanimate?? I wish they had included the statute number cause I’d love to read it. 🤔 So confused. 🙄

I really could not figure out what was being alleged. And who did what to whom or to what or with what??  
“Please notify law enforcement if you have any information.”  
Information about what??!! 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

masubi…must be Animated alike Japon animae. They need a better Editor David…Inanimate is corrected. But they don’t all graduate from a higher learning facility. Me too…where’s the County get there typesetting.

So in California, what’s the process to get the written permission from the principal to enter a school? Do you have to send a letter, or can you just call or email them? Do they need to send you an official letter or would email be enough?

Finally have a situation where I can’t get around not going. Last year my son graduated high school. The ceremony was to be held off campus so I was relieved I would be able to go without issue. Because of Covid though, nothing happened. Well, they just sent out a notice that they will be holding a make up graduation ceremony for the class of 2020 on the football field. I have to go.

Thanks for the help.

@ JesusH: I’m in California and have gone through this permission process several times in order to attend community meeting, “State of the City” Mayor’s presentations, local planning department or utility feedback events.
I go back online and Google the school and the school’s website usually has a tab for “Staff” or “Contacts”. I then send an email to the school’s principal explaining the situation, providing all the event information (especially date and time), and requesting his/her permission to attend the event.
In the subject line, I will usually write “Confidential – Response Resquested”.
NOTE: Send your request as early as possible prior to the event. Expect to not receive a response. Typically, I need to send two, three, or four followup emails in order to get a reply, so be persistent.
I have always received approval/ permission from the local public schools, but I was once denied permission by a private school.

Here’s an example:

** Confidential Correspondence **

Good morning, Principal Jones.

My name is John Doe. I am a homeowner/resident in Smallville and am actively involved in the Smallville community.  
I am contacting you today because I am required to receive authorization in order to attend an event on your school’s campus (specifically, in the school’s gymnasium).

I will explain. I would like to attend Assemblyman Bill Parson’s “Wildfire Prevention and Protection” Town Hall being held on the evening of the Thursday, February 31st, from 7:00 p.m.- 10:00 p.m., in Smallville High School’s (SHS) gymnasium. However, I am required to received prior authorization from the school’s principal in order to be present on a school campus because I was convicted of a sexual offense 20+ years ago. I would be on the SHS campus only for the duration of the Town Hall event.

Please consider my request and advise me of your decision at your earliest convenience.
Thank you in advance for your time and attention.
I await your reply.

John Doe
Smallville, CA”

@David fleur de liece -Nice of you David, this will help others that also read JesusH’s request for admission to a school campus for special event. Very professional and dropping the RC at the end was wise so he or she continues to review the request. Including times of the non-school activity after-hours. Bravo!

Here is my opinion from someone who had three kids in school at one point. I never paid attention to that bs and went to every school activity they had.

Don’t risk it, Jesus. Get permission. You don’t want to be a news headline.

Yeah I’m not about risk at all… too much at stake.

Thanks for the info about how you’ve contacted the school. One last question, do you get a written letter with permission or do they just reply back via email? I’m just wondering if email permission is good enough. Thanks!

I understand that reasoning but when it came to my kids I was going to be their father and if they wanted to prosecute me for that my attitude was have at it. Screw them

So I emailed the principal and he replied. He wants my cell number so that he can give it to the school district official who handles these matters.


This should be a simple matter, he should just say yes. What is this school official going to do or ask? I’m going through all sorts of scenarios in my head… all the way from “sure it’s fine” to “we’re going to get the police to check you out first”. Frustrating.

I will give him my number and see what he says.

If Ca Megans list has your charge listed as rape but you were not convicted of rape is that an actionable thing you can contest? Charges were out of state.

A lawyer could have better advice and do what is necessary, but this could get you started.

Have you read the California Penal Code itself to ensure the charge is what you think it is?

If you still think the “translation” from another state’s code is not correct, you could try contacting the DOJ. If that doesn’t work you could try challenging the accuracy.

Criminal Records – Request Your Own

Be very brief and concise.

You might even be able to get your county Public Defender to work on it for you.

Anyone in the NV area? Is there any talk or lawsuits going on about the retroactivity of the AWA??? I am a family member of a RC. What has happened since the AWA is such BS. He was able to win the one lawsuit he had stating he should not be on life time supervision due to it not being part of his original sentence. NV is supposed to pay him for his time on lifetime supervision. So I was wondering what the chances would be of trying to fight the AWA. He only had 2 years left before he could petition to be removed as a tier 1. Now he is a tier 3 for life…..

This has to do with sponsoring someone to U.S. AFTER you have been removed from Registry and have had charges reduced to misdemeanor. Looking for actual experience, not opinion.

As a follow up to another comment I had, and this is directed to the ACSOL Staff,
Has there been any consideration to challenging the AWA as it applies to sponsorship once off the registry?
the way I see this, the Federal government is continuing your non punitive punishment by using your offense to refuse the chance of sponsorship for someone that you could be married to or have had a long term relationship with. And by long term I mean an actual relationship, not a “ pen pal “ type.

So apparently the Los Angeles County Sheriff is loosening restrictions on handing out concealed carry licenses in the county. You need a good cause self defense argument.

I’m wondering a couple of things… would us being on a list be a sufficient reason? If not it should. Other thing I’m wondering… would they even issue licenses to us RC’s? Unfortunately, I think not 🙁

I read somewhere that CA Megan’s list is required by court order to post conviction dates. Is this true?

Hi Does anyone know if the Tier level in CA can be appealed to the DOJ and if anyone has tried and been successful? My offense was a 664/288(a) and in Dec 2019 I received a Cert of Rehab from LA Superior Court. My tier is 2 which means another 2 years on the Registry and if I can get to Level 1 I can apply now to be removed

Janice said you an appeal your tier placement to the DOJ/Court. I don’t think anyone has yet tried this as no one can just yet file for petition for removal until this July. So how to go about the appeal is currently a mystery.

I read this headline: “Vanita Gupta would be the first civil rights lawyer to help lead the DOJ.”
And I immediately thought, what kind of civil rights lawyer would be supportive of the DOJ’s proposed new SORNA regulations??
Wouldn’t a real civil rights lawyer be opposed to federal SORNA, IML, marked passports, SORs, etc.?? 🤔😒

Is it legal to refuse a free prize drawing to someone convicted of a crime? I saw a sweepstakes that does exactly that and will require anyone winning a sweepstakes to agree to a background check. Here’s there reason for the background check on any winners:
Background Checks. Except where legally prohibited, Sponsor reserves the right to conduct background checks on a Potential Winner and any Potential Winner guests, where applicable. Participation in an Experience constitutes Participant’s authorization to such background checks without Sponsor providing any additional prior notice or seeking additional permissions or consents from Potential Winner. Sponsor reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any Potential Winner based on the results of such background check (or the background check of Potential Winner’s guest(s), if applicable), if the Sponsor determines in its sole discretion that awarding the Prize to such Potential Winner and/or Potential Winner’s guest(s) might reflect negatively on Sponsor or any of the other Experience Partners, or be likely to put Sponsor, any of the other Experience Partners, or any other third-party in danger. Sponsor is not obligated to clarify, confirm, or share any specific results of background check with any Potential Winner, whether the background check resulted in disqualification or not. Factors that could result in disqualification include, without limitation: having been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor, being delinquent on a government-ordered payment, such as child support, spousal support, alimony, tax payments, etc., or any other criminal or civil offense determined at the sole discretion of Sponsor.

I not allowed to tell you what contest this is (per ACSOL rules), but what are your thoughts? Is this legal? Do many contests have similar conditions?

This is becoming common in prize drawings and sweepstakes. I think it might be ripe for a challenge under the “equal dignity” requirements of these kinds of things however I do see that attorneys that advise for these drawings advocate for the background check clause to be in the rules. Perhaps there is case law saying this is allowed too. I don’t want to take time to look into it more and at first glance I don’t see any case law about it. I may even be wrong about it even being something that could even be challenged but it seems like it could be, in theory.

I do see the reasoning from the other side too. The business doing the sweepstakes is doing it promotionally to further a brand or product and they want to be able to promote the winner as part of this. If the winner has a background issue, the company doing the promotion is going to be seen as giving a prize to a criminal. That would have the complete opposite effect of what the business is trying to do.

Just posting this decision that came out of MN today. Not a sex crime but still a “Predatory Offender” crime which requires registration under MN laws. It applies the Mendoza-Martinez factors to various collateral consequences so for these reasons it’s relevant.

I am interested in a civil lawsuit against a CDCR contractor. This contractor, per parole requirements, administers a treatment (RPP) program for SOs. I have recently completed and presented my RPP to a board of psych counselors my agent and the CDCR supervisor. I was then issued a certificate of completion (rehabilitation). Upon graduation, I was discharged from the program with the exception of monthly maintenance visits and 6-month polygraphs until release from parole which is in about 2 years for me. Long story short, very recently after my graduation, the CDCR renewed their contract with another psych treatment organization who is now requiring me to restart their treatment program with the same requirements and goals as the last program I graduated from. I am seeking legal counsel but what are your thoughts on this. This is a violation of my civil rights?

That sounds very wrong. You’ve already fulfilled your obligation per court requirements. Them arbitrarily forcing you to redo something you’ve completed and have the exit documentation for is just wrong. To me it seems akin to them telling you you need to serve an extra year in prison because the legislature upped the penalty for your conviction post you completing your sentence.

First, you are not required to use your full name here. A nickname is good enough. It’s best that no one that is involved with your case or treatment know what you are saying on this website or most websites. I would recommend that you contact ACSOL President Chance Oberstein through the contacts link above or by Googling his name. He’s likely the best attorney that could help you through his private practice.

Does anyone know the law in KY as to how long you can visit the state before being required to register? The statute isn’t too clear on the subject of out of state visitors. It talks about students and workers entering the state, but nothing about other visitors. I am planning to be there for several days in late summer. Wondering if we have any readers in KY who might know this, or perhaps someone who has traveled there for business or vacation and knows the requirements
Thank you.

Check under the legal tab above to see the Kentucky law in the matrix of all 50 states

Would any registrant in Southern California have advise on which county is more suitable for a family member to reside upon being released from prison and during their parole?
Our loved one has 3 options with immediate family members in the following counties: Riverside County, San Diego County and Los Angeles County. I understand from meetings that Los Angeles is the ideal but that location would be a townhome with an Home Owners Association (HOA) and we are not sure how or what problems an HOA can cause for a family with a registrant. All 3 locations are not near parks or schools. Thank you for any advise.


I serve my probation in San Diego county and would recommend San Diego over Riverside.

Based on past comments and general reports about the DAs in each county my opinion is that Los Angles would be first choice, then San Diego and finally Riverside.

Riverside and Orange counties have not been kinda/understanding at all towards people forced to register.

If I remember correctly in both Orange and Riverside it is extremely difficult to find a judge or assistant DA willingly to apply the law fairly.

In both Los Angels and San Diego a number of people forced to register have obtained Certificates of Rehabilitation and been removed from being forced to register.

Thank you.

Gwen ~ I did not think an HOA has any say in whether a registrant lives in the community. Can you look on Megan’s Law and see if any other registrants live at that address in Los Angeles, or the other options for that matter?

They can do what ever they want.Maybe not legal , but they can still do it. The question is do you have the time and patience to take them to court. How bad do you want to live around these kinds of people.

Ok more about getting permission to visit schools in California…

I just read penal code 626.81 which is where it specifies that I need to get permission from the school’s chief administrative official. It also says that this official then needs to notify each parent of student’s in the school that an RSO will be visiting the school and the date/time of the visit. I’m not sure I knew that part. Does this really happen?

I’ve never asked permission before, I have just avoided going to anything. However I figure at some point there has to be some other RSO who has asked to go to my kid’s school and therefore there would’ve been a notification to the parents. I’ve never been notified about anyone.

If this is really the case then there’s no way I’m going to do this. Screw this damn crazy BS!!!

The single best thing about COVID has been online learning and no school events. I haven’t had to disappoint my kids when I don’t show up to see their play, open house, graduation, etc. My kids are 13 and 9. Do you know how many of these events I’ve missed and how many I’ll miss by the time they graduate? Countless. The thought both crushes me and ignites another flame under my seething hatred of the government.
To your point, I, too, have not received any notifications that an RSO would be entering the campus. However, I know that some RSOs just say, “Fuck ‘em,” and attend the events w/out asking permission because they refuse to be excluded from their child’s education. I support them 100% in this and would so same were not for the additional stress it would place know my wife.
Anyway, best of luck to you. I know how hard this is.

We homeschool our kids. This year normalized that for many Americans. I foresee a lot of homeschooling in the near future and the slow death of traditional public education (I expect many public schools to transition to being Zoom access points with babysitters in the next few years).

Many parents can not afford to hire a babysitter so they can work to provide for their kids. The rely on schools to be that babysitter. Also, many do not have internet.

I personally enrolled my kids in school and went to every school event I think if your on campus in support of your child’s education they can’t do nothing too you but if your on a school campus and have no legitimate reason for being there your going to prison but if your just picking your kids up or dropping them off or attending a parent teacher conference in support of your child’s education law enforcement cant do nothing too you.
Haveing a parent labeled a sex offender can bring hardship on your child’s life you might wanna exit before Junior High School

Good luck 😬👌

The law used to state that with legal reason to be there, no permission was needed. That all changed after a lawsuit from a father that was barred entry under any circumstance to attend the school. They changed the law so that every registered parent has the ability to enter, as long as the administrator or principal receive notice. Unfortunately, it made it to where if you have a legal right, and are not under supervision, you still need to notify. A blanket punishment. Many that are not in the website attend anyway, without notice, but it would suck if there happens to be a lockdown or situation where police show up and start taking names. You’d be screwed.

Well, the problem is the schools here use the ‘Raptor’ system, where ID’s are scanned at the entrance and then Megan’s list is searched. I’m actually not listed but I just don’t want to go there. I’ve been living under the radar for years and don’t want any trouble.

I just want what every parent wants and every kid deserves, to participate in their education.

Anyway, at this point I gave the principal my phone number on Thursday morning and here it is, Monday morning and no call yet. Even if this school district official calls and gives me permission though, I’m concerned that he is not the ‘chief administrative official of the school’ and that would not satisfy the legal requirement. It’s all a bunch of BS anyway.

This is yet another example of how this is definitely punishment though. I’m just trying to go to my son’s graduation, why is this so much trouble after all these years? The assumption that I’m dangerous is ludicrous and absurd.

I’m of the opinion that if someone is dangerous they belong in jail, but anyone who is out should have all the freedoms as anyone else. You’re either free or you’re not.

Wishing you all the best. Please keep us posted.

You are missing a part of the penal code. PC 626.81(a) says you have to have the school administrator’s permission to be on campus. However, 626.81(b)(1) is the part about notifying all the parents but it states: “…and not a family member of a pupil who attends that school…”

So, my understanding, and how my child’s school handles it is that I do need written permission (yes, even just to drive on campus for drop off/pick up) but the school does not need to make any notifications. I do have written permission and remain active in my children’s school life.

Aha…. I see that now. That’s a HUGE load off my mind! I’ve been stressing so hard about this. Thanks!

Now I just have to wait and hear back. It’s been 3 days now and nothing. I’m thinking they forgot about me. That, or they looked me up on Megan’s List and they didn’t find me and are confused.

I have spoken of this before but not in this forum.
An associate and I have proof that Title 18 of the United States Code Service is a fraud.  This is certified by both secretaries of the house and senate, the librarian of the Library of Congress and The National Archives. 
Public Law 80-772 which enacted the revision of the Federal Criminal Code was never voted on and passed by either house and was fraudulently presented to then President Truman.
Even the authenticity of the presidential signature is questionable.
The reason I bring this up now and here is because a few weeks ago my associate spent four days with the committee on finance discussing the legalities that they are running into with the Canibus legalization issues that they are trying to work out.
You may ask what this has to do with sex offenders?
Well, we to are charged under Title 18. As the statutes are unlawful on the whole, then there is no law.  If there is no law, there can be no crime.
The response to this was at first, disbelief followed by denial.  The committee poured over the 17 plus years of research that we have done, called in the various secretaries and librarians and were astounded and came to the realization of the truth of what was before them in certified proof.
There was a lot more said over the four days as you can imagine.  But what it came down to, was, the Senators and Representatives refused to do anything about it because it would undermine our current justice system and it would take years if not decades to sort it all out and make it right. 
My associate was taken aside by one of the representatives from New York and told that the only option we had was to take it to the public and public forums and get a lower court to take it to an actual jury trial where the jury actually sends down a verdict and the judge is just the referee.  The chances of winning with a jury trial should be very good, but the chances of it being overturned on appeal are very high as this would directly effect the power of the courts and the judges themselves.
As we have researched this, we’ve had to delve through a very convoluted and tangled web of fraud and deceit.
At this time we have calculated that over eight million Americans have been illegally incarcerated for crimes that do not exist as a matter of law.  But even knowing this the leadership of this country is continuing to purpotrate this fraud upon the people.
I do not reveal these things lightly as there are many in our prisons that should be there, but they need to be put there both legally and lawfully, and this has not occurred since 1948. That’s seventy three years. 
This has also been before the United States Supreme Court and they have refused to address the argument and in each case have ruled the individual innocent due to the fact that they were charged under the wrong statute, not mentioning that the statute doesn’t exist at all.
I won’t go into the convoluted way that the federal government has thrown the 10th amendment out the window and inserted itself into every aspect of our daily lives controlling us from cradle to grave. 

I figure that this may not get by the censors, but it is worth a try as we are following the advice of one of our alustrious leaders.
Just a bit of food for thought.
Please feel free to contact me at this email address if you’re truly interested in justice and the Constitution.

No email address is posted. Is it missing?

For those interested, first amendment rights activist Eric Brandt was sentenced to 12 years in prison because of his thoughts and speech. Search his name or go here for the sentencing:

I didn’t read a lot about this guy but I suspect he’s a hero of mine.

Wishing death on people is ugly business. War is ugly business. The War on Registry Supporters/Terrorists (WoRST) is ugly business. Oh well. It’s not like you can rationalize or negotiate with terrorists and harassers.

I read several articles about this and one related that one of the judges said that he feared for his personal safety and for that of his family. So big government provided extra law enforcement protection AT HIS HOME!

Those “people” ought to talk to some PFRs who are not allowed to own guns so they’ve had to booby-trap their own homes just to try to protect their families somewhat. Or to the PFR that was talking here (or at FAC?) recently who has bats and pipes lying all around his home in case combat is needed in the middle of a future night. Or PFRs that I know who have walled off their properties and are paying people to live there and keep armed with guns for defense.

The Hit Lists have taught me that I needn’t have sympathy, empathy, or concern for people concerned about their families’ safety. So I won’t.

The WoRST must be done.

I’ve spoken to Eric Brandt many times. He has free speech supporters around the world. He has been arrested for free speech over 120 times and has won almost all of those cases. He knows the law very well and usually represents himself without an attorney. Judges don’t like him and have been giving him very high cash only bail amounts for arrests that include holding up signs, writing on sidewalks with chalk, swearing at police and walking on public buses with no shoes. His supporters have always come up with whatever bail amount given him within hours. (Then they rearrest him again the next day on new charges with double the last bail). He has changed how some Police departments operate through his lawsuit settlements. He spent a year walking everywhere on public property and buses without shoes so that eventually homeless people that didn’t own shoes were now able ride the bus. The last time he got out of jail, they tried to make him wear 3 ankle monitors, however the monitor company said 2 was the max so he spent almost a year with a monitor on each ankle. They have tried every way to lock him up and finally they won. He took a plea deal because they were going to give him 65 years if he took this case to trial. He wasn’t expecting 12 years since he was told he might likely only get probation or a possible max of 16 years.

Man, all BS aside from everything else. Is ACSOL or any other civil rights groups going to file a real suit challenging the placement on the registry without individual risk assessments????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have heard there will be suits coming and still have not seen or heard anything about them or what they are going to challenge. I am warning everyone if someone does not step up and challenge the no individual risk assessments or I do not see nothing happening in the next few weeks about this issue I am going to file in state court whether it screws every lawsuit in the future or not I am not standing by any longer. Fair warning to all, my suit is almost complete and ready to go.

Mike, we all share your frustration. As an almost-certain-to-be Level Three, I’m not at all happy about the direction that Tiers has gone, inevitable as it was. Nevertheless, please don’t file it yourself without the assistance of ACSOL. That is asking for trouble that will redound to all of us. Thanks!

Yeah, tell ACSOL or any other rights groups that. Nothing is happening other than little nicks in the system and I for one am tired of waiting, especially with all this BS coming at us from every direction. Sue for INDIVIDUAL RISK ASSESSMENTS NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW or I will, whatever the consequence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tired of no action on this issue.

Others might want to wait until they get a FTR for some minor infraction such as missing 1 out of the four in-person requirements or whatever but I am not. This is a death sentence now or at minimum a literal fight every day for your life if you get caught up and go to a CA prison now for sure. I am already registering four times a year because I go to college and this is going to make me practically have to live at the registering office in order to comply with these new rules. I cannot move from where I am at because I will face eminent danger from new neighbors, I cannot go homeless without the registering every month BS, I cannot go to Alaska out in the bush without all kinds of registering BS, I cannot go out of state without all kinds of registering BS, I cannot leave the country without all kinds of registering BS, I am sure I will not be able to get a decent job even after graduation because of al the registering BS, I cannot shit without all kinds of registering BS. I am done, soon as my college semester is over I AM FILING DEMANDING INDIVIDUAL RISK ASSESSMENT IF ACSOL OR ANY OTHER ORG DOES NOT, period.

Alaska SC has done it,
Hawaii SC has done it,
I have not researched much lately since my last suit but I will be. This has got to end for people that are not a danger to public safety, no ifs ands or buts and no waiting any longer.

And one more thing, why the hell should I even have to prove a negative when they are applying these draconian rules to people the state has not had the obligation to prove the positive are a danger still? Big Nanny Gov is OUT OF CONTROL and NO ONE seems to want to even attempt to reign them in on our behalf.

Last edited 16 days ago by mike r

And now even our thoughts are being prosecuted if we vocal them.
I tell you what, shit will hit the fan before I go to a CA prison again without PC.

Those weren’t just his thoughts. He deliberately and directly called for blood. You do that with ANYONE and you’ll be prosecuted.

He had never been violent in the past, but prayers and wishes against the judge really pissed off all the judges. I watched him live when he did this.

Yeah, well prayers and wishes is not a direct threat.

“It is my thought that the judge should be violently murdered and his brains splattered all over the face of his children. And it’s my prayer that some [expletive] actually does it. Kill, kill, kill, all judges should die,” Brandt said in the message. 
The next day, in an online message, Brandt announced a judge’s home address and called for protests at the home. In the video Brandt said the judge would, “look best hanging from a tree.”

So he prayed someone would kill the judge and thought the judge should be violently murdered, and suggested the judge would look best hanging from a tree.

These are thoughts and prayers and wishes, no where in these statements did the guy threaten or attempt to intimidate the judge in my opinion. Then he post the address and called for protest at the guys house. I see no where that the guy stated he was going to go and be violent nor did he actually call on others to be violent. He stated specifically that it was his prayer and his thought and his opinions. People do this to RSO all the time and nothing ever comes of it.
IDK, this is just to much. I actually agree with the guys opinion with judges, so am I going to jail for saying that here? It has gone to far, I agree if someone is explicitly threatening someone then go after them, other than that it is free speech.

Anyways, it is this registry and the question if anyone is going to challenge the no individual risk assessments that I am concerned about at the moment, not really caring to much about this blatant violation of free speech that is just the beginning of the encroachment of our god giving liberties. If we cannot even get the gov to give us due process before placing us on a gov hit list that people are using to find, kill, and/or torment us, and stop them from throwing RSO in CA prisons with no protection from all the lunatic institutionalized gladiators then free speech is the least of our problems. I am more concerned with this due process and the killing and torturing of our fellow Americans at the moment and wish any Civil rights group would be concerned as well.

Come one, Mike. Posting the address and stating all those things is definitely a threat. If someone did that to me (the address part of it most of us are already experiencing), I would absolutely take it as a threat and file charges as much. Maybe you wouldn’t consider someone doing this to you to be threating, but the vast majority certainly would.

Assert your rights, especially your first amendment rights. He was perfectly within his rights to do everything mentioned in the article, but what was reported in the article was not what lead to the violation. He is perfectly in his rights to issue threats, so long as they are not “credible and immediate”.

“Two days later, Brandt posted another video saying he was going to go to the judge’s parents’ house to talk.”
This is the point at where he screwed up, where the threat became credible and immediate.

I’d also like to add that it is my thought that creators and enforcers of the registry should be violently murdered, and their brains splattered over the face of their children, and its my prayer that some people with nothing left to lose actually do it.

Yeah KLM, that is your thought and your right to voice that thought if you like just like he did. Even stating he was going to judges parents house to “TALK” is not a direct threat. Anyone can walk up to any house that does not have a fence around it and attempt to talk to someone there. Now if it persist then there are stalking laws against it, but from what has been stated as is this is akin to dictators. This is akin to communist countries where you state anything against those in power and you go to prison. There was never a direct threat as the guy voiced his opinion very carefully apparently. He was not inciting violence nor did he specifically state that him or anyone else was going to do what he thought should happen. Like I stated there are laws like for cyber bullying and stalking that would cover any persistent harassment, but it does not even appear that occurred at all either from what is stated.
Who cares anyways, its just our rights again.

Anyone can walk up to any house that does not have a fence, but if it persists…..hhhhmmmhhh….so what about the “compliance checks” and they keep coming back if nobody answers. Sounds like stalking to me!!

I completely agree with your last paragraph except that I don’t care who does it and I’d like to leave children out of it. I’d also like to include anyone who thinks the Hit Lists are acceptable.

Do they care about the children of registrants? Their reaction when a child goes homeless because dad can’t get a job anymore due to the registry “oh well, too bad!” What about when a child on the registry commits suicide? “good riddance!” they say. All drenched in the disgusting hypocrisy that this is all “for the children”. I say to hell with their children, as they said to hell with PFR’s.

In today’s society, a registrant’s family members are considered co-conspirators. “May the sins of the fathers rest upon the heads of the children…”

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x