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You know what is really ironic and absolutely insane? So my Ex’s ex-husband rapes my stepdaughter when she was 13 and pleads it down to a 288(a) no prison time and now his ass is getting off the registry while I talked to some girl online and go to meet and leave before the meeting time even occurred and I get 5.4 in the pen and am on the hit list for life because I fought it and because they added the 288.2 because I would not take the deal.
Got to love America about now…

Last edited 11 days ago by mike r

mike r I was caught in a LEO sting and got 22 months back in 2001 with a 664/288(a) and was able in 2019 to get a COR but I have a Tier 2 which means I have to wait until 2023 to try to get off the registry, Not sure what good the COR was … still trying to find out what advantage I have … anyone know

Sexual misconduct attacks are a tool used and unequivocally the intent behind the prohibition upon Congressional use of ex post language in law contained on n Art 1 c 9, 10. Targeted for extortion. Precisely because of his political opponents want to silence him. Gov. Cuomo is also caught up in his own drama as his opponents attack him with the same tool. Where were the complaint(s) just after they had presumably happened or occurred? Obviously, being timely or fair can no longer be applied to the people’s disposition. The Rehnquist court looked it squarely in the eye and… Read more »

@ Tim in WI: There was no complaint against Congressman Gaetz at the time the alleged offense occurred because all the parties were allegedly willing participants. The offense only came to light when law enforcement began looking into Tax Collector Greenberg for his illegal shenanigans and the potential sex offense came to light and appeared to be linked to Gaetz. It’s inaccurate to suggest that someone waited for an ideal time to spring this on Gaetz, especially since the investigation was started by Trump’s own Bill Barr-lead Justice Department (not by any Democrats).

⭐⭐ Warning! Phone SCAM! ⭐⭐ I just received a phone call from someone claiming to be Sergeant Scott Smith of my local police department and asking if I had received the summons they sent me regarding providing DNA samples. He said this was a step they were taking before my automatic removal from the Registry. He sounded VERY, VERY convincing!… Until I asked why his phone number did not include the standard city exchange that all my City’s government & police phone lines have. He said he would call me back from the reception desk. He did call – but… Read more »

They can be as convincing as they want to be. Most times my cell phone rings if I don’t recognize the # (being in my contacts list) then I don’t care to answer the phone. They want me bad enough they will leave a message. I have had messages left on my voice mail threatening me with some type of legal action – mainly a robo voice leaving the message. Nothing ever comes from it though. I never return the messages/calls at all. I just delete them. I even get text messages from #s I don’t know. All scammers trying… Read more »

***MORE PHONE SCAM!*** I just got the same call (Saturday 4/3/21 at 4:25pm). Same guy, Sgt Scott Smith. Were in Orange County, CA. First there was a guy named, Sgt. Thompson who the call started with. Then he put me on hold and Sgt. Scott Smith answered. He said he was from the Orange County police department, then he puts me on hold and comes back and says Santa Ana police department (which is the town I lived in two years ago). He was claiming that I should have had a certified letter to do a DNA sample on March… Read more »

I have been on the reistory , over 35 years. In part i think it has forced me to concentrate on my work . My work has been my way to escape , socitity’s shunning . If people really need you and what you do , they tend to get over what you did. The effect for me has been , I worked hard , built a good business , sold out and retired , with a lot of money , And some how along the way I got a very good wife. ! Togather we have built a nice… Read more »

Iv been registering for 21 years now and hopefully next year ill be removed from the registry too its been a long rode.
All the people living in California just register doing time in prison is not an option prison isn’t a safe place especially if your a sex offender and be careful who u date or hangout with because those are the same people who testify against you in court for FTR

Good luck ✌😎

TLP v Pennsylvania State Police Case No 21-0343 (Pa Commw March 16, 2021) Petitioner was convicted of indecent assault and corruption of minors in 2000. The SO Law that was in effect at that time required him required him to register with PSP for a period of ten years. SORNA went into effect in 2012 and required an individual like petitioner like petitioner to register for his or her lifetime. Petitioner was arrested for failing to comply with the requirements of SORNA. Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court ruled, in a 13 page opinion, that SORNA could not be applied to petitioner retroactively.… Read more »

@ Bristol Bob:. Thank you for spotlighting a “win” for one of our fellow (former) Registrants. 👍

I have been living a lawful, very productive life in communities for decades. The criminal regimes haven’t arrested me and haven’t been able to. I don’t think they’ve tried very hard. But they’ve told everyone for decades that I am a monster. Is today the day I make good on that? Tomorrow? Or every day in the future forever?

Fuck every single person who thinks the Hit Lists are acceptable. They deserve consequences.

Janice, we would like the name and contact information for the person you spoke with at the D.O.J. regarding the supposedly eminent SORNA rule changes. I believe you said that this person was an attorney who is heading this rule change up. You said that this person was not a friend and is in fact a stranger to you, so this should not be a problem for you to give us this information. I also think that you should give us the opportunity to submit legal issues that we believe may be pertinent to the supposedly eminent lawsuit you have… Read more »

Is DOJ required to post a Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) with a public comment period as is every other federal rulemaking agency?


@ Ed C: Yes. The USDOJ already posted the proposed rule changes and the required Public Comment period has already come and gone. That window for public comments ended a couple months ago.

@ S.L.A.: 1. Did you read ACSOL’s 29-pages “Comment” Submission to the DOJ regarding the proposed new SORNA requirements?
2. Did you/your group/your lawyers submit Comments to the proposed new SORNA requirements?

I happen to know that a number of extremely knowledgeable attorneys and legal scholars joined together to produce ACSOL’s comments. (Obviously, any future legal action will depend on what exactly the DOJ ultimately decides to implement.)
– David⚜️

@David I am sorry i wasn’t clearer, “S.L.A”. are my initials, and “we” is registrants as a group. Yes i read ACSOL’s comments, and i didn’t have a problem with them, but did they cover everything, maybe, maybe not. Should we leave it up to them only and be done with it, i don’t think so. How would you feel if there was something novel or important that was not included and there is no way to go back and fix it. Why not open up debate, and dialog just in case someone has a brilliant idea. The DOJ is… Read more »

So you’re not the “Symbionese Liberation Army?”

Larry was right, you guys as a group are a bunch of selfish whiners and complainers who want everything done for you but don’t want to do anything yourselves. Every day you come on here and whine and complain and do nothing. You contribute a few dollars here and there and think you’re good, leave it to others who don’t even have to register and have very little skin in the game. You’re really worried about a bogus study from some no name school in the Netherlands. Lmao. Weak!

If you don’t mind me asking, who is “we” and S.L.A.?

Unfounded fears about sex trafficking did not begin with QAnon and go far beyond it.

Scammers are getting brazen because the government allows these criminals to get away with it. Most states’ registries state not to harass anyone on the hit list( something along those lines). Government harasses us every chance they get without a shred of evidence. Heck even immigrants are accused of sex trafficking. Only people I know that are accused of that are Republican Matt Gaetz and Former Seminole County Tax collector. Wonder what Chris Smith thinks or maybe he’s thinking oh crap I’m next to get caught.

Oh look, another ridiculous Amber Alert in which the alleged abducter is the non-custodial parent. Why is this headline news?? And how many of these Amber Alerts actually involve family and members especially non-custodial parents?? Are these Amber Alert truly intended to improve child safety or are they intended to inflame and encourage the public’s false belief in a “stranger danger”??

This reminds me of when they used to put pictures of missing kids on milk cartons. By the time milk companies would get the cartons printed and put in stores, the kids were usually already found and returned to the custodial parent. I think most of us assumed that all these kids on milk cartons were stranger abductions. Of course when a child was recovered, the milk producers would continue to use the cartons of now recovered kids until the supply ran out.

“Personal data of 533 million Facebook users leaks online –
Phone numbers, email addresses, and more are included”

‘Happy NOT to have a FaceBook account! 🙂👍

This is an fyi thing, if everybody already knows this then I apologize, however if not it could be very useful info?
The english dictionary is about 80% words derived from latin so, having said that the word pain comes from the latin word poena which means punishment or penalty! So, if there is even an ounce of pain from the registry, which most everyone would agree there is at least that much pain being on the registry? Then the registry is punishment or a penalty???

I joined facebook to participate in a motorcycle group I ride with. They always post pics and group activities are posted. Rides, track days, BBQs, etc. It’s the only way the secretary informs the members of scheduled gatherings. Well, I went for almost a month before I logged in and was told my account had been suspended. I was asked why I didn’t show at the last gathering, which I didn’t find out about due to the draconian policies facebook has. I made up some excuse, then told them I would be too busy going forward to participate in the… Read more »

@Eric: lots of people have quit FB since the 2016 election and the Cambridge Analytica “scandal.” No shame in not having an account. It does suck that the motorcycle group you joined seems to exclusively use FB for coordination, but maybe they’d make an exception? Maybe one of the guys could just text you when a ride is gonna happen? There’s plenty of guys out there who have re-thought their commitment to putting their personal data on a giant opaque framework, so you don’t have anything to explain to anyone.

I had an FB account since about 2006 for various reasons and thought I had it locked down pretty tight so that no one outside my circle of friends could post anything unsavory about me. Somehow, last summer, someone posted screen shots of my Megan’s Law website listing to my FB page. I immediately deleted my both my personal and company accounts. A month later I dumped IG, too. F them. Consider yourself lucky they disabled your account before some POS outed you to your motorcycle buddies.My life hasn’t changed a grunion since dumping and I’ll bet yours won’t either.… Read more »

They made life hell but you can unmake it. Social media and the whole “living on the web” thing is just one more way to keep the batteries of their “machine” juiced and drugged. Like the Matrix. Ask yourself who benefits from all these new tech marvels and government initiatives. So everybody’s got Facebook and an iPhone and they want people to go EV. Well then guess what…now not only are people already tied to the Skynet (cloud) grid but so to will their cars. And when they need to pull YOUR plug it’s going to hurt. So do it… Read more »

Got a little off track there, did ya now. I live in Alameda County. We happen to appreciate what Ms. Harris has done. As for the “SkyNet” ( terminator reference ) I think I will be long gone before that happens. But appreciate your enthusiasm, misplaced as it might be.

Off topic? How? I’d say he’s dead on and makes great points. What was it you appreciated so much about Harris, her “Top Cop” reputation and thousands of victimless marijuana convictions (despite her admission of blowing dope in college while listening to albums that hadn’t come out yet), her refusal to allow a man proven innocent to be released from prison, her flagrant lies at the Kavanaugh hearings or…what? BTW – As for the Skynet reference, black boxes have been installed in some cars since the mid-90s and practically every car manufactured since 2013 has one. The data they record… Read more »

RE: Black boxes in cars. The info from this young man’s car’s black box was used against him to prove he had a habit of extreme speeding:

And the same type of data was gleaned in LA County of late from a crashed speeding vehicle with no charges against the driver. So again, judicial and prosecutorial discretion abounds.

I feel you brother iv been dealing with this for over 20 years now i don’t know why but my passion to stay alive and fight through this Hell is dwelling rapidly. I have a really good job that i fought for in my early 20’s now days i don’t know why i even go to work anymore. About 3 months ago i Met a really beautiful smart and strong woman when things started getting serous i broke it off before she found out i was on IML im not going through that BS again. I honestly think if i… Read more »

General question about local laws vs. state laws- I live in a city that passed a local law that doesn’t allow ANY persons convicted of a SO into a city run park. But State law only bans folks with a offense involving a person age 13 or under. My happening involved an adult so by state law I can go anywhere. Are they allowed to pass laws more strict than state law? Are they worth challenging? What’s to stop them from banning city run bingo or city run patty cake? Where’s the due process I guess is what I’m saying

What city?

Hammond , Louisiana

Here in California, presence restrictions were challenged in court. It was ruled that local laws are pre-empted by State Law, meaning local laws can not make their own rules if it contradicts State Law. Here, too, registrants were not allowed in parks or at beaches, but that was struck down. Some cities are still trying to enforce their own rules, but those are being challenged in court as well. The same rules should apply in every other State, too, as long as the State does not have these restrictions. But as TS said, someone needs to challenge these ridiculous rules.… Read more »

Funny thing about it, The parish and state parks are 100% better and no restrictions there for tier 1. If it negatively impacted my life I would consider it but my family is to involved and knows to many people to start that controversy. Being in the newspaper once every 5 years is enough. Also the sherif brother is the governor of the state. The powers at play are pretty large and in charge and they do anything to keep it that way for generations

City or parish law cannot be stronger than state law; however, until challenged in court, they get away with it.

So does that mean the ordinance is not enforceable or charges would be dropped if something were to come up? Or LO would be able to enforce it even with the contradiction?

It means they can permanently screw up your life before the courts give them a firm finger wagging. There seems to be very little recourse of local LE doing whatever the hell they want. You getting arrested, losing your job, your home, whatever, isn’t likely to result in your getting a payout because the city used a law that the couldn’t.

@Jones Technically, even though your conviction is with an adult and not a minor, and they made a law where everyone is restricted from parks regardless, you could address it several ways: 1) Talk with a civil rights atty in LA about it and see what kind of letter they could put together to them informing them their law is wrong and what potential is had with future litigation, which would put them on notice WRT enforcement. 2) Talk to the LSU law school and get their assistance on the matter where they could take an interest in it to… Read more »

I am preparing a report on the national sex offender registries for my local lawmaker, and I’m looking for some examples of crazy laws that we could not possibly be aware of in our normal travels that are on the books anywhere in the US, eg, staying at a hotel somewhere could be a felony if it’s within 1,000 feet of a day care center, or having lunch at a McDonalds somewhere is a felony if there is a Playland on site, stuff like that. Does anyone have any examples like this that I could reference by including a link… Read more »

Probably the days you can stay in each state before you have to register. I know there is a list somewhere, but the list could be outdated, and many who are not on this site are probably not even aware of these rules. And, I think, most states probably don’t even know these rules themselves.

I think some States even require you register a vehicle you drive on occasion, even if it is not in your name.

That’s correct. In Louisiana you have to register any vehicle before you drive it. That means when test driving vehicles for purchase you have to send in the registration before you put it in drive. Ridonculous. And they make you do it too. Another possible confusing law can be when a registered person visits a national park. Tier 1 under sorna do not have park restrictions. In a couple states, the state law and/or city ordinances say ALL person on registry cannot go to parks. So there is overlap and confusion even when I have called every area has different… Read more »

I don’t think SORNA has any presence restrictions. All such restrictions are state-side. SORNA is just the minimum the feds want to happen. They don’t have issues with states layering more on top.

If you live in the state that has the park restriction I presume you can not legally enter the national park located in that state If you live in a different state than where the national park is located in the above scenario, I would think you could visit the state and the national parks and leave the state before the time allowed to visit before being required to register. If not required to register in that state, then the park restriction would not apply. If the state has the park restriction and has like a one or two day… Read more »

The 48 hour registration in Florida can be confusing as well. If you visit on a Friday evening, then by Sunday evening you would have to register by law. Most registry offices are closed if not all on Sunday. I was told I would have to travel to each jurisdiction until I find a office to register. They just make up stuff on the phone instead of being honest and saying their laws have holes and there is no logical answer.

In Louisiana you cannot give gifts to any minors on any holidays. Even your own kids. Doesn’t matter if your offense involved adult and no minor. Blanket law to take constitutional and religious rights from everyone.

Freakin’ amazing. What’s in the water down there? Unbelievable.

I tell ya, I thinks its the swamp ass. Makes everybody all angry

Yes. Freeport, Texas, on the coast. City ordinance makes it illegal for hotels, motels, b&B’s, people renting vacation places to stay to rent to registered citizens. Yes. Galveston, Texas, on the coast. City ordinance prohibits registered citizens from visiting staying in the city more than 4 days a year, if I correctly remember. Yes. San Antonio, Tx. This is a tourist city with quite a bit of historical places to see, many located in parks. City ordinance prohibits registered citizens from visiting parks located within the city limits. You can petition the police department to visit the park. Need good… Read more »

Alot of sex offenders living in California that aren’t on this site are homeless or in jail and the rest will find their way to this site after years of being harassed by law enforcement.
I wish there was a way to get people involved much sooner maybe here in California the ACSOL should run commercials or pass out flyers to recruit more people into donating money to the cause

Tennessee federal court judge describes sex offender registry as unconstitutional:

This is a good win!

Interesting article about the three people (including the clergy) in the link below it who were caught enjoying each other’s company sexually on the church alter in Covington, LA and charged with the crime of institutional vandalism. Is that a registerable offense in LA?

I’m surprised there haven’t been more postings about this decision. Hopefully this will be another nail in the coffin of the hopefully-to-be-overturned (one day) Smith v. Doe decision. One can only hope…

Just heard from a source that extortionist Chuck Rodrick has been arrested in Phoenix by the FBI as he reentered the country on a flight from Costa Rica. If you are a victim of his criminal activity, contact your attorney.

This is great news. For a little background on this guy and how he victimizes others…

I know we have some boaters among us. Has anyone had issues renting a boat slip? I’m “this close” to making a purchase, but worry about being rejected or being accepted then kicked out later on.

Can a marina legally deny me from renting a slip based on my past in the same way they deny apartment rentals?

Thank you.

I’ve rented a boat slip many times. It’s never an issue. Marina’s don’t care in the slightest as long as they get their monthly payment. If you don’t pay, you might find your boat floating away into the lake or ocean. They don’t usually ask for much information. It’s not like you’re renting an apartment. Now if they find out you’re registered and they want you out, they can’t use the registry as the reason to deny you service, but they sure can find any other reason to deny service.

Thanks for the input. It’s a bit of a Catch-22: marina won’t rent you a slip without approving you AND the boat.
I won’t buy a boat until I know I have a slip for her.

BTW – I’m taking suggestions for names. F PC290 is on the short list? Any other ideas?

Does the marina have a playground, pool, etc. ?
Boat registration will be made public,,,,,,

Good points. No playgrounds, I’m aware of, but plenty of pools and clubhouses that might be good to avoid. Thank you.

Anyone in California registered recently? I will do my annual registration in about a month and am curious to what degree people are being asked to come in versus over the phone like last year in the midst of the pandemic.

It various by district. There’s nothing requiring things to be remote, only encouraged to be so. So some places are still doing it by phone, while others never stopped needing people to come in in person. I have mine coming up in about a few weeks, so I’ll be calling for an appointment tomorrow. Last year it was remotely. Not idea what it’ll be this year.

I registered by phone with LAPD Van Nuys in February. I asked if I’d receive paperwork in the mail, as I heard some had, and she kinda scoffed as she replied “No,” as though printing and mailing docs was beneath them.
Just hope she clicked Save when we wrapped up the 90 second conversation. I got a screen shot of the call log on my phone just in case.
Best of luck!

C ~ You are entitled to paperwork you signed, even it was signed on your behalf.

Just got off the phone to set up an appointment for may annual. Looks like our area is still doing it remotely. I have a phone appointment for next week to do that. The person also said that they’re having the registering officer read off all the usual requirements that we’d initial, so she asked me if they could short cut this by emailing me all the standard paperwork for me to read through instead ahead of the appointment. And unlike C’s experience, the person on the phone told me they’d be mailing me the final post-registration documentation as usual.… Read more »

SR ~ What county are you in? I think, that is the way it should be done anyways. E-mail all the questions, and they can call and ask if anything changed. Saves a lot of time for everyone involved.

Sonoma County. But I have no idea if every department is doing this. When I was doing group therapy for 3 years, we had guys from all over the county, and many of us were registering with our local city PD offices. My office has always been prompt and courteous. I have an in-office appointment at 10 am, and in most cases, I’m out the door within 15 min. But some of the other guys had to deal with not getting call backs about appointments. And when they did finally get them, it often took hours to actually complete as… Read more »

Husband registered by telephone in Los Angeles County 1 week ago. When he called to make an appt, they said no registering in person. 3 minute phone call where they asked him if any info had changed. Husband asked for a receipt. They said do you want it emailed or sent to house via regular mail.
Husband said house. Has not received any receipt as of today but did capture screenshot of calls made to P.D.
Good idea to ask for the name and badge number of officer who you speak to and/ or “ registers” you.

Hi – Would anyone be able to advise our family on the pros and cons regarding parole and transferring from California to NV? Most of our family is now residing in NV and when our incarcerated family member is paroled his elderly parents would like him to interstate compact to Nevada from California to be their main caregiver. 2 Questions we can not get a straight answer on: 1) Incarcerated family member was told by counselor that while on parole in California there would be no cost. However, if he was to transfer parole to Nevada then parole would have… Read more »

Well i hate to be the bearer of bad news but he ain’t leaving California until he’s off parole it’s possible to get a transfer but it’s very rare i knew a guy who got out of prison and his whole family had moved to Texas he had no family or resources out here in California he even had a really good job lind up once he got out there and parole still wouldn’t let him go. Another thing to worry about is you don’t wanna transfer to another county wearing a GPS tracking device because you never know they… Read more »

Keep in mind, if you transfer you will be subject to ALL conditions PLUS those that the state imposes. Recommend listenting to this podcast to understand what you are up against.

Any tips or experience on how to get in front of this new change to the law? The “SEX OFFENDER”stamp in my state was ruled unconstitutional. Now they are trying to pass this new law that says “classification T1” in highlighter orange color. Wonder if this could also effect the passport marking?

⭐Phone Scam!!⭐ Aransas County, TX: SUGGESTION: Friends, be prepared for these scumbags’ scam calls! Know, in advance, a few specific details about your local police department/Registry office, so you can ask the caller certain questions, such as: “Last time I was there, they were moving the Registration office to Bond Street. Have they moved the office yet?”, “Is Officer O’Malley still in charge of registration?”, “Did the police department get those new automated license plate readers they wanted?”, “How is the new sheriff working out? Is she better than Sheriff Johnson was?” Do some research and get some details… Read more »

watch a video where a woman verbal abused store employees, flipped off a person filming the incident, then walked over and coughed in the person’s face. The person she coughed on is going through cancer treatments and has an immune deficiency issue. the judge gave her 30 days in jail and I think a $500 fine along with 6 months probation. I actually got no jail time for my misdemeanor, paid $1000 and got 3 yrs probation, of which I was released early after 2 1/2 yrs. My point being that from a judicial viewpoint, the two offenses are similar… Read more »

The reason is sex.

The person who coughed is an asshole probably every day of her life. Probably puts people in danger all the time. I suspect none of that is true of you.

Because this kind of nonsense happens all the time, big government lost their moral authority to judge long ago. Today, I judge.

Their Hit Lists are unacceptable and “people” who support it will continue to pay consequences. This is war.

Maybe there should be a special registry for dangerous individuals like this:

Oh, did I mention that he is a LEO??
(Maybe there should be another registry for his colleagues who swept it under the rug and hid it away from the public.)

I liken this to telling your neighbor to cut their grass when your yard looks like a forest. Boston PD knew they had a predator working for them, yet allowed him to continue. Who knows how many more will come forward.
Cops are the worst for,
1. Prejudging others
2. Disobeying the very laws they are paid and expected to uphold
3. Covering up for their own when one commits a crime

I’m reminded of the guy who recently posted about CPS trying take his kids. If only they’d instead spent their time taking the kids away from this lunatic as the father had requeated.

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