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Hey everyone, Janet, other servants of Justice. I have nothing negative to report. Still excelling after graduating from UC Berkeley. Working on a book got hired by a major grocery company during covid thinking it would be temporary and have promoted three times now to a lead position. I had been really worried about the background check limiting me but nothing ever came up. Moved to Mexico and other than secondary every single time I cross its been uneventful. Blessings and prayers.
I have a comment also: has anyone started the dialog in asking that if the registry is so useful in building community safety, why don’t we have a registry for all of it? I’d live to know if I have chronic DUI criminals on my street, or if I’m about to do business with someone who has embezzled money in the past. Why stop there? I’d like a registry for bad drivers, theives, and scammers. In doing this wouldn’t we bring the struggle to everyone’s front door? Just the argument and attempt at creating these new registries could open people’s eyes to the reality of the ignorance and negligence of the currant laws. Just a thought. God bless.

I think you mean ‘ Janice’.

How’d you pull off moving to Mexico? Don’t they bar registrants now, or is moving different than visiting in that regard? I know there’s a large expat community there and I’ve definitely considered it, as long as my background isn’t a problem. Yours is an encouraging story though.

One day one of these “predator hunting” attention whores is going to entrap the wrong guy and absorb a well-deserved head shot. In fact, that sounds like a YouTube channel I’d “be sure to click like and subscribe.”

“Hey guys…check it out as we pretend to be an overweight, lonely 35 year old loser pervert looking to hook up with a 13 year old girl, but we know the “girl” is really a 35 year old overweight wanna be cop trying to justify the space he takes up in his parent’s basement by appearing to provide value to the world through tricking people into illegal activities. Just watch as this wanna-be super hero literally pisses his pants when we turn the tables and put a loaded Beretta 12 GA in his face – it’s a hoot!”

A predator hunting YouTuber and a man seemingly caught in a sting both had their channels removed by the platform (

Did my yearly at the Long Beach PD, CA.
Apparently they are now asking for emergency contacts for people who may known my whereabouts when called on…. wtf is that??? answered none.
I notice on the paperwork on section 1 page 3 of 4 CJIS 8102S
it states the 10,20, life time requirement.. and since the start of my registration of 2008 that my tier is “blank” and no additional paperwork about this supposed tier revaluation that was talked about a few years back materialized.. that is all..

You asked “wtf is that?” That is law enforcement criminals (LECs) operating outside of the law.

I don’t live in CA but where I live our local and state LECs have actually NEVER, not once, been able to follow the law. It would be easy to do. But they don’t care. They will try to get away with whatever they can. They don’t think it matters. They are very, very wrong and not smart. They think the Hit Lists are just some big game and it doesn’t really matter that much. Personally, I’ve proved differently and will continue to do so. The Hit Lists cause harm to America. Every day.

Has anyone considered doing our own secure registry. A place where we can contact other registrants if traveling or seeking assistance. Obviously we can no longer count on our own Government to even protect our most basic right of life, so why not set up our own networking system.

Just out of curiosity, have any of you who travel internationally ever filed an inquiry with DHS ( According to Step 1 on their site, its proper use is for:

People who have been denied or delayed airline boarding; have been denied or delayed entry into or exit from the U.S. at a port of entry or border crossing; or have been repeatedly referred to additional (secondary) screening can file an inquiry to seek redress.

and if:

You believe you were unfairly detained during your travel experience or unfairly denied entry into the United States.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if all RCs are placed on a Watch List. It seems to me it can’t hurt to go through the process to try to get a Redress Control Number. Who knows what info the Feds will kick back. If nothing else, you’ll be making some pencil-necked bureaucrat do some work, which is nice (tip of the hat to Bill Murray as “Carl”).

This belongs in the international travel thread but I did quite a number of years ago and prior to IML regarding secondary screening. They sent me a envelope back with about 15 pages, 90% of it was blacked out with a sharpie and then photocopied. All things blacked out had a reason put buy it for why a particular item was blacked out. There were two reasons for blacking out. One was that it identified various personnel which is understandable. The other was that it contained information that would compromise the methods used by law enforcement. The only things not blacked out were basically the date that they had received notice from the airline that I had departed the country and the date that I returned and the flight numbers I was on. And the words secondary screening were not blacked out whenever they came up in between the blacked out text.

@M C

What method(s) is DHS referring to that needed redacted in their report to you, an American citizen? If it is an administrative action to get data from one entity to another about your travels, then it should not be an issue to share it unredacted OR is it really a matter of protection of those entities involved people aren’t aware of in the process against an American citizen?

@TC – Well from the looks of it, they didn’t want this process against an American citizen revealed seemingly because they don’t want one to know how they might be able to circumvent it.

It might be possible to have at least some of the redacted items revealed though. Apparently there is an appeals process for that whereby it goes through some higher level supervisor for review. I never tried this. If you are still unhappy after that you can take it to the federal courts. This was in the letter I got explaining what the redacted stuff was all about.

I wish I still had copies of it but that was quite some time ago. I may still have them somewhere but have no idea where to even look.

I’m sure I could have had more of it revealed on appeal but probably not all. They seemingly even redacted the reason for secondary screening (the criminal offense) even though its pretty obvious to me what it was. Though I don’t know any of that for sure because I couldn’t read it so it’s only an assumption.

@M C

Thanks for sharing the DHS stuff and thoughts related to it. It is all suspect IMO and should be exposed since it is merely travel data of a person being shared, like the game of telephone, supposedly but in the modern age of email, etc.

I was met by French police upon arriving at a Paris airport a few years ago. I submitted a request for information to the US Department of Justice and received about 90 pages of emails back from them. I don’t recall very much of it being redacted. I finally found somewhere about page 75 that they had erroneously indicated I was a “fugative”.
In an effort to frustrate more bureaucrats, why not submit a FOIA (freedom of information act) request to the USDOJ?? See what they send you?? 🤷🏻‍♂️

@M C:
Sorry for the misplaced post. Int’l didn’t even occur to me.

So DHS never gave you an answer to why you were being repeatedly delayed? That seems contrary to the tone of the DHS site. Personally, I’d appeal, both to get answers and (again/still) to make pencil-necked bureaucrats do some work. I think I’d even try the federal court route pro se, if for no other reason than to make the Government answer for its actions and why it keeps harassing a citizen every single time he enters the country–even though nothing has (negatively) changed about said citizen. After decades swimming in the murky, Byzantine waters that is the US Gov’t bureaucracy, I’m not only comfortable pushing them on their rules and procedures, I revel in it at times. Unfortunately, they’re too good at throwing down the “methods and procedures” BS card, which only a Federal judge can trump.

A FOIA to DHS, and maybe DOJ, could bear some fruit. Then again, maybe not, given how the Feds have taken to making every single thing a national security and/or methods and procedures issue, thus blocking the citizenry from having transparency in Government. Whew, and to think the terrorists almost won….

Another celebrity charged with Federal CP possession today.

Attempted to find a therapist on an online service. I filled out the questionnaire completely, including my CP conviction. The site said it would take up to 48 hrs for a local therapist to contact me. After 96 hrs I filled out a contact form , asking what the delay was. I was told that they didn’t have any therapists available at this time, but were still looking for a match. I asked for a refund and was given one.
This shows that given the option, even therapists will avoid a sex offense for business.

That may not be entirely true, Eric. It may not be related to the CP charge. Due to the isolation resulting from COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, there is a huge spike in the need for mental health services at this time. Honestly, therapists are being overwhelmed with a number of clients needing MH services right now. 😕

I agree with @David and wouldn’t automatically make that leap. Why did you give that info at the get-go, anyway? I would have held that in reserve for a while and then mention it once a little ways along in therapy. That way the therapist would have already established a bit of a profile of you and would be able to use that to temper and bias for the CP offense(s).

Don’t see a therapist – ever. They are just another arm of law enforcement. They have sole discretion to decide what to bring to the police. If you say you have a problem with CP or whatever, that will almost absolutely come back to bite you. The only time you should ever see a mental health professional is for anxiety, depression, and PTSD caused by the registry to get on disability, and be done with it.

I’ve done research on the online services for several blog posts. Insurance companies love them because they can use them to claim they provide mental health services. So they save money, the sites make money, and the help they provide cannot be as good as one on one.
Insurance companies are also the reason you won’t find many therapists. The companies don’t want to pay the therapists what they can get in private practice, so a lot of therapists avoid the headaches and hassle of dealing with insurance.
My legal situation is the first thing I tell all my therapists. If they don’t want to work with me after they know then I wouldn’t want to work with them either.
Think of it as a screening tool you use.
Good luck finding one.

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