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AL: Gadsden person on the registry arrested for not carrying proper identification

Source: 6/22/21

ETOWAH COUNTY, Ala. (WIAT) — A Gadsden man was arrested during a traffic stop last week when authorities discovered he had a sex offense conviction in his past and did not meet the identification requirements under Alabama law.

According to the Etowah County Sheriff’s Office, Timothy ____ was arrested during a traffic stop in the Gallant area on June 16. During the traffic stop, the deputy discovered Timothy had a sex offense conviction in his past and he was not carrying the required identification needed under Alabama Law.

Timothy was released on a $3,500 bond.

People that have a sex offense conviction who are residents in Alabama must carry a valid drivers license or identification card issued by the ALEA at all times.


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Really? People have nothing better to do? Everybody is required to carry a driver’s license when driving, but if you get pulled over and forgot to put it into your wallet, you might get a ticket or a fix it ticket. You do NOT go to jail. It is only administrative I thought? A lot of people are breaking the law innocently, but only sex offenders get put in jail for this. Wow!

“Papers, we need to see your papers. If you don’t have them it’ll cost you and your freedom.” God bless the United States!!

Wow. So we’ve reached fully Nazi level of “papers”. Don’t have the right papers and its literally straight to jail.

Papers please.


When I was on supervision, one of my rules was that I was to carry a copy of my rules on my person at all times. When I asked how was I to accomplish this when showering or swimming all I got was looks from my agent. Nothing like rules which are impossible to follow.

Here we have a rule which is idiotic at best – arrested for failing to have the proper piece of paper in his pocket. I can understand if he refused to identify himself verbally, but this is ridiculous.

What exactly IS the required identification? I remember the big stink about Alabama requiring registrants’ driver’s licenses to have the words “SEX OFFENDER” printed on it (in response to the hundreds of sexual assaults on police by registrants during traffic stops every year, I’m sure) that was struck down by the state supreme court, and thought the court “suggested” the mark be replaced by a code or something. I don’t recall any requirement to carry something specific. Besides that, the arresting officer discovered the guy was a registrant without such identification didn’t he?

Honestly, this shows the complete lack of necessity for such laws. I’ve never heard that sex charges were somehow not included in the ID check run by cops during traffic stops or whatever else.


It was the US District Court of AL who struck down the DL identifier not AL state supreme court. IIRC, they didn’t appeal that decision to the US Appeals Court for AL.

Regardless, your points are spot on.

This is actually an interesting decision. It can be read at Does I v Marshall, 367 F Supp 1310, MD AL, 2019.
The judge actually quotes Thomas Paine in his conclusion. There are still judges out there that believe in the Constitution of the United States. This is what will eventually bring down these registration schemes.


It is a good read by a judge who knows their history and can see the direction people want to take to make exceptions to civil rights.

Yes, once again the fools expose their own lies. They claim up and down, including in an amicus curiae submitted to SCOTUS, that, “we need to have the designator so LE can know the person is a RC.” Clearly they were able to determine that without this vital document available. Who knew?

As for the appeal, @TS is correct, it wasn’t appealed to the Circuit Court. Unlike LA, AL chose to take its lumps and move on.

@AJ, et al

IIRC, we discussed this case back when and came to one conclusion that if it had continued to an appeal in the 11th US Court of Appeals, the current FL DL/ID scheme with moniker and image would have been in jeopardy of being stricken down. (FL, GA, and AL are in the 11th for those following along at home.)

I’m positive AL would’ve lost at the 11th and at SCOTUS, had it pushed the matter.

Alabama’s governor Kay Ivey signed into law legislation that requires people convicted of a sex offense with a victim under the age of 13 to be chemically castrated before being released on parole.
The chemical castration involves taking medication to reduce testosterone hormones and other chemicals that drive libido.
State Rep. Steve Hurts who introduced the bill that passed defended it against those who called it inhumane telling the media in Birmingham that [people] … molesting helpless child is inhumane.
I feel sorry for people out there with sex changes Alabama ain’t playing around out there they mean business

Good luck 🗣

It seems the AL “liemakers” studied Buck v. Bell. Challenging AL’s craziness may force SCOTUS to explicitly overrule Buck, since Skinner v. OK didn’t. That said, Skinner certainly puts AL in a tight spot regarding this type of “treatment”, especially when taken hand-in-hand with the true and correct recidivism data.

Hey SCOTUS, good thing you only approved a “non-punitive regulatory scheme” because the States are strictly following that notion!

How to say your papers please in German
Ihre Papiere bitte

Repeat after me:
“Mit Vergnügen, Herr Direktor des Registrant-Unterdrückung.”

(With pleasure, Mr. Registrant-Oppression Director.)

Over a hundred plus ways to violate in Alabama as a person forced to register. Alabama should focus on bigger issues instead of being at the bottom in everything but oppression of people on the hit list. Alabama doesn’t represent a sweet home to me. More like screw you Alabama!!

WTF!!?? 😡. I am so sick of this type of sh#t!! No one else is subject to this harassment and abuse!! 😡

Exactly right. It is 100% proof that it is not really for public safety, protecting children, or any of the rest of their lies. It is for harassment. And honestly, how big of a moron does a person have to be to believe that marking driver’s licenses does anything of significance? It’s for harassment.

Registry Supporters/Terrorists are too cowardly to try this on other crimes. A lot of those people would fight back in a very extreme manner. Let them create Gun Offender Registries and see what happens. That would be great to watch actually.

All good Americans need to be working to neuter big government and their law enforcement criminals. As long as Hit Lists exist, America must [edited by Moderators].

Americans also have to choose if we want a society that believes in redemption and true freedom or a society that believes in an authoritarian police state. Big government needs to be canceled and true liberty needs to prevail.

The choice was made long ago.

Take drugs, for example. Who thinks it is appropriate that you walk over to your next door neighbor’s home and tell him/her what he/she may put into his/her body today? You should do that today and see what they say.

But that’s the choice that we’ve allowed some harassers to make for us all. That government will be huge and they will interfere in our lives all the time. Government has always created unpopular groups and sanctioned and promoted their harassment. The choice was made. America has never been free.

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