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IN: Beware of Halloween Stranger Danger, Know Your Local Sex Offender Registry

Source: 10/30/21

Halloween is nearly here.

Soon thousands of Tri-State children will flock to the streets for their fill of candy and frights, but while costumes monsters and villains are out in good fun, there’s a fear real predators might be lurking in the shadows.

“You don’t know what situation you’re going to be faced with, which can be scary,” Trish Crawford said. “You don’t know who you’re going to run into when you go to someone’s door. My son is five now but I think even as, this day and age as the world is progressing, I don’t know if even when he becomes a teenager, it would be safe, I don’t know if I would allow that.”

Children are particularly vulnerable to sex offenders, and there’s a lot of them — nearly 400 in Vanderburgh County alone.

Don’t go inside anyone’s home — especially a stranger — and if the house is not illuminated and it appears no one is home, just stay away.”

Read the fool article


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I hope everyone who reads this takes the time to educate budding journalist Valerie Lyons as to the realities of “stranger danger,” sex offenders and Halloween. Together we can help her become a real reporter by spreading facts and not fear.

I couldn’t stand it and sent the following email to her and the news desk.

Dear Ms. Lyons,

Your October 30th piece regarding sex offender “stranger danger” could be used in a college course on yellow journalism, and is based merely on conjecture and emotionalism. Not one substantiated fact regarding child or public safety was presented. Persons with prior sex offenses have been consistently found to be the least likely to re-offend, with the exception of murders. Studies indicate that there is no increase in child assaults on Halloween. The greatest documented danger posed to trick-or-treaters is getting hit by a car.

Two facts are most relevant. 93% to 95% will never commit another sex crime. About the same (study results vary somewhat) percentage of sex crimes against children are committed by family and others known by and close to the child. This means that children are in considerably more danger from those attending your backyard barbecue than from a registered person down the street.

In June 2021, the American Law Institute (ALI) revised its Model Penal Code to include a section addressing sex crimes and the registry. I recommend at least perusing the section regarding sex offender registration. If that is too daunting, try the resource sections at the following organizations.

National Association for Rational Sex Offense Laws –
Florida Action Committee –
Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws –
Women Against Registry –

Journalism descends to mere fear mongering without the truth.

It’s Sunday, and we have another post linking to yellow journalism. This article links to a local news outlet owned by Allen Media Broadcast who personally bought interest in Sinclair Broadcast Group, a tough on crime conservative conglomerate. Between the two they can spread fear mongering “news” all across the nation by bypassing the national news. I doubt either group will listen.

“Read the FOOL article”

Love it. Exactly what these articles are!

When I saw that this morning I spit out my coffee from laughter.

Is this the same county that has been in the news of late discussing the same people?

I responded to several of these Halloween, trick or treat, stranger danger, sex offender articles that I found online. I emailed the authors / correspondents and attempted to educate them. I also brought to their attention the real deaths caused during Halloween nights by DUI drivers.
It was gratifying to receive a few replies to my messages! 👍🏻

“I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do.”
– Edward Everett Hale, American author

(Such powerful words, they bring tears to my eyes. 😌🙂 Fight on!)

Stranger Danger, Manic Monday, or a Dog Day Afternoon gone amiss. So where does the Catch-22 come into play. The phone rang today and it was my PO wanting me to step outside on porch. While I’m sure we all have better things to do than stepping to this ordeal of the registry it is a bit crazy and vain. So who’s judging character today with much of this registry.

Just because a person doesn’t walk and talk like the other stranger, does that make the person the danger.. Is the action in the repeat of the action part of the plot?. So who can label one violent or passive or should many go on an Attica prison strike. Talk about social unrest in this sex offender ordeal of social change. Maybe we should not talk to our PO’s until they get a covid shot to save a life or is it really about saving lives in much of this unjust way.

I’m sorry people who Wright this kind of crapw are a major part of the problem, they need to be confronted publicly and fact checked, imagine her walking into work and 50 people forced to register are standing outside and wanna ask her a few questions about her article.
People need to be held accountable for their actions “RIGHT” isn’t that what the whole registry is about.

Good luck

I have a passport without the stamp. I am aware that my passport should have the stamp but the way I see it is, I was not asked if I was a sex offender on the application so do not expect me to offer the information. I plan on moving to Frankfurt in Feb. First stop is Libson and then to Madrid all by plan. I hear Columbia is turning SOs away due to the notification system but what if I entered from Germany? Would Columbia put me on a plane and send me to America if I am coming from Germany? Also, has anyone be able to enter Columbia without the stamp?

Your question might be better posted to the International Travel section available here

So…how many children were abducted or molested by registrants last night? I’m going to take a wild guess and say ZERO. The biggest harm done to children last night was probably from eating too much candy and getting an upset stomach.

Spot on but as we know from history FAR more children were hit by drunk drivers than even came close to a registered citizen let alone got molested or kidnapped by anyone. I even saw a few drunks on the road on my way to a Halloween party.

if Stranger danger was as big as the government want the masses to believe, wouldn’t there be numerous stories written on the subject. This journalist couldn’t even break a code without help from the government.

Last night I was out with my dad, my brother, my sister in law, my twin nephews, and my girlfriend while my nephews went trick or treating. Guess what I was a stranger to many and the ones I know were cool. No breaking news that a kid was sexually assaulted last night. Sometimes fiction is stranger than truth.

Far be it from me to promote the LA Times, but what a radical difference between this article about Halloween myths and that fake news crap from Valerie Lyons.

That is a good LA Times Editorial where they say “There are no verified reports of any registered sex offender ever snatching any trick-or-treater on Halloween, yet lawmakers and police have made Oct. 31 crackdowns a regular part of the night’s observances, ostensibly to keep children safe.” There is more to the article on people forced to register and Halloween.

Probably should be posted to the ACSOL cover page

Last edited 2 months ago by TS

Yesterday, was the first halloween since I’m off paper. On my way to work I heard over the radio that the most dangerous part of the Halloween were drivers which was awesome because I was anticipating the word SO. Sadly by the end of the shop just a block down the road a pedestrian was struck and killed by a driver who tried to leave the scene but ended up striking another vehicle and was arrested. Sadly, I bet this person will get less 8 years and will be able to live a better life then i can.

This has got to be, by far, the biggest fear-mongering piece to date. The messaging is full of predictable and perfectly engineered manipulations and distortions. It’s sad the easily duped public digests this garbage as truth.

My son is 5 years old and particularly vulnerable to sex offenders. They only want my son on Halloween. Halloween is like Christmas day to sex offenders. What a fing lie.You better look more in too the family. Not stranger danger BS. I like too see the facts of how many kids been taken and how many was abused by family members/ friends of the abuse. Your numbers don’t add you have over a million sex offenders on a list and it keep growing. You not worry that your child will be put on this hit list of unconstitutional laws

What I found odd on Halloween was how many parents were drinking while their kids trick or treated. I wouldn’t say they were drunk; yet most were tipsy.

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