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To whom it may concern,

The U.S. District Court (N.D.W.V.) is attempting to broaden the “resides” element of SORNA in United States v. Jason Steven Kokinda, Nos. 2:19-cr-33, 2:21-cr-20. They are trying to criminalize transient visits within WV over a 5-week period. Yet, there was only testimony of “temporary lodging” for 1-week period and also in a county hours away for 2-weeks or less.

The habitually lives 30-day minimum is being met by mere tangential pitstops in a commerce city over 5-week period. The Government presented no reliable evidence of location for 95% of time, considering the defendant’s reliance on cash and mercurial interstate driving record.

These abstract senses of “resides” element do not meet the ordinary English usage test of Nichols. They similarly attempt to trigger obligations to register based on mere information someone may list on a registry to describe their address after establishing residency.

No one would consider themselves a resident of a city they merely shop in regularly and get cash/gas, etc. And no one would consider themselves a resident if they were merely present in a 100-mile radius and delayed southern departure by emergency car repairs.

The Government used these improper theories at trial that worked with the ambiguous jury instructions to mislead the jury. The judge tries to broaden the holding in Voice (8th Cir. ) to cover registration of the “temporary lodging” aggregated from multiple counties, which Nichols and 11th circuit have exempt from registration.
Please advise if you can help at all. Thanks.

I suggest you contact one of the below directly for clear information/help.

Chance Oberstein or Janice Bellucci, of ACSOL or Executive Director – Adele Nichols of Illinois voices (

Well, its a darn good thing there’s a public registry so we all know where the perverts live so we can protect our kids!
Recent Spate Of Teacher Arrests Connected To Inappropriate Sexual Relations Concerning Parents
Any boy “molested” or “raped” by the female teachers bragged to one too many people. The damage to their young minds will be from society convincing them they were victimized by “predators” and require years, if not a lifetime, of therapy.

I read all these comments and cannot believe all the nonsense and stupidity that the Oppression List “laws” have caused. What an insane waste.

Today is a great day to ensure that the Oppression Lists are a lot worse than only worthless.

Today is the first day of the rest of our lifetime of oppression.

Today is the first day for more retaliation.

Oh, joy!

First of all, I want to give Thanks to my God for prayers heard and answered and for His Mercy. Also, I would like to thank Attorney Chance Oberstein for the incredible hard work in obtaining the victory for us with our Petition for Dismissal, PC1203.4 which was granted.

The Professionalism and kindness of Attorney Chance Oberstein to me over this last year has been amazing and it was my pleasure that I was given to opportunity to meet with him and work with him. In addition, thank you to Attorney Janice Bellucci for recommending Chance Oberstein to me several years ago.

Yesterday, 11/17/2021, we attended a dismissal hearing at the Victorville Courts, San Bernardino County, for a court hearing for dismissal, PC1203.4. Because of all the incredible work from Attorney Chance; We Won! We put a lot of prayer behind this.

Although the DA objected to the motion; Attorney Chance Oberstein explained very well the Law to all present in the courtroom. In addition, the Judge, who in my opinion is a fair and very knowledgeable Trial Judge, also explained to the DA how the Law for this area is spelled out in great detail. In my opinion only, the DA either would not or was unable to fully comprehend the Law in this section. The DA reluctantly agrees with the Judge to dismiss. Motion for dismissal was granted.

I respectfully would like to give Chance Oberstein my highest recommendation as an attorney and as a kind person. He is a man of integrity who provides wisdom to those who seek it. He is very understanding and will explain all the details to his clients

Chance is an extremely knowledgeable attorney regarding criminal defense matters, especially in the area of sex crimes. He achieves impressive results, Victory.

In addition, while I was waiting in the hallways of this Court House, I witness many different defense attorneys consulting with their clients. Now I am not going to attempt to guess what any of their cases were about or in fact if they were guilty or not. However, I did notice how many of these attorneys were attempting to get their clients to “take the Plead” and working out deals.

My observation of some of these attorneys at this Court, which in my opinion, gave an appearance that some of these defense attorneys were looking to settle and move-on to the next case.
In these situations, there may very well have been no case to fight, I do not know. I do know, if there is a “CHANCE”, Attorney Chance Oberstein is the attorney you want to consider and work on your behalf and he will work for you.

Finally, if you are facing a criminal sex charge, or looking for a dismissal, and / or need assistance with a petition for removal from PC290, or need help understanding the new California SB384 registrant’s Tier designation, make your first choice with Attorney Chance Oberstein. Attorney Janice is awesome too.

I also was EXTREMELY lucky and fortunate to have Mr. Oberstein as my Attorney (also thru Ms. Bellucci) and well, the “miracles” that I have seen him do, over the years, was nothing short of astonishing!!! Thank you Chance, Janice and ALL of ACSOL!

re take the plea…yes many lawyers and law firms, especially the ones with “free” consultations, are part of the conveyor belt of justice. They know within a good amount of certainty how many court appearances are needed for a case and time to get to a plea, and know the cost of your case and then each client becomes a profit and loss center, and their goal is simply to get your case off their books as soon as possible, with as little billed time as possible to maximize their profit of what they charged you. Some, as in my case, are predatory law firms, they know if you are in duress, experiencing anxiety, lack of sleep, and they have their “salesman” of the firm put on a full court press, often offering assurances that turn out to be lies, to sign you to a retainer. One example in my case, the salesman lawyer of the firm (I couldn’t meet my actual lawyer until I signed and paid the retainer) assured me all calls would be answered and promptly returned was one of several lies I was told. I had many calls go unanswered, many call never returned and the 2nd court appearance (and not the only time this happened), a stand in lawyer was sent to represent me and they never told me. I’m in court having an anxiety attack wondering where my lawyer is! Needless to say when it was time for me to go to court for my sentence reduction, PC17(b), I asked Chance Oberstein to represent me and he did an outstanding job. When I wrote his review on AVVO, he was the only 5 star lawyer I saw on the site.

For general comment, I wish our local ACLU offices would participate in Sora issues. Here in Michigan I can’t find any one who participates in our quest to abolish the registry. I am paying a local attorney to simply help me with the 406a form. As a Tier 1 ready for removal, it’s exspensive.

Have you had a chance to talk with the Oliver law group?
I believe they are associated with the Michigan aclu,

I have already paid in full a quality attorney with exsperience in this area to motion for my removal from the registry. I did contact Oliver firm, extremely exspensive for a simple motion I could actually submit myself. I pray he is successful. I look forward to sharing good news soon. That would be a wonderful Christmas gift.

Good Day Fellow Citizens

I know I am preaching to the choir and that this is a Wikipedia article but it goes to show RSO’s are “Guinea Pigs” and “Scapegoats” RSO’s have to adhere to the Harshest, unrealistic rules and conditions. This is by design to eventually bring Us back into custody and to break us down to barely hangin on to life.

Will the Feds or any Body of Government admit wrong doing? Never!

They feed the media and the public with scare tactics to keep the public engaged in Hate.

This is linch mob mentality. It’s like a Sheep and 5 wolves deciding what’s for dinner. Majority rules!

This has happened throughout American History. Examples are : Native Americans, Religious Groups, African Americans, Asians, McCarthyism, Mentally Ill, Homophobia, Hispanics, Middle Eastern Descendants the list goes on but now the Focus is on Sex Offenders.
Hate does not deter reoffending nor does it heal. We are allowing the Public to effectively determine our fate. Who in their right mind would ever sympathize over sex offenders. WE are hated by anyone who does not actually know the person. Strangely we are loved until we are found out and then let’s see who cares about you. People scatter when they find out you are an RSO.

There are 750,000 American Sex offenders with 250,000 incarcerated that leaves 500,000 in the public. The US population is 330M, so let’s do some math shall we, 330M/500K = 660. So that means 1 out of 660 US Citizens is a RSO. Now add our Families just say two people who still care about us that means this Registry of Hate now includes at minimum 1.5 M affected by this Horror called the Registry. That means 1 out of 220 are directly affected by the Registry. (if my math is off please correct me but I think you get the point)

We are told that it deters reoffending but in reality it is just another way to discriminate against a minority. If law enforcement kept this private and under their discretion and only exposed those likely to reoffend it would be a much safer place for all.

Honestly We are all paranoid of being hauled away for doing nothing but trying to live a normal life.

I can go on and on but there is not enough characters for this article as I could dice and slice this whole Policy into little pieces and prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Registry is ineffective and the truth be known today someone will be arrested for a sex crime and it is NOT a RSO. We all know over 95% of sex crimes are new perpetrators.

So why constantly make such an example out of RSO’s?

We have to Blame someone and the best part is Society is not ready to know the Truth about RSO’s it is so much easier to lump them together and Hate them all.

Have a Great Day! I’ll be here just dreading what’s next to come.

Effectiveness of sex offender registration policies in the United States

Effectiveness of registration and notification[edit]It has been suggested that sex offender registration and notification (SORN) policies may be a specific deterrent for sex offenders; that it would facilitate sex offender awareness, monitoring, and apprehension; and that it would in the end help prevent sex offenses—particularly repeat sex offenses—from occurring. While these hypotheses were not empirically tested prior to the implementation of SORN requirements, a significant body of research using various methods has since examined the impact of SORN, particularly in relation to recidivism.[3]
Prescott and Rockoff (2011) found that Sex Offender Registration policies in the United States were effective at reducing crime by providing general deterrence. The study found that non public registration policies were effective in reducing sex crime arrests due to enhanced police monitoring of existing offenders. However public registration was found to cause an increased rate of recidivism among Sex Offenders on the public register.[14] There is considerable debate among academics as to how “Effectiveness” should be defined. Many see the increased rate of recidivism among registered offenders as a failure, others point to the deterrent effect of Sex Offender Registration and Notification Laws (SORN) as being evidence of success.[citation needed]
Interrupted time series analysis studies[edit]One research method employed to assess the effectiveness of SORN for adult sexual offenders is interrupted time series analysis, which essentially examines an outcome of interest using many observations before and after the implementation of a specific intervention. Several interrupted time series analyses assessing SORN have been completed in recent years.[3]
A study done in University of Chicago Law School compared data on over 9,000 sex offenders released from prison in 1994. About half of those offenders were released into states where they needed to register, while the other half did not need to register. The study found little difference in the two groups’ propensity to re-offend. In fact, those released into states without registration laws were slightly less likely to re-offend.[15] The study also showed that blocks in Washington DC where sex offenders lived did not have higher rate of sex crimes nor overall crimes. The study concluded that registered sex offenders do not appear to have lower rates of recidivism than those sex offenders who are not required to register, and that knowing where a sex offender lives does not reveal where sex crimes, or other crimes, will take place.[15][3]

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I can go on and on but there is not enough characters for this article as I could dice and slice this whole Policy into little pieces and prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Registry is ineffective and the truth be known today someone will be arrested for a sex crime and it is NOT a RSO. We all know over 95% of sex crimes are new perpetrators.

You make some good points but the only issue I have is when you said for law enforcement to keep it non public and only expose those likely to reoffend. How does someone determine if someone is likely to reoffend? There is no way to determine that. All of us here once had clean records. Did anyone ever think we would one day commit a crime? Did someone who has been convicted of murder show signs that he was likely going to kill someone? Most crimes are crimes of opportunity, and most people convinced of a felony will never do it again, so how exactly does one determine that a person is likely to reoffend?
I’m listed as a tier 3 in Michigan, which apparently means I’m likely to reoffend, but I can say with 100% accuracy that I will NEVER reoffend. Why? Because I learned my lesson, and I have too many good things going for me to do something stupid.
There is not one person on Earth who can look at another and judge with 100% accuracy that he is going to reoffend. It’s not possible, because anyone at any time is capable of doing something stupid, whether they have a prior conviction or not.

Disgusted, I agree it is impossible for one to know what ones going to do. I like yourself would never reoffend again. I just wish the DOJ would have some faith in me so I wasn’t put in a category that makes people around me feel uncomfortable and scared.
Best Luck

This just happened tonight near my home. ☹️
“BREAKING: Tragedy as 13-Year-Old Boy Inside a Home is Killed By Gunfire
Police said a teenaged boy was in his bedroom in a home in the 900 block of N. __________ Ave. when he was struck at least once by gunfire and was killed.”

But WE are the “monsters” who need to be registered, tracked and harrassed?

That wasn’t dangerous because it was just an accident. No need to Register shooters.

It’s not like that criminal was intentionally looking at illegal pictures or something heinous, super dangerous, and harmful like that.

Well spoken, Good Citizen.
Dear Leader is pleased.

Last edited 2 months ago by C

David, David, David…when will you abandon this obsession with logic and fairness and accept that up is down and black is white here in Bizarro World? You must stop resisting rationality. Acquiesce and believe that a touch or viewing pictures is far worse than murder or mayhem of society’s most innocent.
Be a good little citizen and accept your lot, David. Embrace Dystopia.

Every time I see a tragedy like what happened in Wisconsin today, the first thought that comes to my mind is I wonder if a PFR decided to retaliate. Every time. Honestly, I’m surprised it doesn’t happen a lot more than it seemingly does. Very surprised.

I hope no PFR retaliates in such a heinous, counterproductive manner.
What we saw in WI was nothing more than a POS loser who, unable to properly cope (with a particular trial outcome, probably) and function in society, lashed out in a murderous tantrum.

Well, war is ugly. I don’t think people should accept being imprisoned for idiocy. The only problem I would have with it is that innocent people should not be attacked. But they usually are (e.g. Oklahoma City bombing, 9/11).

That’s why terrorists attack non-combatants. If it were only politicians or law enforcement personnel being attacked or killed, the general public would not be as attentive as when innocent individuals, like themselves, family members, friends and co-workers are victims.
That’s why it’s called terrorism – it is intended to inspire terror. 😒

We do not attack our oppressors because most RSO’s are…let me say this, Good People.

We should be clear that other people are oppressors…say this to their faces, but we remain Good People.

Unlike our oppressors.

Best Wishes, James I

Yes, we are good people. In fact, I’m objectively a much better person than almost everyone who thinks Oppression Lists are acceptable. I’ve seen THOSE people up close. Most are scum. A ton of them are deranged idiots.

We are great people to our family, friends, etc. We don’t have to be good people to evil oppressors. Evil deserves to be defeated.

“The only problem I would have with it is that innocent people should not be attacked.” But Will, aren’t you at war with all these “innocent” people? Surely some of those killed or injured are in agreement with “the list”.

I am not at war with innocent people. I am at war with “people” who think the Oppression Lists (OLs) are acceptable (i.e. RASTs). They are not innocent at all.

Of course, just as with all immoral criminals, the damage caused by a person’s crimes, actions (including just speaking), etc., vary to a huge degree. How many RASTs deserve the death penalty? Surely very few. I think certain politicians who have harmed millions of families deserve it, or probably more appropriately, just life in prison.

Having said that though, your average person living in Amerika who thinks the OLs are acceptable is probably not even really a RAST. They don’t have a ton of culpability. They are just clueless and lazy. Maybe they’ve never even voiced that they think the OLs are acceptable.

So the extent that a person is innocent or guilty varies widely. It is good to be at war with the evil ones. The only problem is figuring out who is who and not harming good people.

Welp, it turns out he was a registrant out of NV for knocking up a 15 year old, plus an FTR and jumping bail.
While the stresses associated with the registry probably contributed to his frame of mind, I’m doubtful he was shouting “F the registry!” as he mowed those people down.

Well, that’s something. Nice research.

I absolutely would believe that he was shouting “F the registry!” Plenty of people would be. Enough have retaliated by murdering. I don’t think we can discount decades of oppression. Frankly, I think it is insanely naive to believe that people aren’t retaliating for the Oppression Lists every day. I know that people are, but thankfully not in such evil ways as this person.

I thought, as you said, “we are good people”.

Not sure I get what you are saying.

Generally, PFRs are good people. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some that are plain evil.

There have been PFRs that have directly retaliated against the Oppression Lists by murdering innocent children. Those PFRs are evil. There are PFRs who retaliate by harming “people” who support the Oppression Lists. Those PFRs are good people. I can harm terrorists every day and I’m still a good person. I can ensure the OLs are worthless, counterproductive, and worse, every day, and I’m still a good person. I don’t have to be nice to terrorists harming my family.

I just hope what happened in Wisconsin isn’t used against us, but I won’t hold my breath. To me the system failed for allowing someone with a lengthy criminal record out on the streets. What puzzles me is that he’s recent bond was 1k? How is that even possible? Registrants didn’t fail the streets of Wisconsin last sunday, the state of Wisconsin failed and now 6 people are dead. Congrats to the America’s Dairyland and land of cheese curds.

I haven’t cared to find out anything about the person. Seems to me he must be crazy. But I’d bet anything that the Oppression Lists helped radicalize him and make him crazier. How would it ever do anything else? Perhaps an event caused by the OLs was the straw that broke the camel’s back?

How would they hold this against PFRs anyway? What are they going to do, increase their fake “monitoring”? Increase their lies? Put a special mark on our licenses so pigs know we might try to run someone over?

Why would they do that anyway? This guy was a success of the OLs – he didn’t molest anyone or commit a sex crime. So, complete success!

BTW, the bail amount was not a problem. There should be no such thing as cash bail. You seem to be saying it should be set just high enough that poor people can’t bail out, but wealthier people can. That is not what bail is for. If a person is dangerous then he should have no bail at all, not just some monetary amount that only affects poor people.

A few people here advocated making work for the registering agents by continuously creating many new internet ids that will never be used to bog down and to get back at the system so that it crashes under its own weight. I like that idea.

But during the last few weeks I have come to the conclusion in my case it is better to stay low key, out of sight and out of mind. I don’t want to piss off the sheriff registering officer or she may decide to find a way to retaliate against me.

Ever since the pandemic started, the sheriff registering officer has never contacted me except once to change my annual appointment date. She had me in and out of my appointment in 10 minutes. She has done no home visits since the pandemic started. And I only contacted her once during the last year (by email) to give one registration update.

In my case it makes no sense to rock the boat – lay low and out of sight, out of mind. So think about what works best for you before taking any action.

Does anyone know if a Tier 3 can apply and be granted exclusion from megan’s law website? My offence is 288.4 (b) (sting, no victim, no illegal images, no physical contact) with a static-99 score of 2 (average), no jail or prison time just probation. Currently working on early termination and dismissal. I ready through the SB 384 bill and exclusion form which states that you can be eligible if you complete probation successfully and submit a probation report to the DOJ as proof. Unless I misunderstood something or read that wrong, I would assume that I am eligible.

This would be my family’s only hope that they will not be in danger due to my website listing. My wife and children don’t deserve punishment or harassment from anyone.

As a Michigan resident I can say with certainty that you would first have to be reclassified as a Tier 1 in order to file for removal. That’s after you have spent 10 law abiding years on the registry. I know this as I am praying to be removed any day. The process for removal is documented for Michigan very clearly. However you MUST be classified a tier 1 first.

There may be thousands of us dinosaurs who are not required to register under state law, but might be required to register under SORNA. We don’t know. SORNA Tier levels aren’t formally assigned until after we’re standing in front of a federal judge being accused of failure to register. A person can be a Tier III in the 9th Circuit and a Tier I in the 7th circuit (USA vs Walker 18-3529). If the offense is old enough than SORNA no longer applies to a Tier I offender.

Personal example: In one U.S. circuit, I purchased a $5,000 attorney’s opinion that says I’m a Tier I and SORNA no longer applies. In another U.S. Circuit I purchased $1,500 opinion that states I’m a Tier III.
A Federal Declaratory Judgement could cost $15,000 in the favorable circuit but is a federal prosecutor required to honor it in different circuit?

So, the dilemma for us occurs when we intend to travel out of state or out of country.
Without knowing if SORNA applies to us prior to a prosecution:
·      Should we ask for a stamp in our passport to avoid prosecution even if we think we live in a Circuit in which SORNA does not apply?
·       Should we attempt to submit a 21-day advance travel notice to the state registration office for every instance of travel, regardless of which circuit we reside in?
·      Do our federal civil rights and responsibilities depend on the circuit we claim as residence?
·      If a registration dept. tells us to go away and refuses to provide a receipt, what viable evidence of the attempted notification is advised as an alternative?
·      Even if a Declaratory Judgement states SORNA no longer applies to us, then are we safe to reside in any Circuit or territory without fear of prosecution for violating SORNA?
·      Can a change in DOJ regulations void USA vs Walker 18-3529? In the other words, is it a waste of $ to pursue a Declaratory Judgement prior to knowing what the proposed DOJ changes contain?

Good morning!! 😀
Happy news: I was very surprised when listening to today’s “NPR Morning Edition”. As they discussed the criminal past of the Waukesha SUV driver, they did NOT mention anything about a past sexual offense conviction, the registry, etc. – nothing at all about it! 🤗
What a very pleasant & very welcome surprise!! 😃

Well just search “wisconsin christmas parade sex” and you’ll find plenty that do mention his past.


Glad you mentioned the discussion involved the driver because the quoted text you wrote by itself is a great salcious headline for the media to use as click bait. A little light Wed morning humor…

Pretty crazy. You would think that the law enforcement criminals would be jacking off the media as usual and instructing them to brag how their magic Oppression Lists kept this guy from molesting children. Why would they not brag about their win from their magic Lists?

Why are they even worried about this incident? They can’t even be bothered to Register people who drive drunk or illegally recklessly and “accidentally” murder children. If they can’t be bothered to Register something then it must not be important or dangerous. It is fine to have people like this guy living right by schools and driving around them all the time, just as long as SEX is not involved.


Did the 15 year old male minor consent to drive the Chrysler 300 arrested in Aurora, CO where six high school students were sadly injured by gunfire not know what he was doing as the driver just as he would not know what he was doing if he was dating and being sexual with an adult 4+ years his senior as he is 15 by his choice? An attempted first degree murder charge was filed against him as seen here: 15-year-old arrested in Colorado shooting that injured 6 high school students

Was he groomed? Was he plied with alcohol, drugs, etc? Was he asked to send sample driving pictures and videos? We know as a male minor his brain is not fully developed by the science research, so was his immaturity a factor?

Point being, what defense will be used for this minor male who committed a very adult act and probably fully knew well what he was doing before, during, and after it? Should minors not be held to an adult standard regardless of the act they are committing if they fully know what they are doing to begin with and even violated the terms of service (or physical entrance of an establishment) to commit such act? The legal system will do their best damage control for this male minor.

It is understood what he could be faced with but as a minor, he gets a reset possibly at 18 to live a full life. Why doesn’t someone who is labeled as someone who is currently in process of committing an alleged sex crime while writing an entry in this forum get the same reset in life either by moniker, other, or both?

Where is the sanity in this country anymore? Where is the common sense? It is a sad state of affairs in the country when every legal case can be a game of details to paint a picture completely unlike the reality of it if the curtain was pulled back on it without the legal system involved.

Last edited 1 month ago by TS

Oh yes, our ridiculous legal riddle “When is a minor not a minor!” Answer: “When he has committed a heinous crime.”

But when is he definitely a minor??
Answer: When he has engaged in consensual sexual activity…. unless it’s with someone his own age – another minor – then both of them are both victim and perpetrator, facing legal punishments and lifelong registration….. or when there’s no “victim” except himself because he sexted nude photos of himself and is charged with child pornography production.

I guess the rule is very simple: Always describe a minor as a victim, unless you can describe him as a perpetrator, then always describe him as a perpetrator.
(See pic.)

Last edited 1 month ago by David⚜️

What needs change now is the definition of a sex offender, a young man who downloads the dark web site out of curiosity with no intentions, is labeled, sentenced, treated identically to a true sexual offender(rapist). In this day and age of technology, laws desperately need to be reviewed and changed federally!!!What a travesty of justice!!!!

The dark web placed you on the list ? No SO offence ? Perhaps you could explain why, I’m curious how simply having a potential to use the web to commit a crime can convict anyone. I believe you because our system is designed to convict the innocent, an explanation may prevent another innocent person from being falsely accused.

Technically, one cannot download the dark or deep web. What’s downloaded is the Tor browser, which is the only browser capable of accessing the dark web. I agree that there are a lot of bad things on the dark web, but not everything there is bad. I use the Tor browser quite frequently for legal websites and have never had any issues. The only difference between the dark web and the rest of the web is nothing there is catalogued. You have to know and type in a specific domain address to find what you’re looking for. No one is going to get charged and convicted for having the Tor browser or for surfing the deep web. You have to access illegal material before that can happen.

Happy thanksgiving, everyone! Be safe.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’ve been having an insanely successful week of ensuring that the Oppression Lists (OLs) are useless and harmful. I’ve also been very successful this week at continuing to improve the ability of my family to punish and control “people” who think OLs are acceptable. I can reward good people and let the evil ones suffer. They aren’t able to play their games and jack themselves off by harassing my family.

Amerika brought this chaos, hate, and discord upon themselves. They’ve paid a huge price already and I don’t see it slowing down.

You frequently post about “ensuring that the Oppression Lists (OLs) are useless and harmful.”
Would you mind providing some examples, besides hanging out where there are kids and not offending?

Oooh, such a huge, exciting question! But it’s late, I’m tired, unmotivated, and not feeling using an actual keyboard. I’ll just have to keep it short!

I was just thinking what would be very cool is if the terrorists made a list of why their Oppression Lists (OLs) are so awesome and then a person could use it as a checklist to ensure that you are negating every item. But let’s imagine there is one. I suspect that everything they say is a benefit is something I negate.

Don’t the terrorists want “sex offenders” to stay away from children? I do the extreme opposite of that. How else do they fantasy their oppression helps? Monitoring?! Please. That’s a f’ing joke. What else? I don’t know what they fantasize, I need a list.

My house has been filled with children all week. Many sleeping over. Happens all the time. Some know I’m listed, some don’t. Doesn’t matter.

Anyway, I’ve been too long already. But you mentioned “not offending”. That is not actually negating the OLs, of course. Offending would negate them 100%.

That’s the negation part. The harm part is even more interesting. I can’t even get started. But just for beginners, it matters when people aren’t contributing to society. It matters when people do not feel they have any obligation to contribute or care about other people. That is the groundwork. Concrete consequences arise from that.

Then, if a person really wants, he or she can intentionally cause extreme damage. I’ve worked decades to get the assets and means to live in a way that I didn’t understand before. It is crazy what damage rich people can do to government and society in general. They (we) can be serious leeches and take all the resources. Real damage.

The OLs are idiotic. The terrorists get no benefit from them other than jacking off. But they’ve got a really motivated enemy who has years and years and years to harm the terrorists. All the time. I’m not ever ignoring them.

Translation: he does nothing.

You replied to me. So who is “he”?

If you read what I said and translated that to “nothing” then there are not enough smart people in the world to help you comprehend. There are so many people who cannot think outside their little boxes because they can’t get past their emotions. I feel those people don’t fare so well in the world, lol.

I didn’t get much out of what you wrote, either.

One thing Will mentioned previously was hiring PFR’s for subcontractors/ workers. If we all did that it would take some of the power away from the registry. As far as I know I’ve only hired 1 PFR (out of hundreds of laborers) but I hire through a union hall and it’s not a criteria that I can ask for.
It’s also inconvenient to keep them off school, airport, federal building, etc. work.
The janitorial contractor in Chicago comes to mind who lost a government airport cleaning contract due to publicity. If I were in Chicago he would be my first choice for a cleaning job.

I’m surprised this even has to be mentioned. Are people not fighting against the Oppression Lists (OLs)? Are we all just sitting around and complaining about them? Worrying about this tier or that tier? Or how many days an oppressed person has before he/she needs to report something to big government? Is that all we are worried about and doing?

The OLs can have very widespread consequences in real life. We all need to make that happen.

But as you mentioned, for sure, it can take some effort. But that is what work is. That is how good things are achieved.

It takes time to get to know if someone is opposed to the registry. I’ve found that SAA SA SLAA meetings are filled with people who have open minds regarding the registry. In my area only about 10% of these groups “members” are PFR’s. A good portion of them believe they couldn’t get on the registry for the issues they face and the behaviors they exhibit. Over time with discussions and sharing they come to see that not only themselves but a huge % of Americans have done things that could put them on the registry. They can understand. The huge % of Americans not exposed to our stories believe they could never get on the registry, and will never be open to the thought.
I have a network of friends registered and not registered from these groups who I socialize with. Some I use for jobs which don’t require union affiliations, do business deals with etc.
I met someone in one of these groups with a hugely successful business. They had just gotten arrested, convicted, registered and publicly stigmatized. At the same time this person had a major loan become due. Their bank, and all other banks approached refused a loan because of the conviction. Another group member and I made a long-term deal with this person. The business was not only saved but my new friend is now well over twice as profitable as before the arrest.
Finding people sympathetic to our cause is not that easy. Most everyone who works for me eventually finds out about my registration. Of the hundreds of employees who have worked for my companies over the last 27 years no-one has ever said anything negative to my face. (I suppose that wouldn’t be wise). I do hear occasional stories from long-term employees about “talk behind my back”. My only real plan is to be a fair and understanding boss. My goal for work is to be profitable.
Hopefully some of the employees and their families share something positive about the registered person they know with some of the huge % of people who have no clue what impact this registry has to us and our family and friends. I have had some employees really put themselves out to defend me. There is no better feeling in my world.

That’s a lot of interesting information. It sounds like you really helped out that person that had the loan problem. That is a perfect example of how PFRs can be fighting the oppression. Stop worrying about people who won’t do business with us and do it ourselves or take the business elsewhere. Put them out of business.

I may or may not be right, but it’s always been my impression that is why so many Jewish people seem to be very successful. People who are oppressed grow stronger than the oppressors and fight back. I’ve said plenty of times that I owe a lot of my success to the Oppression Lists (OLs).

You are right that often “It takes time to get to know if someone is opposed to the registry.” But, if I ever really need/want to know, I just start talking about it. I tell them I want to discuss and find out if I like what they have to say.

As an employer, I wouldn’t put up with employing a person who thinks the OLs are acceptable. I go to significant lengths to weed those people out. Remember that you can monitor all of their communications that occur via company property (e.g. computer chats, email, etc.). If you want to get ambitious, you can feed specific information to them (via computer or however else) and see how they react. Force it to find out.

You said, “The huge % of Americans not exposed to our stories believe they could never get on the registry …” I think I agree with them. I think that a huge % of people are NOT in danger of being listed on the OLs. I don’t think the risk is that great. I think that most people who are listed on the OLs likely did something illegal. I don’t think it is a great argument to tell people they risk being listed on the OLs.

Now, if they expanded the OLs to include Gun Offenders, Home Invaders, Street Fighters, etc., etc., etc., as they should (if they were moral), then probably tens of millions of people would be in danger. But for the OLs just for SEX, the criminal regimes are trying to get the number listed down to a decent number of people that they can effectively oppress. So not that many people will be in danger. Everything will be fine once they get the OLs down to the number and kinds of people that they rest of us don’t have to care about.

You know, I don’t care if people are “sympathetic to our cause” or not. I simply want them to mind their own damn business. Stop being okay with big government harassing people. As long as people don’t care about my family’s rights or what happens to us, then I definitely don’t have to care about them.

I think the past few years have shown the world just how many garbage “people” live in Amerika. Look at how so many people act today. That is what they are. There is no reason to assume that any given person is not a walking piece of trash. I’m not going to give anyone any benefit of doubt. They can judge me for something minor from decades ago and I’ll judge them for the immoral piece of trash that they are today.

@Will Allen, I don’t usually say much about what I do and I won’t, really but what I will say is that the OLs have forced some of us to find ways to support ourselves and our families without being an employee because no one would hire us. In other words we don’t work for someone else. Some of us might even have had to accept very low income for awhile just trying make enough working for ourselves to survive – much less than we’d have gotten as an employee – but then if we do things right eventually the business grows and we are making much more than an employee would. In that case we end up with greater wealth (I’m not saying rich but better off financially compared to no registry) because we never would have done things on our own – without a boss – if not for the registry. Even here though, the registry still affects everything we do and being able to afford things doesn’t necessarily mean we can do everything we could afford because of the registry, like travel anywhere we want whenever we want.

People who have wealth generated in this way should use it to help end the registry and neutralize / show it is ineffective.

I for one also like to list all my tax deductible donations that are clearly anti registry organizations that have such donation options. While probably goes mostly unnoticed, I like pointing out that I’m paying less money to the government by donating to them. Normally you don’t have a space to list these on the tax forms but there is actually something called supporting notes that you can attach at the end of your taxes to better explain deductions you might take so that there is less chance of an audit. As such, I always paper file and include my donations in the supporting notes and all are anti registry. I want anyone who reviews them, if ever, to know the government is getting less tax dollars because of their registry.

Your first paragraph is exactly right. I was very motivated to be more successful than all the scumbags that think OLs are acceptable. So I drove the ones I could find into the ground. Today, I laugh at them. That is the “cohesion” and “patriotism” that the OLs create, promote, and encourage. The Amerika I see today is what I think it is. All on-brand. I think most of the world agrees with me.

Interesting what you do with your taxes. I find that most people are so emotional about just about everything so much that they will just have an emotional response to such things and ignore any real effects and not even care. They don’t want to think or care. Amerika as a whole just seems too dumb to care. Everyone would rather fight instead of progress.

I’ve said about the OLs forever that I feel most Amerikans don’t care that they aren’t useful and are only harmful. They are too dumb to see the real effects and too arrogant to care.

Okay. I was tired and trying to keep it short. Also, I don’t expect everyone to keep up with anything I say but I’ve shared details here many times before. But who has time or the inclination to track everything?

Anyway, let’s do it this way – how about someone make a list of all the wonderful things that the terrorists think that they get from their Oppression Lists (OLs)? How do they justify the massive cost and stupidity? How do they justify the murdered children? What are their key lies?

Once we have that list, each one of us can go through it and verify that we actually neutralize/nullify each item. I think all PFRs should do that.

For example, I imagine the terrorists would say that “the public” needs the OLs so they can keep PFRs away from children. So, as a PFR, for any PFR, do YOU allow that to happen? How about the infamous “keep PFRs away from ‘areas where children congregate'”? Nearly all terrorists fantasize/lie that is happening. For YOU, is it? That is what it means to neutralize/nullify the OLs. Obviously if a person was committing sex crimes then that would be nullifying the OLs 100%. But any PFR should probably keep that to themselves.

So, that is neutralizing/nullifying and it’s a whole different subject/area than is “retaliating for the mere existence of the OLs”. I’ve been quite explicit about a lot of that. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve walked away from signing contracts in the hundreds of thousands of dollars because the principles of it told me they thought the OLs were just fine. I ALWAYS vet any significant goods or service provider to my companies and family to see if they are terrorists or not. I always go out of my way to hire PFRs and the people/companies who support them. I’ve had relationships with such people/companies for decades.

Every PFR should know the other PFRs that live near them and the areas in which they work. If you need what they offer, hire them.

I’ve also related how I’ve bought into companies that do business with government. Once you are in on the grifting, you can work them over. Government wastes a huge amount of resources and PFRs should help take as much as possible. Why not?

I’ve also discussed adopting a completely anti-social lifestyle. I don’t feel like getting into a lot of details right now but suffice it to say that if a large percentage of any population thinks that they are not part of society, then that problem can be very, very large. Take a look at the nonsense that has occurred recently in Amerika. We are not “all in this together”. Most are not all that concerned about the common good. It has had lethal consequences. People shrug their shoulders, say “meh”, say they love OLs, and the hate and problems grow. It’s almost too easy.

For me personally, I take that to the extreme. Decades ago I was very socially responsible and very, very active with charity and community work. I stopped that 100% long ago. Haven’t give a dime or a minute to any charity for decades. Instead, I support organizations like the ACLU, ACSOL, etc. Much better. Pre-OLs, I gave blood as often as I was allowed. I haven’t done that for decades. Doubt I ever will again. I’m not an organ donor any longer. None of that crap.

What if 20% of the Amerikan population “checks out” of society? How about 50%? 75%? It matters. I stay very active helping to spread chaos and dysfunction within government. It’s worked very well. Of course I’ve had an insane amount of help.

So, before I was trying to be brief and somewhat vague. This should fill in some partial details. However, use your imaginations. Retaliation is a lot more widespread than it appears. Don’t doubt that. Think bigger. And people who use their imaginations can create their own retaliation.

The terrorists think their OLs are harmless and can’t be fought. They are wrong and you can help prove it.

Brillenat Will Allen only one thing missing… Who is He and who is she.. Now I know we are all trying to overcome this ordeal. Some involved in physical ways or hands on effects of this sexual ordeal… whether it be rape in the physical sense or rape in the mental or spiritual sense. Even this computer inducement is a bit shaded.

You know they say a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Just figuring out a new computer is a pain but who causes the pain or the oppression… Answer… ones self.. or should we all look at this registry as a hindernce by many methods in this technological way.

Do we all speak evil or see no evil when some “eye candy” walks down the street or do others play tricks on another as in many cases of this sex registry by computer. Their is a key to all of this and its listen and hearing before you speak. Nothing wrong with proving and proving justice can hard enough today in a court of law but principals overshadow all things and the right judgement is always good. See judgement and justice are two different things.

Sure this registry brings hardships on all even the teens caught up in all this. The adults seem to know it all but are we all still wet behind the ears. I am sure everybody rejoices when true judgement is granted but this registry has to many bugs in it and many times is in vain. And I am in no way a Karl Marxx fan.. Bob Dylan .. I can live with that..

I have a bone to pick with the ACLU, specifically the Wisconsin ACLU. It has always been my understanding that the ACLU stands up for the rights of the people, and seeks to correct the unconstitutional wrongs done to people.
I am quite upset with their comments after the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, in which he was found not guilty. The Wisconsin ACLU said:
“Despite Kyle Rittenhouse’s conscious decision to take the lives of two people protesting the shooting of Jacob Blake by police, he was not held responsible for his actions, something that is not surprising. But Kyle Rittenhouse isn’t the only one responsible for the deaths that night. The events in Kenosha stem from the deep roots of white supremacy in our society’s institutions. They underscore that the police do not protect communities of color in the same way they do white people.”
This case had NOTHING to do with race. It was a SELF DEFENSE issue, plain and simple. Anyone who would have followed the trial as I did, would have seen this. Mr. Rittenhouse was dragged through the mud by the media because he defended his own life against 3 individuals who sought to harm him. The people he shot were WHITE, yet people continue to accuse him of being a racist or white supremacist, when when all the evidence in his case CLEARLY proved the opposite. So please explain to me how his case had anything to do with white vs black.
They also stated, “Kyle Rittenhouse was a juvenile who traveled across state lines on a vigilante mission, was allowed by police to roam the streets of Kenosha with an assault rifle and ended up shooting three people and killing two. These are the simple, tragic facts.” That is absolutely FALSE, as Kyle was already in Wisconsin, and has family there.
Its one thing for the media to spout fake news, and I am used to that, but for the ACLU to do the same? Are you kidding me? Since when did the ACLU start spreading fake news and misinformation? Since when does a white man who shoots another white man in self defense become a racist?
If this is what the ACLU wants to stand for, then I no longer want to be represented by you any more.
I welcome your response and I call on you to retract what was wrongfully stated in the press release, which can be read here:

Self-defense, my ass.

Did you watch the entire trial? Did you see where the witnesses for the prosecution corroborated Rittenhouse’s testimony? If not, I encourage you to watch the trial. Its available on YouTube.
My main point is the ACLU should NOT be posting misinformation.

I have not watched a single second. I still get the big picture. It’s right there in front of you, but you have to be able to see beyond the minutia.

You’re seeing the wrong big picture in this case. He shouldn’t have been there from the general sense of not getting involved in such things, but he acted in self-defense in accordance with the state law. From the evidence presented, he wasn’t the one who instigated this. He was the one who was initially attacked by the first person that was killed. Then chased and attacked by the second one he killed. And finally only shot the third person after being threatened by them with a gun by that persons own admission (that prosecution witness was better for the defense than any witness the defense had).

I agree with every word of your second sentence. The rest of your post, after that, is exactly what I heard. Your first sentence is only half-right.

But Kyle Rittenhouse isn’t the only one responsible for the deaths that night.” That’s the big picture I’m looking at.

I don’t see anything from the ACLU attacking the verdict. The jury had no other choice. Still, he should have been held accountable. “He shouldn’t have been there” as you said, is the reason it’s not really self-defense. At least in accordance with the intent of the law.

He had every right to be there because he has family there, and he was already in the city. To say he didn’t belong there is like saying I should have never been in my own house. He wanted to help protect businesses from rioters and looters. I would have done the same thing. For the ACLU to say he needed to be held accountable is to say they don’t agree with the verdict. Why does he need to be held accountable for defending himself? If someone attacked you, and you fought the person off with your hands, do you need to be held accountable? No. The attackers are the ones who need to be held accountable, not the one being attacked.
It’s a shame 2 people lost their lives, but they brought it upon themselves. The not guilty verdict was the right verdict, otherwise you may as well throw the 2nd amendment out the window and say you have no right to protect your life.


Thankfully, the court disagrees with you.

What? I don’t recall the court making any ruling. Please share.

If the accused and the three in question had all obeyed the curfew order to begin with, then none of this would have happened. There is your root cause. Go home when the curfew order says to be off the street.

Exactly. The ACLU is questioning the role of the POPO in how that was or wasn’t enforced.

Has anyone been denied insurance because of a conviction?

I applied for an umbrella policy on my home and I received a very vague denial letter. I called the agent several times for an explanation and she, along with several others, failed to return my call. Finally I got through to someone who admitted the policy was declined due to information in a background check, which they never told me they were going to do. It’s apparent no one called me back because it would be uncomfortable conversation.

I’ve been a customer of theirs for 27 years and this is my reward. How long until they cancel my existing policies and I can’t get insurance anywhere for anything? Will loan applications be rejected as well?


I never had a problem with insurance but when I got a life insurance policy it came up and I was asked questions about it. I thought for sure they would deny me or charge me a higher rate but after my discussion about it with them and the results of my health screening, I ended up with their lowest rate which was one tier below the rate I had been originally quoted.

Insurance companies are good at what they do and know the risk factors. They know it is dangerous to be a PFR family. There is more risk to everything. Not just to the PFR, but to all family members, anyone on their property, near them, etc.

The big government criminal regimes created that risk. They promote and encourage it.

@ C: I have my home, auto, and earthquake policies, AND an umbrella policy, with Farmers. I have never had a problem with them and have never been questioned about my conviction. Good luck.

Good to know, thank you. I’ll give them a call.

If Karen’s and Ken’s were put on their own list for supplying guns to their kids, perhaps they’d understand the idiocy of our list. After they feel what we and our families go through, they perhaps might flip a switch. But I doubt it. Hell, perhaps their other children will commit high school shootings just like their siblings. Tracts. If a family produces one shooter, maybe someday, the entire family will be shooters. Just saying, by their logic.

Will Allan and you others please give it a rest. We have all been denied in many forms and fashion or who is trespassing against who… theirs that who again. Now if I think about all this the word or letters of Forced to register came from Will Allen One wonders who force feeds another.

Even force is a two way street. Were talking about common law and this registry. Nobody forces anybody to do anything unless its one’s slave master. Now lets don’t get in to Aunt Jemima chatter as that just brings up old embers. Either one usses the sword of justice or the sword in vain and believe me everyone will get their just deserts. So what is cruel and unusual punishment.

I’m sure many have studied Crime and Punishment. I believe I still have my text from the Criminal Justice classes I took in college back in the late 70’s. Things have sure changed… I don’t even know were bias came from or show we all just turn Indian? Think about that one.

Can’t give it a rest. The criminal regimes attack my family every minute of every day. They are an enemy.

I am a PFR. I’m forced to be listed on a big government list, against my will, at the point of guns. It is idiotic, immoral, unfair, and illegal. The enemies must accept responsibility for what they’ve done. They must show remorse. They must accept accountability. They must accept their consequences and pay them.

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