AL, OK: U.S. Marshals arrest Oklahoma fugitive sex offender in Alabama after 14 years

Source: 1/27/22

U.S. Marshals in Alabama on Wednesday arrested an Oklahoma sex offender who’d been on the run for 14 years.

David _____, 49, had been wanted since 2008 for failing to register as a sex offender in Caddo County, and for violating the terms of his probation in Seminole and Pottawatomie counties after 2006 felony convictions of enticing a minor and first-degree rape.

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Who does a better job enticing children than big tech? This OK offender enticed one or a few, but big tech entices millions and enables exploitation exponentially!

“It is always significant when a fugitive is located and apprehended after being on the run for so many years,” Johnny Kuhlman, U.S. Marshal for the Western District of Oklahoma, said in a statement.

The registry helped how? It took 14 years why?

The terrorists caught up to this guy.

They are arresting him based on a “law” that does nothing. This guy did nothing harmful at all. In fact, he was helping society in some ways. He was helping some number of losers keep jobs where part of their “work” was to look for him. So he was still helping the carceral business continue operating and remaining huge. Still helping to keep their economic wheels going.

So apparently this guy was living in the wild for over 14 years and did nothing illegal. They’ve now charged him with a useless “crime”. But that’s not enough for the dumb terrorists. The last paragraph of the article says:

Officials said they plan to investigate further complaints against Toyekoyah, including additional potential violations related to the national sex offender registry.

Yep, that’s right, they want to charge the guy with more made-up, useless “crimes”. For the same behavior, why charge a guy with 1 crime when you can charge him with 3?! Or even better, how about 5? Or 10?! Of course everyone knows that the point is to charge him with as many crimes as possible to try to force him to take a terrible plea bargain and imprison him for as long as they are able. The only good thing about that is I know that causes people to understand that law enforcement, government attorneys, etc., etc. are scumbag criminals and they’ll want to harm them for the rest of their lives. We need more of that.

I pray that this guy retaliated in advance for this harassment or that he will in the future. For me personally, I felt the need to retaliate in advance, each time a crime is committed against my family. Because you never know when one of these criminals might just kick down your front door one day and shoot any of your family members in the head. I try to follow all their illegal “laws” but if they ever arrest me in the future, I have promised myself that the response is going to be extremely ugly. But one thing that I’ve found out is that Registry Terrorists/Aholes don’t actually care what happens to people (PFR or not) because of the Hit Lists. They don’t care that the Hit Lists have murdered innocent children. They don’t care how many innocent adults are killed. It is more important for them to be aholes and feel tough than it is to protect anyone. They are arrogant aholes. That describes a majority of people living in Amerika and certainly our governments. They’ll do what they want, no matter the results. Amerika will keep its Hit Lists. It doesn’t matter that they are worse than worthless.

OMG, what a absurd picture!!
U.S.Marshals everywhere! Tactical gear, everyone!
Who knows what this guy is planning!
Sharpshooters, get ready!
Bomb squad, stand by!
We go in on 3!

What a bunch of drama queens, media hogs, and general buffoons!! 🙄🙄🙄

Better alert SEAL Team 6 just in case he’s another Osama bin Laden! 🙄

If he was so incredibly dangerous, why did it take them 14 years to catch up with him??
Was he that incredibly skilled at evading them?
Were they that terribly inept in their search?
I mean, if you think about it, 14 years successfully on the lam is pretty notable!

I see him getting the max Ten years, huge fine he’ll never be able to pay, and lifetime parole.

That is a 2015 public domain photo.

Why is this even news? It’s nothing but click bait – just a story about a guy that violated probation/parole and didn’t show up for court. The click bait part is that he was an out-of-compliance sex offender, but even if he wasn’t a sex offender he’d still be on their list of people to find for being on the run from p/p and missing a court date.

I’m glad his 14-year crime spree was finally brought to an end. Now I hope society can pick of the pieces of everything he left in shambles…

Fugitive is located and apprehended after being on the run (for So Many Years). Why is is it all of a sudden So Many years now that they finely hunted him down ? funny when your on the registry for years you never here LE/press say this person has been on the registry for so many years they love their family and friends , NOPE there just is no news unless they turn it filthy , if he was so dangerous why did he not harm any of the LE flunkies that came in for the Big Dangerous Bust ? sick of sucker fish people eating the hero garbage up , I think that its pretty cool this guy made it 14 years and was not out harming anyone , I understand why he would make the choice that he did , I would not wish the registry on anyone ,

Wow! You guys need to remember there was a victim? How is this guy the victim? He never came to court? Violated parole? Didn’t register? You guys have gone off the deep end. We still have laws. I guess it’s the cops fault? Will, your too far gone and it’s one thing to disagree with the registry (I get it), but this guy victimized a child, completely has no respect for the law/courts and you think it’s okay? No matter what, the the man still has to follow the laws, respect the court and follow the probation/parole requirements. You guys will not go anywhere with this attitude! Anger will get you no where! Yes, I was on the registry/soon to get my professional license reinstated and a COR