FL: ‘Nationally-recognized’ teacher arrested in Fort Lauderdale for sex assault on minor after Tinder meet

Source: local10.com 10/10/22

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A teacher who has worked in schools in Miami-Dade and Broward and who received a presidential award is facing charges in Broward County Court for allegedly sexually assaulting a 16-year-old boy who went on to write a college entry essay about it in school, police said.

Fort Lauderdale police officers arrested Carlos _____, 46, on Oct. 3, Broward Sheriff’s Office corrections records show. The case started in Connecticut after a school counselor’s report, police said. Faced with the evidence, _____ surrendered to FLPD, police said.

_____ , who was born in Texas but lives in Fort Lauderdale, is accused of using Tinder to meet the teenage boy from Connecticut for sex in South Florida and to continue to communicate with the teen about sex on Snapchat.

The teenage boy was in Miami-Dade County on vacation with his mother in April 2021 to visit a relative in Golden Beach, according to the arrest form. The teen told police he identified himself as an 18-year-old on Tinder, but he “definitely” told _____ later that he was a minor.

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Again, as with the LE who was vigilante caught in the other posting here, how is Tinder not third party guilty here given the teen was under 18 and using it against their terms of service? I don’t care if Tinder cannot check the real age. Their system is being misused. The teacher should sue them as third party culpable much as a bar can be third party guilty for over-serving a patron who goes on to commit a crime.

These are the types of articles we so often see on this or other similar websites/ forums, but in reality should be shoved in all the Karens’ faces so they can stop panicking, spreading hysteria and unreasonable fear about those on the registry. It is not the person on the registry who commits these offenses but those who are trusted by the Karen’s in the US. We see these stories over and over again, and why are the PFRs still the only “bad” people.

The use of the phrase, nationally recognized teacher, in the title made me cringe. Both because it rises beyond that jurisdiction as his recognition was likely reported on the DDI with world wide reach (fame), and if he’s found guilty will lead to another World wide recognition as an infamous sex criminal. A onerous example of fiat in reputation. On the block they call it, “Flippin the script.” In the street cred context it generally refers to something cool and crowd pleasing, but in this case not so much. Every time I read one of these teacher abuse cases I both look back at my experience with corporeal punishment while attending Illinois public shools and think there’s going to be a shortage of teachers at an increasing rate. In other words vertical integration and consolidation of the education market. I make special note of an apt comparison between two public venues: A. Electronically augmented bench court, B. Electronically augmented class room. Both Judges and Teachers have similar leadership roles & increasing workloads in their respective venues. The use of electronic classrooms permits much larger number of class participants, and less individual attention. It is the same story for bench courts where “facing you acuser” means remote hearings by cctv. A clear change in constitutional definition that permits speedy process and increases workload potential. But what is lost?

Yet another teacher accused, a tragically common occurrence. Guilty or innocent, this story should serve as a wake up call to America. The real danger to children is not the man you found on the ML website. The real dangers are the people that are already part of your child’s life. The website gives a dangerous false sense of security that leaves children far more vulnerable!

Unfortunately, America would rather fail completely, doing what they want, then achieve any level of success, doing things they don’t want. As always, the means will justify the ends. Especially when the “Ends” are just assumed to be success, that lives on in defiance of all empirical evidence.

I’ll stop preaching to the choir now, and just worry for the Nation and its people.

There has to be some accountability with the teenager as well for false advertising his age.

BOI, This sounds familiar, hmmmsure, a minor lies to the adult teacher that he is 18. Let’s arrest the adult not the minor. Teaching a class when NO TENDER (yeah lgbt TINDER) came onto by a lgbtq wanting an experience first time, but no ID? hmmsure,
I went for this before SMedia in the late seventies teaching Explorers even. SetUp IDK. Made the WRONG Choice, let hormones as a nineteen year old go wild and take over than thinking common sense and hold those horses, D O N ‘ T came too late.
GOT IT, sorry teach .

Wow right in the lions den.Nice to the pushback in the comment section though starting to see more of that these days, and that means something,no!

I Believe minors should not be on Dating sites and it should be up to the companies who run these sites to do age verification for everyone on these sites. Furthermore all social media sites should have a way to block children from interacting with adults unless it is family and permission was granted by parents. Sorry but this is getting out of hand and something needs to be done.

The sad thing is, even if he really believed this boy was over 18, he’d still be facing these charges. I just find it odd that in cp cases, a “forensic computer expert” can call the shots on the age of the person in the material. But here you have a teacher, who has actually been around children most of his career, is not allowed to make a judgement to the age of an older teen? Even after he’s been posting on an 18 & over site.

I’ve read two more similar reports in my area today, one about a cam in a middle school restroom, another about state & fed charges for meeting an underage. I would post the hype links but I do not want to feed the beast.

This teacher sounds like a good candidate for Canadian personal protection. If Denise Harvey could do it, so can this man who may be facing 20 to 30 years in a Florida prison. I don’t know his bail status, and I don’t want to give any illegal advice. But I would start packing my bags for Saskatchewan at this moment in time.

“NSU University School in Davie identified Montero as a teacher in honors and AP chemistry for students in grades 9-12 and praised him for being among the 108 mathematics and science teachers nationwide who former President Barack Obama honored with the presidential award for excellence”

Obama’s probably shaking his head, now

I do not know all of the details, but I am unsure if the “Abuse of Authority” tag is appropriate here. Irresponsible parents or caretakers of the minor should share the blame. Maybe the minor was 18 and pretended to be a youngster as part of his thing? How is this guy using an App specifically for ADULTS supposed to know? He was using the App lawfully. I don’t know all of the details but I do not think this is 100% fair.

What if he was just about to turn 17 ether way, sounds like when the teacher abruptly quit talking to him I guess he kinda felt used after that and decided to get revenge.
As for the teacher I think after his encounter with this young man he knew he phuck up big time, he knew it was only a matter of time before this guy was gonna come forward and he did