FL: 10-year-old student may face battery charge after hugging school counselor

Source: nbcnews.com 11/9/22

A 10-year-old boy was suspended from his Florida elementary school and faces a charge of misdemeanor battery after he was accused of inappropriately touching a school counselor during a hug, an allegation his family denies.

The counselor at Holly Hill School in Volusia County alleged that she was visiting a classroom on Oct. 24 to discuss something when the fourth-grader approached her for a hug, according to a police report and a copy of his suspension letter provided by the boy’s family’s attorneys. 

She said she “turned sideways to give a side hug,” the letter states, and the child put one arm around her shoulder and with the other hand “reached and grabbed her left breast.” The counselor said she removed his hand and he walked away, the letter says.

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Oh my, so the counselor initiated the hug, turns sideways to a 10-year-old boy to give a, side hug???, to the 10-year-old child. So where does this woman think the kids hand is going to end up instead of her back, it ends up on her left breast. The kid doesn’t have long arms! Unfortunately being in Florida is probably won’t play out well for the kid. How much longer until half the males in the United States are registered?

The (counselor) still told the police that she wanted to pursue criminal battery charges against this 10-year-old kid.”

This person should not be a child counselor. Even if the kid actually did that, this is an incredible action by the person.

What ever happened to, “ stop it, now go sit down”. If it was something more, then ask to speak to the student’s parents. I guess the entire liability / non reporting issue has handcuffed school officials to the point where they aren’t allowed to make simple judgement calls.

Wow just wow! This is going to far. This will damage the child for life. I hope a judge will dismiss this case. And i hope that so-called karen. You all know she is a karen. That she should be fired right now. She aloud the child to get close to her!!!! Then called the cops to cover up her wrong doing!!!!!

That says a lot and I’m sure he will get 10 years in prison for that. The counselor should of reprimanded him. The suspension was bad enough. Just goes to show you girls and boys shouldn’t play “Touch” football on state property or county for that matter.

On a serious not what are kids today doing in school in this disrespectful issue. Just apologize and get on with life.

I. Have. No. Words.

There’s more to this story. It’s possible this kid is an out of control PITA with a history. My psychologist was a principal at an inner city elementary school with many a tale to tell and the sexual antics of those kids left me slack jawed.
The half-hug tells me she didn’t want to hug that kid and I’ve a hunch that his football buddies put him up to it and now the family, playing the race card, is looking for a pay day.
If guilty he needs a whoopin’, but not a lifelong scarlet letter.
If not guilty, she needs a whoopin’ and never allowed around kids.
My .02.

Just as I suspected:

“The child is Black and the counselor is white.” (from the article)

The attorney representing the boy is quoted as saying:

“It exacerbates the stereotypes of Black men and how they react around women and white women”……and…..”the family believes racism was at play. The child’s father said the incident was reminiscent of Emmett Till, the Black 14-year-old boy who was tortured and murdered by two white men in 1955 after a white woman accused him of making improper advances.” 

Please keep in mind that this is in FLORIDA.

Sounds like what happened to Emmett Till back in 1955.
At first I was trying to look at the situation as a whole but after reading the kid was black I don’t believe he did it at all, I think she’s just blackaphobic and thinks every black person is up to some kind of mischief, Believe it or not a lot of people in America are raised like that.
Another reason why you know this counselor is full of shiiit, even if he did do it why did she have to call the cops and press changes on the kid, this could’ve easily been handled in the principal Office with his parents present.
She really hated this kid for some reasons.

Have we gone insane!

I’m starting to question America’s decision to dedicate the entire state of Florida to being a vast, open air research facility for Abnormal Psychology. I mean, we already have West Virginia, do we really need two whole states where we let the patients run the asylum…just to see what would happen?

When will “Floridian” finally be accepted as a cluster B Personality Disorder by the American Psychiatric Association for inclusion in the DSM?

Narcissistic personality disorder
Antisocial personality disorder
Borderline personality disorder
Floridian personality disorder
Histrionic personality disorder

Even if he did it intentionally, wouldn’t it be better to sit the kid down with the principal and his parents and explain how that kind of behavior is inappropriate instead of charging him with a crime? Being only 10 years old, I thought he is incapable of making adult decisions.
When my daughter was 7, we were at the store and I noticed when we got home that she took some candy without paying for it. Her mother and I explained how that was wrong then took her back to the store where we made her apologize, then I paid for it. I certainly did not insist shoplifting charges should be brought against her. She received some pretty harsh punishment when we got home and she never stole from a store again.
This country is insane to charge children with crimes because they don’t understand how their actions affect others. A 10 year old cannot consent to sex, and rightfully so, but can be charged with a sex crime?
If charges are filed and the prosecutor goes forward, I’m going to lose my $h•t.

I remember when I was in elementary school about 50 years ago when this boy on the playground grabbed a girl’s crotch. The principal took him into his office where his parents and the girl’s parents were called in. I don’t know what was said between them, but I remember the boy was suspended for 3 days. No charges were filed. When he came back to school, he went to detention for a week instead of going outside to recess. In high school he became one of the best students, graduating with honors and was the most respectful guys you would want to know, so obviously his parents did something right.

Clearly this 10 year old child is a hard-core offender , he most likely tricked the poor women into doing a side ways hug ! we better give him life , SO EVERYONE IS SAFE!, no but really this lady needs to be fired and a deep background check ran on her and see if she has connections with victim advocate that might get in the way of working with children , or even maybe an unknown agenda , just the fact she is willing full PFR on this 10 year old to me shows something is very strange about her when it comes it working with kids in a school setting , everyone handling this needs their head examined and look for jobs that requires ZERO LOVE , for these people are cold in spirit , this women should connect with the loving God and beg forgiveness .

  1. Of course it’s Florida.
  2. He’s 10.

Guess if your a millionaire you can grab them by the crotch. I think the comparison is a bit different from a presidential view. This black or white thing doesn’t sound right or whats equality today. The kid was out of line plain and simple. And yes ladies do get hysterical.

Child rearing is a challenge to say the least.

Civil Commitment!! …. for that school counselor!! 😲 😳 🤯 👍🏻

(Unbelievable! All of us PFRs know the extreme trauma these allegations and legal charges bring!! 😖😩😫 Unbelievable that any school counselor would subject a small child to this horrendous torment!)

What about the psychological damage done to this 10 year old child to be taken out in handcuff in front of administration, teachers, staff menders and his peers? Was his mental health taken into consideration of the trauma that he will endure over this allegation to be arrested? The law states we are innocent until proven guilty and we are to have due process. This child was tried and convicted on the statement of this counselor and the classroom teacher stated she did not the incident. The counselor was given immediate satisfaction but the student was not. Our school are design to meet the needs of the students. Were is the justice for this student? What are the policy and procedures stipulated by the Board of Education and the School Board for the students as well as the teachers when allegations are made?