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So I have a question regarding the ALI Model Penal Code.

In this article (the latest thing I have seen to date on it) it says that Tentative No.6 will be voted on by the council “This fall or winter”. Well, tomorrow is Spring. I would like to when I can begin using this in it’s permanency, to use in court, send to the gov, legislators, etc. if possible.

Here is the link –

I’m in Iowa and I know Tom Miller the AG was the president that fought over this a year or so ago, so I have no idea how this will push, but Iowa is a state that uses the code.

Thanks for any replies.

How collateral consequences from the sex offender initiatives bleed into other police state policies and sovereign domains.
Here’s a link to Lehtoslaw@Youtube: City looses immunity do to genius legal move by The Institute for justice.

The case involved:. Qualified immunity, eminent domain, kidnapping, property rights, property damage by SWAT, Hazmat repairs, and a ruling out of the 5th fed. Cir.TX.
Naturally the city is appealing as Steve Lehto reports.
Definitely worth the watch, an appropriate proof why sex offenders shouldn’t compartmentalize their issues away from those of the population in general. This case involves a completely innocent home owner.

Rec’d and accepted a job opportunity overseas. Starting on A few months but going over April 20th to house hunt and get an address to get stuff shipped to.
It’s been real but not fun. I decided not to wait to get off the registry. Since no family or friends to return to , I guess it doesn’t matter.
I did notice one thing though, The night I received the call was the best sleep I had in yrs! Literally like climbing out of a hole that you have been struggling to reach the surface and someone finally throws you a line.
I won’t say it like starting a new life. More like getting my old one handed back to me but with a better future.
My annual isn’t until July, so I won’t have to go through that crap anymore either. This really feels good!

Dunn: Start raising money to litigate against sex offender homeLocal leaders are also urging people to comment at the Sex Offender Policy Board meeting tonight, March 23.

“…The second is to pressure its owners financially, making it unfeasible to operate Garden House by tying up Rockwell and Minnich in costly investigations and organizing boycotts against the LRA and the owners’ other business ventures.”
so just tie them up in legal fees. Gee glad their so candid about it.

Keeping it Courteous and Civil…I must say, sorry for those who could NOT attend nor leave work or had funds avail to travel to SACramento for Legislature Training for Capitol Day.
It was THE BEST one I have ever ever been able to attend even with the weather issues!
It was great networking and people we have not seen since Pre-Covid and learned and engaged than ever before, even more than the L.A. Law College annual meetings! Which more work goes into, I am sure.
Hoping we all planted seeds into the Staffers minds to speak with their Assembly/Senator they work for, we even had the opportunity to speak to a Chief of Staff in a closed door session! Unbelievable.

Time for change, move others from Tier 3 to lower Tiers and work at hacking away the Reg!!!

THanks to Janice, and all her Staffers from our Family Safety Foundation Team of so many

beeworkers!Please forgive me as theire

What happened with the court ruling in Pennsylvania that the registry is unconstitutional? Or, am I imagining that?

The word sex offender is over rated. It has emotionally and physically ruined people lives for something that some could seek help for but others can’t. There are real sex offenders out there that do hurt children. I for one was a victim as a child that they dropped the case when I was a child. […] But to label someone out of curiosity and no real victim was involved and no current proof of it in the past is wrong. Yea there are pictures, which we all know some teenagers get on the internet and look that stuff up. If I had internet when I was younger I probably would do the same out of curiosity. Problem with stings they are putting warning signs out there for real criminals. Are they really catching the bad ones ?? In some ways yes but in other way no.. They for instance my son was on a site the friended him which should not be legal yes my son should of walked away why he didn’t no one person will know. Is he a actual criminal in that defense not really. He wasn’t seeking a underage person he was seeking for someone his age but that person was the only one that friended him and my son has a low self asteem, and no that isn’t a excuse, but he suffers from depression and anxiety and PTSD on top of that he really isn’t socially inclined, so the internet was his go to. He never comes out of his room and he has been like that since he was a kid. To get him to go somewhere and get him out of his comfort zone is impossible. He screwed up and he is trying to change that. He deleted all social media was seeking help before he lost his job because of this, he isn’t a predator he is confused. But now he is going to be punished.

Ohio laws are to extreme for sex offenders. I wish we had a support group like this here, someone to raise awareness on how unfair and unlawful these laws are. Ohio governor quote we are for the children, they are our future. We’ll there is such thing as parental block and any public place should have the same policy unless you can prove your age. My kids didn’t have internet growing up, we couldn’t offord it. I understand the world is going to technology and the schools in couraging it, but no one should have a Facebook snapchat Twitter so on so forth under the age 18. They should not be able to surf the internet for stuff other than school stuff. Parents are the problem if they can’t put a lock on their internet and phone if they don’t want pedophiles so called creeping on their kids. And the kids these days are more uncontrollable from when i was raised. Just saying. I’m mad I’m very mad all this could of been prevented on the Parents side. Why doesn’t someone raise that as a Awareness. My son life is ruined because of a cop thinking he was going to catch someone breaking the law because he was lonely depressed and so on. Like I said I was a victim as a child and I’m not a hater, I believe everyone can change. And as someone commented on here about knowing what a sex offender was till he got in trouble, same goes for me. I didn’t have a clue.

Ohio laws for sex offenders are harsh. The governor once said we are for the children, they are our future. We’ll let’s go back to the parents. Children now days get away with alot. I feel that the parents should put a parental lock on all their children’s devices. Public devices like libraries as well should be on a parental lock as well until you can show proof ( a ID of some sort). If they are so worried about pedos so called stalking interacting with their children. To make the world a safer place for children. Yes the world is using more technology and the school are helping in this case. Well no child under the age 18 should have a facebook Twitter snapchat so on so forth. They should not be able to surf the internet unless it is for school. Maybe someone should bring up this awareness. No child under the age 18 should be on a chat room or dating site. There should be a lock as well for them. The police should not be able to sit on a site to seek sex offenders, they should be out earning their money as some of us do. As I said before I was a victim but I’m not a hater. I believe in changing and chance. What they are putting my son through is wrong, what they are charging him with is wrong. I wish there was support in ohio like this.. everyone here think everyone in guilty no matter what.

So, I signed up for the bound to fail app that is Clapper, and I found this:

If this isn’t enough proof that the registry also affects families of the registrants, idk what is. This woman was just trying to sell shoes. Were they dirty shoes no one would want? Yes, but why was her husband’s status brought into this at all? That’s why I got rid of FB altogether. Just people parading around who cares more about children while literally doing absolutely nothing whenever there is a school shooting.

If they think they have to register a sex offender why don’t drug dealer attempt of murders and others don’t have to register in a class are they not a threat to people? Just because they served Tim doesn’t mean they won’t go back and try again. They should look at the fact of who is more of a threat on registries, who will or won’t do it again. No tiers just the most likely to, and not someone who feels everyone should be punished to make the decisions. Like I said my son was not looking but they still got him, he sent one bad picture and when they said they never seen that before he did keep sending it. He never mentioned having sex with them, but they asked him to meet them at a park with food because they were hungry. Today the lawyer and state attorney are having a meeting. So far they want to hit him with a tier 2 and 25 yrs registery and don’t know what else.

Maybe someone here has dealt with this. I’m 70 been caretaker for a property for 21 years, do it all and do it well. A tenant moved out of their house and the landlady mentioned it to someone at her AA meetings and a roofer is scheduled to move in in days, part of the deal is they will redo the insides.

I am hostile already without having met the person, I am imagining the beginning of a campaign to usurp me, this may all be in my imagination. But as a registrant “Just because your paranoid doesnt mean they are not out to get you”
When I was younger I could put up a bad dog front but I don’t have that now, The moment approaches where my landlady will introduce us, How do I respond? They will know I am a registrant.

Do they have any right to grill me as to ascertain my threat level? I am afraid I will go ballistic should that happen.

What would be the fewest words to civilly meet a new tenant?

I need some conversation and here is all I have.

This is messing with me so hard I had to go to decaff.

Last edited 2 months ago by Dram

I have a question! So my son has to register as a teir 2 for a sting operation, can he appeal after so many years or is that not true? I’m very upset about all this. It is killing me. Idk what to do. He isn’t a bad person, he screwed up like a lot of people do and get punished for insane things.

So I did my verification in Michigan this afternoon and the Sargent told me this was the last $50 annual extortion fee I’ll have to pay.
Now if our current lawsuit will get me removed from the hit list I’ll really have something to celebrate.

Action Alert for fellow IL residents. I received the below email from Adele Nicholas at IL Voices. Please review the bill and if possible, click the link to find your legislator and voice your support of this bill. There is a prepared email for convenience, but you can add your own commentary if you prefer. Please take action. Thank you!

We have a great opportunity to support legislation that would improve the lives of registrants and their loved ones, and we urgently need everyone’s help!

Our colleagues at the Chicago 400 have been hard at work on a bill that, if passed, would make the following changes to our harmful and wasteful registration and residency laws:

  • reduce residential banishment zones to 250 feet;
  • remove home daycares from the list of zones around which banishment zones are imposed;
  • grandfather in existing residences so you can’t be kicked out of your home if someone establishes a new daycare near you;
  • allow waiver of the registration fee for those who can’t pay;
  • lower the penalties for failure to register. 

Your state lawmakers need to hear from you! Please use this form to ask your legislators to support this bill.

Learn more about this important bill here.

Author Virginia Woolf died today in 1941: “To enjoy freedom we have to control ourselves.” It’s all too common to equate freedom with license. Let you all here in the forum ponder that…

Regarding Tiered Registration and Getting ones passport returned from the Feds?

Janice was successful, as she usually is, in filing my Petition and having me removed from Megan’s List. Now I’m trying to find the link to the feds to get my passport returned/reinstated to me.There are numerous links to the Fed on passport questions, but none dealing with the retrieval of your revoked passport. HAS ANYONE BEEN SUCCESSFUL IN HAVING THEIR PASSPORT RETURNED TO THEM, AND IF SO, HOW DID YOU GO ABOUT IT? If so, you can reply here or email me directly. Thanks..John

@Disgusted. I’m with ya. I pay with a crisp $50 bill, then flash some hundos, smiling while I do it. I have no employment listed and am retired. Usually they just take the bill. But there is, occasionally, that person who likes giving PFR’s a tough road. I KNOW that pi**es that person off. Attitude tries to give me s**t, but can’t. Glee always upsets them more than anything. Guess they believe we should never be happy. That being registered is a constant living hell and we should never smile. The army taught me how to do what you have to buy still have a good time. Seize the moments and lose the victim mentality. It’s a short walk. I learned to flip the switch on how I live. The list is out there. Google my name and SOR is the first thing that comes up. I guess since I’m retired I don’t have to be concerned with workers, bosses, clients finding out. Now it’s just neighbors. And most know. I try to be a good neighbor, with home improvement skills, and resolve all neighbor issues myself instead of calling Leo’s. I digress. Pay until I don’t have to, another couple years. I’m not giving them a reason to send me back.

My petition was denied because of FTR charges, even though I got a 1203.4 and 17b on them it wasn’t enough to secure my freedom, my new petition date is 06/30/2027.
It’s kool, took me a couple months to pick myself back up but I’m good now.
Everyone out there who’s stuck on the registry don’t give up, I know it’s Hell but you gotta keep your head up and prison is not an option, do whatever it takes to make sure your happy don’t let them banish and isolate you from society.