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Michigan Dems push heavy fines and prison for making people FEEL uncomfortable, with proposed bill

“The amendment defines the words intimidate or harass as a ‘willful course of conduct, involving repeated or continuing harassment of another individual that would cause a reasonable individual to feel terrorized, frightened, intimidated, threatened, harassed, or molested,’”

“Someone convicted under the law could be sentenced to up to five years in prison and fined up to $10,000. Either that or they could be granted an alternative sentence.”

So somebody makes a statement we should kill all sex offenders I know, I feel scared.  When politicians pass laws that have no purpose, but to punish I feel harassed. I look forward to having most of Michigan locked up for the terrorizing  damage they inflict upon us daily. But, no we’re not a protected class. If anything they will look towards the registry and claim they don’t “FEEL” safe and sue us for damages.

I had a family member check the website for me and as of today, I still have no tier assigned. I know it’s way past the deadline and I’ve been doing this crap for almost 27 years and I’d like to try to get off. Any advice would be appreciated.

I recently Googled my name and found that I’m now at the top of the search again as there is a new(er) site that lists offenders. I was a part of a Dateline sting and the website is a To Catch a Predator Fandom site. My conviction was 2008, but now it feels fresh all over again. When the time comes, anyone know if will I be able to have this removed, much in the same way as Homefacts, etc. ?

” So statistically and via John Walsh, we know when a child goes missing or murdered it is most likely a family member, close friend, someone regularly around the house or area.” Meghan Walsh’s twitter from June 20th.

we know when a sex crime occurs with a child it is most likely a family member, close friend and someone the child already knows. Why can’t John Walsh admit that or anyone who spews the bs.
behind paywall

but a Michigan man tried to use habeas petition but they rule registry is collateral damage

It’s the end of the SCOTUS work year, so opinions will be rolling out en masse. This one is either interesting or just worrisome for PFRs:

 U.S. Supreme Court, in case out of Colorado, issues ruling making it tougher to convict someone who makes a threat (AP via Colorado Sun, 27 Jun 2023)
Justice Elena Kagan wrote for a majority of the court that prosecutors have to show that “the defendant had some subjective understanding of the threatening nature of his statements”  

Rand Paul asked Christopher Wray a great question in a committee meeting recently. It involves the FBI and agents getting Social media account user info without warrants.
The FBI head had an “I don’t know.” answer. As covered by Forbes
Rand Paul leaves Wray speechless.
My take is, it is certainly possible FBI agents used threats or coercion like ” obstructing” or ” interference ” of an investigation, to get whichever firm or individual to fold to clear violations of the 4th and 14th. They’ve done it to me @Smith baby kidnapped (2011).

City Council discusses the ‘homeless problem’ in Athens

seems McGuire v. Strange (11th circuit) mentioned a surging registrant population impacted by the registry but yet some how ex post facto punishment passes constitutional muster in decision.

came across this book review about the “lie” detector.
“has been useful in solving many crimes but is – to this day – generally not accepted as admissible evidence in court due to questions about its reliability.”
“In the modern world, countless polygraph tests are conducted yearly in the U.S. for a variety of purposes. In the UK, the polygraph is used – for example – to help determine whether sex offenders have breached their parole conditions.”

So, it won’t hold up in court proven unreliable but it’s a catch-22 to getting violated by your treatment provider. Nothing but a money making scheme to extort us for more money under the guise of safety just as meaningless and unreliable as the registry.

I need to go to Florida , for about a week. I am off the regerstory in CAlifornia ,
Is this an issue , Can going to Florida , trigger a new registory deal

I am now 72 yo and I have been on the registry in California for almost 10 years and I just found out that I am on Tier 3 ,This was my only crime ever and my Victim was 30 yo woman , I also have a good “Static results.” Can I appeal this level? Should I get a lawyer to do it ? Has anyone else here had a sucessful reduction in Tier level ? I live in Ventura County do they cut you any slack ? Lastly does anyone here know any Good Lawyers in Ventura County that could help me out?
I would love to hear anyone elses experience with this issue !

Godspeed to all of my fellow Registered Citizen here !

303 Creative LLC v. Elenis (21-476)

Government can’t force someone to say something that they don’t want to say!

These cases illustrate that the First Amendment protects an individual’s right to speak his mind regardless of whether the government considers his speech sensible and well intentioned or deeply “misguided,” Hurley, 515 U. S., at 574, and likely to cause “anguish” or “incalculable grief,” Snyder v. Phelps, 562 U. S. 443, 456. Generally, too, the government may not compel a person to speak its own preferred messages. See Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School Dist., 393 U. S. 503, 505. Pp. 6–9. (b)

🤔. The web designer case ruled upon this week by SCOTUS is quite entertaining. Apparently, the web designer herself has never actually created a wedding website. And the party suing her never actually requested a website.
Does no one at SCOTUS have enough common sense to do a bit of research before they grant cert to a case??
What the Hell are their law clerks for??
And why was it the news media that had to investigate and reveal this information instead of the lower courts??
JFC, is everyone in the court system sleeping on the job?? 😠🤯