El Dorado County bans sex offenders from public parks

February 8, 2012: The El Dorado County Board of Supervisors gave initial approval Tuesday to a law that will make it a crime for registered sex offenders to frequent public parks.

Full Article  –  County Ordinance

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While Orange County seems to get all the press, this El Dorado County ordinance is so restrictive and broad that it is beyond imagination how this can be viewed as not being punitive and, as such, unconstitutional. Not that the OC ordinance isn’t…

Joe is right. The ordinance in El Dorado County is even worse than the ordinance in Orange County. We are focusing on Orange County right now because the first anniversary of their ordinance is a few days away…May 5. We will then turn our attention to El Dorado County. One reason that ordinance is worse is that it included a library ban. The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals recently decided that a similar ban in the City of Albuquerque was unconstitutional in that it violated the First Amendment. Hope the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals agrees.

Oh, God–I can’t believe it. El Dorado County was my beloved home for many years. I’m heartbroken. Now I will never go back. This has got to stop!!!! Do we even have a chance????