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CaliforniaGeneral News

Carlos Bustamante Pleads Not Guilty to Sex Assault Charges

SANTA ANA, Calif. (KTLA) — Santa Ana City Councilman Carlos Bustamante pleaded not guilty on Thursday to sexual assault charges involving multiple former female co-workers.

Bustamante, 47, a married father of three, is currently free on $100,000 bail. A pre-trial hearing date has been scheduled for Aug. 30. He is charged with more than 12 felonies in connection with the alleged sexual assault of seven women while he was the director of Orange County Public Works. Full Article

For more background on this story, see here.

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Although this man voted to ban sex offenders from parks, lets not lose site of the fact that the registry is is tough to live with. I would not wish it upon anyone. Although he is facing 12 counts, chances are, since he got caught, he learned his lesson and has a low chance of doing it again. One thing we shouldn’t do is scoop to his level out of spite and revenge.

Great words of wisdom Kraigg…he also will need the support and maybe work on these other knife throwers….

@Kraigg – if you are on “the list” and you really feel this way you truly have a big heart. Bigger than most, probably. Bigger than mine, for sure.

Yes, I am a registrant. I believe I have the right to be angry, but my body does not have pockets big enough to hold a grudge. As Pedro stated, this man will need support, not a lifetime of public humiliation. I feel that for every person added to “the list” the more it encourages the legislature and local governments to continue their nonsense.
Mr. Bustamante is just one more example of why lawmakers should take action to prevent sex crimes from even happening in the first place, rather than making life harder for those who have already paid their debt to society.

I have no sympathy for him.. He was committing the crimes in the dark, and passed laws in the light.. I hope since he was a public figure he suffers the full ramifications of the list… and at night he wishes he could turn back time and rethink on all that paperwork he signed off on..