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CaliforniaGeneral News

Santa Ana councilman faces sex assault charges

A Santa Ana city councilman abused his power as a high-ranking county official by targeting and luring at least seven female employees to his office and other locations to hug, kiss and touch them inappropriately over a period of eight years, prosecutors said Tuesday.  Carlos Bustamante, a former administration manager at the Orange County public works department, has been charged with a dozen felonies, including attempted sexual battery, stalking, fraud and six counts of false imprisonment.

“Each of the victims was afraid that, if they reported the sexual assault, they would be committing career suicide,” said Orange County Dist. Atty. Tony Rackauckas.   Full Article

Admin Note: Carlos Bustamante was one the Santa Ana Councilmembers who just a few weeks ago approved a presence and perimeter ban of RSOs in parks, libraries, museums etc in the City of Santa Ana. California RSOL spoke in opposition to the ordinance (Video

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It is particularly poignant that Bustamente has been charged with sexual assault. He is one 1 of 5 members of the Santa Ana City council that recently passed a law unanimously to prohibit anyone convicted of a sex-related offense from entering a city park, playground, public library, etc. If he is convicted of these offenses, he will learn from the “other side” what it is like to have his constitutional rights denied. Just like more than 750,000 individuals who are already affected by this law. The saddest part is that the law does not increase public safety because it is based upon myths. The facts are (1) most children are sexually assaulted by someone they know such as a family member, teacher, coach or clergy members, (2) most sexual assaults of children occur in private places such as homes not in parks, and (3) the recidivism rate for sex offenders is extremely low, only 5.3 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

intresting, anything goes around, it comes around….!