NY: Oswego passes law prohibiting sex offenders from driving taxis

OSWEGO — Amy Warner is a mom who says she’ll sleep easier after the city of Oswego voted unanmiously to pass a law which prohibits sex offenders from driving taxi cabs. “Having young kids who aren’t always making the best choices, I don’t think it’s a good idea putting them in any unnecessary danger,” says Warner.

Prior to the vote, Jeremy Zielisnki called the law a form of discrimination. “If a person is going to be denied employment it should be based on a rational decision and factual information. It shouldn’t be based on fear and prejudice and myths,” says Zielinski. Full Article

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This is honestly a bit of a disturbing law! I really don’t think a lot of people realize the true implications it can have? First, I have no doubt that it will be contested in court and those who contest it will prevail! First, do you have any idea what type of people are driving cabs anyways? Seriously. We have MD’s who have been arrested for Murder and Convicted of Manslaughter (in this case/his wife) still practicing medicine? The bottom line is that if someone is going to break the law, no existing law will prevent this? This is clearly disturbing