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How to Commit Internet Suicide and Disappear from the Web Forever

Note: while this is obviously does not work on all web sites, it might be of use to some extent.

Sick of horribly embarrassing things showing up when potential employers Google your name? Tired of everyone knowing you live in a garden level dungeon apartment? Perhaps you just don’t like the fact the internet makes you easy to find. Thankfully, it’s not that hard to delete yourself entirely. Here’s how to do it.

For mildly famous (or infamous) individuals, disappearing is essentially impossible, but for the average person it’s surprisingly easy. It just depends on much info is already out there. Full Article

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How does being an rso affect a truck driver who lives and is registered in another state delivering in California.

If you are NOT on active community control ie – probation. You should not have to check in with the police while visiting a state when that reason for the visit is doing your job. You are NOT changing residence, you are simply there for work. Typically if you are ON any sort of probation you can not leave the state you are being monitored in (what probation is all about) without getting consent from the monitoring authority.

I’m Thinking if You are not on paper eg;Parole,,You can check with the CHP & DOT for the laws regarding such movement. However I do know that for Me to go visit Vegas from Cali. I HAVE TO Check in & register in NEVADA @ the first police station I see! Or Your in violation of some Nevada law,. It only takes a minute usually just a 1 page prints & photo How long are You going to be there etc. If Your just truckin’thru? No Prob as long as Your Legit with every thing I think it would be good to do thru each state as You enter just to play it safe!;) hope I helped!

@ Bruce F … Thank you for the information regarding Las Vegas. Had no idea!!! Being from Southern California visiting Las Vegas for the week-end happens now & then. I thought I’d look up what you wrote and this is what I found.

First sentence is from an article in 2007 (not sure what has changed, if anything since then). The second, I found on Washoe County’s website, I assume that is current and correct. All I can say is thank goodness it’s up to 48-hours. Most folks from SoCal arrive sometime late Friday afternoon/night and leave sometime late afternoon/early evening on Sunday and head back home (within the 48-hour window or just about there). Just wanted to share this information with those that it would affect …

“Sex offenders visiting Nevada must register with law enforcement if they are here for more than 48 hours.”

“Under Nevada Revised Statute 179D, a convicted person who remains in the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office jurisdiction for a period of more than 48 hours is required to register with the Sheriff’s Office.” (I don’t believe Las Vegas is in Washoe County, I believe it’s in Clark County and I couldn’t find anything specific on that county, but I’m sure it’s gotta be the same).

Would the following apply? Seems to apply to regular offenders also. From way back when. If memory serves, the CA Registry was started to keep Gangsters on the other side of the desert….

Nevada Revised Statutes

NRS 179D.460 Registration with local law enforcement agency within 48 hours; duties of offender or sex offender and procedure; local law enforcement agency to inform offender or sex offender of duties after registration; duties of local law enforcement agency when notified of certain information about offender or sex offender who enrolls in or works at institution of higher education.

1. In addition to any other registration that is required pursuant to NRS 179D.450, each offender or sex offender who, after July 1, 1956, is or has been convicted of a crime against a child or a sexual offense shall register with a local law enforcement agency pursuant to the provisions of this section.

2. Except as otherwise provided in subsection 3, if the offender or sex offender resides or is present for 48 hours or more within:

(a) A county; or

(b) An incorporated city that does not have a city police department,

Ê the offender or sex offender shall be deemed a resident offender or sex offender and shall register with the sheriff’s office of the county or, if the county or the city is within the jurisdiction of a metropolitan police department, the metropolitan police department, not later than 48 hours after arriving or establishing a residence within the county or the city.

3. If the offender or sex offender resides or is present for 48 hours or more within an incorporated city that has a city police department, the offender or sex offender shall be deemed a resident offender or sex offender and shall register with the city police department not later than 48 hours after arriving or establishing a residence within the city.

Well, I can tell you that I am not on probation and have been for the past 12 years. I never had nor would I bother to research a state’s law about sex offenders. If I am going to Las Vegas for a week I go to Vegas for a week. I do not inform anyone. I am not moving there I am renting a hotel there. I have my residence which is an apartment in California.

Similarly, if I am going to Hawaii for a week or two I do not research the laws in that state. I go and have a great time.

I do my duty which is to show up a few days prior to my birthday to say “hello, nothing has changed” and then they say, “OK, see you next year”. Simple as that.

Then Again thats why I said check with the HP & DOT in each state traveled PRIOR to going there There May be some State ordinances I don’t Know About that would maybe affect Your rout.

I would like to state that this article is completely useless for a Register Sex Offender.

It is impossible to control information posted about you on a government online registry. Your information will remain online despite anything you do and there is no way to remove it.

So follow every step on the list and you will only limit your online access and experience but you most certainly will NOT disappear from the web forever!

It is NOT Social Suicide you are committing…it was Social Murder that was done to you when you were given the designation of being a RSO!

@tired of hiding … But … What if! You went to another state, the same way as visiting another county in California, and THEY have laws that are different than California? You know as well as anyone else … One law has nothing to do with the other. You would be violating THEIR laws … And you CHOSE to go there. I’m not saying any of this is right, but these are the facts. It’s all so scary … Thank goodness we’ve never been anywhere longer than a weekend.

Let me be more clear about this – I DON’T CARE. I am not going to research what some other states laws are when I am not moving there or residing there. I have better things to do than try to find that online…then boil it all down into different counties and then cities…etc. NO…these people can’t even figure out their own laws half the time!

As I said, I am not going to worry about anything beyond my yearly duty…nothing more! Nada

I am going to enjoy my life and travel when and where I want as I have always done.

I have been off probation for 10 years and traveled to most US states and several times to Canada. I agree with “Tired of Hiding” and have operated the same way but it is just a matter of luck every time if an RSO doesn’t get snared for something. Any contact with law enforcement could open the can of worms. I am always detained when re-entering the US from any other country. I have to carry computers and cameras that they search exhaustively.

I was unaware until recently that Canada doesn’t allow felons in unless they submit an APPLICATION FOR CRIMINAL REHABILITATION: (www.cic.gc.ca_english_pdf_kits_forms_IMM1444E).

I must travel there in the near future for work and since I haven’t been “Flagged” in the past, I’m loathe to alert Canadian authorities by filing paperwork. It is a crap shoot that could go extremely bad either way. Any advice?

I filed a form with the DHS/Border Patrol called a Traveler’s Redress form that will give me some magical number and may (MAY!) speed up my re-entry at the US/Mexico border. Thus far, the response has been favorable, but then I’ve yet to see flying pigs. I just tell them as I walk across the border that I’ll have to go to secondary and on one occasion the Border Patrol agent took offense to me telling him his job. He let me go through! If I travel to Canada, ever…I’ll just go and take my chances.

I hired an immigration law firm to help me get into Canada to live and work. 18 months and several thousand dollars later my Crim Rehab application was denied for completely arbitrary reasons. Not very encouraging, but I thought I’d share my expereince. I have not tried to travel to Canada for work or pleasure before or since.

To further enhance my limited privacy I have sent requests to people search websites/services for “immediate and permanent” removal from their databases. FYI, here is a common list of where one’s information might be found:
People Smart, Intelius; Private Eye; USA People Search; People Lookup; People Finders; Acxiom; Archives; Instant Checkmate; US Search; RapLeaf; Epsilon and Been Verified. Each of these has an Opt-out procedure which takes 1-2 weeks. This is well worth the letter writing and postage. Hopefully I will only appear on one website, and maybe temporarily.

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