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California RSOL Challenge Featured on National TV Show [updated with show]

California RSOL and its recent legal challenge to the Halloween ordinance in the City of Orange that required registered citizens to post a sign in front of their residences will be discussed on “The Doctors”, a national TV show, on September 30 on CBS. The discussion is a 5-minute segment that includes “the doctors”, a mother from the City of Orange and CA RSOL president Janice Bellucci,

“This is an important opportunity to educate the public on one way in which the civil rights of registered citizens have been violated,” stated Bellucci. “I am honored to have represented the organization, all registered citizens and their loved ones.”

The Halloween ordinance in the City of Orange was challenged in a federal lawsuit filed in federal district court on September 18. The Orange City Council unanimously voted to repeal the ordinance on September 24. City Attorney Wayne Winthers stated in a letter dated September 24, that the City of Orange will mail letters to registered citizens who reside there informing them that the city’s requirement to post a sign in front of their residence on Halloween was repealed and will not be enforced this year, the sign requirement was enforced for three years starting in 2010.

Video on The Doctors Web Site

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“Knock ’em dead,” Ms. Bellucci! You’re the tops!!

Exactly…any and all publicity that challenges injustice is good publicity…… hit another HomeRun Jannice Bellucci CARSOL.

This is fantastic!

Thank You Mam,!

Lest anyone is confused by Dr. Ross’s qualifications and motivations: (M.D., Ph.D, Sexologist)

Wow – thank you for posting that. I can’t believe anyone other than the people home on public assistance as a lifestyle choice actually watch that crap and put an ounce of credibility into anything anyone on that show has to say about anything, least not the esteemed “sexologist”.
I should not impugn her qualifications. I am sure Miss Cleo, I mean Dr. Rachel, has the finest medical degree available on the Internet.
I also find this ODD as well

They’re Usually People You Know & Trust: How Child Predators Make Their Move

Dr Ross and her statement that pedofiles relapse rate is over 50% where is her info coming from?

Even if what she said were true – about the 50% – she is giving the impression to the viewers that all sex offenders are pedophiles. Not even all sex offenders who victimize children are pedophiles. So again, another person (sadly an educated person) condoning punishing the many for the possible actions of the few.

Yea I like how Janice was cut short”That’s Hollywood fer Yah”Spin, Spin, Spin Your Evil Lyin’ Toxic Webs & the Sexologist needs to go back to school! & get reBraiwashed

Any time we appear in media, there is a chance the message will be distorted. Because I am an optimist, I prefer to focus upon the fact that both the “sexologist” and the pediatrician agree that the Halloween signs are not needed. In order to make change happen, we need to engage in evolution (of people’s thinking) rather than revolution. A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. I am grateful that we had this opportunity to educate the public about Halloween signs. There will be additional opportunities in the future to continue the public’s education on other… Read more »

Yes….the fact of Ms. BELLUCCI being there get the message out to fellow citizens and to those who propose un-Constitutional laws and ordinance … the dignity of a person will rise to challenge injustice…. any publicity is good publicity …good going Ms. BELLUCCI.

The “media” in this instance is a deeply suspect mass-market machine (hint #1: daytime talk format with a predominately female audience [sorry, but it’s true]) one can absolutely count on to load the dice against us. The “sexologist” is clearly, scientifically, way out of her depth and is intent on cultivating an ongoing media whore gig (but she doesn’t quite have what it takes) and who can be absolutely counted upon to parrot the most baseless, brain-dead cultural assertions just as the hooting self-righteous mothers who make up the audience can be counted upon to jeer on cue. Congratulations on… Read more »

Mighty revealing when Dr. Ross said Halloween is a “sexy holiday”. I remember the holiday once as a day to honor the souls of the dead, later as a day for kids and their parents to bond and have fun and meet neighbors. Now it a time for society to sexualize children? No wonder their thinking is so screwed up. No wonder they are afraid. They are afraid of themselves and projecting that fear on us. By the way, if some still believe the day is to honor the dead, shouldn’t they have the religious freedom to participate in the… Read more »

Riiiight… Halloween? Children? Sexy?

Sexologist, heal thyself!

I think referring to her as a “Doctor” is an insult to actual doctors. For starters, never refer to PhD.’s as “doctor”, even, or especially, when they are psychologists. In fact, always make a point of referring to them as “Ms.” or “Mr.” just to take them down a few notches. It is important to make a distinction between psychiatrists, who are actual doctors, and psychologists, who are, more often than not, on the pseudo-science end of the behavioral science spectrum.

The only caring, forgiving, and compassionate person concerned for rights for every citizen was the Lawyer Mother. The concerned Mother wants to put a sign on her door so her baby won’t be disturbed but she goes trick or treating in areas unknown to her? The sexologist sounds like she only thinks “sexy” and sex stating 50% are not treatable. There are so many on the registry that committed a “sex” crime years ago while they were very young and deserve a 2nd chance. I was raised by what today’s Society would label a sex offender but he took me… Read more »

“I’m a normal person not a sex offender”…there’s some intelligence for you.

A sexy holiday? That’s news to me! Since when is Halloween sexy?!!! I think this society’s over obsession with sex needs to be rolled back to a more realistic view. A good place to start would be to educate people like DR Ross so they can start quoting facts, rather than fiction.

Walmart is still trying to market this as a sexy holiday to little kids. Someone called them out on it though…

That’s funny! I guess that’s what we can expect from a third world sweat shop where they make lots of “Naughty” costumes for the season. I laughed even more at the sub-article buried in there about the naked haunted house. It makes me wonder if the Halloween sex offender laws are created to draw attention from (or compensate for) a moral majority’s bacchanalian holiday. Hmm… I wonder what became of the orange county prosecutor that was arrested for DUI last Halloween?

Prior to the ‘Doctors’ was or is a state employee? ??…who was the employer before..??…the ross comments spewed
deliberate deception …baseless agenda.

I don’t know what inspired you to stand up for us Ms. Bellucci, but I would like to meet whatever angel it was that inspired you to face such reckless ignorance. Halloween now, what’s next, keeping us from enjoying Christmas, Chanukah, buying Scout Cookies? You’re like a shield that slows the waves of insanity. Hopefully, we will all help you turn the tide. Peace to you.

I am honored to represent those who lack a public voice…more than 100,000 individuals in California……who bear the label “sex offender”. That is why I started this organization and that is why I continue to devote much of my time and effort to this good cause, that is, to restore the civil rights of registered citizens.


Not only are not all sex offenders NOT pedophiles, but even of those who consume c/p, for example, recent studies have shown that many of them are not pedophiles either. A researcher, by the name of Seto has demonstrated, that many c/p viewers are what are called “fantasy offenders,” who would never carry out any offense in reality, and it is only cyber reality, which draws them. Also, others are merely drawn because viewing this subject matter is a societal taboo, and that, rather than real interest in children, draw them. It is like the concept of the “thought police,”… Read more »

Unfortunately, this sexologist is one of the “crusaders” that controls the debate over child protection. Listening to her you get the drift she is not concerned about collateral damage. We are the infidels. The charge of a crusader is to fight the infidels. Nothing else matters. That is test. Not whether it is 1% or 50% that are infidels. We all are. Are you fighting the infidels or not? In turn you don’t need to fight these people. You only need to open people’s eyes to see that those aren’t monsters on the horizon, they are windmills. That is really… Read more »

Ha. My suggestion is………go trick or treating WITH your children.
shouldnt be a problem then. Take some *personal* responsibility for your children.
Go with them.
Ive really yet to see where Halloween was a *holiday* for a registered sex offender to offend yet again. geez-us Pete.
Operation Boo, and all that?? lol. what a joke

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