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CA RSOL Meeting in Fresno – March 22

California RSOL’s monthly meeting for March will take place in Fresno on March 22 at the Mennonite Hall, 5015 E. Olive Street, Fresno, CA 93727. It is scheduled from 10 am – 12 noon.

Registrants, family and friends, supporters and professionals are welcome to attend. Media and Government officials are not invited in order to ensure everyone’s privacy. We will discuss current topics, changes in the laws as well as pending litigation and advocacy strategies.

We hope to see you and yours on March 22 – Show up, Stand up, Speak up!

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Me too.

I am going to try like crazy to make it to this meeting. I need to pick up some papers for Paul at the court house so maybe can go to the meeting and then go over there.

Janice, I will be there. Please email an estimate for the trip expenses and I’ll see to it that they’re covered and not out of your pocket

It would be a good idea to record these sessions and make them available via podcasts. I certainly can not make it to the Fresno meeting and I attended the last meeting in Los Angeles. As a support network for my family member who is in San Diego with the 290 label, this is great information to pass on to him so he can defend himself from the stipulations set forth by the P.O. Knowledge is Power!


Hi Carlos;

Pod casts are a great idea! Your family member is indeed fortunate to have someone like you in his/her life. You are right, knowledge is power and the more your family member the better off they will be.

As the authorities and others chase phantom threats they neglect real dangers to society:

After parole or probation your family member will need to know this information below.

This one is good when it comes to “compliance checks; I think these checks more closely resemble police looking for people to harass and arrest.

Never let the “authorities” have access to your computer.

I’m working on something right now to bring podcasts together into a single online network. We already have it online and ready for DJ’s / podcasters to use. I need two more pieces of equipment and then i’m online with it. Please contact me for more information.

I live in OC and and to a battery wobbler 18-19 years ago and received summary probation. All charges dismissed and no issues prior or thereafter! Annually, the OC Sheriffs Dept does a location check (see if I live at the documented address). Normally, I’m not home. They have flashed their (undercover) badges at my parents, wife and now relatives visiting from out of town! Honestly, I’m not happy about it and I’m always very cordial with them. It’s upset my parents and wife! Any thoughts or ideas? I was going to say that I have a concern for my safety and families safety (people who harm sex offenders/or families) and is there anyway we can address this? Then, perhaps ask what they are doing to insure my safety ( in both a professional and serious manner)? Any thoughts?

Because you are not on probation or parole, the police do not have a right to enter your home without a search warrant. If they show up for any reason, you or any other person at the home who is not on probation or parole, can ignore them. This includes closing window shades, curtains, etc. and/or not answering the phone.


Have your wife, parents etc go over this information on police encounters. All of it is an easy read and the last one is a video that is a lecture featuring a law professor who is also a former criminal defense attorney and a police officer. The main theme of the video is “you don’t have to talk to the cops if you don’t want to.”

Knowledge is power!

It would be nice to start a Orange County local RSOL group. Janice and the RSOL Ca. team tried once but had last minute surprises that caused it not work out. I’m one person that would like very much to have a group local to OC. I even wrote my supervisor about it. No response of course he’s Supervisor Todd Spitzer former Deputy DA.

I’m wondering if a guy after 10 or 15 years gets dropped from their state’s registry and they move to California does California re-instate their requirement?

Thank you Janice! I had my charge expunged back in 2002 and received Summary Probation initially! I’m just upset they show up when I’m not home (flashing badges while my parents are watching my children/my wife who is in her car for work and now my neice!).

in the work each state must do to fight these laws. Don’t just complain; do something to change your situation!

Hi Janice you came to Bakersfield last time i didnt get to go but not sure what your trying to accomplish but it would be nicer if make a bill for all felony records should be wiped away after 7 years.

Janice, I have a really important question. I’m presently conviction free and never been on formal probation or parole. Anyways, I live in the Seal Beach area and in the process of doing a serious remodel on our home. In summary, we will probably end up moving out of our home for around 9 months. IN order to save money/the rehab is costing enough, we might stay at a relatives in Long Beach for a few days of the week, another relatives in Lakewood a few days of the week and another relatives in South OC on the weekends. In summary, these are 3-different locations (including my own/a 4th) on different days of the week. Furthermore, all 3 areas aren’t in my jurisdiction and each city has a different location to register? So, if I wanted to be formal, I would have to register in 4 different cities? Any ideas or thoughts? I have no idea what to do? Register as a transient?

@USA – I do not give legal advice on this website, however, I will do so by phone. Please submit your contact info via the feedback form on the Contact page on this website.

I would love to hear the expert’s opinion but I am going to say yes, you must register in all places. It all hinges on the two words “regularly” and “reside”. Both of those are extremely vague and really not defined at all. They have nothing to do with any number of days or things like a rental agreement / lease. If push came to shove you can bet money on the state winning this argument.

If you register as a transient and it is found you are “regularly residing” in one or more location and those are not registered, same thing.

If I were you I would ship the family off to friends and relatives and bunker down in one room in the construction zone to sleep, heck, even a tent in the back yard. Or learn to live without the remodel.

Let us know what you find out. What I would really advise you is to (increase your) support CA RSOL as this is unbelievable treatment of an american citizen in the situation you describe.

I had two locations for a while with my kids living in Irvine and me living in Lake Forest. Check with your local law enforcement agency as I did. If you are residing part time out of your county ie. Orange County you can contact the OC sheriff’s dept. I told the Sheriff’s dept. and they listed the various locations in my file which in turn covered me. That being a county wide law enforcement agency was why I believed they handled it that way. Janice could guide you wisely on your situation.

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