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Well, This Could be the start of a positive IDK ?

BTW I found 9mm slugs in the drive way & I reged. the 17th & told them about it They asked if I reported it I said Yea Right they break stuff they shoot @ My moms house & From a long distance so I think it was 380 which is a 9mm short Anyway I said Oh so now You wanna add Rat to RSO & send cops to the house every time something happens making a scene & Nothing gets done Anyway besides sayin’ HERE I AM I’M A RAT & a SO? NO THANKS.! Cops ? No I will wait some day some idiot will go too far & I’ll Pin ’em Like a bug to a wall Indian Style! FTC

Hi Bruce;
I saw this on one of the lame stream media sites. I like this Judge, he is rocking the boat and calling the system to account for it’s draconian actions. I believe he is acting on the side of common sense. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I have been noticing more of this kind of thing lately. I hope the trend continues.

Me Too Q 😉 This is PSYOPS Big Time!

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Click wipe free space & MFT,,, NOT ENTIRE DRIVE & Just chill till its done. The MFT is HOW they bust You & set You up…Savvy?..It is a permanent history since ownership, so what if you bought a used PC & Guess What ,,,Uh Huh it’s already there Wipe & reformat ALL USED PC’S if possible if not then get CCleaner it is FREE from Piriform. com…God I hope people listen to Me….For there sake as well as all who WOULD be affected. Good Luck.

Whats up Moderator????? You Won’t post Very Important Info to keep People From bein’ set Up??? C-Cleaner Wipe MFT & Free Space what is so bad Who’s side are / IS this site On? Just askin’? IDK anymore I feel a lil Ostracized By The people Who Claim to Be Helping RSO’S & THEIR FAMILIES…Cheap Shot it WAS on topic & WAS CIVIL Yet You refuse to post it? What Kind of Operative are You?Just Askin’


ok Sorry, Moderator You Moved It,, Remove My Anger! I apologize & we need a better system to prevent Misunderstandings and dissension the ranks…Savvy? We Can Go Rogue & that is not beneficial to the cause.BTW a 99 cent Mylar potato chip Bag will Black out a cell Phone’s location and pinging bread crumb trail, Try it buy a bag of Chips empty it and put Yer Cell in it then have someone call you,,,,Your Cloaked until You pull it out of the bag.;-)I have more trick than a box of Cracker Jacks fer sure, Believe THAT!

2 words “Warrior Gene”+ 187 IQ not braggin’ But No Dummy Here and a really fast learner like a rattler fast

Fold the Bag around the Phone!DO NOT LEAVE AN OPEN ENDED BAG!

Dude… really???

YES REALLY! Dude!Try it!

Really What faster than a rattler or potato chip Mylar Bag? A Eagle can kill a rattler but only by droppin’ it on a cactus, However if it gets bit it will die with a full belly! Most likely before it even gets to eat it!…FAIL & That is the objective Right? I HAVE 18 thousandths of a reaction time according to the laser on @ Fomoso drag strip & time slips to prove it 1/4 mile in 10.88 seconds that is faster than a rattler! on a 03 YZFR 1000 R1 Stock 1/8th of a mile on 1 wheel with witnesses & time slips! go figure I’m A Savant So What….lol

18 thousandths of a second Reaction time sorry Im Typing faster than I can keep up lol.Drug Free.

YES THIS IS TRUE I HAVE SEEN THE PICTURES & TIME SLIPS, Been on His Bike & Spoke with the people he raced with In his condition at the time He should have a +9 ! & I think He May be a Savant That is what Many have said about him Besides Being Eccentric He also has OCD & Depression basically,,He’s “Nuckin Futts” But I Love Him & He is 1 of the kindest people you could meet but He also is not 1 to cross Wrongly. He’s not a dangerous person unless something attacks him or what he Loves,, Then He goes Defensive, Offensive Then all bet’s are off “Katie Bar The Door”!” We gonna Have us a donnybrook”. Other than that You Can believe what he says “He’s been doing it awhile now & I’ve been here watching Him do it. And Honestly as a breast cancer Patient It kills Me to watch him Go through it but he has saved My life more than once & Loved me through it all & Been There that is what matters to Me Not some like button That is just a Button, He Is a Man of Character, Loyalty & Brutal Honesty & Yes funny too. That’s Why I Love Him. With respect to You All, Cyndi

I have some disorder it’s called Hyper acuity & perception Werks fer Me Fer Now!

Oh Come on post it already it’s in GEN Comments! lol

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Hey I really don’t have to worry about much An “INVESTIGATOR” Bought the house across the street from Me can You say OPTICLE MIC.? Funny That or not? I don’t care maybe he will calm the gang bangers down. This street is crazy & this side of town period is off the Chains after Dark 1/2 the time.

However I do feel the effects of this vid. Now You Know The Truth Do You Feel IT? I Have, Watch This!!!!!

Me Too, But I assume the worst & do what I can Here because I don’t have e mails or phone #’s of every one that I could talk to & actually discuss things much less meet. They Keep us this way We get Chutes & ladders Blocked connections no communication only through ” FORUMS” To Be Monitored!!! So, You can guess the rest but as for deception Here? That is NOT My game. “Freedom ,,,However, IS”! I can only speak for My self, I have not seen it on this site though. Brutal Honesty & a Whole Lot of Upset people but not Major Deception or direct attacks I had someone accuse me of misinfo awhile back but it wasn’t it was a mistake on My part in not actually getting 1 small thing correct so 3 outta 4 ain’t bad lol I just apologize & go on,,”Now I Really put things to the test before I broadcast ,,,Savvy?”

And if it doesn’t exist I don’t bother tellin’ Us about it. That simple, If It does exist I tell You For Preparation & for safety. How You Prepare is up to You But I never Condone Violence or Breakin’ The Law. However I did ask An Officer when they came for a compliance check, “Excuse Me Officer, Which law applies when someone tries to Kill You”? He just stared @ Me Quizzically fer a second shook his head looked @ his shoes, looked back up smiled and walked away. I said Wow & walked back inside. Answer?..IDK!

I Had a Psychologist tell me along time ago,”In Yer position in life,If yer not Paranoid Yer not Payin’ Attention”! That was Another “Wow” Moment! So go figure Again, Answer? With the Tech. These Days Nothing lasts long & is Updated constantly changing every second every day Nothing is 100% Except Change!!!

I often wonder when I read articles like this
and wonder why the police having problems identifying the assaulter, we massed a super database of every known sex offender… couldn’t they just sit the victim in front of a computer and pull up every sex offender on there and then have them pick who she thinks it is and confirm with on file DNA… oh yeah, thats right, its only for sex offenders on the database, not the ones running loose everywhere and not on the database..

EVERYONE. This is a link to a you tube page where a young boy/man is talking about committing suicide because the registry has ruined his life and he is feeling hopeless. HE NEEDS SUPPORT! Get over there and stand together. The last thing we need is another statistic added to our ranks. Here is what I wrote to him.

Brian, I know exactly how you feel. I have also had my life stolen from me through these unjust laws and I thought suicide might be a solution at one time. I thought about it allot and now I’m glad I didn’t follow through. I don’t know what state you are in, but I’m here to tell you that there are many groups that offer support, and need support from people just like you. Your presence would be enough. In your response to Andrew Nicholson you say you have tried everything you know how to do. I say you should try doing something you don’t know how to do and something I think you may not have tried. You can start here

and then look for a chapter in your state and go to the meetings if you can. If you cant you will at least have people to talk to that are in your situation on their web site. Here is another site where there are even more people on the registry

Brian, you need to watch these videos so you can see all the people out there trying to change things.

You do have many friends out there you haven’t met yet. And one more thing. There are now thousands of people; young people like you in the same situation. I think if you asked for a little help perhaps you can start a young peoples group or website and stand up and be heard. You can make a difference. I’ll check back in case you have any questions or just need to talk. Take it easy bro. Hope to see you around in the forums and on YouTube.

Here is the link. Sorry. I’m feeling a sense of urgency.

On It,,Everybody Now,This Kid is reachin Out If You read this thread & don’t say somethin +tive It’s not right!

Did what I can & More ifin’ they let Me!

G’nite All Let’s pray! all 4 1 1 for all!

Bruce, is not kidding when he said fast & He’s Not Lying about the Mylar silver potato chip Bag He Also is not Lying or misleading in any of His statements I Know I’m His GF So all those -1 & -3 likes mean nothing other than You don’t like what he says. He is a bit eccentric but He is not BS’n You I have seen Him in action & Known him since Before 1996 & He is Not Joking & He is no Joke He stopped a Vigilante with a sword in a dark garage with NV & No He did not hurt him but He made it Known Do Not come back, Since…… We have not had any direct problems,, indirect Yes. But Nothing too major.
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