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There have been many comments / stories on recent travel to Mexico. This post is dedicated to Travel to Mexico. Some Mexico specific comments  have been moved here for further discussion.

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Sharing More Information Will Enable Federal Agencies to Improve Notifications of Sex Offenders’ International Travel – United States Government Accountability Office, February 2013 (Highlights)

International Tracking of Sex Offenders Working Group – An interim report of the collaborative effort to develop a system for tracking registered sex offenders as they depart and enter the United States, as required by 42 U.S.C. 16928 (White Paper) – developed by representatives of the Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, Department of State, and Department of Defense offenders as they depart and enter the United States, as required by 42 U.S.C. §16928, December 2010

Current Situation Results in Thousands of Passports Issued to Registered Sex Offenders – United States Government Accountability Office, June 2010 (Highlights)

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I tried to visit my girlfriend in Acapulco on 12/19/2014 But theirs alert a new law to just come into effect nationwide to any American citizen that had or has criminal record that arrives at any Mexican destination back it automatically and I was denied entry.
And the document that I gave from the Court where says that I already served and is free only serves in the United States and doesn’t do for Mexico.

My charges:

Poss. promotion of child pornography(3 rd. degree felony)

I was given a 10 year probation with deferred adjudication on 12/12/2003

Than on all charges were dismissed.

Order dismissing proceeding and granting discharge from community supervision following deferred adjudication 12/12/2013 in the 29st jdc Dallas, Texas

Because of my original charge I’m not required for approval to travel international.
But I am required to report to the local Police Department time I travel internationally where will I plan to go days
When they do that It puts a red flag on my passport They also notify Interpol .

As you know this type of crimes get a lot of attention and social rejection, nonetheless I was acquitted, and want to enter the country to see my girlfriend.

I Need help getting Permission to visit Mexico

By Bob
Dated January 19, 2004 at 9:30 am

Is there anyway you can contact the author and ask him what country he is talking about?

I’m currently working with a Mexican immigration attorney about my denial entry to Mexico.

I was just refused entry into Mexico despite having been there at least a dozen times in the last 10 years. I found this site while trying to research what was going on. In 1998 I plead Alford to “possession of a visual depiction of a minor under the age of 16”, which at that time in my state was the lowest level felony and for which I received a couple years of probation. As it turns out, the girl was over 16 – and a stripper at a local strip club, but I’d already taken the plea once we found this out. I completed probation and haven’t been in any trouble at all since then.

I was very recently (2014) traveling with my family including my in-laws, my mom, my wife, and daughter. When the plane arrived and before anyone got off the plane, they announced over the speaker that I needed to get off the plane first. I was escorted off and taken to a room an interviewed by about 5 gentlemen – all taking notes. Three of them had camera phones. The lead guy (who was the only one that spoke) asked if I’d ever had trouble with the law. I told him that he must know that already or I wouldn’t be there. I told them of my conviction, that it was nearly two decades ago, and that there was no physical contact with the alleged victim. The lead guy wrote this all down and faxed it back to Mexico City. Within 10 minutes it was determined that I would not be allowed to stay in the country.

This was highly embarrassing. Here I have my in-laws and my mom. We spent about $15,000 just on hotel. They were all allowed to stay in the country, but I was put on the next plane back to the US 40 minutes later (which was the same plane I flew in on). In retrospect from what I’ve read elsewhere, I was very lucky I didn’t sit in the airport for days.

The one piece of information I can contribute to everyone is this… upon realizing I was there with my family, the lead immigration guy at my destination was very sympathetic. I feel that were it were up to him personally, I would have been able to stay. He told me that “the US State Department had contacted Mexico City and told them that I was coming” – Those are the exact words he used. He showed me the paper he received from his Mexico City office, but it was in spanish, so I couldn’t read it. There was one line that said something like “sexual” that he pointed at. I did not see a photo with it though these guys probably took 5 photos of me while I was there. These guys were very nice and professional and treated me well.

When I returned to the US, I went through US Customs and went through the usual extended screening BS that we all get to enjoy. The US Customs agent said that “in the past few months”, that this was happening every single day multiple times and that “something must be going on.”

I told my family to go ahead and enjoy the vacation since it was paid for but this sucks for me. If they came back with me, it would be even worse for me since I’d have the guilt of that on top of all the money lost. At first I thought this was politically motivated as punishment for being outspoken and donating to the wrong candidates, but reading this here, obviously there are other forces at work. I am going to look into other (legal) avenues to get permission to enter the country if possible. Again, I’ve been to Mexico a dozen times in the past decade – and I’d been to this particular city three times. I do feel that the US is trying to create a defacto prison from which we cannot escape.

I read somewhere else online today that there was a law signed by the president of Mexico December 3 barring all RSOs from entering the country but wasn’t able to find any other verification of that.

Sorry I don’t have more information to contribute.

As for the other posters suggestion to enter through Baja, I would not recommend doing this then traveling within the country as someone advised above. If Mexican authorities were to view this as a circumvention, they could conceivably keep you forever – and if you think the US State Department would lift a finger to help you, you’d be dreaming.

You can thank Dan Lungren for that.

Once again the USSA (not a typo) is playing big brother and world cop. I have a few years of probation left and I am hoping to leave this S@#%hole of a country even if I have to buy a boat and sail away.

I think it would be helpful if those posting their stories here – thank you for that – would include their state of residence and the registration rules they fall under. More specifically, were they required to provide 21-day advance notification for International Travel under SORNA and this sort of thing happened.

Since California has no advance travel notification requirement it would be interesting to see if there is difference in travel between AWA and non-AWA states.

Our own government is a war against us and has given us the designation as a threat to not only our country by forcing us to be on a list BUT is now telling foreign countries that we are a threat!

Our government is betraying us. Since they are declaring a war on us, taking away our ability to travel effectively makes us PRISONERS OF WAR!

It is our duty as American’s to fight this injustice. Our government no longer represents us but is a hostel entity who we must fight against for our very freedom that they continue to strip away bit by bit!

My 1992 felony offense was expunged over a year ago. I am officially “not guilty” of the crime, however I am still required to register in California. I am planning a trip to Cancun this August and am starting to get very nervous. I have visited many times in the past, but am concerned I may be turned away this time. Has anyone is this situation (conviction expunged) successfully visited Mexico since Jan 1st, 2014?

I have in the past traveled to Baja on cruise ships many time. I am from California and never had a problem. I hope this is not going to last.

It seems disgraceful that so many registrants have no information of their international rights to travel.
To read that registrants suffer needless shame and wasted finances due secret shenanigans by our own government is appalling.
Have these US citizens been lowered to a different strata of citizenship where justice and protection is no longer a benefit of our American heritage?
Even if this is so, what about humanity and empathy for the oppressed registrants and their families?
Shouldn’t all registrants be given as many tools to improve their lives as possible?
Clearly, one of the major tools freely available should be factual information.
To read here that registrants are grasping at straws for information from a secretive and punitive government is one of the most vile and deplorable things I’ve ever encountered.
Shame on our statesmen!

I badly wanted to see Mexico, since recently living in El Cajon/San Diego. I thought it’d be a nice way to get away for the day or so…

But no bueno until in absolutely know i can safely get into that country and come back without an issue, which i’m starting to think will never happen. As i see it, i may never experience what it’s like to leave the United States, because i won’t be allowed.

This group is being unconstitutionally discriminated against by all of these agencies. There is no equal protection of the law. It violates ex post facto punishment. It essentially forbids us from traveling without fear of unjust prosecution. When these actions are taken against this group of people years after their sentences are complete, it constitutes punishment.

If there is something we can do, let us coalesce on this issue since it is not only travel to Mexico, it is a complete undermining of our human rights. I have not researched this yet, but unless there is a method for each individual to be afforded a risk assessment, it is totally unconstitutional unless it applies to anyone who has ever been convicted of any felony. People such as drunk drivers – for example – can get drunk in another country and kill someone, thereby presenting “grave danger” and thus countries should be warned accordingly as per the intentions of the law.

I will contact JB this week to see if we can concentrate on this issue, and focus contributions to address this issue. This is so fundamentally wrong in so many aspects, it is critical that we address it in order to start tipping the balance in our favor or at least to begin to neutralize the effects of fear mongering that is not based on actual danger, only the inertia and rhetoric of these laws.

Sorry for the disconnected post but this is one of the most fundamental and profound crimes being committed against us under the color of law and if we
don’t address this, we may be subject to continued expansion and escalation of
these human rights abuses.

I’m currently working with a Mexican immigration attorney to help me gain entry to Mexico and here’s what you said about some of the post :

Well now we know. The goal is to get you off the Mexican exclusion list.
You have done a lot of valuable research which will make my job easier. Let me review my previous quotation and I will revise it downward to reflect the fact that it will take me less time to prepare for the legal actions necessary.



@ Jason and Tired;

I travel into Mexico at the San Ysidro crossing about 4-6 times a year. Driving into Mexico has never been a problem…yet. The Mexican side of the border there has been remodeled to look a lot like the American side, just on a much smaller scale, but with more automatic weapons. I’ve found everything in Rosarito to be fabulous, the people are gracious and they love American dollars! I’m there for only 2-3 days, then I come home, leaving at 4 a.m. to cross the border back into Amerika. I always go to secondary inspection/holding. When I’m with others, I’ll hop out and walk the border so they’re not waiting for me, then meet them on the other side. So far the border cops have been ok, routine search, no hassles. I carry the required paperwork with me, my current registration, release from probation and proper ID, including a Veteran’s ID card, for what it’s worth. I was also issued a Redress Control Number, but hasn’t made traveling home or crossing the border any easier. Walking into Mexico shouldn’t be a problem, catch a cab into Rosarito, better hotels, better streets than TJ and appears much safer. I’ve been going now for the past 4 years and little to no problems. Good luck if you choose to go.

This is an outrage and smacks of East Bloc tactics of yesteryear. Let alone a colossal waste of resources in a country that packs 40 kids into one classroom.

But! What possible law suit is there? American Citizens are NOT denied the right to travel. You get to leave the country just like anyone else. All the Government is doing is notifying Mexico. Of a public record. With an efficiency not seen by any government agency in the land – if only the DMV worked like that! It is then the Mexican Government that denies the traveler entrance to the country.

Who are you gonna sue? The US Government? For pointing out the obvious – out of concern for our southern neighbor? If it saves one child. The Mexican Government? As a US Citizen? They can let into their country whoever they d*mn well please. Or not.

Like so many things in the 290 world, this is brilliant. Its not really criminal, but sort of. Its not really us, but sort of.

Playing devil’s advocate here.

There appears to be collusion between the US government and these others, and yes, it is criminal. It violates international treaties on human rights. It’s in the category with extraordinary rendition. You get the other country to violate the target and you keep your hands clean.

This is just not a Mexico issue but many countries now will not allowed you entry, does not matter what the crime was, as long as you are on the registry you are forbidden to go any where it seems.

Until the 100s of thousand rise up there will be no change, it will continue to get worse if that even seems possible.

I for one have been off probation for a couple of years but am still a prisoner in my so-called country.

Where the heck are the 800,000 thousand or so register citzens, why will they not fight?

This new notification should be specific to those who have been busted for sex trafficking or have traveled abroad for sex with minors. They even write something to that affect in that “RSOITS” thing. Once again wide net cast for small number of offenders.

We can agree to disagree but those acts seem predatory to me.

Does anyone know if it is all sex offenders or just child pornography related cases ?

I read somewhere that child pornography RSO’s were flagged for outbound international travel but I am not sure.

Who can we consult about this ?

If anyone knows, let me know please.

Read this document carefully.

“NTC uses passenger data collected from the Passenger Name Record (PNR) and the Advance Passenger Information System (APIS). PNR data are collected when an individual books a flight, for example, from a travel agency or airline. Pursuant to regulations, APIS data are collected and sent by airlines as individuals check in for the flight and no later than the moment the aircraft’s doors are closed and secured for the flight (or no later than 30 minutes prior to that moment, if transmitted in batches), and by cruise lines 60 minutes prior to the ship’s departure from the United States and, for incoming vessels, at least 24 hours (at least 96 hours for voyages of 96 hours or more) prior to arrival at the U.S. port of entry.”

“to determine whether a registered sex offender is on a particular flight, NTC determines whether any of the passenger data, such as name and date of birth, match any of the data in the FBI’s NCIC. However, NCIC may not always have complete information to enable NTC to determine if there is a match, in part because jurisdictions may enter information incorrectly or not at all because certain fields are not mandatory. In this case, NTC checks electronic public sex offender registries—which are not always up to date—to collect missing information, or calls relevant registry officials—which could take additional time.”

“Specifically, FBI officials stated that, in collaboration with other IWG member agencies, they are developing a process that will send an automated notification to the U.S. Marshals’ NSOTC and registry and law enforcement officials in the jurisdictions where the sex offender is registered: (1) when a registered sex offender has purchased an airline or cruise ticket for international travel, (2) 1 week before the registered sex offender is scheduled to travel by commercial air or sea transport, and (3) when a CBP officer queries that person’s biographic information at a U.S. port of entry, such as any U.S. airport.”


So mostly if you are an RSO, you are trapped in the United States it seems.

Well,,Now that’s settled Um,, What is their next move??? Is what scares Me! Now WE Are No longer free to leave the country,, ut people can jump our border with out impunity? What Gives?

What if You Own a Sail Boat?& just set sail For international waters?lol

The minute Your warrant goes out they send a destroyer after you? ROTFL

I think a class-action lawsuit may be the only way to stop the government from this unconstitutional and irrational practice which looks to me to be a violation of human rights. I think statistics would prove that very few RSOs go on to become sex tourists.

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