CA RSOL Meeting in San Diego – September 20

On September 20th the monthly California RSOL meeting will be from 10 am to 1 pm in San Diego. The meeting will take place at California Western School of Law at 225 Cedar Street San Diego, CA 92101, Room LH2.

Registrants, family and friends, supporters and professionals are welcome to attend. As always media and government officials are not invited in order to ensure everyone’s privacy. Topics of discussion will include changes in the laws as well as pending litigation and advocacy strategies.

Please join us on September 20 in San Diego – Show up, Stand up, Speak up!

California Western School of Law
225 Cedar Street
San Diego, CA 92101
Room LH2
10 am to 1 pm

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This meeting in San Diego will be an important opportunity for us to share a lot of important information. In addition, there are only 2 meetings in San Diego a year. Plan to attend to learn about new laws and court cases as well as to share information about challenges you are facing.

Saving my money for travel and looking forward to being there!

As a parolee, and one with a 25 mile distance and 7:00pm special condition, I wonder what my odds are of attending. I live in Fallbrook and that is a lot longer distance than my current limit on travel. Moreover, I did have a 50 mile range and a 10:00pm curfew, which was reverted to the former more restrictive limits that were part of my original special conditions after the community found I moved into a home my wife bought, and I became a news story. CDCR was very concerned that I may go to the meeting held about my terminity to move in to De Luz Hieghts without notice.

I have been out of prison for more than a year without problem or incident.

Yes I will be there.I got lots of questions. Since we write to those in prisons and jails in California. count us in. Iam from Jesus Prayer Ministry.
God Bless you all Director Denise

I will definitely try to be there. My transient boyfriend is currently in jail for failure to register my address, where he does not reside. The DA is trying to say that he was at my home for 9 days straight so he was suppose to register my address. I have alot of questions and hopefully someone will be able to shed some light on the inhumane treatment on people because of their prior criminal history. My boyfriends charge is over 20 years old but he is continuously living with this stigma.

I am a registered 290 currently on parole. i am very much interested in attending the meeting here in SD, and even though i have been out for over 3 1/2 years without an incident,I was almost violated for registering for classes at a COMMUNITY COLLEGE because there was a daycare on campus. supposedly all 290’s on supervision are now prohibited from attending any college campus if there is a daycare on site. My point is that since it is at the california western school of law, if there is a daycare on site 290’s on parole can’t attend. Does anybody know if there is a daycare there?

Any plans to hold one in Orange County anytime?

Say hey Michael …I don’t know bout that…since oc has…how they say it..ongoing war against ‘sex’ offenders’ …????…vauldemere o county bad company…….just read anaheim pd to start wearing recorded camera….reform FINALLY…they needed that 20 years ago…tarnished public trust cause reform…..NOW oc nixon wannabe courthouse NEEDS to wear those recorded cameras…you’d be surprised. What you don’t know .

Hello, will this meeting be useful to me? I am currently awaiting conviction/ trial for indecent exposure and have become very aware that I will be fighting an uphill battle within the justice system. I committed my crime in June and have made it my only purpose to better myself these last couple months. This was a major lapse of decency, judgement, and willpower and happened one too many times. Although I am thankful I was caught; my eyes were immediately opened to the brevity of my justifications and sin; I am now facing the lifelong label of ‘sex offender’. With my first baby on the way! I may have doomed my family before it really got going and I’m praying for hope and a way out. My arraignment is September 18. My wife and I would greatly appreciate any advice.

Indecent Exposure- misdemeanor
First and only offense. Very good record with multiple public service careers.
I have taken psychologic meetings every week since being arrested.
I don’t know if anyone actually saw me- camera footage.
..and most importantly, I have recognized the issue and changed my life, I truly believe I will not be urged to ever expose myself again, and even if so I will now recognize the ‘red flags’ and the many horrible consequences of those actions.

Sorry I know this may not be the best place to post these questions. Blindly grabbing for hope.

Thank you, Sean

A note of thanks to JM ..he left comment in other topic but the hope possibility and thanks goes here…Janice and staff can be assured we appreciate the meetings and there efforts…the hope and possibilities of meeting someone there as a friend and possibly your employer ..Awesome ..thank you.

I, too, live in San Diego and I hope that we have a full house at this meeting. It is a safe environment and I think the opportunity to learn and to meet others who are dealing with this “ordeal” is very important.
It is paramount that we unite and not hide in fear… There is power in numbers. We know we have the numbers, we just need to “show up, stand up, and speak up!”

I’m hoping to get info or discuss 3 areas. Do you think this will be feasible, or should I plan to speak with someone at another time? I think all areas impact 290 registrants
1. Meagan’s law website requires one to acknowledge the disclaimer before use. However sites that re-publish that info such as do not have/require disclaimer and results show up with a simple google search. Is there a law that could be used to require a disclaimer first, thereby reducing the quick google popups?

2. Progress is being made toward “tier-ing” in CA to allow people to get off the public list. What if the charges were from another state?

3. What policy/legislation (local, state, federal) prohibits use of public funding for drug and/or alcohol treatment for anyone with a PC290 offense? How do we change that to help addicts and alcoholics?

Great meeting. Thank you Frank and Chance and all who attended.

Please note in the future that the meeting is actually in the building across the street, not at the address given. I almost gave up and went home. Fortunately, a wise soul on the street pointed me (and others) in the right direction. Don’t want to risk people not finding the meeting in the future. 🙂 Thanks!