Philippine Bureau of Immigration bans alien sex offenders in the country

MANILA, June 5 (PNA) — Foreign nationals who are registered sex offenders in other countries are barred from entering the country, the Bureau of Immigration (BI) said on Thursday.

In an order, Commissioner Siegfred Mison said aliens whose names are found in the registry of sex offenders as may be provided by a foreign embassy will be issued an order to leave since they pose a threat to public safety. Full Article

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do these restrictions apply to teir 1 offenders? i have traveled to the philippines 2 times and was recently there in jan 2016 and only got questioned upon returning in the usa in new york. i was there a month and this iml thing was signed while i was there. i never told anyone about my trip because i only register once a year plus i never knew about a 21 day notification of travel. i thought that was only while on probation not regular yearly registering. am i wrong in that assumption? i also live in new jersey and this is all news to me. i can apply to get off registering in 2020 after 15 years incident free. will that stop all this foolishness when i get removed from the yearly registration??? please help me with this quesrion. you people seem to be more up to date than me

Robert I just learned about this 21 day thing too. In my situation I no longer have to register but I would have too if my state was awa compliant. So I’m not sure what I’m required to do traveling domestic or international. I know I reported and updated my registration when I just went out of state not long ago and the police called me and said there was no need to register or provide itinerary because I no longer am required too.I just feel as if though somewhere along the lines here I’m supposed too.

I wish there was a online thing where you could enter in your name and it would tell you what’s required of you. From one police station to the next you will get all kinds of answers… even lawyers give you several different answers. I feel as if noone really knows.

This is what I’m waiting for. I’m waiting for the Iml thing to go into place. I’m going to get a passport. And I will know if that passport has the sex offender thing in the chip if that’s what there going to do by looking at the expiration date. If it expires in 1 year it’s stamped if not I’m good to go I think.

The problem the Philippines have as many third world country’s is many go there to have sex with people that are younger then the law says they need to be. They look at this list as one way to try to prevent that.

Any person got denied recently from entering Philippines since the IML passed? I was naturally born in Philippines but later became a US citizen. I was arrested back in 2014 for filming female’s skirt which I concealed my phone in a bag and captured everything including a 14 and a 17 year old. I’ve never seen the videos that I captured and had no intentions of filming underage girls. I will say this the police illegally search my phone without my consent. Anyway, I pleaded no contest and was convicted on December 2014 with a misdeamenor of concealed camera and molest or annoy a child. I have taken full responsibility of my actions. I regret ever doing it but I am moving on. My condition was 3 years of summary probation, attend a sex class for 6 months, and to register as a sex offender. I was allowed to appeal to the appellate court before imposing the sentences. The appeal was to NOT impose the condition of registering as a sex offender.

I went to Philippines on February 2016 for vacation. At that time, I didn’t know anything about IML or that the president had signed it into law. I entered the country, using my US passport, without any problem. I was in the Philippines for 3 weeks. When I came back from PI, I didn’t have any problem as well with the US customs. I received the results of my appeal. Basically, the Los Angeles Appellate Court denied my request and that the sentencing still stands. On May 2016, the sentencing was imposed and I registered as a sex offender. I was approved from internet exclusion. So my info is not on Megan’s website. I’m planning of going back to the Philippines next year to attend my cousin’s wedding. I was wondering if I will be denied entry this time since now I have registered as a sex offender. I have read all the comments but want an update from anyone that would care to share their experience. Will it make a difference if I am a dual citizen? Thanks.

Yes, you will most likely be stopped as soon as you hand in your passport in Manila. You are fortunate that you were able to travel to the Philippines last time without problem, but that may be because you had the appeal going on. I was denied four years ago. When you get denied, they also put you on the Philippines national exclusion list. The notification through Interpol will now be sent. It will be up to the P.I. Immigration to decide whether to let you in or not. I will you luck. If you are denied, you should let Janice know about it.

My friend entered the Phils 3 yrs ago and was denied entry since hes RSO. He was told by immig that if he has phil passport, then he can enter. Now he has re acquired his phil passport and has become dual citizen. He plans to go back to Phil. What could be the likely scenario? Thanks for your feedbacks.

my wife is also a filipina , i was married in the philippines in 2005 , and was there in 2007 /2011/ and 2015, without a problem ,, i lost my comerical license due to medical reasons so now a can’t work anymore , but still planed to retire in philippines with my wife and my 2 boys , on oct 25 2016 was denied entry at manila , been over 22 yrs without any problems and registered every yr , why do they continue to change the rules .. my life is over , i supported my wife for 12 yrs now , and now im not allowed to see her , the usa can not bann us from traveling , this is just there backdoor way of screwing us again , when does the punishment end ?

my wife sent me the name of a imagration lawyer in th philippines , there suppose to be good at getting people off the black list , i will try that .

my wife is also filipina, i was just there in jan 2016 got in no problem but thats b4 IML who can give me a good attorney to help me bring her to the usa? we have been married since 2014 got mrrtied there and she just finished training to be a caregiver. can anyone give me advise? i can get off registry in 2020 thats when my 15 years is up. in tier 1 here in new jersey. any suggestions folks?? thanks

My american Bf would want to come Philippines next year and he is very much worried because of his past record, a sex offender. But that was 20 years ago.

Guys, could you please share to me the name, email address of the lawyer and if how much my bf will be paying for the attorney?

Please send me an email . Thank you.

i am a canadian and am divorcing my philipino wife. Because of this her family is very bitter and have been spreading lies and trying to falsify info about me to have e banned from going back to the philippines to be with my now girlfriend of 6 months. I think they have said that i have cyber bullied them.
can i be banned from going back there and how can i find outb about this and fight it?

I am a Texas SO and left to marry my Filipina fiancee in 2012. I returned to work to quickly earn money to supplement my pension so we could buy a house in our city in the Philippines. I never knew laws changed as they did between 2012 and now until I was denied boarding a flight home on December 7, 2017 (last week) for a months’ Christmas visit. A few days of serious internet searches brings me to your forum and the need for answers, ideas, suggestions and help in our common problem. Anyone may contact me at My name is Steve Chrisman and any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hey, has any RSO travelled to Hong Kong this year yet? We’re you let in? Maybe could charter from there to Philippines. Any thoughts?

Does anyone know about Singapore or Indonesia? My gf said that she can go to any Asian country without worrying about a visa. You know if they are letting RSO in?

This has been covered multiple times. Check stickied thread on international travel or search travel matrix. Neither of those countries will allow you in if the US sends their happy little notice. Why not meet her in HK?

From where she is at it should be like a 50-100 dollar flight round trip

@David Not too fond of Indonesia either. Especially if you go to the tourist parts, all you see is old white Australian guys riding around with girls who look like they’re in middle school. And at night on every corner it’s someone trying to sell some type of drug or women.

It’s quite irritating to try and relax on the beach and stare at the stars and have people try to sell you things.

The clubs are sorta okay if you’re used to paying US prices for everything. The bottle of whiskey and a hookah my friend ordered was like 2,000,000 rupiah (200US) and you paid that just going into the club on top of the entrance fee.

Fun stuff in the news here today though. Someone got arrested for walking around with a live hand grenade and the government is protesting the US for supporting Israel taking Jerusalem as its capitol

I am a Canadiian on the SoR in Canada, i was recently put by local police a green notice on my passport…
does anyone know if the philippines will see or act on it?


Hi, I have a class d felony for sexual battery and confinement. I’ll be off the the registry in few months. My wife and I want to travel her home country. Will this affect me, even if I’m off the registry? We tried calling the Philippine embassy in DC, but there was no answers.

Hi. My name is Diane I’m a Filipina I want to know if my boyfriend who is a convict in Bilibid correctional for men in Philippines can file for voluntary deportation,he has been convicted for Life imprison but he want to be deported back to his countryin Africa. Please let me know if it’s possible for him to be deported

Hello Everyone, I have girlfriend in the Philippines. we have been talk for while!! I really love her I never met lady sweet kind and understanding. She is the best that ever happened in my life. She said she never talk to a man sweet loving. ( Philippia lady are sweet) I would like to come and see her when the coronavirus Slowed down and let Foreigners back in the Philippines. What are the chances of me going through immigration and passing the check point security. I am non-registered sex offender? My crime was a misdemeanor sexy abuse three. I was on bench probation and just had to report to my counselor.

Sept 05 2020