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Philippine Bureau of Immigration bans alien sex offenders in the country

MANILA, June 5 (PNA) — Foreign nationals who are registered sex offenders in other countries are barred from entering the country, the Bureau of Immigration (BI) said on Thursday.

In an order, Commissioner Siegfred Mison said aliens whose names are found in the registry of sex offenders as may be provided by a foreign embassy will be issued an order to leave since they pose a threat to public safety. Full Article

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  1. Billy

    Hello, my name is Billy and i ive in the state of Oregon. I have made a trip to the philippines back in 2013, With no problems, had a fun time with friends there. I have booked a trip to go back in may of 2016. I allways check to see what i need to do as a RSO, to be law abiding, now i see i might not be allowed in the country. Im not on probation or parole of any kind, I have a pass port issued from 2012. Is it true they will not allow me in the country when i get there, do i now need to save extra money to pay for another ticket to get back if they dont let me in..Its been about 15 years ago since i was in trouble. I work and i obey the laws. What shoud i do?, how do i find out what to do?

    • Tim

      As of November 1, 2017 the US State Department will stamp in the back of all passports (on back inside cover) the status of all SORs to let every customs agents around the world know that the person holding the document is a registered child sex offender.

      • TS


        Source? Evidence?

        • Randy

          Hi my name is Randy you know what to go to the Philippines and get married do Elma I’ve been talking to her since April 2017 but I don’t know if they’ll let me into the country because I’m a sex offender but I’m not on probation are parole and I did my time and I never did the crime I was just accused of it I was married to my first wife and my mother-in-law accuse me sexual misconduct my stepson Dawson which never happened I spent two years and nine months in the county jail and I do a plea bargain to get out of jail I just want to start a new life and be with Elma I love her very much I just want to get a passport and go to the Philippines and live with her for the rest of my life

      • Robert W

        False, I just got a passport this month and it wasn’t stamped. March 2018

        • Mike G

          @Robert W
          I am glad to hear that, but was your conviction for a crime involving a minor, and are you currently on a registry?

      • Sam

        What if your not a child sex offender. Then what?

        • NY won't let go

          Last I knew the Philippines didn’t distinguish between the two. Once they get notice from angel watch or interpol they will just send you back

        • Gina

          My boyfriend was a felon for more than 25 years he was accused of child molestation and been in prison for 4 years and didn’t involve in any crime since then…can he able to come to Philippines to marry?

      • AJ

        Are you sure you’re not confused over the Endorsement that’s now being added due to IML? There’s not “stamp” per se.

    • Hank Anderson

      What have you been arrested for.

    • david ogden

      i went to the philippines in 2015 with no problem.. as the other 4 times there .. have been off parole or probation for over 20 yrs ,, not any trouble of any kind .i went back there late oct 2016 and was denied entry to Philippines .all they kept saying is i need to talk to homeland secuirty when i get back
      they kept me under supervision in the airport not allowing me to leave then put me on a flight the next daybach to the good old USA . yes they can stop you . and it dont matter if you married a filipina and own a house .. it broke my wifes she already knew about my past that i paid for it in prison.. but that was 24 yrs ago and im still paying/

    • Richard

      Can you help me I need to get to the philippines but I on the rsol ok I live in SD Sioux Falls have any ode got new passport bc so on the last page it said like been convicted of sex crime

      • M C

        @Richard, Unfortunately I don’t think that anyone can help you get to the Philippines. It seems that it is virtually impossible to be able to go there in that situation. If you are trying to go there to see someone you know the best suggestion is to meet them in a 3rd country who allows RSO to enter.

      • Harry

        Right now, the Philippines are not allowing any foreign visitors in unless they are a spouse of a Filipino born.

  2. Filipina

    This is so depressing. My boyfriend is a registered SO. We are in a relationship for 2 years. He visited Ph last Decemver 2014. And would like to come back asap but now we are afraid for him to travel. Been doing research about this. I wanna see him soon. I dont know if this will help, got this website while im doing research. One group would like to help RSO from being denied to travel..

    • Harry

      Filipina: There are two routes than can be taken. 1) Challenge the Laws and action here in the US, however, at it best it will take a very long time. 2) Challenge the entry restriction of the Filipino Government, and it needs to be done by Filipino citizens, in the Philippines, which, could be quicker and it will fix the problem of RC entering the Philippines. Filipina spouses and gf/bf need to get organize and take appropriate actions.

      • jc

        I agree a plan must be made, now in case I was BL in 2014 due to a lie sent to airport and it said I was a SO and I am not.

        but the real issue is not that its that us Americans have no right to a hearing or any formal proceedings.

        I hired 3 lawyers and no luck I got 100% of all background checks fingereprints and authenticated red ribbon and nothing worked. the bottom line you will never ever get off that list… and worse the US is helping them add names..

        the only way is take a step back and ask who is stopping us from entering and how to propose to him-her a way we can enter with rules or with a process… its not that he-she will not see this as unfair but if reading the facts to a group of say 4 officers… they can say well we see your point..

        I now have a child that is 1 month old and I cant go …. its sad unfair and from my side illegal yet its not the BI fault its the lies told to them on sept 25th 2014 and I cant get them off my name. $12,000.00 later…

        • No more......

          I think it’s time we learn from the illegals coming into the U.S.
          Study, learn the area you want to go, and then enter illegally. For instance, find someone that will take you there by boat, then swim to shore and have famiily get you. Ideas like that.
          Our problem is we think like law abiding citizens, but they treat us like criminals.So why not be a criminal.
          They will have a marked, but you’re marked anyway. Better to live free while you can than hope for a day that will never come.

    • Loi Duong

      Filipina: Have you found out more about “Challenge the entry restriction of the Filipino Government, and it needs to be done by Filipino citizens, in the Philippines, which, could be quicker and it will fix the problem of RC entering the Philippines.”? I am curious if you have any information about it.

      • trisiah

        Thats wht i already thinking long timw why not all the family of registered sex offender here unite to fight this imiigration law here. Its really violating the family code and the right of registered sex offender that already serve their time in prison.They should have their civil right return already. How about the family who suffered much bout this law.Why the government ignore thier right to b whole family again. How about the children who need complete family. Why the government predicted already the future that not yet happen. Family of the registered sex offender should unite so that the government will hear our side. As long as we the victim of this law will not do anything the government will not see the wrong they done to us

    • Richard

      I’m get ready to go to Philippines I have my passport now ok I’m a eso I leave in Nov to get married there I hope they let me in. Any reply if they have TSA there. I have not had any problem as of yet. To go any were

      • Miranda

        Did they let you enter Philippines? My boyfriend is about to visit and he is also a RSO. I dont know if he can make it.

        • Sevenke

          Richard olease let us know if you got denied in entering. Thank you

    • Ehrin E Scott

      Want to visit my gurl in Philippines but I am sex offender I am afraid travel too

  3. Filipina

    I will do more research about this then. Right now we are planning to meet in Hongkong asap. Then I will also try to apply for tourist visa in USA. Whatever it takes to be together, I will definitely give it a shot. It breaks my hurt when I hear him cry on the phone because of his situation.. I guess this is just a test for us. I love him with all my heart. RSO are not a lifetime SO. I wonder why US keeps on passing law about human rights but there is a group of people they punish their whole lives. They are unfair. So unfair.

    • patience

      I feel your pain. My family is in Thailand. I have job opportunities, locals that will vouch for my character even knowing my offense.Since Internet viewing is next to impossible there. I hope for the future. The world is real outside of the U.S., we just need to get to it.

    • Myd

      Hi.. i would like to ask if u and ur boyfriend sees each other? And whats the status now? Bcoz my husband is an rso also.

    • William Burgess

      I’m a sor and I’m i a relationship to and I want to move and live there in the Philippines so will this keep me from doing that

    • Salam

      I feel you Filipina….I’m sorry. I’m a rso as well and to tell you the truth if there is a way for me to go there and live please I ask you to let me know…. cause there is a woman I love dearly and I want to come live with her. I’m not happy here in USA anymore…..they take away my chance to live for something that they say almost happen years ago

    • Kurtis

      Hey that is what they want is control of just one group to start. Then it will suddenly be everyone.

  4. Richard

    I have a question is there a number to call to find out if your black listed,because I talked to phillipines consulate about my situation and was told that some rso are not even blacklisted,it was better to check there see if your name is there.27 years since charge of second degree of my girlfriend Wichita was 29 at the time
    Have had issues with with alcohol back then ,but soon will be celebrating 18 years of sobriety.met filipino women and can’t believe how much love these beautiful women have in there hearts Godbless to all.

    • TiredOfHiding

      They told you correctly because a blacklist would need constant updating as person are added (or removed however unlikely). No, they will know you are coming as the USA will inform them via an Interpol “Green Notice” and they will be waiting for you at the plane gate as you exit the plan.

      You will be informed that you are being returned to the USA. You will be put on the same plan or the next one to return to the USA. The reason you found yourself in this situation doesn’t matter. Congratulations on your sobriety but it is irrelevant to the authorities. I am sorry.

  5. Richard

    I have another question to everyone.does Adam Walsh act law affect all cases or only child offenders
    I am not being judgemental only want facts thanks again

    • Rob

      Richard do you have to registerer as a sex offender? If your answer is yes then the Adam Walsh act applies to you. You will not get a straight answer from any authority if your blacklisted. Here is the thing, the U.S is sending out green notices to countries ahead of time for any sex offender traveling there. It doesn’t matter if they say it is for child related offenses. In there eyes every sex offender is the same and is lumped in with the same notice, they do not differentiate between crimes that have have forced people to register. I wouldn’t travel to the Philippines if i was you, unless you have money to spare. I would wait to see how the law plays out and the lawsuit. If you do have extra money i suggest you donate to the site or RSOL to help fund the defense of H.R 515.

      • Kurt

        Well to be honest I was emailing a lady from the Philippines and wanted her to come here but logic told me not to fight to have her and let her go. Now I wish I had done differently.

        • Randy

          I still want to go to Philippines and get married to Elma and build a home for us but still on the sex offender registration list for something I didn’t do

  6. Kevin Lutz

    I have traveled to the Philippines twice. And have lots of close friends I consider family there. However I am a registered sex offender now in Texas (thought I was in a legal relationship, but girl lied about being of age with a fake ID is the reason for conviction). I had plans to emigrate there to begin building business’s and typhoon/earthquake resistant housing around 2017/2018. And to find a wife with “old fashioned values” (loved the fact divorce is outlawed in the PH, and women there understand marriage is for life) But until I can get there and not be persecuted for something I have already served my time for, I will not invest in the country. I planned to emigrate to get away from US style “witch hunts” and had hoped get a fresh start in a place I could actually help people. Now the US has corrupted most of the pacific with it’s laws that only fill up prisons with innocent people (I know, I was one of them).
    I’m very disappointed that the Philippines are followers of the US instead of being smart enough to keep their own culture and values to make decisions for themselves. Philippine customs and values drew me there, but their new “laws” make me aghast!

  7. Dale

    I too just returned from the Philippines so that I could petition my girlfriend and meet her parents. However upon arrival and showing them my passport, I was detained by security, never told anything or allowed to contact the U.S. embassy. They took my passport and all my boarding passes and an airlines agent took me to a room where i spent the night at the airport and the next day was escorted back on a plane to come back home. When I got to Japan they were notified and I got the same treatment there. Escorted back on a plane to return home. Passport and boarding passes were held by an airlines agent. Once I got home again I was detained by security they went thru all my luggage and checked my phone and ipad just looking at pictures. They held me long enough till they could check and see if I had any warrants. Had none, went on my way home. In all it was a very costly and heart breaking trip not being able to see the people i went to visit. Had I known before hand i could have saved thousands of dollars.

    • PK

      Sorry about your horrible experience, and finding out about the Philippines the hard way.

      I’ve been reading posts on here with similar experiences like this about the Philippines for a few months.

      I’m a little curious about how Japan was notified, and who sent them an alert.

      Had you known before you could have possibly found another way to get there.

      At least they didn’t take your passport when you got back.

      You may want to contact Paul of RTAG.

  8. James

    have any Canadians been denied access to PH?, i was able to travel there without any problems in Nov 2014 and am planning a trip back this year.

    • PK

      Why would Canadians be denied entry? It’s the US that’s sending out alerts, so if your a RSO in the US then you would have problems. I’m guessing you are lucky and don’t live in the US?

  9. Richard

    I am rso and committed second degree back in 1990, adult related.had no issues entering phillipines.there or on the way back,only at jfk in New yirk was I asked to sit in room a man looked at my passport and stamped it and said sir have a nice day.I am now engaged to my filipino love.also before I left I contacted rso agency to report my travel and he said he had talked to us martial service about me traveling and was told they font send alerts I am glad I took the risk because I would have never seen my love if I listened to this b.s.

    • PK

      You said you “committed second degree” could you elaborate what you mean? Also you didn’t mention when you traveled, as you should be aware that the “Notice System” is evolving, and by no means should you feel safe to travel to the Philippines forever.

    • David H

      I’d be very interested in learning as much as I can about this subject too, as I have a Filipino fiance whom I’m envisioning never being able to see nor bring here; god I’ve invested so much too not just my heart but financially too–she and her family couldn’t subsist without my monthly financial support, and I did pay for her annulment plus here daughter’s final year in college.

      To just have to walk away from this now would be devastating

    • Richard

      I’m get ready to go to Philippines I have my passport now ok I’m a eso I leave in Nov to get married there I hope they let me in. Any reply if they have TSA there. I have not had any problem as of yet. To go any were

  10. Richard

    If you read h.r.515 it specifically states that this bill was intended for child offenders not adult ,all notifications are based off Adam Walsh act,Meagan law,etc.I have read bill from start to finish.All terms and definitions refer to convicted child conviction was second degree of an adult.over 18 years.I just traveled to phillipines February 9th – 16th 2016.with no issues.I also contacted registry in my state and they Also I should have no H.r.515 for yourself.

    • David H


    • PK

      Thanks for the clarification. You are lucky, go you! I’ve already read HR 515, thanks.

    • noname

      What if you had NO victim such as an internet sting???

    • JohnDoeUtah

      I think you should re-read it. It applies to all sex offenders, except for the Passport requirement.

      Sec.4(e) does not limit it to child sex offenders. Also, Sec.4(f) defines “covered sex offender” in Sec.4 as: “(f) Definition.—In this section, the term “sex offender” means—

      (1) a covered sex offender; or

      (2) an individual required to register under the sex offender registration program of any jurisdiction or included in the National Sex Offender Registry, on the basis of an offense against a minor.”

      So, under (2), it applies to every sex offender required to register, not just covered sex offenders.

    • JohnDoeUtah

      Sorry it was Sec.5, that’s the one that applies to all sex offender, whether against a child or adult.

  11. james.

    I don’t have to register in CA anymore. So, I’m not on any registry due to something being overturned and my crime was not hands-on and I’m deemed a low risk of recidivism. Recently went to Hong Kong with no issue and want to go to PI someday to visit my wife’s family. Does PI immigration have access to my legal history even if I’m not in a registry?
    How do I find out without raising any red flags and getting blackballed before even making an attempt?

    • David H

      James good to hear your story; While I’m not an expert by any means, my understanding is that even though now you may not be in the Calif. database I believe you still are in the feds via SORNA, and it is SORNA that is doing the International notification via the US Marshal’s.

      I’ve been curious about Hong Kong too as that is a China administration; i hate to say but I think Philippines would be pushing it, as they are kissing the earth the US walks on because they need our help over the So. China sea stuff. So they are doing anything we say!

      I am in a bind myself, as I must travel to meet my fiance to petition her here, another major mess and I’m wondering where we can meet; Hong Kong would be great! I’d like to hear of anything more you learn if you would!

    • Harry

      James, I believe I read some where in a PI, official communique, states “If, traveler can prove that they are not on the registry, they will be allowed in”.

      • Harry

        P.S. for above: Here is the communique that I read…
        “Meanwhile, Atty. Elaine Tan, BI spokesperson, explained that foreigners will be allowed in the country if they present necessary papers that will prove that they are not the ones in the list. (I assuming this mean’s the SOR).
        “I think they can present necessary papers…police clearance, denial from them, like for example they have the same name. They just present proof and documents,” she said.
        She added, “If they can prove that they have not been involved in such case, they can bring it up and addressed it to the commissioner. But there are divisions that handle such cases, usually in our legal division which handles deportations.”
        SUNDAY, MARCH 06, 2016 Philippines News Agency

      • David H

        how do you prove you’re not on something???

  12. anonymously

    “…(2) an individual required to register under the sex offender registration program of any jurisdiction or included in the National Sex Offender Registry, on the basis of an offense against a minor.””

    As we now know, Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor likes to only apply the condition ‘on the basis of an offense against a minor’ to only the last item in the list separated by commas making for a larger set of people to be included in this madness.

    • JohnDoeUtah

      See Sec.5 of IML, that Section talks about Notifications by the US Marshall, and it applies to all sex offenders. That section only requires that you be required to register and the Marshall will send notification, instead of the Angel Watch Center. It is not limited to those with offenses against children.

      • David H

        ensure that the destination country is consistently notified in advance about sex offenders under SORNA identified through their inclusion in sex offender registries of jurisdictions or the National Sex Offender Registry.

  13. Mason

    born in the Philippines and a full blooded Filipino , would I be denied to go back to my home if I got convicted of sexual battery but still had to register . Though I’m only registered for 5 years and I’m not on the website will I be able to go home ? I’m leaving this month , need answers please …
    I’m a Filipino citizen and an American citizen. My crime wasn’t child related either (no judgment , just stating my ordeal)

    • PK

      I don’t think anyone could tell you for sure. You wont know until you try.

    • David H

      If you’re a citizen of the Philippines you can return; just make sure you can prove that if you’re flying on a US passport

      • Mason

        How certain are you ? It does say foreign national right ? Meaning that if you’re a foreigner to the Philippines?

        • David H

          I dont understand you–do you have a Philippine passport?? if yes then use it no one can track you; if no then you must prove you’re a citizen upon landing in the Philippines or they’ll send you back via Angle Watch!

        • Mason

          Yes I do , but when I purchased the ticket I used my US passport … And I have to go register out with the police five days before I go … So all I have to show is proof ? Meaning my birth certificate and Philippine passport ? This is so confusing … Oh and my ticket is round trip

        • Harry

          An old Filipino passport will work.

        • Mason

          How do you know ? What’s your experience on this if I may ask ?

        • David H

          ??? maybe he doesn’t have experience with this; and he’s just applying as I did the knowledge we’re learning right here and using common sense–even though we’re up against anything, but!!

          If you want certainty then contact the Phil. embassy here

        • Harry

          Mason, I am assuming you are referring to my recent post. My wife is a Filippo and is a US Citizen. Filipino law allows any former citizen to return to PI, at anytime and even with a long time absents and the only thing they need is a birth certificate or expired PI Passport. You can confirm this information by going to PI immigration website.

    • Will0311

      I got my passport 2 months ago with no stamp and have gone to hongkong, china and Macau without a second look. I know the Philippines don’t allow rso’s to enter, but since I don’t have a stamp and am traveling there from outside American I wonder if I can get in. Any ideas?

  14. bob

    i am wanting to travel to the Phillipines to visit my fiance. My conviction was against a minor child in 1995. I have not been an RSO for about ten years. Does anyone know if I will be allowed to enter PI? If no one here knows do you think it would be possible to retain a lawyer in the PI to find out for me if I would be allowed to enter? If so what type of lawyer should I look for, immigration, criminal etc…? I contacted a few lawyers in the US but they would only answer that they don’t practice law in PI.

    • David H

      bob I have the same situation as you: I have a fiance in the Philippines. I’ve been providing most of her support, plus I have the final payment for her annulment coming due.

      Before I heard about this IML about two months ago–I was always planning on going there to get our two year meet current for immigration purposes; but now i can see that none of this will matter–the US wont even allow her to come here to marry you on a fiance visa!

      You will need to contact an attorney probably best a phil one–I believe there may be a waiver process. I have a list of a few an immigration atty here provided to me. Please dont let me forget, I will have to dig through email to find it.

      Let’s also please keep one another updated with anything we may learn; this whole affair has just ruined my end of life goals: I’m stable now living with 290; I’m retired and just wanted to spend the remainder of my days at peace with the one I love… they’re taking that away from me now!!!

  15. bob

    Thanks for the response David. What do you mean by living with 290? I’m not retired but have a very good job. Now that I’m divorced I don’t have anyone that takes my money and I’m willing to pay lawyers to help me get the one I truly love to the USA. I’m very concerned after seeing the IML that it might keep me from visiting her. As I understand it the Adam Walsh Act is what would prevent me or at the very least make it extremely difficult for me to sponsor her as a fiance via a K1 visa. After reading about this I think it may be somewhat easier for us to marry in the PI and then work on getting her green card. It seems as though there may be less hoops to jump through by going that route.

    I’d love to get lawyer contacts from you if you have any. Where did the list come from? I can find lawyers in PI on internet but of course I want them to be good and most important reputable. I’m a bit confused about the IML definition. I wonder if it only applies to RSO or all persons with a sex offender conviction? I do think there is a waiver that can be had from the PI government so a PI lawyer seems essential. If emails are allowed here mine is, I would be glad to share with you anything I can learn. I have told my fiance about my crime and she wants to stay with me. She does have a 9 yo daughter so that will complicate matters I’m sure. Tomorrow I was going to try and contact some lawyers in PI via the internet by just doing searches, I have no way of really knowing at this point how to find reputable lawyers in PI that maybe have experience in helping persons like myself.

    • David H

      Hold on Bob I’ll send you the attorneys tomorrow morning. i got the emails via an immigration attorney here. I’ll also send you that info he specializes in AWA issues. If you dont know what 290 is then you’re not from California 290 is our penal code for registration. you may have some luck not having to register, but just a guess as AWA i think the high end is 27 years.

      I currently do have an attorney in the Phil and he’s quit good! However, I’m not going to involve him in this stuff–he’s handling her annulment. marry here or marry there you need to meet her during the past two years if you want to bring her here unless she qualifies for an H1-B visa to work here.

      What State you live in if you dont mind my asking?

      Ok I’ll be in touch:

    • rick

      Bob i would the lawyer info also i’m planing a trip there in june/july time frame hopefully to get married i have emailed philippines embassy in washington dc stating in an sor and asking what i need to do for a visa or if they are just going to deny it and i’m going through health issuses and my charges or internet base with minors what i have read i guess im screwed unless we meet somewhere else or she comes her to visit her family in the states and we get married at that time and apply for green cards.
      thank you for you time
      email is


        Aren’t they blocking entry to spouses of rso’s?

        You might want to talk to her “incognito” and tell her to just come here for family, start her citizenship papers and then after she becomes a citizen, get married.

  16. Michael

    Hi..And thanks for hearing my plea for help..I’m in Nh and they run the tier system..I’m Registered tier 3… Plead out in 1998 had a child with her..plead out to a 1to 3 and wasn’t required to do a sex offender program after physce eval and many lie detectors..was told I would have to register 1 time a year for 10 years.didn’t rape anyone ..but bad 22years old..I’m now 44 having o register every12 weeks and told in 2002 it will be for life.. I did my time.. God fearing man and great father to my son from this.denying this would be denying My only son…My baby mamma or the one they call victim doesn’t even agree with me going through this still…long story short.. I met my everything and been with her going on 2 years she’s living in Japan but from the Philippines and she’s been denied coming to US and has no criminal history and money in the bank.. I’m so crushed a after reading the stories here that I now have no clue how to start my life that I was so in need of and looking fwd to.Please help. 🙁

    • David H


      contact me at the email right above you we’re not sitting still hoping and waiting on the courts.

  17. Erwin

    The Philippines is a joke. They never changed the legal age of consent which is 12 in that country. So they try and put the blame on International sex tourists when in reality, locals and family members are the ones molesting children….and it’s legal

    • kelnothiding

      I think that our AMC news so called investigative reporting started all that crap , it even showed all this stuff they were trying to do to help them poor kids , but it was mostly grand standing , all the other kids that were there, the powers that be like there own law inforcement knew were the all the kids were and they did Not go close the whole dang place down , none of them people cared , just a few that were trying to open doors for a few of those kids , sad but I seen that hog wash story a few times ,but most of that was just grand standing , big time press doing selfies ,

  18. vhaning

    just curios, would it be possible the person be hold on immigration if he has a case 10 years ago, without the closure since then from the court? and is their any empowerment that immigration can hold the person? and would it be possible that his case be forwarded to immigration from the court?

  19. greg

    THe following is and exerpt from the Philippines Bureau of Immigration… of paticular interest to me, is the A.B.C.D. listing. Does anyone beside my self think that this means if you fall into one of these catorgories; you, after filing for exclusion, stand a chance of going to the Philippines??????
    Ive been to the Philippines before with no problems… I have been an SOR since 2004… however, my last trip to the Phils in August of 2015 I was stopped at immigration and returned to Japan the following morning….

    25 JUNE 2015


    MANILA, Philippines – The Bureau of Immigration (BI) has issued its rules on processing of requests on recall of exclusion and visa waiver last June 10, Wednesday.

    This is a follow through on the correspondence by Foreign Affairs Assistant Secretary Wilfredo C. Santos informing that the Department of Foreign Affairs’ visa section will no longer accept visa waiver requests and thus, recommended that lodging of such requests be directed to BI.

    “This new operations order intends to expedite all visa waiver and recall of exclusion processes,” said BI spokesperson Elaine Tan.

    Under Operations Order No. SBM-2015-016, otherwise known as “Processing of Requests for Recall Exclusion of and/or Visa Waiver for Excluded Aliens”, all excluded foreign nationals desiring to be permitted to enter the Philippines shall submit the following documents to the Central Receiving Unit of the BI Main Office within 12 hours from receipt of the Exclusion Order:

    1. Letter request from the excluded alien and/or authorized representative, indicating name, birth date, passport details, flight/voyage number’ addressing the reason for exclusion and purpose of entry in the country;
    2. Photocopy of passport bio-page and Exclusion Order served. Photocopy of the Exclusion Order may be dispensed with for emergent reasons such a medical emergency, which must be indicated in the request; and
    3. Such other supporting documents as may be indicated in the request.

    Meanwhile, requests for visa waivers shall also be lodged before the BI together with the request for the recall of exclusion.

    Visa waivers may be issued to foreign nationals who have been excluded for failure to present an entry visa to the Philippines, based on the following considerations:

    a. Visa-required minors or infants accompanied by or returning to a Filipino parent;
    b. Visa-recruited foreign nationals related by blood or affinity to a Philippine citizen;
    c. Visa-required foreign nationals married to a Philippine citizen and qualified dependents below 18 years of age; and
    d. Other meritorious cases as may be considered.

    The following fees shall be paid upon approval of the request:

    a. For Recall of Exclusion:
    Application Fee – Php 2,000.00
    Waiver of Exclusion Ground Fee – Php 1,000.00
    Service Fee – Php 500.00
    Legal Research Fee – Php 30.00
    Express Lane Fee – Php 500.00

    b. For Visa Waiver:
    Visa Application Fee – Current USD 100.00 equivalent rate
    Legal Research Fee – Php 30.00
    Express Lane Fee – Php 500.00

    The Rules took effect last June 19, Friday.

  20. Concerned Registrant

    Sorry Greg, but I don’t think this helps us one bit. This seems to be for people who arrive in the Philippines without having a visa to enter. Let’s say a person comes from Cambodia and doesn’t have a visa or maybe even a return ticket. That person might receive an immediate “exclusion”, and be taken into custody until they are sent back. But now that person can jump through the hoops with the BI to apply for a visa waiver and the removal of the Exclusion. In any case, this has to be done within 12 hours of the Exclusion being issued. So you and I may both be out of luck, because our exclusions are more than 12 hours old and are now permanently in the system. I suppose a registrant could buy a ticket to the Philippines and try to test this, but you would have to have an attorney already waiting for your arrival to file the paperwork on your behalf at BI, and you would have to be willing to sit in custody until you get an answer. The order also does not say that you will be given an exclusion; it just assures that you will be heard (and rejected) sooner. This does not change the fact that persons guilty of a crime of “moral turpitude” shall not be allowed into the Republic of the Philippines.

    • Harry

      It could be scheme to get RC’s money and still say NO. like Canada.

      • David H

        i send monthly more than 5 times the amount they ask in support of my extended family there. This is not a profiteering function, it appears legit and recognizes that there are so many cases of this nature– unlike the US they are simply developing a process and clarifying it!

    • Doc Martin

      “This does not change the fact that persons guilty of a crime of “moral turpitude” shall not be allowed into the Republic of the Philippines”

      “Moral turpitude” as in a moral turpitude offense outside of the Philippines. Because many of these same offenses are perfectly legal in the Philippines including sex with family members as young as 12

  21. John

    I flew 19 family and friends to Acapulco Mexico on June 17th, to get married to my beautiful best friend of 5 years who is a Filipina, we have 2 babies. When i got to Mexico city they refused me entry and treated me like a criminal and put me in a holding room for 12 hours then flew me back to Orlando, they wouldn’t let me see or speak to my family.
    I was out $15,000 and my wonderful wife missed out on her incredible day. I plead out as a RSO in 2004. only did probation, no victim nor children involved.
    They need to reclassify RSO instead of making every think we are all monsters.
    She wants us to go to the Philippians next year for a big wedding, not sure if this is going to work. Our families are the ones suffering..

    • PK

      John you indicated that you are an American Citizen married to a Mexican National and they refused your entry into Mexico City?

      I am in a similar situation and I am also married to a Mexican National. I have already hired a Mexican Attorney and we will be filing a case this Fall in Mexico.

      Secondly, you said that your crime did not involve children.

      International Megan’s Law and Angel Watch, are required to send out Advance Notification of Intended Travel of Any Sex Offender for which their offense involved a child, being under the age of 18. They’re not supposed to send out Notifications if your case did not involve a child.

      I would definitely recommend that you reach out to Janice about your case.

      • Mike

        PK are you involved at all with the RTAG group? We are looking for a solid attorney in Mexico. Can you contact Paul at
        Maybe we can all help each other.

        • PK

          Mike I think you mentioned some incident you had as well in Mexico?

          I had reached out to you to your previous post months ago. If there is a way for you to contact this Admin, perhaps we could exchange emails?

          I’m involved with RTAG, in so far as I have spoken with Paul and given some suggestions regarding his new website. However, this Attorney has already told me that he isn’t interested in receiving tons of solicitations from RSO’s. In other words, he doesn’t want his name published. If there is someone with a legitimate need in Mexico, I would have to convey this to him, and see what he says. I felt that the way that John’s issue was written was almost identical to my issue, so I brought it to John’s attention.

      • 4sensiblepolicies

        The new status quo is unacceptable. I am engaged to a Mexican national (U.S. resident). We need to be able to travel together to Mexico for family occasions and to strengthen family unity. This isn’t about catching some rays on the beach, but about very basic human rights in regards to family.

        I now believe it is futile to attack it from the u.s. side since all branches of government have gone non compos mentis in regards to this matter and it is not expected the affected individuals will act logically or legally. We don’t have 40 years for this to finally be recognized as unconstitutional by some as yet unborn judge.

        Our dismay with the U.S. government cannot be overstated. We are not yet ready to place any culpability on Mexico as they cannot be blamed for wanting to keep out people who are falsely reported to be high risk. We are hopeful that enlightening Mexico of the details of this deception on part of the u.s. government will bring relief to those of us in this untenable situation.

        Please let us know what the plan is for litigation on the Mexican side. My fiancee may have standing to get involved. Not sure if more litigants would be helpful, or if your case would impact our situation. Thank you for your efforts and please advise if there is anything we can do to help.

        • Mike

          Contact the Registrants Travel Action Group. That group is trying to come together to work in concert to change things to facilitate travel to Mexico. This may mean legal action in Mexico or legislative action in Mexico or a combination of both.

        • PK

          “I am engaged to a Mexican national”

          You need to be married with her in Mexico.

          The good news is, you don’t even need a Tourist Visa Card to do it. What you do need is an address with verifiable utility bills for the past 2 months, for the both of you indicating you reside IN Mexico City. If you all live together in Mexico City then you only need the one address.

        • 4sensiblepolicies

          Hi PK,
          Thank you for the information. We planned to be married in u.s.. Do you have an idea if Mexico will recognize the marriage and then let me in? Getting married in Mexico is fine with us too, but they are not going to let me in to let that happen. Her family is in Mexico City and I don’t really have the wherewithal to attempt the land route. For sure, it sounds like flying is out of the question due to the gestapo agents.

        • PK

          No you gotta do it in Mexico, and you certainly can’t fly in.

        • Joshua

          I don’t know how to get this properly explained in a message but what if I’ve never been to Mexico but my fiancee lives there (I’m asking for a friend who has is an RSO as well. My gf is Filipino. And would this work for me in the Philippines?) How would it work putting his/my name on utilities and such to prove he’s lived there yet never been there? Won’t that cause a legal situation saying he’s lived there illegally and be arrested for it? Or how would he go about doing that so that they can get married?

    • Janice Bellucci

      We are very sorry that you were prevented from entering Mexico, John, especially on the important date of your wedding. I hope that those reading this story will learn that Mexico is off limits for registered citizens. Don’t waste your time or money trying to fly there from the U.S. as all international flight manifests are being checked by the federal government. The federal government then sends notices to the country where you intend to travel. It is up to that country to decide whether or not to allow you to enter. At this time, Mexico is denying entry to anyone convicted of an offense involving a minor (under 18) even if it is a non-contact, non-violent offense such as possession of child pornography. There are other countries, however, such as the 26 Schengen nations in Europe that allow registrants to travel there. Please plan accordingly.

  22. Tom

    Are RSOs permitted to go into Mexico via-land from the San Diego crossing? My friends and I are planning to take a car and drive to Mexico City from the Tijuana crossing. Should I even bother to come along?

    • Mike

      You will need to inform our government 21 days prior that you will enter Mexico. If you do not, when you return, you will be in violation of IML and you will be checked when you enter the US. If you do notify the US government, they will notify the MX government when and where you will cross, so I doubt that you will be allowed to enter.

    • Erwin

      Mexico is pretty much off limits if you are a registered sex offender. BUT it’s entirely possible to walk across the border without them checking. From personal experience, I walked across the bridge from San Ysidro and only encountered a Mexican border guard sitting in a beat up chair waive me across. That was back in 2010. Now, they may ask you to show your passport, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll scan it. If you did your due diligence and gave your 21 day notice of travel to Mexico, you’re basically off the hook as far as your legal duty in America. So it’s entirely possible to walk across the bridge into Mexico without a thorough check. But the concern is if you run into Mexican authorities inside Tijuana who decide to check you out. No telling what they’ll do if they find out you’re an American registered sex offender. Because official policy dictates that international sex offenders aren’t allowed in the country. So that’s a chance you have to decide to take

    • PK

      Hi it depends if you live within a SORNA State, as to whether you need to give advanced notification.

      Even though this isn’t the correct Thread to be posting information about Mexico, it has been my understanding that there are more Immigration Checkpoints leaving Tijuana, as compared to other ports of Entry, like those in Texas.

      You should really think about if you want to pass through Mexican Immigration to obtain your Tourist Visa Card. Once you are in the database with Mexico Immigration, it is not easy to remove yourself.

  23. Just My Opinion

    It’s interesting how the U.S. got away with banning Registered Citizens from international travel without actually unconstitutionally banning international travel. If it wasn’t for them passing IML, we probably would not have been able to fight this issue. They were able to get away with Angel Watch for years with no opportunity for us to fight it. Unfortunately, if the notifications continue, it will be very expensive and almost impossible to fight this exclusion of Registered Citizens from each of these countries.

    • Tuna

      Good point. I guess it is fair to say no one knew about Angel Watch (except the govt) until it came up in the context of them passing IML. Indeed, how the heck did they get away with it?

  24. O..A.R.

    Screw Mexico! We keep taking in their unwanted, criminals, and gang scum. I won’t buy anything made in that or any other country. Its all political anyway. Their decision garuantees u.s. support ( and the lower case is on purpose).

    • Roger

      O.A.R., I’m not happy about getting blocked from going to Mexico either, but there is nothing especially evil about Mexico. It is just another country that is following the hysteria that our government started against RCs. If the U.S. had not started RC registries and travel notifications to foreign governments, do you think Mexico would have had the time or money to comb through our court cases and pick us out?

      Canada is even worse. It won’t let anyone with any felony enter its borders.

      The bottom line is that badmouthing Mexico and making stereotypes won’t bring unity with the many Mexican-Americans who are with us on the registry and who want to fight it also.

      If you channel your energy into helping Janice, you will contribute toward the long-term goal of eliminating the registry, in which case you may see the entry restrictions on Mexico lifted someday.

      In the meantime, it would be very risky to look for loopholes to get into Mexico. We might get in, but we might never get out, and a Mexican prison is a hellhole no one should experience.

      • Erwin

        What makes countries like Mexico & the Philippines so abhorrent and hypocritical is those two countries have one of the lowest age of consent in the world. If they really were about protecting children, they would raise the age up from 12. Now I can understand them being concerned about international sex tourism but come on! That’s minuscule compared to what the locals get away with legally. At least Canadian laws are is consistent for locals and international travelers

    • TiredOfHiding

      I could not agree with you more. Build that wall and keep them all out and keep us in!

      Revoke all American’s passports (the small percentage that have them) and especially those pervs sex offenders who we all know just want to get out of the USA not to see the world but to molest people.

      Not unlike the government secret service agents who hired prostitutes while visiting Colombia recently.

  25. wonderin

    ahem! moderator or moderators allowing this thread to be totally hijacked over to mexico?

  26. robert

    do these restrictions apply to teir 1 offenders? i have traveled to the philippines 2 times and was recently there in jan 2016 and only got questioned upon returning in the usa in new york. i was there a month and this iml thing was signed while i was there. i never told anyone about my trip because i only register once a year plus i never knew about a 21 day notification of travel. i thought that was only while on probation not regular yearly registering. am i wrong in that assumption? i also live in new jersey and this is all news to me. i can apply to get off registering in 2020 after 15 years incident free. will that stop all this foolishness when i get removed from the yearly registration??? please help me with this quesrion. you people seem to be more up to date than me

    • Just My Opinion

      You didn’t say what state you live in. It makes a difference.

    • Rob

      Robert –
      Please let me know how your return was in New York (JFK I assume). I am traveling to Europe this August for 3 weeks and am flying in and out of JFK. I have no worries about leaving, as I have dual US/EU citizenship, but I am worried what happens upon my return. This is my first trip to Europe, and I don’t want to be there for hours. Do you have any suggestions? I appreciate your help!

      • robert

        i was only taken to a room and my passport checked, i was out and waiting by the baggage carosel before the luggage started coming out. just dont wanna go through it again. i wanna be able to go to the philippines to visit my wife. this is all very alarming and yes it was JFK

        • PK

          Robert, you’re lucky they didn’t steal your passport.

          I would say, you should get used to being harassed whenever you are returning to the United States.

          I’m not sure how successful you will be traveling back to the Philippines, as there is never any guarantee for an RSO to pass through Migracion without incident and enter into a foreign land. Much less, the Philippines.

          I would think traveling through JFK should be the least of your worries going forward.

        • robert

          why would they take my passport? they cant deny u entry into the usa if your a citizen and this is where you live. once i am off the registry i dont have to report anymore and tier 1 offenders only need to report to the local police where they live while they are still on the list. once off the list no one will come looking for you cause u have no more legal obligation to let them know where you are. so in essence your a free person like anyone else. if the court removes you its over because they said long as you comply with the obligations u are done is what i was told

        • PK

          You may want to follow-up on the Statutes of International Megan’s Law. One of the Threads on this Blog has a lot of information concerning IML.

          I believe to be true- that if in fact you were ever convicted of a Sex Offense involving a Minor, Homeland Security Customs can either Notify your destination Country of your arrival, and or, take away or otherwise revoke your passport. If that is the case they would re-issue you a new Passport with the Sex Offender Stamp on it.

        • robert

          what part of the thread has that information, this is like twitter it goes on forever with out a clear starting point, and this is all hear say, no one seems to know the whole story i would like to know where to get the official list of what is and not required with IML but thanks for responding, i am not traveling there anytime soon or even before 2020 when i can petition to get off this list

        • Rob

          Thanks Robert –
          I chose JFK b/c I thought it would be the easiest, you have confirmed the choice. I look forward to my trip and will let everyone know how things go.

    • Erwin

      You’re free and clear after your off the registry but you pose another interesting question. New Jersey is one of the few states that doesn’t include tier 1 offenders. So your name shouldn’t shows up on any state or federal website. If that’s the case, does Interpol just send the green notices out only for offenders whose name show up? Say you’re in a state where the public website lists tier 1 offenders. Will they get the green notices? Either way, tier 1 offenders shouldn’t get their hopes up because the passport identifier is going to throw a monkey wrench in their plans

      • robert

        Erwin, your sure that i wont be denied entry to the philippines? what state do you live in if i can ask. im notplanning to go there again any time soon but would like to know, my passport is valid till 2023 and i will try and renew it early as soon as im taken off the list in 2020 with my petiotion, i thought my 15 years was up this year but its when you are released from prison not the offense date. i got out in 2005 and completed 5 years release supervision as well

        • Erwin

          Robert, regarding the passport identifier in the amended text of HR 515 (international Megan’s law) it specifically says a “covered sex offender” is one who is currently required to register in any jurisdiction. The 21 day notification law also applies only to “currently registered” offenders. Since you’ll no longer be required to register in 4 years, you should be free and clear to travel. I would hold onto your current passport until 2020

          If you’re done if incarceration & ES, generally you’re free to leave the country .

          I assume you’ve stayed in New Jersey because if you’ve lived in or visited another state for an extended period of time, your name could still be on that state’s registry. I know New York is across the border from Jersey but DO NOT stay long enough to register in New York because from what people say, New York will keep you on their list forever. Same with Florida. So be careful and find out the registry laws before visiting other states. You want to keep your obligation to register down to 15 years.

          Since you’ve never been blacklisted from the Philippines as a sex offender, your probability of getting into the country in 2020 after you’re off the registry is very good. What likely may prevent you is a felony record but evidently it didn’t stop you from getting into the country in January. But you never know. The Philippines could change the law on felons convicted internationally. I would check first with a local Filipino lawyer versed in Filipino law about any new law changes in the Philippines before traveling there in 4 years. It could save you airfare & headaches if you’re turned around at customs

          Although, I’m originally from California, I live in Wisconsin which has a tier system similar to New Jersey. My son’s doing 15 years for a tier 1 offense. The bad thing about Wisconsin is they start the 15 year clock after ES. So registration really is 21 years.

          When I went to college in Honolulu, I was sort of “adopted” into an Ilocono family of a classmate from the Philippines. I took a trip with his family to their homes in Manila and Ilocos Norte in the 90s. I’m the godfather of their kids to this day

          Good Luck

        • Robert

          thanks the 15 years also starts after your out of incarceration which was 2005 for me and 2020 is the 15 year mark. i thought the 15 year was from conviction but it starts after your released from jail which i did in ohio and i live in jersey so i was transfered here and completed parole supervision for 5 years and also saw a counselor while i was living with my ex wife and her daughter to let me live with them. i did this far, so 4 more years is a snap and the only people who know are the police in my town. i registration per year and they leave me alone so its pretty good and i dont travel much anyway cause i cant afford it

        • Erwin

          Good you immediately moved out of Ohio after incarceration to do your supervision in Jersey. Because if you would have stayed in Ohio a few more years, and then moved to Jersey, your new state most likely would’ve reset the clock and not count the years you were on the registry in Ohio. But like I said, Wisconsin is worst because they don’t count being registered while your on parole. The clock starts after you finished all incarceration & extended supervision (parole) I assume Ohio removed your name off their registry when you moved to Jersey but I would check & make sure. You don’t want them pulling a Florida on you

        • Robert

          everything was transfered to nj at the time and did my extended here in new jersey once it was satisfied all i had to do was register here, no more supervision of any kind except the yearly report.

        • PK

          “Robert, regarding the passport identifier in the amended text of HR 515 (international Megan’s law) it specifically says a “covered sex offender” is one who is currently required to register in any jurisdiction. The 21 day notification law also applies only to “currently registered” offenders.”

          I don’t think that’s correct information.

          In fact, at least 1 of the Plaintiff’s in the IML Lawsuit is no longer required to register in the state that he lives in, yet an Advanced Travel Notification was issued against him, and he was denied entry of his foreign destination.

        • Robert

          i will get a new passport after i am taken off the list in 2020 as the one i have now expires 2023 so if i am not attached to any regisrety it will show up as a clean passport. that seems to be the way to go because i dont need a new one now anyway since it is still valid

        • Erwin

          I was referring to the amended law where an offender has a duty to give notice of travel. It only applies to currently registered offenders It specifically makes that distinction in the text.

          Advance travel notifications are different. Parts of that system may well be in place for RCs who no longer have to register. But I seriously doubt Interpol is sending out notices on tier 1 offenders.That’s probably why Robert was able to travel twice to the Philippines without getting flagged.

        • Mike

          I am low risk and had notifications sent to Mexico when I fly to Mexico.

        • Erwin

          Risk classification is different than tier classification based on offense/or a combination of offense & risk. New Jersey uses tier levels. To what extent they “follow” AWA guidelines is up to the state but at least it is a standard and NJ follows that standard more than California where “low risk” offenders are always susceptible to being reclassified to a higher level especially when they move to another state. I believe NJ following federal guidelines put Robert in a “nice little box” as a tier 1 offender. So Interpol decided not to mess with him. That’s my belief. I can’t think of any other reason why he was allowed into the Philippines twice whereas most RSOs are shown the door at the airport

      • robert

        good question< how do they determine who gets notified and how? how many agencies regularly cross check each others data? that seems to be expensive

    • PK

      That’s quite a laundry list of questions. You should probably research the questions and answers that have been already posted on this Blog over the previous 6 months.

      I can assure you that your questions and answers regarding some, but not all, of the IML Regulations that are known up to this point, are already on this Blog- just not this Thread.

  27. John

    Robert I just learned about this 21 day thing too. In my situation I no longer have to register but I would have too if my state was awa compliant. So I’m not sure what I’m required to do traveling domestic or international. I know I reported and updated my registration when I just went out of state not long ago and the police called me and said there was no need to register or provide itinerary because I no longer am required too.I just feel as if though somewhere along the lines here I’m supposed too.

    • robert

      Erwin, your sure that i wont be denied entry to the philippines? what state do you live in if i can ask. im notplanning to go there again any time soon but would like to know, my passport is valid till 2023 and i will try and renew it early as soon as im taken off the list in 2020 with my petiotion, i thought my 15 years was up this year but its when you are released from prison not the offense date. i got out in 2005 and completed 5 years release supervision as well

    • robert

      John what state do you live in now?

    • David H

      That’s the whole problem with AWA it’s not designed to communicate to the RC it’s meant to be a standard for states to follow. How anyone can get arrested and charged under rules one’s State doesn’t inform you of is beyond me–I personally will not be giving notices unless and until me State instructs me to do so!

  28. John

    I wish there was a online thing where you could enter in your name and it would tell you what’s required of you. From one police station to the next you will get all kinds of answers… even lawyers give you several different answers. I feel as if noone really knows.

  29. John

    This is what I’m waiting for. I’m waiting for the Iml thing to go into place. I’m going to get a passport. And I will know if that passport has the sex offender thing in the chip if that’s what there going to do by looking at the expiration date. If it expires in 1 year it’s stamped if not I’m good to go I think.

    • robert

      i will do the same after i get removed from the registry list in 2020 wheni am allowed to according to their guidelines. so i guess its up in the air for me until then,

  30. Doug

    The problem the Philippines have as many third world country’s is many go there to have sex with people that are younger then the law says they need to be. They look at this list as one way to try to prevent that.

  31. Moving On

    Any person got denied recently from entering Philippines since the IML passed? I was naturally born in Philippines but later became a US citizen. I was arrested back in 2014 for filming female’s skirt which I concealed my phone in a bag and captured everything including a 14 and a 17 year old. I’ve never seen the videos that I captured and had no intentions of filming underage girls. I will say this the police illegally search my phone without my consent. Anyway, I pleaded no contest and was convicted on December 2014 with a misdeamenor of concealed camera and molest or annoy a child. I have taken full responsibility of my actions. I regret ever doing it but I am moving on. My condition was 3 years of summary probation, attend a sex class for 6 months, and to register as a sex offender. I was allowed to appeal to the appellate court before imposing the sentences. The appeal was to NOT impose the condition of registering as a sex offender.

    I went to Philippines on February 2016 for vacation. At that time, I didn’t know anything about IML or that the president had signed it into law. I entered the country, using my US passport, without any problem. I was in the Philippines for 3 weeks. When I came back from PI, I didn’t have any problem as well with the US customs. I received the results of my appeal. Basically, the Los Angeles Appellate Court denied my request and that the sentencing still stands. On May 2016, the sentencing was imposed and I registered as a sex offender. I was approved from internet exclusion. So my info is not on Megan’s website. I’m planning of going back to the Philippines next year to attend my cousin’s wedding. I was wondering if I will be denied entry this time since now I have registered as a sex offender. I have read all the comments but want an update from anyone that would care to share their experience. Will it make a difference if I am a dual citizen? Thanks.

    • Eric Knight

      I’m no lawyer, but your circumstances are much different in that you are already a citizen of Philippines. It sounds as if they have no basis to deny you into the country on that alone.

    • DavidH

      Moving on–yours is not an atypical story here. you have too many things going on! One of which is that you’re still probably a Phil citizen. This is not a confirmation of anything!

  32. Concerned Registrant

    Yes, you will most likely be stopped as soon as you hand in your passport in Manila. You are fortunate that you were able to travel to the Philippines last time without problem, but that may be because you had the appeal going on. I was denied four years ago. When you get denied, they also put you on the Philippines national exclusion list. The notification through Interpol will now be sent. It will be up to the P.I. Immigration to decide whether to let you in or not. I will you luck. If you are denied, you should let Janice know about it.

    • mike

      If the guy is a citizen of the Philippines, then how can they deny?

      • Quint

        I don’t think they can. But if he is an American citizen, Can he still remain a citizen of the Philippines?

        • New Person

          From the following website, I found this information:

          Republic Act No. 9225 otherwise known as the “Citizenship Retention and Reacquisition Act of 2003” declares that natural-born citizens of the Philippines who become citizens of another country shall be deemed not to have lost their Philippine citizenship.

          Who are eligible for dual citizenship?

          Natural-born citizens of the Philippines who acquired foreign citizenship by naturalization.

          I hope that helps!

  33. Ron

    My friend entered the Phils 3 yrs ago and was denied entry since hes RSO. He was told by immig that if he has phil passport, then he can enter. Now he has re acquired his phil passport and has become dual citizen. He plans to go back to Phil. What could be the likely scenario? Thanks for your feedbacks.

    • Tom

      I would guess that they would let him in, since he is a citizen.

      Do report back though. I’m curious if he still gets hassled and interrogated.

  34. dave

    my wife is also a filipina , i was married in the philippines in 2005 , and was there in 2007 /2011/ and 2015, without a problem ,, i lost my comerical license due to medical reasons so now a can’t work anymore , but still planed to retire in philippines with my wife and my 2 boys , on oct 25 2016 was denied entry at manila , been over 22 yrs without any problems and registered every yr , why do they continue to change the rules .. my life is over , i supported my wife for 12 yrs now , and now im not allowed to see her , the usa can not bann us from traveling , this is just there backdoor way of screwing us again , when does the punishment end ?

    • PK

      Go to France then travel to a country close to the Philippines. then charter a fishing boat to the Philippines.

      • Joshua

        Could you explain a little more about that and how to do it? Why France? And chartering into Philippines how will that work? Will they not port check when you walk up into port from the boat before leaving the port? How do you suggest travel to a country close to Philippines and which country do you suggest as well?

        • PK

          Sometimes it’s not always the best idea to broadcast everything explicitly.

          There’s so much information about what I was talking about, all you have to do is do a little research.

        • Joshua

          So is it possible to enter France notmally through the airport as a RSO and not be turned around?

        • PK

          Excuse me?

        • TS

          People have reported going into France as an RC without issue previously if you read under the International Travel tag here on this website.

        • PK

          “Sometimes it’s not always the best idea to broadcast everything explicitly.”
          “There’s so much information about what I was talking about, all you have to do is do a little research.”

        • Joshua

          And can you get a Schengen visa without issue?

        • PK

          If you call Paul Rigney from RTAG directly, he would probably be able to guide you in the right direction.

    • PK

      Wait a second- you have a wife in the Philippines. You should definitely get a lawyer from there, because you would probably prevail since you are married in the Philippines.

  35. dave

    my wife sent me the name of a imagration lawyer in th philippines , there suppose to be good at getting people off the black list , i will try that .

  36. robert m

    my wife is also filipina, i was just there in jan 2016 got in no problem but thats b4 IML who can give me a good attorney to help me bring her to the usa? we have been married since 2014 got mrrtied there and she just finished training to be a caregiver. can anyone give me advise? i can get off registry in 2020 thats when my 15 years is up. in tier 1 here in new jersey. any suggestions folks?? thanks

  37. Jean

    My american Bf would want to come Philippines next year and he is very much worried because of his past record, a sex offender. But that was 20 years ago.

    Guys, could you please share to me the name, email address of the lawyer and if how much my bf will be paying for the attorney?

    Please send me an email . Thank you.

    • Serg

      I would also like the email of this Lawyer,..THANK YOU VERY MUCH in advance 🙏

  38. randy breckenridge

    i am a canadian and am divorcing my philipino wife. Because of this her family is very bitter and have been spreading lies and trying to falsify info about me to have e banned from going back to the philippines to be with my now girlfriend of 6 months. I think they have said that i have cyber bullied them.
    can i be banned from going back there and how can i find outb about this and fight it?

  39. Steve Chrisman

    I am a Texas SO and left to marry my Filipina fiancee in 2012. I returned to work to quickly earn money to supplement my pension so we could buy a house in our city in the Philippines. I never knew laws changed as they did between 2012 and now until I was denied boarding a flight home on December 7, 2017 (last week) for a months’ Christmas visit. A few days of serious internet searches brings me to your forum and the need for answers, ideas, suggestions and help in our common problem. Anyone may contact me at My name is Steve Chrisman and any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • PK

      Greetings Steve,
      You said you were not allowed to board the International Flight from the United States at all?
      Or were you denied entry into the Philippines.

      While you were living in the Philippines since 2012, were you still registered as an RSO in Texas?

      Did you have any kind of Visa at all during the entire time you were there from 2012?

      Are you now married to this Filipino?

  40. Joshua

    Hey, has any RSO travelled to Hong Kong this year yet? We’re you let in? Maybe could charter from there to Philippines. Any thoughts?

    • PK

      I question whether you are really an RSO.

      It’s been repeated to you by at least 2 people. Research your questions. And it would appear that you are simply ignoring this advice.

      “Sometimes it’s not always the best idea to broadcast everything explicitly.”
      “There’s so much information about what I was talking about, all you have to do is do a little research.”

      • Sam

        Is it just me or is there more than a few new monikers appearing all suddenly wanting to go to the Philippines?

        If it’s still your gf why not just have her apply for a tourist visa to come to the US first? Then get married in the US. After that think about trying to get to the Philippines. If it’s just a gf you have less of a chance than if you’re married

        • CR

          For anyone intending to marry a non-citizen, Sam has it right. What he describes is the best plan if the potential spouse can obtain a VISA to the US. Marry them here in the States, then get a good lawyer to help you file to adjust the status of your spouse so they can become a permanent resident (get a green card). Make sure your lawyer understands your status, and that your eligibility to petition on behalf of your spouse will be challenged because of the AWA.

          Be prepared to spend a lot of money and a lot of time. It won’t be easy, and you may fail. That’s a risk you can’t completely eliminate. Your new spouse needs to understand that too. It’s probably best if your spouse has no kids.

        • Robert Entwistle

          Most of the Philippine girls will be denied a tourist VIsa. I know because i already went through this with my lady at the embassy in Manila. What their piss poor excuse was from the most rudest person I have ever been near was that my lady doesn’t own anything in the Philippines to make her want to go back to her own country. She also needs to have at least an average monthly bank account balance of $2500 US dollars. Own some property or a home in the Phil’s. Otherwise than that they will be automatically denied.

        • Sam

          It helps if she has a trip itinerary with return tickets and hotels and such already booked. She must prove that she has the ability to fund her stay and return to the Philippines after.

          Where I am living now unless they come on domestic help visa or are pretty wealthy already they aren’t allowed into the country. But that is mostly because the other ones that come here are for prostitution jobs.

        • PK

          ” Make sure your lawyer understands your status, and that your eligibility to petition on behalf of your spouse will be challenged because of the AWA”

          I’ve read this in several Threads here, and I’m aware about this case in the 9th Circuit:
          “My wife and I have a case pending in the 9th Circuit challenging the AWA act provisions that impact immigration. Our challenge alleges both constitutional and administrative violations. The case is scheduled for oral argument during the first week of this December.”

          Are there actual provisions within AWA that prevent RSO’s to bring foreign spouses to the US?
          These rules categorically deny Green Cards or Visas to those foreign spouses?

        • R M

          Section 402 of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006, BARRING
          CONVICTED SEX OFFENDERS FROM HAVING FAMILY-BASED PETITIONS APPROVED amended Section 204(a)(1) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1154(a)(1)).

      • Joshua

        You realize asking questions is a form of research right? And just because I’m given a vague answer doesn’t mean my question was completely answered or answered to a point that I was completely satisfied with an answer. Or not sure where to find information that I can trust is accurate and not some BS that is fake. Just saying.

        • PK

          All the information you are looking for is right in this Blog and it seems pretty reliable.

  41. Joshua

    Does anyone know about Singapore or Indonesia? My gf said that she can go to any Asian country without worrying about a visa. You know if they are letting RSO in?

    • David Kennerly, "Childhood Innocence" As An Almost Supernatural Concept.

      Both S’pore and Indonesia are not letting Registrants in. Also, the same for Japan, Taiwan, Laos and Thailand. I believe Vietnam, too. Hong Kong is letting us in.

      • TS

        Sam can speak to S. Korea too, I believe, on possbily letting RCs in while we are visiting that part of Asia virtually.

      • Sam

        Singapore is overrated anyway. It’s too expensive for what you pay, all to see the stupid Merlion. Universal Studios was okay but the casino next to it doesn’t even have blackjack. Haha.

        Hong Kong on the other hand is cheaper for food at least but you need to know Cantonese for a good price on anything. Also has a Bruce Lee statue and a their own walk of fame in a garden.

        • David Kennerly, My Crystal Ball Is Broken

          Singapore is pretty boring. Hong Kong slightly less-so. I much prefer the seeming chaos of the other South-East Asian countries. They’re far more interesting in their complexity.

    • Keep looking

      Read the RTAG website, search on the International Travel tag here on this website, and/or use the search in the word block above and to the right of this website where you will find plenty of folks who have traveled internationally to that part of the world.

  42. Sam

    This has been covered multiple times. Check stickied thread on international travel or search travel matrix. Neither of those countries will allow you in if the US sends their happy little notice. Why not meet her in HK?

    From where she is at it should be like a 50-100 dollar flight round trip

    • AJ

      Personally, I’d visit a US Commonwealth out that way. The Chinese have figured it out, I’m sure others can too.

  43. Sam

    @David Not too fond of Indonesia either. Especially if you go to the tourist parts, all you see is old white Australian guys riding around with girls who look like they’re in middle school. And at night on every corner it’s someone trying to sell some type of drug or women.

    It’s quite irritating to try and relax on the beach and stare at the stars and have people try to sell you things.

    The clubs are sorta okay if you’re used to paying US prices for everything. The bottle of whiskey and a hookah my friend ordered was like 2,000,000 rupiah (200US) and you paid that just going into the club on top of the entrance fee.

    Fun stuff in the news here today though. Someone got arrested for walking around with a live hand grenade and the government is protesting the US for supporting Israel taking Jerusalem as its capitol

  44. Pat

    I am a Canadiian on the SoR in Canada, i was recently put by local police a green notice on my passport…
    does anyone know if the philippines will see or act on it?


    • Paul

      I’m not sure if we’ve seen a Canadian SOR question on here before.

      If Canadian authorities operate at all similar to how American authorities operate (which it sounds like they do given your reference to what I’m assuming you meant to be an INTERPOL Green notice), then yes, they will see it. And I’d venture to guess there’s a high likelihood that you’ll be denied entry based on that.

      The way it works here is that our government alerts INTERPOL, which in turn issues a Green notice. Our authorities also send an alert to the destination country. What the destination chooses to do with that information is entirely up to them. Unfortunately, in far too many cases, the end result has been a denial of entry.

      Hope that helps.

      • Pat

        thanks Paul,

        But as far as i know i do not believe Canada calls the Philippines before a sor arrives…i’ve heard of storys Canada might be starting to do it,but my research has come up with nothing official on it…based on research and how many aliens sex offenders got denied at entry in 2017 : 131 were americans and 1 was from Canada….which makes me believe that there’s a higher chance there letting Canadians in…

        I’m quite confused on the green Interpol thing, as i have to surrender my passport. i have to re apply for a new one..

        how would the government calling Interpol work? Interpol would have to know prior to were im going right?…i try to go in hong kong before going to the philippines to prevent this from happening..

        • Janice

          Hi everyone
          I am filipina and the love of my life is american. He had sexual offence against minor and sentenced in a year. He said his name will be out in the list in 2022. We are very frustrated to see each other, so we did a lot of researched of which country he will be allowed to see each other. We found out Palau island is the best place. Filipino citizens could fly in Palau the visa is upon arrival and could stay there for 30 days. He went through with out a problem that was march 2016. Unfortunately we dont see each other because I was hold at the Philippine Immigration they dont allowed me to board my flight the reason is I havent meet him in person here in philippines , It was my first international travel and he is sex offender. It was horrible and traumatic experienced. After a year i did try to have an international flight again to see if I was questioned about my first international flight attempt. I successfully went to Hong kong. Does any one here went successfully to Hongkong, without a problem even still on the sex offenders list? He can travel to palau, but I am scared if ill fly to palau again get offloaded again. Hopes any one could share

  45. Richard

    Hi, I have a class d felony for sexual battery and confinement. I’ll be off the the registry in few months. My wife and I want to travel her home country. Will this affect me, even if I’m off the registry? We tried calling the Philippine embassy in DC, but there was no answers.

    • AlexO

      @Richard, Technically, you should be fine. If you’re off the registry then no notification will need to be given by you (21 day travel notice) and no one should be reporting your travel plans to the destination country. But in reality, it’s a bit of a crap-shoot. The government takes a long time to really send out all the information where it needs to go. And there have been some reports of people who no longer need to registry being denied entry because Angel Watch and such have still reported on those citizens “by mistake”. Maybe its because they didn’t get the notes that the person no longer needs to register, or maybe they’re being vindictive. Basically, there’s no true guarantee but odds are you should be okay.

      One thing to consider is that some states like Florida and NY keep people on the registry indefinitely whether or not they still need to actually register, no longer live in the state, no longer live in the country, and may even be dead. If you’ve ever had to register in one of these states, you may still have the same issues traveling internationally, even if you no longer actually need to register.

      • Richard

        No I’m not registered on those states. That’s what I thought too, if I’m no longer in the registry I shouldn’t have a problem. But to be sure, We will keep on calling the Philippines embassy. My charges are more than 10 years old now, but the main concern is being on the registry. Thanks for your respond.

  46. Diane

    Hi. My name is Diane I’m a Filipina I want to know if my boyfriend who is a convict in Bilibid correctional for men in Philippines can file for voluntary deportation,he has been convicted for Life imprison but he want to be deported back to his countryin Africa. Please let me know if it’s possible for him to be deported

  47. Dean

    Hello Everyone, I have girlfriend in the Philippines. we have been talk for while!! I really love her I never met lady sweet kind and understanding. She is the best that ever happened in my life. She said she never talk to a man sweet loving. ( Philippia lady are sweet) I would like to come and see her when the coronavirus Slowed down and let Foreigners back in the Philippines. What are the chances of me going through immigration and passing the check point security. I am non-registered sex offender? My crime was a misdemeanor sexy abuse three. I was on bench probation and just had to report to my counselor.

    Sept 05 2020

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