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General Comments August 2014

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And here were are on MONTH 11 following the hearing by the 9th Circuit about Proposition 35 emails…remember that? Yes, it’s been 327 days… way over 300 days and coming up on a YEAR since the hearing on September 9 of last year. What is going on?? All three justices have given opinions on several other cases that were heard after this case. In some, those cases were heard as late as May of this year! So what is taking them so long??

Yes, I fear the worst. The case was a classic open-shut case, especially with the eviscerating questioning by the judges themselves that should have been clear in how they would rule. So pardon my cynicism, I sense a huge wordsmithing operation afoot to justify the registration scheme.

Is there anyone at EFF or any contacts with the ACLU of San Francisco where we can get some more information on this?

Well, it’s August and this week I have the thrilling reminder of not only getting one year older but that I am on the Registered Sex Offender List! What a delightful way of celebrating what most consider a joyful day.

For me it is simply an indignity to be reminded of the day that the legal system screwed me over. Of the corruption and greed that exists in unprofessional lawyers. And makes my resentment toward my country grow that much stronger as more of my freedoms are taken away and I am victimized again and again.

Happy Birthday to me!

How many times have I had those same thoughts. Thank you for expressing them.

Frankly, it is yet another punishment registration imposes, one never mentioned, a psychological thrashing that ruins the one day of the year that is supposed to be yours alone to feel special. It nukes that specialness.

It is a psychological aggression not all that dissimilar to the humiliation various facets of registration impose on registrants. Gee, the humiliation of appearing at the police station to register was once one of the punishments cited by the California Supreme Court (a former court makeup) to rule that registration is unconstitutional cruel and unusual punishment for someone convicted of lewd conduct and later a similar ruling applied to indecent exposure.

Thank you for pointing out how punishing that is. It can easily be made out to be minor irrelevancy, but it is not. Gee, these days we bend over backward and go off the deep end to make sure kids have good self esteem because we have decided that self esteems is critical. This bit of marking your birthday by going to the police station and registering is completely destroying self esteem, even makes at least some people rue the day they were born.

Anyone seen this?

Funny? Creepy? Illegal? Thoughts?

My only thought on that is that it illustrates the stupidity of having personal information available to the public and shows how it can be abused (legally abused) and turned into a joke!

This makes a joke out of this travesty and further adds to the indignity of this abuse we face daily by the government of the United States Of America.

A land I no longer respect or am not proud to have to admit that I am a citizen of!

If any California registrant is on this website, please mention it here. There may be a basis for taking legal steps. NOTE: Don’t mention your actual name!! Just say you have found yourself there. The more California registrants, the more the possibility of moving forward legally on this.

I found myself on this site and would get in on any legal action against this site’s owners.

It would appear that they’re using the “Megan’s Law Website” with no intention other than to harass P.C.290 registrants. This is not an informational website, but rather a mean spirited satire site. I’m not sure that “The Megan Nicole Kanka foundation” would see the humor in this site either. I found myself quickly with some help from the search criteria.

California RSOL recently became aware of this website and we are preparing a strategy to address it. The content on the website incites violence and provides the home addresses of registered citizens. It must be stopped.

Janice – Just wanted to let you know I have found my loved one’s name on this despicable website.

I tried to see if my husbands info was on this site. It appears to list every 290 registrant in CA. The list was way to long for me to keep scrolling thru so I assume its simply copied from the Megans law website.

You can adjust the search criteria to reduce the number of registrants that come up. I found myself on it right away by doing this.

Ok didnt realize you can put in *preferred* criteria.
Yes he is on it, and its the same pic as on the Megans law website. the pic was done while he was incarcerated. Its all a bunch of bs anyway.
but I guess its so so funny. (I dont have my sarcastic font available right now for whatever reason……..)

The doj should be worried that someone is hijacking their data.

Uh, I almost forgot, they’re not responsible for any downrange misuse of said information, abuse of and slander of victims of their registry and their families.

It would be good to see them alter the law that would make any secondary publication of this data illegal.

IT IS ILLEGAL the first page on the Meg site “the 1 that tells You if You are a sex offender You cant go any farther” Same page says Quite clearly ” IF ANY info is used for harass Us Or our families they will be charged,,,,,! So The Owners Of that site WILL BE responsible for ANY violence Towards Us..Just be Aware of Your Surroundings it is gonna get stupid, Oh Wait it Already IS!

The DOJ has been Hacked so has every other agency & THEY KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING…It is called “Social Genocide” it takes awhile but all that is needed is a little fire under the public every so often to play OVER & Over & Guess What happens?Violence plain & Simple it feeds the Machine & WE are the Grease that keeps it running & The Fuel to keep Going!

I feel a Undue Stress Case with Exponential Secondary Factors that ARE Creating a Mental Duress via social media resulting in but not limited to the fallowing;Jobless, Homeless, Heart disease, Hair loss, stress, damaged property, poisoning & killing of our pets & Us, The damage done to Our Children & Family,,Which For Most was FAMILY,,So How much more family Unit destruction is needed to achieve their goal? just askin??? WHAT IS THE GOAL???

Janice was successful in getting removed on August 21, 2014. The site was only active for about a month after she stated on August 3 that “California RSOL recently became aware of this website.” Thank you Janice, and the CA-RSOL Board of Directors.

WOW!!! That is messed Up!that site has a check box by the Name A)Marry, B)F^*k & C)KILL …& That is Legal Under Comedy? Well Do Not Get Me started This is Way Wrong and ex post facto Punishment if I Ever seen it,,,I need to take a sexier picture…Then If I am attractive I Might get lucky worst case I leave a good lookin’ Corpse!!!HAhahahhaahahahaa….Game On I Guess…That site is 2000lbs of Nuts in a 5 lb sack,,,some one is gonna get hurt I can see it Now!

I just looked up on the map. In my area, I found a guy who is 89 years old on that site! 89 years old!

I’ll bet he was convicted of indecent exposure back in 1945 — a second count, so a felony! (The same offense can involve multiple counts!)

Frankly, anyone who is 89 years old should never have to register! This guy is even right by a nursing home.

Strange; I tried to access the page and it says not available or takes me to a Time Warner search page!?

There is no more information on that point to be had from anyone but the court.

Frankly, let them take all the time they want. As long as they do, that law is on hold. If they uphold that law, it will be enforced, so no rush on that. If they overrule that law, the matter will be appealed anyway – to the very conservative US Supreme Court. In fact, I expect no matter what they rule, it will be going to SCOTUS. SCOTUS will be a harder sell than the Ninth Circuit — so the longer it is before it goes to SCOTUS, the better.

So, the longer they take, the better for registrants. Don’t be impatient; instead, applaud their delay.

Sorry, that comment got in the wrong location. I was responding to Eric Knight’s comment above, the first one posted for the month.

You are “absolutely” correct. While the preliminary injunction continues, the requirements of Prop. 35 are held in abeyance. The only thing better is a permanent injunction. Perhaps that will come after the election in November.

First, I am thankful that the electronic email and user ID (EID) registration requirements are being held in abeyance. The fact that the judges got that part right is heartening, and doesn’t burden registrants from the immediate effect of registering EID’s. So far, so good. I got that and appreciate that.

My concern, though, goes beyond the short-term ramifications of abeayance to that of the potential for the long-term effect of losing the decision. As more time is being spent on deliberations based upon a case that, by all appearances, actions, and responses rendered by the judges during oral arguments, coupled with the multitude of briefs that support our position, our position becomes more tenuous. It seems to me that the judges are looking for reasons to uphold the EID clause in any way possible, because every other jurisdiction in the country has supported some level of EID registration (as a minimum).

I think this is a case were we are both right. I am thankful for the current state of non-registration, but it doesn’t dispense with the very real possibility that the judges will wordsmith this one right back into the ash heap of constitutional destruction by upholding Prop 35’s draconian EID registration scheme.

By the way, I don’t think this is a case of waiting until the election, as the 9th circuit judges are federally appointed and aren’t subject to recall on an electoral basis. Of course, there may be other unseen forces that are in play.

Sex Fiends, Perverts, and Pedophiles
Understanding Sex Crime Policy in America
Chrysanthi S. Leon

From Megan’s Law to Jessica’s Law, almost every state in the nation has passed some law to punish sex offenders. This popular tough-on-crime legislation is often written after highly-publicized cases have made the gruesome rounds through the media, and usually features harsh sentences, lifetime GPS monitoring, a dramatic expansion of the civil commitment procedures, and severe restrictions on where released sex offenders may live. In Sex Fiends, Perverts, and Pedophiles, Chrysanthi Leon argues that, while the singular notion of the sexual boogeyman has been used to justify these harsh policies, not all sex offenders are the same and such ‘one size fits all’ policies can unfairly punish other offenders of lesser crimes, needlessly targeting, sometimes ostracizing, citizens from their own communities.

While many recognize that prison is not the right tool for every crime problem, Leon compellingly argues that the U.S. maintains a one-size-fits-all approach to sexual offending which is undermining public safety. Leon explains how we’ve reached this point—with a large incarcerated sex offender population, many of whom will be released in the coming years with multiple barriers to their success in the community, and without much expertise to guide them or to guide those who are charged to help them. Leon argues that we cannot blame the public, nor even the politicians, except indirectly. Instead, we might blame the institutions we charge with making placement decisions and with the experts—both those who have chosen to work in the field and those who have caused its marginalization. Ultimately, Leon shows that when policies intended for the worst offenders take over, all of us suffer.

30 Years Later, Key Figures Reflect On McMartin Preschool Case

The thing was that, apart from the CII doctors, none of the 124 witnesses called during the trial, or 800 exhibits in court, offered an corroborating evidence to support the prosecutor’s allegations.

Interesting article with a completely new view. That woman makes sense.


I read the article and am quite frankly shocked that someone in the Antelope Valley has had such a profound change of heart. The comments are another story. I also have to assume people in the AV don’t have a whole lot to do to occupy their time and have more hate than compassion.

Luke 6:37 “Judge not, and ye shall not be judged: condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: forgive, and ye shall be forgiven:”

My son told me that before he gets out of prison he has to attend some kind of sex offender class or be evaluated for so many days. Does anyone know anything about this.And does it mean anything?

This sounds worse than it is, it’s basically therapy for “sex offenders.” At least it was for me. For two years I was forced to take these and it’s group therapy. It is a place that one can share thoughts and experiences. If you are in Orange County, I strongly suggest Paul Larson. Best part is that you can choose from a list, so do your research first before you pick. Once you do, you may have a hard time changing depending on your PO.

I am not positive, but I think that anyone being released from prison having a sex related offense has to be evaluated. Once released, they usually have to attend monthly meetings. Hopefully someone will come along and be able to give you a more precise answer. Procedures might have changed since our son was released in 2009.

If you are in Orange County stay away from a guy named RENDON in Santa Ana.
He’s a former probation officer who is now a “therapist”, but he is really a part of the “sex abuse industry” who still acts like he’s still a PO.

The only ting he has going for him is that he is cheap,and you get what you pay for, if you don’t have the money to go to one of the REAL doctors on the county list.

He dissuades RSOs from complaining to the court if they are being harassed by their PO and sets very arbitrary standards when it comes to the polygraph test.

And if you don’t sign the paper the polygraph examiner gives you, stating, in part, that you are NOT on meds and are their of your own free will, they wont test you and he tries to get your PO to violate you for being uncooperative.

That happened to me in 2004. I was on Zoloft at the time and of course I was NOT there of my own free will. I was ordered to be there by the court/probation. Just as I was ordered to see a therapist in the first place. I was obeying the order.

maybe this link will be of some help.

While at first look he might think this is a hassle but he should make an attempt to get as much as he can out of it. His system will be in shock once he is out, many years later he’ll realize that therapy is a great thing and listening to others issues will help him deal with his own, sex offense related or not. My 2 cents.

I am on parole and facing this therapy as a condition of my parole . I am worried about the Polygraphs , how often do they do them and do they go on fishing expeditions with them ? How often are these “therapy sessions ” last and when do they end ? What is the best way to get thru this ?

Ronald –

Don’t worry about the polygraph. They CANNOT use any negative results to incarcerate/violate you. If you do have “questionable” results, your “therapist” will harrass you about it, but that is all they can do. TELL THEM NOTHING!! They are cops in disguise, they are NOT there to help you. Easiest way to get through that “therapy” is to remain as quiet and uninvolved as you possibly can. REMEMBER they tell your PO EVERYTHING!!! Oh, and in 3 years, I only had one of those stupid polygraphs, and it was 100 percent WRONG, it said I was lying about all the honest answers and that I was honest about all my lies. USELESS!! Just another moneymaker for some hack!

I would like to ask all of the legal minds and smarter-than-me people a question. I know a 288(a) if a straight felony, but is a 664.288(a) a straight felony or can it be considered a “wobbler”? I’m confused, my PD is confused and nobody has the answer? Is it discretionary? I’m in the process of felony reduction now, so that’s why I’m asking. Any supporting case law? Lewis, Marinelli, Tirey?
Thank you all and thank God for CARSOL.

They are both straight felonies.

Here is a link to a list of wobblers in California.

Just came out of court today and was granted a 17(b) and 1203.4. I now have a clean record. My final step is the Hofsheier motion to request relief from 290 registration. The judge is objective, open minded, and she seems to have a heart.

I just want to let others know to always stay strong, have faith, and never lose hope. You will ultimately prevail.


Thanks for the response. I’ve been told that any 288(a) is a straight felony, including the attempted 288(a). What I haven’t found is any plain language in the statute that specifically includes “attempt” in the wording. In People v Lewis, Lewis was first denied 1203.4 relief because of a 664.288(a) conviction, but the appellate court granted that relief, citing that attempt was not in the plain language of the statute (1203.4) but that a straight 288(a) was. The courts response is very good, so I’m going to have my PD file for reduction on both charges, one of which is a wobbler, appeal if denied on the attempt 288(a) and cite Lewis. The principle is the same, so unless attempts are included in the wording of the statute and I’ve just not found it yet, it will go the the 6th Appellate Project in a few short months. I do not want to waste time or resources of busy people, thus my question and plea for clarification.

Hello Everyone, I Am putting a SO support group together in Bakersfield, Kern County. If Anyone wishes to help Me Achieve this Goal Please E mail Me
I Believe that if No One Wants to help Us WE MUST HELP each other…That Simple! Have Faith & All is possible. Sometimes it takes Just 1 To Have the Hootspah to “Just Do It”! Well I’m That Guy. So e-Mail Me & We can discuss Issues & ways to deal with them in a peaceful legal manner yet Get ER DONE! I have been Crime free since My release in 2002 & Plan on staying that way if You feel the way I do? WE Have something in common. Have a wonderful Day Everyone,be safe & Wise & I look forward to some Kern Resident E_Mails.
Respectfully, Bruce

I would support your meetings I wish you were here in Ventura County , I go to AA for other support but there is no one to talk to about my 290 issues . Does anyone know how long I will have to wear my GPS device ? I am told I have 3 yrs parole could that be shortened if so how . I am 63 yo retired and never been in trouble with the law before . I will be starting some kind of group therapy soon is there anything I should be careful of regarding that ? I don’t know where else on this site I would ask these questions but I am so alone and I need the dialoge.

Ronald –
I was on parole in VTA county almost 3 years ago, off now, thankfully! You will NOT get off parole early, don’t believe what anyone tells you. You will have to wear that thing the entire time, and will hate every minute of it. You will have to go to those idiotic meetings for your entire parole, they will not dischage you early: you pay their salaries! The GOOD news is that, yes it will end, and yes you can resume your life, but for now, just go with the flow and do what they say. The more you abide by those idiotic rules, the easier time you will have with your PO. Feel free to contact me anytime with questions. I check this site every day. Oh, where do you live? I lived in Simi when on parole and only saw my PO the minimum times per month, they are too lazy to drive from Oxnard: I chose EAST Simi on purpose!

I would like to talk more , could you contact me at I would appreciate it . Thanks Ron

I emailed you,no response yet. Check your spam folder. Feel free to contact me anytime.


I was expecting to be on parole for 5 years but was released in a year and a half. Did have gps moniter the entire time. I was forced to live in my car for most of the time but still worked every day. I participated in all manditory counseling and the therapist actually recommended my early release. Been 4 years since then. Dont give up even if you have to do the entire parole. A mostly normal life is possible if you have the strength to make it through.

Thank you for your advice , what county did you parole to ? Did you have to wear your GPS after your shortened parole ? Any idea on how hard it would be for me to take a short trip to Colorado to see my beloved 85 yo dad ? Again I appreciate your advice .
Thanks Ron

Come on People IF Your On Parole I Get it,” No Contact” But If You Are not and in Kern County E-Mail Me There Are Things We Can do to support & help each other.

So many people were quit to jump on the father for the rape of his own child because of a past assault charge (NOT molestation as others kept referencing).

Many were quick to shout stranger danger as local law enforcement harassed local registrants.

Oh wait, it was a 17 year old “child” who wasn’t a registered sex offender. Oh and he was a close family friend no less.

How’s that Megan’s Law working for you?

Any state, any entity, any ideaology that fails to recognize the worth, the dignity, the rights of man, that state is obsolete.

More Media whoring by US Marshall’s promoting fear and a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. The person who conceived this exaggerated hype probably has an attraction to little boys in baseball uniforms and is transposing his personal demons onto people who could care less about this tournament. It leads one to believe that these Marshall’s have too much time on their hands. We need to cut back on this wasteful spending which usually produces a few inane parole violations.

Sex offenders near Little League tourney checked

So finally.. this is it.. My student loan can’t be paid in full and now the student loan people is now approaching the Department of Education to enforce and garnish.
On the request of Review section 11.. When I borrowed this guaranteed student loan to attend #### (school), I had a condition (physical, mental, age, criminal record) that prevented me from meeting State requirements for performing the occupation for which it trained me.
This section seems to be the best bet in my case… At the time of enrollment my criminal record wouldn’t stop me, but since the laws escalated after I graduated… I am not “stably” employed to be able to pay this off..

Ran into an interesting situation recently. Anyone who is a registrant should consider the numerous problems with what is presented below. For family, friends, and close associates of registrants think about how harmful a negative reaction to the following scenario doesn’t solve anything.

As a registrant I believe it’s important to be an advocate for creating an environment where logical and non judgemental discussions can begin. Specifically on topics not openly talked about or subject matter talked about from only one side. Not all of these discussions would focus on sexuality, sex offenses, attraction, or other topics connected to sex, but most definitely would. Unfortunately because of the label placed upon registrants researching, watching, reading, talking about, or otherwise engaging with information about sexual subjects might raise some eyebrows among those close to a person if they discovered such information.

For example watching a few items on Netflix or hulu or Amazon via a t.v. A certain percentage of people will say the more mature titles available through the above services amount to soft core porn. However they are still all driven by a story, even if the project was so low budget the actors are unknown, each scene looks silly, and the story is so dumb that watching grass grow would provide as much entertainment. Besides despite being seen by some as erotic none of these titles were made to arouse.
I had heard about nymphomaniac volumes one and two so naturally I decided to see what all the fuss was about. The bulk of both films are the tragic tale of what one woman has been through in her life. In volume one she tells stories of her youth and early adult life. Volume two is the rest of her adult life right up to how she ended up where she had at the start of volume one. Being foreign films they are less concerned with more accurate depictions of nudity and sexual situations. That being said I found the overall tone both films to be boring. She describes herself as a nymphomaniac and one might think “hypersexuality sounds like an interesting thing to base a fictional story on”, it MIGHT be if done correctly. Instead in these films it becomes “how can the last thing be outdone”. Outside the ridiculous lengths the films go to outdo each previous scene they feature a few too many coincidences that shatter the remaining Shards of believability. The other film that prompted the response I got was a documentary about pedophilia. If asked I still couldn’t give anyone a sufficient definition of what pedophilia is or is not. The definition changes from country to country and professionals use the word under different contexts than the average person.

Basically I was advised to be careful about what I watch because it could give off the wrong impression. I didn’t start an argument or offer any explanation as to why I chose to watch what I did nor was I asked what my thoughts were on the movies. Which brings me to my point. Even if something as simple as a fictional story and a documentary are things that may upset others, how can society ever hope to really address anything of serious nature?

I was convicted of possessing child pornography, but I don’t have any interest in prepubescent children. Actually I don’t have much interest in doing anything remotely sexual or sensual with other people, at least not yet in my life. Should I have had such interest I would have dated, had a girlfriend, and somewhere along the line become sexually active. So far as of my late twenties that has not been the case. An unfortunate consequence of my conviction is the ability to remain completely ignorant to what things are and why. Prior to watching the two part fictional story I had no real concept of what a nymphomaniac was. Now I know a tiny bit more, at least enough to know just like most other things it is complicated. The documentary was slightly more educational and eye opening. Particularly the fact that pedophilia has no universal definition. Also how society no longer defines pedophilia using it’s original meaning. Which translates from Greek into child love. Not that I am condoning adult child sexual relationships, I am merely pointing out that such relationships were common at one time in history. However it should be noted these children were not prepubescent, but pubescent so in fact it was adults with teenagers. Which again I am not advocating or even suggesting there are no potential problems.

I think it may be worthwhile in your case to revisit counseling and try to redirect your interests for the betterment of yourself and those in your life – especially as a registrant.

While we are all free to pursue our interests, maybe a redirection will serve to remove controversial subject matter and help you move such quandaries you describe here.

Best of luck to you.

I have a question regarding taking my child to school. My child will be starting school at an Orange County California school this year and I will be going on school grounds to pick her up, attend parent meetings, all the regular stuff. Does anyone know if I need to let the school know that I am a registered sex offender? Does it matter that my crime was not against a child? Just want to follow the law even if it means telling the school officials about my 20 year past. Thanks to all.

My opinion is that as long as you are not bound by parole or probation conditions, you should be able to perform all parenting duties required and not suffer retribution or obstruction or any type of ex post facto punishment.

You may need to remind the staff at the school about your child’s needs not to be singled out, harassed, ostracized and otherwise emotionally abused by the law – should be everyone’s top priority.

Demand what their position is in relation to the emotional well being of your child and that you are a custodial parent in full compliance with your registration requirements.

anyone piling on to the already difficult situation should be treated accordingly as someone who intends to inflict emotional injury upon an innocent child under the color of law or authority. This is where children have rights the cannot be circumvented by draconian policies. You may also contact the public defender’s office on behalf of your child if you feel that is necessary.

My kids attend Catholic school in LA. When people became aware of my past I ended up having a meeting with lawyers for the archdiocese. I am allowed on school grounds and attend everything. I do have rules like..not using the bathroom. I never had a problem with one parent but occasionally the principal would call me to let me know someone “new” in the school is asking questions about you. We’d discuss it he would be apologetic, but just wanted to let me know. In answer to your question most definitely yes talk to the principal and bring someone you know who has kids there and knows your situation for support. The law is you have to have approval.
Good luck.

PLEASE DO NOT follow any advice you hear on the internet, including this site.

PLEASE DO review California Penal Code Section 626.81

That is the (state) law. Tread lightly.

626.81. (a) A person who is required to register as a sex offender pursuant to Section 290, who comes into any school building or upon any school ground without lawful business thereon and written permission indicating the date or dates and times for which permission has been granted from the chief administrative official of that school, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Think they won’t haul you off in cuffs in front of the children? Think again. And google sex offender and unlawful presence in schools.

Think they would not traumatize your child to this extent? Think again. If it saves one child (errr – not yours…)

Very often schools are used as places to vote. It’s an interesting conflict. Is there any case law on point?

This was brought up on this site in the past. And yes, it is a violation of a citizen’s most basic rights. It really does not get more basic than that. And no, absentee ballot voting is not the same.

But, just like the park bans, unless someone stands up and takes a chance and files a lawsuit absolutely nothing is going to change.

On this topic, I just saw this article….

Just when you think it cannot get any more absurd there is yet another story that proves me wrong and renders me speechless. I mean, seriously, do we have nothing better to do with our time and resources? What a pathetic joke.


I am in Orange County. RSO recently discharged from parole. I have lost all contact with friends. Unemployed, broke and struggling. Isolated. Looking to make changes. Looking for some support. A friendly face. A job. Counseling. Suggestions. Need to reintroduce myself to the human race. Email is Thanks.

I appreciate the comments to my question regarding being on school grounds of my young child. Especially useful was the penal code wording. I clearly need to inform the school’s principal of my past. It’s probably best that way anyway. If/WHEN a teacher or parent becomes aware of my status I don’t want them to panic, but instead feel confident about the safety of all. I hope the Principal and teacher will still treat us with the respect and friendliness we have enjoyed. It is a private Christian school so hope they follow the bible teachings as it relates to this situation. I fear at some point in my child’s 12 years of schooling they will be forced to address this secret about their father. I fear for their emotional protection. Aagh.

Hopefully the “christians” will show you some mercy. The one tip I can give you is try and go as long as you can before you start to tell people about your past. I never told anyone at our school about my past so when it came online people had already known me for three years and pretty much let it slide. Try to build friendships and hope for the best.


In 1997 I was convicted of 261 a 4. I received probation and community service. Since that time I received a 1203.4 that reduced the Felony to a Misdemeanor and then vacated the charge. I subsequently received a COR from a judge. My petition for a pardon is held up in the Prison Board Review because it is no longer a Felony. I am aware that a Governor Pardon is not only unrealistic, but would force more publicity on me anyway through the papers and will still show up in public records. Because of my past, I was recently let go from my executive job. As you are all aware, the Internet is making things harder and harder for my family and I and all of you.

Does anyone know if the DOJ has ever granted relief from the Megan’s Law Website, for items like mine that are not listed on the removal process request? I tried with the 1203.4, before my COR was granted and the request was denied. Also, I was wondering if any of you know how to get off of the Offender Website? Everything I find on these guys sends me back to deal with the Megan’s Law DOJ website, which I have not been able to obtain relief from. Every time I apply for a job, the hiring company looks me up on Google and the third item is I know CA Companies are not supposed to use my background against me, but even background checks now search for sex offenders. My credit shows good, because of the 1203.4, no convictions come back, and then bam, sex offender check, yes, listed. Does anyone have advice for using a reputation firm to push the bad Internet Sites down on Google Searches? There are many out there, all expensive. Any advice from you all is appreciated, I am at the end of my rope here.

Thank you,

Still Trying

Still Trying – Please call California RSOL for an attorney referral on this matter.