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Local Sex Offender Watch Alert Barred

Sonora, CA — The Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Department can no longer provide a sex offender watch list or alert residents when an offender moves into their neighborhood.

The Sheriff’s Office has been forced by California’s Department of Justice to drop the “Offender Watch” online service which allowed residents to go on line, enter their address and be alerted via email if a sex offender moved in. Full Article

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Gee Sheriff, what now? How much money did you waste? Well, back to the drawing board.

Famous last words: “It sounded like a good idea at the time”…

Until the bell of Liberty rang loudly and clearly (and in a deafening manner to some!)

What’s next is they’ll get their friends in state government to revise the laws in order to make this sort of thing legal. They keep trying and it seems that no matter how many times it gets shut down, things somehow continue to get worse. I still feel the judges who hang their impartiality at the door and allow the emotionally charged cases about one or two extremely violent murderers to affect their decisions and look on any offender, innocent or not, regardless of the specific crime, as another violent predator, should be treated as criminals themselves. They are deliberately… Read more »

Another example of the cops twisting a law well beyond it’s intended purpose into something it was never intended to be. Probably because of false beliefs about registrants.

Another example that indicates not even the cops are responsible enough to abide by the laws of the land. Tuolumne County Sheriff Jim Mele should go to Florida where he can pervert the law without anyone forcing him to obey the law.

This is a good thing done by California’s Department of Justice.

What can I say ?

Another WIN!!!

Chuck Roderick still offers the same “service”, going even further as to publish names, personal details, where people work and who they associate with…

So if the DOJ “forces” cops from doing it, but ignoring Mr. Roderick.. then what the H. E. Double Toothpicks is going on?

Great News! Unfortunately this article doesn’t offer much information. Was this decision handed down pending a lawsuit? Will all the other counties and municipalities in California who utilize ‘Offender Watch’ be required to discontinue patronizing them as well? I hope this will bring an end here in California, and the nation too, to these opportunists who are getting rich off the misery and dehumanizing of a group of citizen who’ve paid their debt to society and who should be able to move on and be left alone.

wondering what else we can ask the California’s Department of Justice to do for us?
Oh yes..

1) Have them tell the L.E that they are NOT allow to go to RSO home and “verify ” that RSO live there.

2)Shut down the Megan Law website because it FULL of errors.

I wonder if this applies to civilians also. When I moved back into my house someone distributed fliers around the neighborhood (maybe it was the sheriffs themselves). I gave them no cause, other than having my name on the list.

This is a good point and I believe such practices amount to harassment and should be not only banned but prosecuted.

People that commit crimes against victims of the registry should have their picture in a special place on the website that is accessible to victims of the registry. That way, victims of the registry and their family members can take adequate steps to protect themselves from these dangerous individuals.

I’ve been self-employed for nearly 15 years. But back when i did work for someone else, i remember our “sexual harassment” training requirements for new hires and existing staff. At that time, “sexual harassment” i the workplace was becoming the newly discussed issue in the media and the courts were weighing heavily in favor of the “victims”. Now i imagine there are plenty of legitimate cases, but i also remember how it started to become the running joke because we kept seeing people making false claims and filing frivolous lawsuits to get money out of their bosses. I wonder, after… Read more »

Civilians are NOT supposed to be distributing flyers. This type of distribution can only be done by law enforcement and pursuant to Megan’s Law. This happened to me, too. I am not on the website. Someone who has a strong hatred of me (yet doesn’t even know me other than the fact that we know the same people), who has stalked me for almost 2 years took it upon herself to create a flyer and put it on all my neighbors’ vehicles. I reported it to the PD but they did nothing about it. My former P.O. and my therapist… Read more »

The unstated rationale for the registry is enact revenge, and the public’s role in it is to keep us on edge and do what the officers of the law can’t get away with. It’s a prison guard mentality. It is the same reason they had shaming laws in the past. They didn’t have many prisons 200 year ago, so the public served to enact revenge. Today there are not enough prisons to take in all those the public wants to label as sex offenders. Looking at all the comments from the pro registry public, I get the sense they want… Read more »

This is great. In an earlier thread, I commented that these rules supersede the DOJ notification protocol, and I was right!

Knock on wood but this instance is a crucial turning point in the frenzy of sensationalism, hyperbole, distortion and opportunism that much of these practices are based upon. Now if we can get private security firms that specialize in these practices reeled in …

I recently contacted the Department of Justice regarding my local law enforcement agency which still links to “offender watch”. I asked them if they would be informing all California law enforcement agencies, as well as mine, to stop using this online service. I was told that it was my responsibility to exhaust all local avenues (ie:local police, county sheriff, county D.A. etc.) The letter offered no information as to what I was to do after that. I would like any information as to how this order to the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s office came about.

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