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Best of luck to you and seems as if you’ve gone to battle prepared. Your experience can help a lot of registrants.

When they don’t honor a fair trial ..anything everything that follows is a sham……………when a record is tampered with becomes corrupted .


You appear to be fairly well versed in sex offender legal issues, or at least those that pertain to your case. I do have a question, more a curiosity that is related to my issue. I ask because you’ve shown a good understanding. Last month I had my record cleared per 1203.4, which is a big step. Next step is to reduce charge(s) to misdemeanors. both are attempts; 664.288 (a) and 664.288.2b. I know the 2b is a wobbler, so no problem there, but everyone thus far tells me that I’m SOL on the (a). Now, according to People v Lewis,2006, the appellate court said that an attempt is a separate and distinct from the completed crime, and that had the legislature wanted it to be the same, then they would have included the “attempt” or 664 in the law. So, based on Lewis, an attempted 288(a) IS totally different than a completed 288 (a). So, in your opinion do I have a snowball’s chance of reducing a 664.288(a)? Has anybody ever even tried, failed and appealed? Searching for answers.

Now, while I would never wish the SOR on anyone this here is an outrage:

What is the point of mandatory registration, all in the name of protecting the public, when the prosecutor has the power to modify the charges? How many here come to this site everyday for ‘groping’ someone???

This is The Best Article/Post I have Read Yet My Hat IS Off To The Woman Who Wrote this. If Only More family Members would post articles Like This…The Media WOULD HAVE a BATTLE! & WE WOULD EVENTUALLY PREVAIL…

Wow.. Not even sure if I got good news or bad news…
I actually had a consulting meeting with a lawyer.. for free.. did review some brief things and said “Since your case was UCMJ, its not a felony or anything really. But it allows the local states to interpret the crimes to fit in their classifications of if it is a felony or misdemeanor and what penal code it falls under….

Another sign that the apocalypse is upon us…. foot rubbing? monster? Meanwhile, brown children all over the world are torn to shreds by US Hellfire Missiles dropped by Predator Drones… collateral damage.


A few of the performing arts centers in my area are on high school or middle school grounds. The performances are at night, when school is out, yet technically a registrant has to obtain permission from the school administrator. If I do this, are they going to post guards at the door, thinking I’m going to say to my wife at intermission, “excuse me dear, I have to go and abduct one of the few children that attend performances of Les Miserable. I’ll be back shortly.” The scope of these laws is truly idiotic. Has anyone gone and asked permission to see a play or an Irish band, etc. at a local school? Oh, that’s right, I’m too embarassed to ask for permission to spend an innocuous night out with my wife of 30 years. Your right, 10 years after I got off probation, I have to ask the principal/surveillance officer for permission. Negative? No, angry.


I havent had one of these yet. I’m not saying I’m doing ANYTHING WRONG, but just having a bit of anxiety about the whole concept.

Can anyone share with me when, how often, how long, and what exactly they ask during these sessions?

Specifically I’ve been to a park to walk my dog – but it was the baseball diamond and not the jungle gym area. I’ve been to movie theatres – to watch mature/mainstream movies – not PIXAR – and always with friends. I’ve also been around children – briefly (I very much try to avoid) when I stop by to visit my friends house (who knows everything and wrote an actual character letter).

So again just a little weirded out about everything – okay, a lot.