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Carson vows to ‘go to war’ to keep sex offender restrictions

Carson’s political leaders are prepared to throw the city’s weight — and its bank account — behind a legal and legislative battle to maintain control over where sex offenders are allowed to visit and live in the city. Full Article

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  1. Q

    Hmm; I wonder how many instances of a registrant, or a non registrant committing a crime against a child at day care centers, libraries, or other areas where children gather would be found in Carson if anyone decided to look. It all sounds pretty dramatic; war? This all sounds like more of an ego trip than a “war.” There’s already plenty of state laws in place to allay their fears of the imaginary boogeymen waiting for a chance to abscond their little white middle class children.

    These people are stupid. I can’t understand why the attorney fees aren’t higher, which would send a pretty clear cut message to any city wishing to declare “war” on state law and American citizens. If any city deserves this it’s Carson. Besides, they’re practically making an offer to finance the mission of CA-RSOL with their obstinate attitude. Talk about screwing every citizen of Carson! I think Janice is being kind when she uses the word “foolish.” Jeez!; what part of “hefty legal fees and poor prospects for victory” don’t they understand? I really don’t think it’s the children that need protection from registrants; I think it’s the entire population that needs protection; but not protection from registrants; they need protection from the city counsel!

    . “It’s just like this really deep-rooted denial to say that sex offenders are all monsters and horrible people.

    I couldn’t agree more! It’s really sad when supposedly responsible and upright people in responsible positions of trust just assume they are qualified to make decisions on matters they haven’t bothered to educate themselves on; it really says allot about these kinds of people.

    • Richard

      As we approach the three quarter of a million mark of registered ex-offenders; I think the registry is impractical as a whole. It is difficult to find a needle in the haystack if the haystack is increasingly larger. There should be a practical path to get off the registry, one that encourages sober living and action. For someone to be told they will be on the registry for life is self defeating; the millions of dollars and untold man hours spent on this pedestrian idea is irresponsible. Societies need to embrace and support their people, not attempt to segregate and vilify different groups from within.

  2. Janice Bellucci

    The City of Carson continues to act outside the boundaries of the law. The fact that the Council refused to honor the settlement agreement signed by both the City Manager and the City Attorney is but one example. Perhaps the only way to deal with such a City is to fight fire with fire. If they have declared a war, we will have to bring the necessary artillery.

  3. sérviam

    I wonder how much money Carson has to throw into legislation? Senator Lou Correa already tried this with SB 386 last year, which didn’t make it. It was so bad and so unpopular that he pulled it before the Public Safety hearing.
    The bigger governments generally don’t like the little municipal governments telling them how to run the state. Just like in McCullough v. Maryland (1819), when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the States could not usurp the authority of the Federal government.
    Anyhow, I hope Carson has lots of money to hire lobbyists to do their bidding. Because we have aggressive lobbyists who aren’t paid a red cent, who do it because they want to and are willing to volunteer mountains of time and effort. For every couple of thousand dollars that Carson will have to pay their lobbyists to do a few minutes work at a time, there will be a whole slew of lobbyists from organizations who will oppose such a ridiculous bill.

    Money is best not spent on soldiers who must be paid to fight.

    • j

      That letter that someone had the courage to write to Correa should be updated and sent to the authors of the current Assembly and Senate bills addressing presence restrictions.

      When taxpayers pay for legislators to write up decades old hyperbole that has been proven untrue and unsound, and attempt to disguise it as statute, society as a whole continues to sink to unprecedented lows. The constituents deserve the truth and need to step forward and demand it.

  4. Jim

    As a registered citizen living in the city of Carson, I only have this to say to Janice. (HANG EM HIGH)

  5. ab

    Go to war? What, is Carson all the sudden a military force, terrorist organization, or a rebel movement? Either way I doubt the federal government will approve of these forces on American soil.

  6. Eric Knight

    I would go for $2,000,000 at this point, at least. That’s two MILLION dollars.

    This amount is in line, and definitely in the magnitue, of virtually every other wrongful restrictions against Americans that don’t involve sex offenders. This is a far greater restriction.

    I look forward to this court battle, and hope that the date for the arguments in court are publicized or at least recorded so we can watch the stupidity of the city’s arguments.

  7. mk

    How will the public ever get over their “irrational fears” if newspapers and politicians keep insisting all sex offenders re-offend and are so dangerous they cant be trusted to go to a library without jumping out from a bush and assaulting or kidnapping a child? Look at the title of this, its under CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN.

    I just have to shake my head.

  8. MM

    Unbelievable! An agreement is made and then they refuse to abide by it. What bafoons! With Janice at the helm … they should be afraid, not even sure they can prepare for this ‘war’ ~ they will lose.

  9. Brubaker

    Thank you carson public service personnel …keep up the bad work ….Brubaker like ‘weight’ of ‘bank’.

  10. Robert Curtis

    This is NOT a protect the children issue, but it is being used to appear as such. There has not been any history of a registrant (after going through probation, therapy and time served) attacking a child in a park. The real motive I believe is a political one. Registered citizens have become the perfect new political whipping boy for votes. Face it under the guise of punishing those deemed as evil and from the angle used to protect the children who wouldn’t be okay with these kind of measures? To NOT be for them you would somehow be seen as NOT being there for child safety.

    What fuels their reasoning is the societal climate. People are afraid and out of control. It is from that Black-hole of darkness that comes our challenge. It’s not these people we must fight it’s their fears. Parents lack of control of their kids, the feelings of insecurity about the future and the feeding of that fear by the media. Society has a cancer it’s the THEM verses US mentality and the illusion that we are somehow separate from THEM. We are them. We registrants come from the same backyards and playgrounds as them. Defining that is our challenge.

    Registrants are the best targets to release against from that place of darkness. How do we fight such a Goliath? We do it with truth. This truth and the history that has always looked for a scape goat to victimize. The truth from the past of those once viewed in this way (slaves, Jews, Japanese Americans and the Native Americans) are our allies. We will gain more allies to fight this evil as the truth reveals itself to others and to society over time…some in the clergy and some in societal groups, but most important WE needed to hold fast and stand firm with each other.

    This fight is a light against darkness fight people. The sad thing is that this darkness is thought by these (otherwise nice) people as a thing of light. The Sex Offender Registry is a LIVING DEATH it is Evil and it is Wrong. Proverbs 16:25. There is a way to a man that seems right but the end thereof is the ways of DEATH. Be of good cheer people we are on the right side of this issue. TRUTH

  11. Tim

    They are going to war with the Constitution? With lies as their only ammunition? How dramatic, Doňes Quixote de Carson! Nonetheless, I am willing to chip in a little extra for the war effort. Anyone with me?

  12. Craig

    Yes Tim, I do not even live in your state but will send a donation when I get paid next week, Janice is the best, CARSOL is lucky to have her.

    • Tim

      Unless you’re in some unheard of State where sex offender panic hasn’t arrived, Janice and the CaRSOL board’s actions here should benefit all registrants everywhere, in time, piece by piece. In fact, I’ll look out for actions by other groups in other states to contribute to. Don’t have a lot to spare change, and it is not my only cause but wow, the return on investment!
      Now I know people hear this and will fly into a panic imagining that demons are being released on the earth because of these successful lawsuits. But I am tired of being demonized for something I did years past, after serving the sentence handed to me, after having made peace with my family and the former victim and willingly followed the laws. I have no intention of enabling people who harm others, but laws like these ordinances are based on what can only be said to be a religious like dogma, based upon superstition, and upheld by people who act like zealots who can care less if their beliefs protect people or harm them.

  13. Bluewall

    Everyone forgets.. Carson is not a little guy… They have refinery money pouring to them daily… I’m surprised they didn’t refuse the settlement on the first shot…

    • Q

      Seems like Carson has more money than good sense.

      • Jim

        I’m not sure of Carsons money matters, but I do know that they have no good sense nor do they have any common sense.

    • Jim

      i’m not sure how big you think Carson is, but for the most of many years I’ve lived here all the refineries are located in other citys around Carson. Lomita, Wilmington, San Pedro and Torrence

    • Eric Knight

      No, it’s not the refinery money per se. It’s more of a corrupt crony capitalist empire each councilmember seems to be privy to, especially Mayor Jim Dear. They play a lot of games in a lot of courts in the LA metro area, so I imagine they thought that their connections may be able to help in this regard.

      But their own attorney has not once but TWICE recommended against this action.

      Frankly, I’m actually GLAD it’s this progressive cess pool of inside crony capitalism that will feel Janice’s wrath. That is why I recommended such a high penalty amount, because these yahoos are USED to such high stakes games and deserve to be punished as such.

  14. Tim

    Carson is facing a budget shortfall:
    I like (sarcasm intended) the city’s proposed surveillance system, which is presently unfunded. Maybe the funds wasted on fighting to keep the ordinances intact will mean the citizens of Carson will also avoid having their privacy violated by cameras all over the city.

    • Tim

      …oh, but they will most likely not reinstate funding for the arts or children’s programs — how ironic and stupid that would be.

    • Q


      This guy, the mayor doesn’t seem to be much of a leader. He and the other counsel members are being unwise with the city’s money at best; but a more accurate description of this bunch is irresponsible. If they are forecasting a budget deficit it makes no sense to expand city operations and services to prerecission levels or to hire new employees. It’s like they are pretending there isn’t a problem instead of working with what they have to work with!

      I think this city counsel needs to practice a little self discipline tempered with common sense before they bankrupt the city. I think we are all aware the city of Carson is going to lose their bid to be allowed to act outside of the law, which makes me wonder if they will act on the proposal by the newly hired assistant city manager to spend $4 million on a surveillance system for parks and a few intersections. These jokers are already screwing the residents and now they want to pinch their pockets some more for things like running a yellow light? Is this their strategy to offset the predicted deficit? And are monuments (to what?!?!?!) really necessary?

      • j

        Running a yellow light ? So this is how low the city has stooped to scrape revenue off the backs of taxpayers? As far as I know, the California vehicle code indicated that as long as any portion of your vehicle has passed the designated stop line, while the light is yellow, you are not running the red light.

        Taking a few of these cases to court in a class action lawsuit is what is necessary to underscore the fact that this is a rogue jurisdiction led by a bunch of adolescent minded “leaders” – and I use the term VERY LOOSELY!

        They need pain in the pocketbook since their brains are frozen solid with stupidity, stubbornness and HUBRIS!

        With this lack of forethought, it would be easy to surmise that the toxic site that they are planning on building a stadium on must be looked into by the EPA and anyone that might have at least one iota more of brainpower than this intelligence starved regime.

  15. Tired of hiding

    Anyone familiar with my comments on this site KNOW that I have always said that we are at war and are under attack from our own government! I am glad that someone on the enemies side is finally admitting it!

    Our government is attacking us illegally and violating our constitutional rights with lifetime punishment after we have paid the debt to society (even though many of us are totally innocent and others were found guilty of a victimless “crime”)!

    So now tell me that passive action is the only way to win this war. They attached first…they are the aggressor…in this battle!

  16. Michael

    They need a good, legal, kick in the teeth. I hope they get it come June.


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