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UK: Anime fan convicted over illegal pictures of imaginary children

A jobless animation fan has made legal history as he was convicted of having illegal pictures of cartoon children. ____ ____, 39, is believed to be the first in the UK hauled before court over his collection of Japanese Manga or Anime-style images alone.

He admitted 10 counts of possessing prohibited images of children at Teesside Crown Court. His barrister Richard Bennett said: “These are not what would be termed as paedophilic images. These are cartoons.” Full Article

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This is a very scary and slippery slope. On one hand, they can argue that a person possessing/looking at real photographs represents harm to a victim as a real person was involved. However, these are just drawings. Why is it that I think something like this could become a blank check for prosecutors and the government?

Well, society itself seems to have become mentally aberrant on the issue of sex. I can only hope that a cure for it can be found. For these people to have anxiety attacks concerning completely imaginary events with completely imaginary characters really does stretch the bounds of sanity beyond the breaking point.

Hey USA…are you happy now? See what a lousy influence you’ve been to your big brother across the pond?

If fantasy(fictional art is after all, just fantasy) is now a crime, then you better go arrest EVERY man that has ever watched Britney Spears’ early music videos, almost every teen movie ever made in the last 35 years, and has ever been to a beach in the summer. This is getting ridiculous!!!

The producers of this abhorrent filth should be the ones who are prosecuted. God only knows how many more of these poor little creatures will be violated before the legal system comes to their rescue.

Drawings, paintings, animations, sculptures, statues, casts, molds, dolls, and other items which can potentially feature a recreated likeness of something real is not in of itself real. If anything this is intolerance at its best.

This is nothing more than censorship. Are the producers of violent video games…movies…musical lyrics prosecuted for murder, assault, or rape…I think not!

Why? Because that would be denying them their freedom of expression = censorship.

You MAY not like this person’s drawing BUT he has every right to make them.

You don’t have to like him as a person…but again, he has every right to his opinion and the right to express it…however unpopular it maybe.

Technically forbidding real images and videos is also censorship. If I felt that engaging in a discussion about the legitimacy and effectiveness of censoring images and videos of real people would do any good its a conversation I would willing start. For now and depending on each person’s personal perspective, not having such a conversation could be part of the real problem or completely trivial.

Despite our best efforts to shield information from each other for whichever reasons, the world we created and the way societies are run does generally means things can get unrated very quickly.

I have no problem with forbidding images of heinous acts against children. Yes, it’s censorship, but a level of censorship that is and I believe SHOULD be tolerated because it involves the victimizing of children and someone viewing it for their own gratification. Remember, the first statement of what CA RSOL believes is “No sexual abuse is ever acceptable.” It would be wise of us to never make statements here that could be interpreted by those against us as finding any sexual abuse as acceptable, no matter how true they may be when you get down to the literal meanings… Read more »

So you have no problem criminalizing fictitious heinous acts against imaginary children but it is okay against adults?

Been to the movies lately or do you spend all your free time on the slippery slope?

CA RSOL is correct in stating its goal as ““No sexual abuse is ever acceptable.” Because, distasteful as it (admittedly) is, this isn’t. Just like it isn’t in the movies. Kids or not.

You misunderstood. I said heinous acts, not fictitious heinous acts. Scroll up and see what my thoughts on fictitious acts actually is. The previous poster had said “Technically forbidding real images and videos is also censorship.” Do me a favor and read everything before blasting me, ok?

what about all the art museums with nude pictures and staues. i was just in New York watching people stare at these horrid pieces of art OMG i’m appalled…take them down its causing people to stumble…

I wonder if the law there under which he was convicted is anything like the California laws. If the letter of the law in California were followed, no one could be convicted in these stings because of the wording of the laws. These laws state something along the lines of the perpetrator “knows or reasonably should know the person is a minor.” Well, to know implies it to be fact. You cannot know the earth is flat, no matter how many people say it is or how convincing someone persuades you, you can only believe it. By the same token,… Read more »

Cartoon characters don’t have an age. Sure someone could draw or animate a character to look around an age, but in reality and across the billions of people around the world how one person looks on their fifth birthday isn’t universal. Nor are appearances universal for any other age. Someone who is 30 can appear to still be seventeen or eighteen, maybe even younger. For real people I would understand if someone who has started puberty looks much older than they actually are. Anyone who looks prepubescent should easily cause a reasonable person to guess that person is not of… Read more »

The only reason someone should have given this comment a thumbs down is they believe firmly in the myth that sex offenders are dangerous and the stings are a great idea. Otherwise, you didn’t really read what I said here or in my other posts. Did you not notice I was pointing out what a farce these laws are in the first place?

Sometimes people accidentally click on down when they meant up. Now if you get multiple thumbs down like I often do, then it’s a different story.

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