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A $5 Billion Proposal to Fight Online Child Sexual Abuse

New legislation would try to curb the illegal imagery with record levels of funding for law enforcement. The bill, coming in response to a Times investigation, also calls for a new oversight position in the White House. Full Article

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It’s not about money, personnel, or equipment. Focusing on what matters most will be the only way to have an impact. Want to stop child pornography from being created? Discover what leads to it’s creation and prevent the underlying circumstances from developing on a global scale. Human trafficking? Stop potential traffickers from ever becoming potential traffickers years in advance and do the same with possible victims. If all parties are diverted away from ever getting close to being involved with each other then over time it will be much easier to address instances when they arise. Recidivism has been something law enforcement has wanted to reduce, it is time now to start being concerned about cidivism, which oddly enough isn’t an officially recognized word in English and that’s a serious problem.

@ ab: I would guess that, as usual, hardly a single penny would support any sort of prevention….. which makes me think they really don’t want to prevent anything. They want to catch. They want to punish ad infinitum…… but they don’t actually wish to prevent anything. Not enough money in real prevention, I suppose.
(I would like to say that I don’t understand why sexual offender counselors are silent on such proposed legislation. But I suspect they prefer having a court-mandated, required-to-attend treatment population because they’re then guaranteed steady income…… As opposed to any sort of preventative counseling which would entail a voluntary treatment population. [Suffering of little children be damned, I guess.☹️])

Splendid. More stupid stings.

Could someone please show me one single thing that the Feds are doing or have done to prevent the production of CP? Since they’ve effectively taken over its distribution, I’m seriously wondering if they haven’t gone into production as well.

Much of that money will end up at donut shop.

“The Federal Bureau of Investigation would get 100 new agents to work on child exploitation, trafficking and abduction cases; the Department of Justice’s Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section would create 90 new positions.” That is a lot of new cops watch child porn all day.

They will never be able to fully eliminate CP Online no matter how much money or legislation they throw at it. This is their sad reality and hard truth.

They might as well be having a war on dust.

A huge majority of people that have CP convictions have ZERO sexual interests in children, but their lives are needlessly ruined because of the registry. Apart from the obvious virtue signaling idiocy, how does that combat, thwart or curtail anything?

Amen to that. So true.

And as long as teenagers have cell phones with cameras and continue “sexting” each other, there will be endless, ongoing production of illegal images (CP).
How exactly do they propose to stop that when nearly every teen in the developed world has a cell phone?? Like using a garden hose to battle a forest fire. 🙄
(I wonder if a time will come when they eventually give up this endless battle, similar to the war on drugs that can never be won.)

Yup, almost 30% of new “sex crimes’ are by minors. I’m not banging on minors. Humans have sexual needs and desires. Some earlier than others. Is sex or wanting to feel comfort in another human so bad?

Sexual explortation is one thing and sexual intimidation is another. Sure I’m for cleaning up the internet with all this sexual stuff. If Adults want to go on the internet than thats their business. Adult entertainment is Adult entertainment if that is what one seeks. Seems to me that everyone wants to be a perfect gentlemen via this adult issue that smells of sour grape’s.

Don’t you think christians have gotten caught up in some of this registry issue. And yes while much of this is wrong many men and some women have gotten trapped by this web of deceit its time for authorities to clean up much of this. Teenagers and men in mid age rages have gotten caught up in much of this registry by those authorities that seem to make a mockery of their position when they induce these ordeals to snag others with this pretend method.
Well take a look at this pandermic today is it a pretend thing today and its really killing some in many area’s of the USA and the world. All of us are cardnal and have a thorn in the flesh but when one takes it to the internet it can be deadly. Nothing wrong with wanting to meet a gal via the internet but moral standards are moral standards and issues are issues.

We can all learn lessons and even police authority’s that induce these ordeals but in the long run who is trying to run over who with a lot of this sex type CP or sending some picture of a distasteful color. I wouldn’t think thats the way to influence a gal via the internet that you have never seen or met.

Saddles, normally I don’t get half the stuff you say, but I think you’re on to something in you’re latest comment. It’s true that good people (Christian and non-Christian alike) of moral conviction get caught up in this hysterical anti-child pornography crusade. Middle age men with no criminal record are sent to prison for years on their first offense for having obscene photos on their smartphone. Teenagers are labeled sex offenders for texting nude photos of themselves to their girlfriends & boyfriends. Early on they face a life of ruin-not getting jobs, not going to college because sex offenders can’t stay on campus, not being able to rent a decent apartment and a whole host of other things. But what I hate the most about these cp laws is that some investigator gets to sit on their bottom in a computer forensics lab and decide what image fits the definition of “a child.” And that very decision could take a person’s freedom away for years, even decades in some states of the union. I have a great more respect for Muslim, some African & Asian countries that ban ALL pornography under moral grounds. Then there’s no confusion over the whole issue. But of course victim rights groups and fear mongering politicians won’t let that happen because they need to single it out to a child who would become a perpetual victim, thus creating perpetual offenders to fill our prisons.

I am so tired of seeing bills like this and others totally unrelated to sex offenses that spend so, so , so , so much money on everything but outreach and prevention. I am just sick of it.

Talk about a $5 billion dollar proposal, Russ I can’t even understand much of this registry myself, but one thing you said that caught my understanding is “investigator gets to sit on their bottom in a computer forensics lab and decide what image fits”, and that impressed me. Are not these authorities presenting an image of a teenage gal looking for sex? Presenting an image to trap, induce, seduce, the carnal mind of another. A child much less a teenager wouldn’t go to all that trouble. Just ask some of the women on here if teenagers would do that. Sure their are many on the registry caught up in all this money scheme if thats the point.

Yes the old saying is it takes money to make money is a given but who is on the receiving end of this sex offender game or CP clean up. Governments are spending money to clean up the internet sounds like a public service announcment to cover up that they haven’t even started to aplease the public. Much of this may be an oversight but the real crackdown is authorities over rating themselves with their own commandments.or docttrines of law.

Sure all this money government wants to spend to clean up the internet if that is the case when Facts should matter gives a good basis that they will never clean it up.Well the buck has to stop somewhere and if government cleans up the CP than its good. I’m just upset as all you others on here with the way as you say Russ that they sit in their computer lab and try all tricky methods to get one to come down to their level.

The first night they induced that on me. Second night they tried to con me again and I had to make a decision.. I didn’t make a choice I made a decision which is different. Even the traveling paqrt is shaded in a mist when I asked to back out when they called me on my cell phone.

Sure I hope they clean up the whole internet with this undercover operation using children as bait and than wanting to check out one’s computer, cell phone for other things to lay on one in these vain inducements. Talk about a $5 billion dollar proposal. Russ when you put force or pressure on anything its bound to crack and I hate to say but sex is a weakness in everyone.

Oh the fbi is fighting with themselves!! That is nothing New! They have the Most child pornography in the world. The fbi love children porn!. Money

David, Facts,Russ, Harry and many of you guys on here. Much of this registry is a trap and bait. I am sure you all know it. The detective that gave me a plea deal said to me and I quote .. We could of taken your car, your computer, and everything. Oh yes I could see the remorse in that detective’s eyes when he gave me that little “wink” that said trust me if you plead gulty I’ll make sure things will be alright. Oh and the detective that busted me was a Christain. I would think someone or those ministers needs a good understanding. Do we all all error in life.

Imagine a Christian setting up another Christian. He didn’t know how to take it when I told him who know’s the thoughts and deeds of another. I’m just trying to help out guys as much of this registry needs to go. And as far as what David said: with the suffer the children in his comment. We are all children. One wonder who has control of the internet now or is it state owned. Tim in WI could tell you about that. Talk about using a false teen pic. plus sex as a device mottis operendi or scapegoat to trap in much of this. Can’t anyone see a pharisee type pattern or do they use the same teenage picture to entice one via an adult type chat room. the same wordage in many cases to text one to get them caught up. Yes one can be a christian or non christian in this game of tin pan alley for sex with one being the can one would say. Just a theory I have but christians should never induce on another.

Sure I hope everyone gets some closure and positive results as this registry needs to go in many ways and cleaned up. Its bad when fellow American’s are induced like this in this game of de butchery .

Facts should matter,
Thank you for pointing out that the majority of people who view CP have ZERO interest in children. This is the offense that my husband was charged with and I get so tired of the very first question people asking when they find out “Has he ever touched anyone?” I think I am going to start asking, “Do you own a gun?” Then respond with “Have you killed anyone?” While I don’t agree with the fact that he looked at the pictures, it doesn’t mean that he plans to harm someone (he also had an evaluation done by a renowned psychologist that showed he had zero interest in children). I also watch every real life crime show that is available and, no, I do not plan to harm anyone.
This journey has changed the way I think and feel about the government. How can one support a system that takes away one’s right to earn a living and charge them with many monthly expenses and force them to move out of their home because of its location?

Actually I have gotten a lot of insight from a lot of you guys and gals on here and even about this exploration or trafficing and this CP issue. I actually have to agree with all this money winding up in a donut shop.

One wonders who explores in these “Unsolved mysteries” One would think Elliot Ness passed away a long time ago and yes as far as the trafficing goes one would ten to believe anyone could traffic “Dirty Laundry” even trafficing the slaves in the bid ages or if one wants to go back to biblical times their was that too. Even women were trafficed as gifts.

The CP can be a bit tuff at times as most of the pictures when confrontted in this internet inducement and one ask for a picture are picturesw of a kid with clothes on. The ruse comes in when they sask you for pictures so one has to listen up very carfully to understand. Nothing wrong with sending a profile in some of these ordeals. Just make sure one has their clothes on but when you ask for a picture to see what they looklike they will use that as Attemped CP. Theirs the difference.

See law enforcement want to justify everything they do and many times officers are no boy scouts. Yes they will lie to one, entice, pursuade, lead one astray in these operations, intimidate, badger, and even conjolt in many of these ventures. So one would tend to believe that someone is making a lot of donuts. One just wonder if many will get reinversed by all this.

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